June 3, 2022

#051 | I Got a Bucket of Urine with Your Name on it!?

#051 | I Got a Bucket of Urine with Your Name on it!?
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In today’s somewhat dirty episode, I react to an article about a woman who wants is so irate that she throws a bucket of urine at a man! What could have ticked her off that much? U won’t believe it. What would make u so angry that u would throw a bucket? Let alone one filled with pee?

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CJ Bronson:

What up bitches back at it again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson podcast and today is Friday, June 3 2022. It is Friday Get up. Get your asses up. Don't you sleep in like me? Don't you do a get up? We got to finish this week strong. You know how we do? We don't fucking slack. We don't slow down until the job is done and it ain't done yet. We got to get through today, we could do it. I mean, you guys could do it. I still gotta work tomorrow. But you know, whatever. Those of you lucky motherfuckers and make good, good money. Get up, man, we got shit to do. Well for your walk, wash your face, wash your private areas. If you don't have time, just keep it real. You got to watch the important spot spots. But get up. Can't sleep in forever. Get your coffee, smoke your ball, whatever you got to do. But you got to get up. That's the first step. Just throw yourself out of bed. Yeah, it might hurt. Yeah, it might hurt you fall on your knee or your elbow. When you hit your head on the on the side of the table, whatever. That shit will heal. What won't heal is your mentality. When you start blaming yourself for sleeping in. You're laying in bed and saying Damn, I should have listened to CJ. That's gonna be your downfall. You don't ever want to say that. You don't ever want to say to yourself, damn, I shouldn't listen to that motherfucker. To me. But it's Friday. And we have a lot to look forward to today we do. I'm feeling a little better. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. Bad. I'm not really sure. I've heard mixed reviews on my voices on my voice changing. Some like the old voice some like this voice. I can't affect it. I'm just doing the best I can with the voice that God has given me right now. And I'm moving forward. That's an important thing moving forward. Can't forget can't look backwards. But it's Friday, and we have a lot to look forward to you guys that watch the game last night. What a game that was. I know I was watching that shit. Because I was fucking fuming. Furious, Golden State, I put like 50 bucks down, which is a lot of money for me. Like 50 bucks, something like that. I'm out of that area. I don't want to give the exact number because it's too fucking depressing on the team, like random things in appoints this and that you know what the score will be? And for those of you who don't know, it's the NBA Finals. It's Golden State Warriors versus the Boston Celtics. First game is at home with the Warriors. The Warriors have a track record of always winning the first game. Well, not always. But most of the time, especially in the playoffs. They're a playoff team. That's where they shine. They've all star cast Steph Curry. I'm sure you've heard of him. He's on the Warriors. So they're playing and the first quarter. I mean, let me tell you, man, Steph Curry is hitting threes. He must have had like six threes. 20 points, killing it. He already hit my point goal for him from my bed. So I'm happy. First quarter happy second quarter even better. By halftime. They're tied. I'm like, fuck, they're tight. I'm gonna lose this fucking bed. But I placed other Little Bets throughout the game, so I don't always lose all my money. You know, but here comes the third quarter, the Celtics bounce back. I'm like fuck, but then at the by the end of the third quarter the Warriors took over. So I'm like, Alright, this is not bad. This is going to be pretty good. Keep in mind I'm smoking a little bit. I'm enjoying myself watching the game, eating some Wendy's and fourth quarter starts. And it's like the Warriors. I don't know if they were paid off. Or I don't know what happened. They just decided to shut down. They couldn't score a basket for the first like five minutes of the game of the fourth quarter. So of course care comes fucking the Celtics, killing the motherfucker. By the end of the game, the sell dropped by like 12 It was an embarrassment. It was a fucking embarrassment. Did I lose money? Yes, but I also made like 20 bucks on the side bet. So all in all, I'm down about $25 but that's $25 that fucking infuriates me. I could have been applied 200 If my bets you know went through if they succeeded. Ah, but what are you gonna do? Right? You gotta move forward. That's life. And they'll always be other games to bet on am I gamble Holic? Probably most likely. I mean, you gotta take a gamble on yourself in life. Right. So? What better way then? DraftKings? Shout out the DraftKings. Hopefully your future sponsor, friend of the show. Always. Working on that, guys, you know, I'm working on it. Gotta get that money back. Somehow. I'm gonna get that $25 back. I haven't figured out how yet. But it's going to happen. Maybe some great gracious person we'll tip during my DoorDash and Uber routes today. Guys, if you liked the show, if you haven't done it already, please like, comment, subscribe, share on good pods. Please