June 2, 2022

#050 | Good News! Biden is Paying off our College Loans....for some!?!

#050 | Good News! Biden is Paying off our College Loans....for some!?!
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Some worry about how they’re gonna pay their rent or car loan. Sadly some even worry about how they can afford to feed their family. But others  are having their college loans not only forgiven but even reimbursed?

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CJ Bronson:

What up bitches back at it again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson Podcast. Today is Thursday, June 2 2022. Thursday, guys, I woke up completely honest. I woke up, I jumped up I said, oh shit. It's fucking Friday, TGIF. It's Friday, you ever done that you ever jumped out of bed all excited. It's fucking Friday. I don't even know why I'm excited. I think the reason why I was excited and you guys know I work every day, is because I don't have to wake up early on the weekend, because my son doesn't have to go on the bus. Usually, we have to get up at like 550 or so 545 in the morning, on Saturday and Sunday, we get to sleep in a little bit to like seven. Doesn't sound like much. But hey, a little extra hour and a half. I'll take especially as you guys can tell, I'm still not feeling 100 A little better that I think my voice is coming back to what it was once was, which, which could be, you know, good or bad, depending upon if you liked my voice. But, you know, with that being said, it's Thursday, you know, I got up I still went for my walk. I hope you guys did the same. Hope you washed your face. Hope you got set for the day. It's unfortunately not Friday, but you know what it is? It's pre Friday. That's what Thursday is. Thursday is pre Friday. And what's wrong with that? Nothing wrong with some pre Friday action. Right? Nothing crazy. And we got some good stuff. It's good stuff going in the news? Well, not really good. Well, it really depends on who you are. I'll say that. Because we have a president who? Well, he's very he's very giving who he gives to is. Well, that's another story. You could you could argue that he gives to people who he has a vested interest in. Does that save today? I let's let's just quickly recap what and who he's given to. Just for fun. Hey, why not? It's Thursday. Right? So you know, we they've sent billions to Ukraine. We know. And it's for eight. It's eight guys. It's what it is. It's that we need to help Ukraine, this small country who really needs our help? Apparently, they're not getting enough money. Keep in mind, we're giving billions and other countries are giving as well, not including the individual donations and the charities. So in total, US has already sent more than $54 billion. Right. And you could break that that package down. I have a list here. weapons and supplies 12 billion economic support about 9 billion US military deployments, 9 billion food assistance seven. So they spent 7 billion with food assistance. Keep in mind we have a baby formula shortage in America. Just keep that in mind. 7 billion going to Ukraine. I still have not not a Ukrainian. Mila Kunis came out and said she's Ukrainian. I haven't met her. But that's the only one I can think of military and security assistance. 6 billion military and security assistance. I don't know. What a fucking assistance, security you need. Why are we helping them? They're not an ally. grants and loans for military supplies. So now, excuse me, Whoo. Whoo. See? Give me one second. Let me get it together. All right. military and security assistance, 6 billion grants and loans from military supplies. So now we're giving them supplies, and we're loaning them supplies, supposedly, how they're going to pay this back? I don't know. So that 4.7 billion, that's probably going to be gone. Migration and Refugee Assistance. Because all that wasn't enough. We got to help them get their people out 1.8 billion. And then of course, the other foreign aid of 1.5 billion, which who knows where that goes. assistance for Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia, 1 billion. Administration for Children and Families point 9 billion diplomatic programs point 5 billion enforcing sanctions point 3 billion. So all this money is being sent over there, right over there. You think to yourself, well, that's because America is so rich, and we're so well off, right? But we're really not. Guys, we if you guys don't know, if you're not from America, Americans are struggling day to day, we're I vent about it all the time with the gas prices, with loans with debts. With you know, inflation, inflation is the killer, because that's really, you know, taking a lot of money out of everyone's groceries every week, and we can't afford to pay the groceries, the gas prices, all this shit utilities, it's all increasing. And we watch our president giving the money away. He could use that same money and make the mental institutions and mental hospitals that we clearly need in this country, the baby formula that we clearly need to be made in this country or at least bought from Mexico and brought over I