May 12, 2022

#029 | Transgender Mom Forces 7yr old Daughter to do WHAT!?!

#029 | Transgender Mom Forces 7yr old Daughter to do WHAT!?!
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It’s pre-Friday!

In today’s episode I react to an article about a transgender mom who runs a “family-owned transgender pornography production studio specializing in amateur, BDSM and taboo fetish content,” forced her seven-year-old daughter to not only perform sexual acts but filmed them as well. It’s an insane story! Even the prosecutor said her and her associates orchestrated a “ Vortex of darkness”

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What up bitches back out again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson podcast today Thursday, May 12, 2022 and you know what that fucking means yes that means it's pre-Friday bitch we made it well almost really we just have to get through tomorrow I mean today's basically over let's be realistic here over here and Jersey it's about 1030 so I mean this day you can get through we can make it if you were if you're awake if you already went for your walk had your smoke maybe even two I'll see I shot a little a little shot of whiskey when your coffee maybe I don't know what you do whatever whatever get you in the mood for the day if you can if you were gone through all that delivers the day is a cakewalk plus again if you have your edibles for lunch like I always advise you won't even fill the day slip away the day hey there you go the day will Slip away right I remember what tomorrow is tomorrow is Friday the 13th but more importantly that means one more day until stock is gone one more day till sakes God sakes God sakes gone just one more day till sakes gone no more circle back one more day till sakes gone sakes god sakes got one more day till sakes gone no more circle back that should be the mood let that resonate in your mind let that play on repeat all motherfucking day it's going to be replaying in my mind but also that's because I'm crazy as we know but if anyone's fine we're gonna move forward I need a lot of things from the news obviously we know Ukraine getting their money blah blah you know abortion it is what it is what are you gonna do what means goes down to the state the state will decide Me know when and again I'm sure Republican and Democratic states will be different and you could just travel to the state you need to go to or get your tubes tied that I recommend or guys get a vasectomy I mean I don't know I'm not I know I'm not a doctor I don't know if you notice this I'm saying a few times but some people probably don't know it because of my high intelligence but I don't know if you get a vastapt to me if if that's reversible truly reversible I don't know if you get a tube side if that's your reversible I don't have a fact guy to look up I have time to look it up and I I can this ode so I my phone on a plane majoudia of the to feedback because I can I'm recording on my iPhone out of the car but I don't have that works I also don't know if when you bust if anything actually comes out you know what do you have a vasectomy and you bust does anything explode out of your dick that's important to me I find out Very important but in my mind if that were the case then you would get pregnant right or is that I don't know like that be kind of weird to me I don't know if anyone has has that experience first and please send me videos and photos of you in jack it and have be fine with that that's no problem it wouldn't be the first I mean now we're just doing it for scientific purposes I guess you could say but who's not doing things for scientific purposes is this amazing article right here from Jersey which believe it or not I did not even hear of and I live in the state unfortunately I'll be live here in Jersey my wife me my son and even my dog sometimes lives here my dog lives rent-free sodas my son bastards but you know that's a story for another day but this article was actually found by my lovely wife who sent it over to me and said you got a check this out Usually ignore the majority for text but the headline of this article caught my eye and the headline is and brace yourself and really I'm gonna read it slowly because it's kind of confusing based on the verbiage or the word age whatever the fuck determine is check this shit out transgender mom all right transgender mom if you're already confused I'm sorry 'cause I don't blame you that statement alone it's kind of you know whatever anyway transgender mom is jailed for 25 years for "heinous cruel and depraved crime of forcing daughter seven that she fathered transgender mom father OK to take part in child porn on top of that three accomplices are also sentence As prosecutor brands the foursome a quote quartet of darkness this is not made up this is a real article link in the description below for real this is America when was this all this supposed to be years ago right CJ this could not have been recently may ninth 2022 so take the 12th that was was three days ago so that math am I impressed with the math OK so you think OK this is a simple story no no no the confusion has only begun a transgender a transgender mother who forced the seven-year-old daughter she fathered to engage in child pornography at her New Jersey home has been jail for 25 years without parole good along with three accomplices now right now I'm already I want to throw shade or anything like that but we what do we know from Kim Kardashian we've always known that her mom made the state I mean I've always believed it I believe my wife also always believed that the mom was the ringleader that she made this tape she encourage the tape she licked the tape all employer the plot in a ploy to create a financial wealth empire that is the Kardashians and I don't know if you wanna call that crazy conspiracy theory that was what we always believed and recently about a week ago it has been leaked by Ray J himself who was the other guy in the video that yes it was an arrangement by I think Kris Jenner I'm not sure if that's the name of the mom I don't know I don't really follow the show I don't