also rate me on good pods. It's a great app. You can listen to all your favorite podcasts on good pods. Follow me for all my new episodes and again rate and comments right there and good pods. It's fantastic. I recommend it. But that was my Thursday night. Then get this you're gonna love this. I thought can jump up around like midnight I want to say like 1am Actually about 1am and a coughing fit as you guys know I mentioned earlier, I had been struggling with this fucking cough so I get up in this fucking coughing fit. And I said, You know what, let me grab some NyQuil clay I go to sleep I gotta get up at 545 550 for my son. So I took a half a serving of NyQuil which is like 15 milliliters MLS down that motherfucker, next thing you know, I'm out, passed out around like 145 Two o'clock in the morning because I was on Twitter for a little bit, you know, winding down. I remember passing out around two. I woke up at 545 in a daze my wife was already up and I heard her heard the bedroom door close close and that's what woke me up. I didn't hear the alarm go off. I didn't hear dick I heard nothing you could have killed me. I'm usually a light sleeper. Like real light if somebody fucking you know opens the front door I'm up like I'm really light and this Nyquil. Half a serving, put me in a fucking coma guys. I was walking around that house like a zombie making breakfast, getting him ready for school and shit. But when he got on the bus, I hit that bed so hard. I was out. No lie to at least 10am I'm being honest with you guys. I was out till 10 That's what I'm saying. Don't be like me. And I am promising you guys. I'm swearing myself off of Michael. I won't give it to my son. I won't give it to anybody. That shit is fucking dangerous. And that's coming from me. I eat edibles. I smoke weed, I do a lot of shit. And I will continue to do all that shit melatonin I do all that shit. And I will continue to do it. But NyQuil now I fucking with that shipment. fog that shit. I still feel hungover. I didn't drink last night's on. What the fuck are they putting in Nyquil? What would have happened if I took the full serving? Keep in mind I would. I kind of had a full stomach. I had Wendy's. that was at nine. I woke about again 1am or so. So I don't know. Was it an empty stomach effect? Is that what it was? I couldn't still be high. I mean, you know, I don't know. But I'm not I'm telling you this. That fucking Nyquil. I'm throwing that shit down the sink. And I don't like to waste anything. As you guys know. I'm strapped for cash always. I'm very. I'm not cheap. I don't consider myself cheap. I consider myself frugal. You know what I mean? I'm frugal. I will do what I can to save money. If I gotta use the Wawa app to save 15 cents a gallon using the app I would do it. If I gotta use the Panera discount to get my free drinks. I'll do it. I use the Panera subscription not only for the ice tea. I like to steal the ice. I take the ice and I mix my own shit in there. Why not cold water? You know some ice. It's hot. I can't run the AC in the car. It's too expensive. Is that being cheap? I don't know. That's me being frugal. It is. So then when I woke up at 10 What really got me up was the neighbor next door. The neighbor next door is having a pool installed this fucking rich motherfucker. This lucky bastard is having a fucking pool installed. But apparently it takes fucking months to install a pool and they come at random times. They'll do it a little bit at a time. A truckload of dirt a truckload of stone. And one of these either start working they decide to start working at like 7am Because when I put him on the bus and I passed the fuck out, which was around I don't know what What time was that it was close to seven. They were there. They were getting ready to start is that there? Is there a law guys? Do you know is there a law when you could start work by doing construction work? I feel like it should be because what if you work overnight or what if you have this important job and here you are jackhammering bulldozing and on top of that nobody has anything wrong with it. You're blasting your Latino music. And I love music I do. I don't even care if I don't understand what you're saying. But you're blasting it as run against my bedroom wall. So that was a little annoying. So of course my dreams. All of that was interpreted in my dreams. Because again, again, I'm super high off NyQuil and possibly weed. And I'm picturing like a fucking I don't even know what it was like a mariachi band was chasing me through this. I want to say run down western town, because it was dirt everywhere. And there was everything was made out of wood. And I'm running down this downtown town downtown running through the street. I turn around and here comes his mariachi band chasing me running trumpets and shit. Drums just chasing me like real close just playing that. Not that not that I got that. But after that bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, you know, chasing me? And I'm like, What the fuck is this? And this is the dream the entire dream. I've never done so much cardio in real life, let alone in the dream. And I'm running through fucking bars like Western bars and shit. Coming through Hi sir. Can I get you a drink? Not like real shit like this shit was vivid. It girls are cute in her dress and she you know like the the old dresses that they had. They're real nice. I missed those