reported on that and Mexico has a metal excess but they have a supply in their stores on their shelves. It's been reported by multiple sources, multiple stores, pharmacies, Costco they all have it on the shelf main brand. Why he went to Germany to get it I don't know. is all of this a cash grab? I can't say for sure. Because I am not. I can don't quote me on that, you know, I'm a consultant, I guess, I'm not a conspiracy theory, I guess it is a conspiracy theory that he's pocketing it or that some kind of money laundering thing they're doing. I don't know, because there's no evidence of it. But it is very suspicious how he worked. You know, his son worked in Ukraine, he was head of Ukraine. It wasn't a power company or some shit. And now all of a sudden, Ukraine has the issue. And here comes Mr. Joe Biden, the president to save the day. And then again, I mentioned how Pelosi and all these people visited the country shook hands with Solinsky, you know, in the capital Vive, where the fucking attacks were taking place. So suspicious, but again, it's a conspiracy theory. So don't mind me, I'm fucked up again on cough medicine. So the reason why I bring this up is because with all this money being sent over fucking seas, Is there money left for us? Is there money left for us? And where does all this money come from? Well, I don't know where all the money's gonna come from, I'm assuming they're gonna have to increase taxes, or they're going to have to do something because we're gonna have to pay for it somehow. You can't just keep printing it and just keep us in debt forever. Right. So what does he do to help us? What is the best, the most popular president in history? According to the votes, over 80 million votes? What is he doing to help us? Well, he has decided out of the goodness of his heart to cancel $5.8 billion in school loans. For former Corinthian College students. I don't even know what Corinthian colleges. I had to educate myself. I probably should educate myself on a lot of things. But let's read this article. And see, maybe it tells us where the money is coming from. And who this applies to. I don't know anyone if you guys know anyone from Corinthian College, let me know maybe this is good for them. You know, five point a billion dollars a lot of money. But let's see. The Biden administration says it will cancel federal student loans for some 560,000 borrowers who attended the for profit Corinthian College chain. Oh, it's a chain. Okay. Under the new action, hundreds of 1000s of students who attended the the now defunct chain, oh, the now defunct chain will receive five point a billion dollars in full loan discharges. So this college is no longer exists is what doesn't that is not what that means the now defunct means that the school is closed. So the government is paying back the loans. For closed school, I don't What the fuck. The largest of its kind in the Department of Education is history. That that loan, that 5.8 billion is the largest of its kind in the Department of Education's history. That is insane. For a school that's closed, that's quote unquote, now defunct, the chain the entire chain, how many colleges were there? Doesn't say let's see, as of today, every student this is a quote, as of today, every student deceived the frauded and driven into debt by Corinthian colleges can rest assured that the Biden Harris administration has their back and will discharge their federal student loans. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said in a statement, for far too long Corinthian engaged in the wholesale financial exploitation of students misleading them into taking on more and more debt to pay for promises they would never keep. 1000s of former Corinthian College students were already eligible for debt cancellation. But they had to file paperwork and navigate an application process that advocates say is confusing and not widely known. But you're so they're paying it off, even though you had a way to pay it off already. So the students had a way to get out of this debt. They were just too on educated, too ignorant to reluctant reluctant to learn how to do it. Is that what I'm getting is that what you gather from that, that's what I'm gathering. And now the government stepping in and saying we're just gonna pay it off for you. Because that's, it's too much work for you to figure it out. You're a college student. You can't figure out how to do this. Those who have a remaining balance on their debt will also get refunds on payments that they have already made. Wait, wait, wait, you have a balance. So let's say you pay 50%, you have a balance of 50%, they'll get that 50% that you owe will get paid. And you'll get refunded for the 50%. You already paid in. What the fuck? Education Department officials said students who have paid off their school loans will not be eligible. That's a fucking kick in the ass. Imagine that you went to this fucking college and supposedly you got defrauded, or whatever the fuck they're claiming. You paid your fucking lone. You did what every American is supposed to do. Every Patriot is supposed to do, every fucking