give a shit about them I'm using the business Sample of people using them as an example because maybe this transgender mom had the same idea except she cannot wait for her child to be of age she decided to do it now at seven that's fucked up but let me continue reading it's fucked up with the word the Kardashians that too but I mean billion dollars I mean out of my 60 Ballin by Pino billion dollars for my shit that's definitely much more entertaining anyway sorry guys I track their dollar excited Marina walls VOLZ on how to pronounce that vols previously named Matthew was sentenced on Friday at somerset county superior court alongside another transgender woman Ashley Romero 28 previously named Adam and two other offenders Sean Allen 54 and Dosinia Kaneko 21 know it's crazy to me is vols is 32 it's up to you when I hear about pedophilia pedophiles I always think of an older person somebody in their older 40 late 40s early 50s now anyway be anything over 40 I'm OK I kind of CDC now they think about Joe Biden's age or any other Jeffrey Epstein just laying there all over 40 by Bill Gates all the pedophiles I bet you think of all over 40 by Weinstein but here we have also started to the mom or father whatever you wanna considered biological mom do you have a friend is 28 then this random guy 54 what was what was he the director right Alan I was at Shawn Allen 54 he's like I don't know and then you have the youngest girl ever and pedophilia that I've ever heard of don't see Nia Ganecko at 2121 bitch you just got your license you just got your drinking license excuse me you're now able to legally drink and you overhear making fucking kitty porn what the fuck was your childhood like what's her backstory that she grew up in Jersey I can tell you she probably did look at me so did I look how well I turned out I do know child porn though fuck that all right what's up volts 30 to the mom or whatever transgender mom whatever volts 32 foot physically gave birth to the child ran a family owned ask you a family owned transgender pornography I got the God we are now wait a minute now we're in a family I told you I don't gotta fucking I told you the story was not gonna end there I rather title I said there's no way this is gonna be a simple story no way it's gonna be an open and shut story now there's so many fucking twisted turns and this shit it's got more ups and downs than that fucking crazy shit going on that Hunter bites laptop well that's probably just girl maybe get his laptop well well it's not assumed right we can't say that that's not that's not right I hope her I hope she's not in's left basketball players rent a family owned transgender pornography production studio amount of one of the name of this thing family owned transgender pornography production studio specializing in amateur gay BDSM and table fetish contacts a transgender pornography production that focuses Pontalba fetish Contant the hell you say isn't BDSM taboo fetish contact what else is more fat I would like feet shit is that we're doing now back to the feet back to the funeral at this person at the gym the other day tell me about this fantastic website randomly through conversation coffee define aren't you guys of heard this but you can sell your feet photos in case you're interested Micheal scratch you know maybe want to get a little extra cash for gas money lol inflation payment I'll help with the groceries you can go ahead and sell your feet photos finally on 55 I don't know if there's an app hey I don't know I don't know what you can get for your feet I mean if you wanna send me photos of your feet I can pry I can give you like an estimate of what you can get for it I guess I don't know and I've been sent all kinds of shit already so if you wanna send that go ahead no but if you do if you are interested I'll ask We might be posting my feet photos on there depending upon if the gas price is increase if the gas price hits five dollars a gallon you will never you will see my feet photos from every angle you'll see them when I'm walking I walk barefoot when in and just just to take the photo video what do you want what do you want you want you want a big toe I'll scrub the big toe live how much is that I don't care I told you guys I'm a whore and if the event if that's what it takes to fucking make some scratch make a little money make some money for bills and shit I will do it as long as it's in the continent certain guidelines and I don't wanna break the laws wink wink I don't wanna do that for disclosure but feed photos from I understand I mean unless you want me to do some crazy shit to them I'm not selling my feet on fire well let's not go crazy I haven't seen the offer yet I'll make that decision when I get there I get the offer I'm gonna ahead of myself let's continue on how we got down this oh yeah the the taboo fetish content taboo fetish what else could it be I don't wanna know transgender pornography do you like show your feet and then you guess the gender is that what it is you know this I know that's the taboo fetish I don't know that is interesting games out drinking game you got a pedophile I get drunk and you guess the gender by based on feet is just coming up at fire guys I'm entertaining you guys you guys already there is your plan for the week and you thought you had nothing planned this weekend get a couple of buddies or maybe with yourself and just put a shot game a drinking game you look at the feet and you guess the gender and if you're wrong take a shot what's the problem I don't see anything wrong with that do you well let me go on so let's see here So we know about that right she ran from her Coburn Lane home in Franklin Township according to acting prosecutor Ann Marie Taggart where she allowed her accomplices to sexually abuse her young daughter what kind of fucking shit is that the involvement of all four defendants was made clear in a string of group messages in which they discuss their plans to abuse vols child how do you like you have a group chat about this shit done and not one second not one moment during the group chat you don't think yourself this is all fucked up for