April 29, 2022

#016 | Man Spends $19,000 to Marry WHAT? 16 Year Old WHAT?!

#016 | Man Spends $19,000 to Marry WHAT? 16 Year Old WHAT?!
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Japanese man marries a 16 year old hologram?

In today’s episode I react to an article that discusses a “fictosexual” 38 year old Japanese man who has a what seems to be lifelong relationship with what can only be described as a 16 year old anime holographic character. This is not a joke. This is a real news article from multiple sources… such as the New York post. I have to say that because in my opinion I’ve never experienced or heard of such a thing happening. But like they say you learn something new every day. And what better day to learn then on a beautiful Friday!

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