rational human being does in this world is that they take debt and they're supposed to pay it off. Unless it's some kind of crash or catastrophe, you know, obviously, but usually, you work your ass off and you pay it off. Like every other college student. Right? So but here's the government saying, Well, if you paid it off, you're fucked. Good for you. You paid it off. Here's a pat in the back. You're fucked. But those of you who paid 99.9% You'll get the 99.9% back and we'll pay the rest of it off. That's crazy. To me, that's crazy. And it makes you wonder again, why why this school? Why this chain? Why now? Why why are you spending all this money? Are you trying to garner votes? Is that what this is? You're trying to garner 560,000 votes for the November election? Is that what we're doing? Is that what this all is? Or are you trying to look good show face, make it seem like you're you're fulfilling a promise that you had, there wasn't during his campaign, he was saying that he would pay off school student loans. Isn't it wasn't one of his fucking promises. I know. It's hard to watch him talk. It's hard to listen to him talk. It's just very frustrating. I'll just say that. So I don't really remember exactly. word for what word for word what he said. Maybe the article will cover it. Let's keep reading. At its peak Corinthian was one of the nation's largest for profit college companies with more than 110,000 at 100 campuses across the country. They had 100 campuses. Do I swear to god never heard of this because I'd never heard of the school. The company shut down in 2015 amid widespread findings of fraud 2015 So we're in 2022. So what's that seven years. So seven years ago, they closed seven years ago why now you fucking the Obama administration found that scores of campuses were falsifying data on the success of the graduates. And some cases the schools reported that the students had found jobs in their fields of study even though they were working at grocery stores, or fast food chains. Hundreds of students told investigators they were pressured to enroll with promises of lucrative employment, only to end up with huge sums of debt and few job prospects. Federal officials also found that the company falsely told students their course credits could be transferred to other colleges. Oh, yeah, guys, I'm this is all new to me. I didn't I hear this. Did you guys hear about this in 2015. The case inspired a credible crackdown. And the Obama administration promised to forgive loans for Corinthian students whose programs lied about job placement rates, but an explosion in applications for debt forgiveness, along with political battles over the process, created a long created a long a years long backlog in the process, leaving many former Corinthian students still awaiting relief. Well, seven years ago, guys know what are you paying for these loans for seven years? Because I mean, if the school went out of business, and they're saying it's fucking a sham, I mean, was it just sitting on your credit report? I mean, it's just sitting there and you're not paying it. I mean, I mean, I get I get paying it off, but that kind of sucks for the person who, who paid the entire loan. And now they'll read this article like what the fuck I will scam to you know, I'm working at fucking BestBuy. Not to say nothing's wrong with Best Buy Best Buy as great. But I was promised to be a doctor. And I just paid off my loans. Where's my fucking reimbursement? President Biden. Let's see. The bad administration's announcement comes as President Biden considers broader student loan forgiveness on the campaign trail. Here we go. On the campaign trail, Biden said he supported forgiving $10,000 in student loans for all borrowers, he later indicated that such action could come through Congress. But the White House said he's considering whether to pursue it through executive action. Well, it's done. What's done is done, guys. I mean, I kind of feel bad for the students who fully paid off their loan, and they're not getting a refund. I mean, that's kind of ridiculous, in my opinion. You know, it should be it should be fair all across. If it's a scam, and you're willing to pay it all off, then you should pay everyone's off. If it was a scam if you were deceived, right. I mean, who that's not fair. Think about that. I mean, he's people that work at McDonald's, whatever they're claiming. And they're paying Lord knows how much a month let's say it's 250 a month, 300 extra a month. That goes a long way these days. Right. And let's say you finally pay it off after seven years. And this article comes out and you're like, What the fuck? That sucks. But kudos to the ones who get it. I guess. I mean, kudos to that. I don't know. I mean, what I mean, I don't fucking know what that's crazy. Oh, imagine that that would like you wake up and your debts paid off? Let's see what the comments say, Mr. Flake, let's see what Mr. Flake says. I don't know what this is. buying votes for by forgiving loans will likely backfire. The more you forgive, the more other people are reminded of the loans they've worked to pay off. Exactly. The resentment will grow between who was forgiven? Who wasn't who deserved it. Who benefited most. In the end, there will be more anger and frustration with Biden than before. Exactly. I agree. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry to say it, you signed the document, you agreed to take this loan, right? Whether or not you're Oh, just 18 every 18 year old or whatever the fuck the age is you signed the loan for signed up for a loan. Right. And that's part of life. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you buy a lemon, sometimes you get scammed. Sometimes the college is defunct and closes its doors. Sometimes you're lied to that is all part of life. And you know, it's not fair to say, oh, you know, pay off my loan, in my opinion. That's that's not right. Because then where do you draw the line? Oh, my car payment is too much pay it off. Oh, I signed this car note. When I was 18. They'd say, you know, I didn't know. I didn't know any better. Now, you know, gas prices are so high. I can't afford to put super super gas in my Corvette. So somebody, please help me and pay it off. Please. Now, don't take you should have learned, you should have known better. You should have understood what you were signing. And if you didn't, well, that's part of life. And you got to pay it off. I'm sorry. How was that fair to all the other people who have college debt? Who working hard, who are paying it every month on time? Who aren't bitching and crying and aren't complaining? And I'm asking for a handout. How is that fair? And again, it's not really fair for him to spend, in my opinion, billions of dollars overseas, and then billions of dollars on this. When we could put it into buying more gas reserves, opening up the pipeline, get the gas prices down, get food on the shelves, focus on inflation, right get fertilizer out there is not a issue baby formula, get that shit rolling. You know, why don't we why he's Is he spending money like this? That we don't have? And if he does have it? Why is he spending it on this bullshit? And that's what it is. I'm sorry. It's fucking bullshit. Plain and simple. How does Joe get the authorization to do this? Says Dixit and one LM D. There is a fundamental flaw in the budgeting process if the executive office can make decisions like these, this was unreal and unfair for those people who have paid their loans as well. As well as those that didn't benefit from going to college. I don't know. What do you think? What do you guys think? Is this fair? Is it fair? I don't think it's fair. And then also how many of these loans that he's going to pay off are people who are like, have good jobs. People who have a doctor's degree, like I said, people who are lawyers, people who can't afford to pay it. I'm not saying the majority is but what about those people who can afford but they're just, they're just gonna take the handout and live in their fucking mansion, driving there. Whatever. Luxury Car. Right? How is that fair for the ones who are struggling? That should be fair across the board. If you can't make it fair, then don't make it at all. Spend the money where it can help people. I don't know, I kind of believe what I said earlier. And what this guy says to it's four votes. That's the only reason I could see it all the way. I mean, why do this? It's just, man, I don't know. I don't know. Let's see, this guy says rock fish hiker. The real crime here is a government that approves student loans to an institution with zero oversight. Nobody will ever be fired. The loans that are being forgiven should come out of the federal employee salary. Who allowed these loans to be given in the first place? Well, that's not gonna happen. That's not gonna fucking happen at all. The loans should be paid by the fucking university, there was 100 of them. Where's the where are those? Where are those people? Where's the money? People pay tuition? Right? Where? Where? Where's the lump sum of money? Where's all that money? Where are you getting the five the billions from that's what I people. It's just so fucking frustrating. It's what it is. And you guys know you too. I know you guys are feeling the frustration to come on. Biden supporters, you're gonna tell me not a little bit frustrated about this money being sent to Ukraine. Enough is enough. Now the guy is begging from 5 billion a month. You guys are happy with these gas prices. You guys are happy with the fucking food prices, food prices. I'm saying eggs are up, milk is up. And all the refrigerated goods are going to go up. Because you got to remember it gets transported by diesel trucks, diesel, refrigerated trucks. diesel prices are $9 in some places a gallon. So if that goes up, where is that going to come to? It's going to trickle down. It's gonna trickle down to fucking suppliers not going to pay for it. The food manufacturers not going to pay pay, take the take the cut, you're going to take the cut when you buy the eggs. You're going to suffer and pay double what you were paying. I'm not trying to fear monger, this isn't the truth. Look it up. Talk to any economist google it. Look at the