this little girl this is all fucked up in general you didn't think that at all throughout the course of your day 24 hours a day when you waking up and you're smoking a blunt and you're going for your morning walk you don't think yourself or maybe this is all fucked up When you're in the when you taking a shit and you pulling it can you pull in a dildo out of your ass from your previous taboo fetish and a dildo being I don't know I'll come manifest don't know what a Tabatha should be maybe that's one of them out of your ass and I think and yourself or maybe I shouldn't be doing this to the seven year old and I don't with that this group chat is little extreme that's all fucking you know above and beyond geez man how long was going on I hope they don't tell me oh my God OK Somerset County assistant prosecutor Brian stack told Judge Peter Tober add the sentencing on Friday the Quartet orchestrated of vortex of darkness god damn imagine somebody tell you and tell the world you operate a vortex Darkness did they tell Epstein that shit did they tell Jizz Lane that shit cause if anyone or fucking orchestrated a vortex of darkness wouldn't be just laying we don't even know what took place right we don't even have actual footage of the trial right I'm sorry do we even know did they arrest anybody from the trial did they arrest any other know any other person who went to the island know right I'm not that I know of I haven't heard of it maybe it's the next episode maybe I should look into that we're all the boys the book of names I thought they had the pilots manifesto whatever it's called where they sign in when they board the plane where is the list of of people who work in our passengers the passenger list ago so I'm all fucked up fucked up today but you need to be to cut up to read these kind of stories and react to them you know where where where are these people why aren't they being prosecuted all right That's come on I'll see what else the guy said all right so the judge also says what I know orchestrated of vortex of darkness that's snuffed out the young girl adding the group were incapable of redemption and had not excepted full responsibility so they even though this all to place numb them are remorseful is what that means none of them went up just you know to to the courthouse now then went went to the judge and said listen to your honor and I'm sorry for what I've done I feel bad shit none of them none of them feel guilty about it or have any remorse that's what the judge is saying judge Tobar meanwhile oh that was sorry that was Somerset County assistant prosecutor Brian stack who told the judge that TickTock at my bad I misread that told the judge Peter Tober the Quartet orchestrated a vortex of darkness that's snuffed out the young girl adding the group are in capable of Redemption and had not accepted full responsibility I agreed agreed I mean I said how many times they are we gonna let these people slide judge Tobar meanwhile said the crime was heinous cruel and the preved and commented the child and door to abuse involving a basement cage neck collars and a variety of sex toys Jesus for a child I mean I have many dreams of putting my wife in a cage no I never thought of you know I guess you could sexual use that sexually I just know sometimes she gets me angry cage but now I'm just I'm kidding obviously I would definitely have sex with her in a cage with my wife of age no that's OK I think I'm gonna let her out that you know when I'm done but when I'm Because that's how we do it the fuck you think this is but it's a seven year old girl we're talking about here why is she in a cage why does she have fucking where are the neighbors where they must be filming this and recording the shit not from their car like me but like from like an actual studio cause they had a production company right they had that BDSM family owned transgender pornography production studio so maybe they rented like a storage unit or something I wonder if they'll tell us let's let's keep reading cause now I'm like how is no here this girl screaming in the cage the judge sentenced volts and Romero to 25 years without parole good 25 years without rock while Alan receive a 12 year sentence that's a fucking old is guy Steve Allen to 54 year-old average age is eligible for parole after 10 years and Kaneka was kind of fun of your sentence what the fuck why is why they should all get a fucking life sentences This old motherfucker gets 12 years so he probably gets out sex with good behavior the 21-year-old got a five years so she probably gets out too with good behavior this is some bullshit I'm sorry they were all involved especially in the fucking group chat fuck you should all get fucking full sentences all get lifetime stats we got to start certain example for these motherfuckers if we can't cash with them like I said yesterday but apparently that's illegal or inhumane meanwhile they're doing inhumane shit we should we should be able to do inhumane shit back and I for nine an eye for an eye why the hell did this guy be allowed to walk around three and this girl 21 she'll get out of jail before she started way before she's 25 she'll be out around out and about maybe she'll get a job do you know around kids we don't know are they Registered sex offenders it does let's say let's see if it says anything I don't I doubt it here we go vaults Romero and Allen so that's the mom the friend and the fucking old guy will be subject to lifetime for all supervision upon release lifetime parole supervision so OK so those three are so the 21 year old is good she doesn't she's out 25 didn't wanna ruin her life her adult life with us she was an adult she was 21 when this happened she was involved why is she not being treated like an adult all good I show the photos of all them this is great you should see that when you see this to 54-year-old guy you guys you can understand looking at this guy he has the eyes Of like Freddy Krueger he looks actually looks like Freddy Krueger if you look at it long enough he will go to sleep and dream of him attacking you oh my God you know what they look they showed Gnekow