May 4, 2022

#021 | Roe v Wade Protests & LiL Nas X the Grooming Rapper?!

#021 | Roe v Wade Protests & LiL Nas X the Grooming Rapper?!
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Told you there would be protests!

Today is Wednesday, May 4, 2022. I react to the violent protests taking place mainly in California over the Roe V Wade rumor. Again as of right now the decision to over turn it is just a rumor. I also react to a story about “old town road” rapper LiL Nas X who wants to tour with the children group, “The Wiggles.” The satanic symbolism in his songs as well as on his sneakers and along with the sexual imagery in one of his popular music videos, could make him seem like a celebrity groomer. You decide.

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