price of shit. Two, three years ago compared to now. Biden could have easily spent this money right and built fucking pipeline, turn the pipeline back on, even buy more oil, get the oil reserves and sell it sell it to us at a cheaper price. That's what I would do. If you want to spend money. But you don't have do that. You want to create votes do that. But no, he doesn't want to do that. He wants to focus on other shit. That in my opinion, doesn't really affect the average day person. In my opinion, the average working puking family isn't really too concerned about Corinthian College. I may be wrong. I may be wrong. I'm not even sure if the average family is even concerned with Ukraine at this point. I know it's a controversial thing to say. I know that oh, how could you say that Vladimir is king? I you know he's God. I I'm sorry. I'm just giving you my opinion. I don't think they are. I think we've all kind of fed up and had enough of this shit. And we need help. We need support. And our government is not helping so I want you guys to remember that shit. Come November when it's time to vote. Remember that shit? Don't remember Corinthian College bullshit. Because that's really what it is. Because again, we don't know there's no stats show me the statistics of the loan that's being paid. Are you paying off loans for Master's degree doctor's degrees? Are you paying off a lot? Like what do you what loans are you paying off? Are you paying off loans to people who were almost done paying it and then giving them the refund? Like that's the fucking audacity that's crazy. The government to step in for that. It's almost like they're they want you to feel like that. You need the government. The government doesn't need you. You need the government. I think maybe that's what the campaign slogan is gonna be. You need us vote for me. You need You need me. And they just keep depending on the government keep relying on the government. Patriots know regardless of what country you're from, you know, the government is supposed to to be there to help you. Write? Is that what it is supposed to be? Do we work for them or they work for us? I was always under the consider. I always thought that they worked For us, that's that's what I always believed. That's what I was taught. Right? I mean, that's don't we pay their salaries? Isn't that so? Why is it it feels like people now are begging the government for help. I don't know. I may be wrong. I may be crazy. I may be you know, I may have some I don't know. controversial statements, some different ideas, some loopy thoughts again, cough medicine, edibles, trying to trying to survive out here. But that's that's what I'm thinking about Thursday's man Thursday episode, pre Friday episode. Think about that shit. When you read the article about Joe Biden forgiving college loans. Remember that there's some motherfucker out there who killed himself the paid hit pay his shit off, and he's furious. Or there's some motherfucker out there who's a doctor who's laughing his fucking ass off. Because he's not doesn't have to pay back his fucking doctor bill, the college Bill whatever, loan college loan while he's driving his Ferrari in the Hamptons or whatever the fuck, right, there's both there's both sides to the story. And then, of course, there's some people who are struggling to make ends meet, and I get that, I get that maybe that's what it should come down to. Maybe instead of forgiving all college loans, maybe she'll look at tax returns, and really base it upon that based upon income. Right? If your income shows that you are struggling, that you're suffering, maybe those people should be forgiven, or at least given a fucking break. You know, forgive, you know, pause the payments, another two years, or whatever, until you could turn this bitch around turn this coal country around. Maybe that's maybe that's should be the process. I don't know. I don't want to get into politics too much. Kind of frustrates me gets people angry. I got enough reasons to be upset as you guys know. But I had to mention it. I saw it there and I'm like, There's no fucking way more money. And it's not being spent really on the people. The majority. I don't know. It's a wild Thursday. I apologize for that. It is what it is. Hey, what do I always say? Tip your drivers Lyft driver DoorDash driver. It's important. You know that we're working on fucking fumes right now. I know I am. That's why I work seven days. I'm trying trying to survive out here. Not asking for a handout just being considered. You know, think about that when you order food. Or when you ask for our Lyft or Uber. Think about that shit support. Check out my book worthless. It's on Amazon's 399 is awesome. Five stars. Follow me on Twitter at CJ Bronson show like comment, subscribe. Give me your thoughts. If you fucking graduated from Corinthian College. Hit me up on Twitter. I would love to hear your story. Seriously. DM me or whatever tag me whatever you want to do. Alright guys, love you as usual. Have a great day. Kill it, crush it. And we will do it again tomorrow. The real Friday tomorrow. Alright y'all peace