Heusen look 21 at all Gnekow looks like a sore eyes are completely black in the photo I don't know if that's an indication of her saw our hearts or her intentions but her eyes are completely black I mean I know it's a mug shot Sara Bareilles mark a little bit make up make some kind of you know how your face looks like Jesus Christ she looks like I hate to say this my third grade teacher she does she does did my third grade teacher have a cage with you in a while she was a bitch she might've I don't know that look into that not saying her name either because I'm gonna be in a cage an investigation by the Somerset County prosecutors Office sex crimes and child abuse unit found volts managed to win custody of the child in 2018 before taking her from her mother's home on the West Coast and bring her back to New Jersey she said that she said the West Coast meaning California most likely was too crazy for her there was already the Kardashians there I'm gonna be the New Jersey Kardashian I'll bring it over to the East Coast where it's normal that maybe that's what one through her mind once in captivity oh Lord how man once in captivity the young girl was subjected to sexual abuse and filmed on multiple electronic devices come on man investigators who raided the property one night after they assume custody of a child following an anonymous tip anonymous Hopefully that was a neighbor in January 2019 wait they receive an anonymous tip in January 2019 and now the rest of this motherfucker discovered more than 30 computers cameras and digital storage devices 30 computers what are you fucking making over there to get marvel movie keep in mind I get that you're running a business a family owned "family owned transgender pornography production studio wall productions to donate Dougherty computers 30 computers cameras and digital storage devices containing excessive evidence of child pornography and sexual abuse they also discovered firearms high-capacity magazine and cocaine at the residence OK well well that's a lot I guess I don't know Anthony Cowell vulz of public offender confirm the child has been adopted by relatives and added his client has relinquished all parental rights following the abuse yeah I would assume you released that shit why the fuck would you still want to wow or even though like a allow her to still be a parents after the fact that she had to relinquish it again another person who should be sterilized never be allowed to have kids call me what you want call me whatever you wanna not extreme CJ whatever the shit that they fucking done is extreme and these are some people who do not get out and like think never thing to start again sterilize them you need them you know burn their genitals off whatever you Gotta do I don't know do what you Gotta do to make sure that she doesn't happen she will never see your child again I can't wrap my head around Now what happened in this case he said adding the evidence was some of the worst images I have ever seen in my life according to the agent the news agency my Central jersey explain volts had no criminal record so I know prior criminal record had served in the US Army thank you for your service and was not Deem to be a violent sexual predator prior to the case I mean I love the military and you guys know I love all people genders you know whatever but no thank you for your service a lot of transgender's are war fighting to be in the military they fought for I believe now that the president always wanna call him Biden allowed it and is allowing transgender surgery in our US military in case you did not know that covered by the tax payer but that's enough that's another podcast for another day I still love our military regardless of your gender I still love you guys you guys are fighting you know sometimes flooding a fight you don't wanna fight but you're out there doing it and I ain't doing it so if you want to if you're doing it thank you same with the police they with all first responders but I I did not expect her or him whatever to be have served in the US Army and also not to have a criminal record I mean this is what I talk about gone 0 to 100 right real quick the judge meanwhile said it will be years before the full extent of the psychological harm endured by voltage daughter is not decline of the girl had suffered greatly previously at the hands of her captures Jesus suffered grievously imagination having to look at that shit and then look at the fucking people doubted that shit this little girl and see the little girl I'll be in tears as the judge or whatever I found this motherfucker I don't know I would purposely lose this case I guess I don't know but I would literally in tears literally be in tears reading the text messages a combination of anger like hatred and just sadness I promise you guys I'm about to Europe right now this shit is fucking horrific he also stated the transgender woman had herself suffered sexual abuse in her youth and attempted to commit suicide on numerous occasions OK so the military will take anyone that's what you're selling me there's no background check on there's no psych test I guess the psych test is like I know you know if the banana is ripe what do you do do you eat it be throw it away or she put up your ass and I guess this time she answered the correctly and I thought that was it Like test is that we're doing or there there is no psych test because if you previously had this kind of abuse abuse attempted suicides numerous occasions why wasn't that notice all look a picture of the home wow guys you're not gonna believe this shit I thought it ended with the pictures of them not the pictures of the home it's literally a townhouse meaning of there's other homes attached to it there's no gap in between it's like Stockholm stacked beside each other meeting at your neighbors to the left to your right are very close to you probably of listening distance I'm hoping one of the neighbors called the tip lawn more than once I'm hoping the neighbors said something I don't go into detail so far I haven't finished reading it I've how long does abuse was going on or how long this was taken