old dresses also Victorian dresses. You know what I'm saying? With like the big Fluffs. They're really fluffy. I don't know the probably got hot. I'm hot right now imagine how hot it must be in the desert. Or wherever the Midwest in those dresses with no AC. Maybe you get used to it. I don't know. Where was I going with this? I don't know. I don't know. That's what happened to me. That's I'm still fucked up a little bit. But yeah, oh, yeah, that's what I've gone with the neighbor. Like you would think as a neighbor, you would at least give a heads up. Hey, guys, listen, I'm having a pool installed. They'll come sporadically. They'll take up a lot of space in the front yard. They'll drive up and down but with bulldozers of dirt and concrete for the next two months. You know, I don't know stones and shit like, truck backing up be like it's loud as fuck. Then the music. I could just be an old man venting. Maybe that's what I am just. That's what I become. keep the noise down. Don't you know what time it is? Maybe that's me. Maybe that's what I become just an old man. venting on a microphone. Hey, you know what, that's what it is. I'm sure there's some of you out there who can relate? Who would just be like, Listen, you know, I'm your neighbor. Right next door, just let me know. You see me, you know, I'm awake. Because Because your fucking machines are up. And your people are up there working. Just let me know. If not, at least give me access to the pool. Guys. Let's be real. This is really what I want. This is my this is where the anger comes from the anger comes from when he's done with this immaculate pool. And I will let you guys know. And I'll probably post photos because I'm so jealous. And I'm being honest. I am an honest person. I am a jealous, crazy person. I am jealous. And I he and I'm angry. Because he I have a feeling he just moved into this house. But he will not invite me to use his pool. And I think he should. And I'm your neighbor. I look out for your house. You look out for my house. And it's the least you can do for waking me up at 7am randomly throughout the week. If it was like every Thursday, at 7am this is what's happening, then I can be like, Okay, I can expect it at least I'll expect it. But it's random days throughout the week. And then they'll leave and they'll go it's over. Then they'll come back randomly in the afternoon like four o'clock. Not that I'm sleeping at four o'clock. But I just like to know, like to be aware. And I really want the fucking invite to the pool. Because it's a masterpiece. It is got a fucking waterfall and shit. I think the motherfucker is putting in a slide. You know, really going all out those big ass boulders. The fucking bulldozer had to pick up the boulder one at a time. And drive that you know how I know because I was fucking awake. looking out my window like what the fuck is this person doing? That's what it backing up be be be pick it up, right? You know, it's just loud. And then on top of that in the background, but um parampara pom pom pom pom pom, like random Latino music which has no beat in my opinion. Sorry, I don't mean to offend. But that's my opinion. Where am I going with this? Well, it all ties in with today's episode. Today's story. Again, if you guys don't know, Friday, I try to keep it light. Try to keep it a little entertaining. I try. I try to start the weekend off, right? Because Lord knows the week has been rough. Not just in the news, but in your life. I'm sure a lot of shits going on not just my life, but with your life too. Maybe you're not feeling well. Maybe the monkey pox has taken over your community. I don't know if that shit is still going on. Are we still worried about COVID? Is there a new a new variant? Once I don't even I lost track? are we wearing masks? Are we not? You know, we're always giving we've taken booster shots even though the Pfizer document came out and said they're not really that effective. That's their, their document, hey, don't ban me on any platform. When the fucking Pfizer documents from Pfizer comes out and says we are Pfizer we did the fucking data. We did the trial. And this is the result that it's not effective for this age group. It's not it's not truly effective for for any age group and pregnant women shouldn't be taking it. That's not me saying it. That's the Pfizer document that they released. So I don't want to hear any fucking negativity from any any of these, you know, corporations. I'm just telling you that's what are we still doing this? I saw on the news that they're pushing for another FDA approval for the younguns for the six months and older I which is strange because I thought it was not that effective, or they were the least at least affected by the actual virus. But anyway, today's story it's an interesting one. The headline caught my attention. I believe my wife sent me this a while ago I think at the cover, sorry, honey, you know, other shit was going on? I'm not really feeling well, you know, she knows I hope well, I'm covering it now. So fuck it here we go. It's called St. Pete woman through bucket you get through a lot of things these days so fists we've heard these I've told you these stories face on airplane fist Thorn fist out of fucking what and Walmart. Right You can people are shooting each other we know this. Unfortunately it's happening. Guns are a big issue. That's why I'm not really covering gun stores right now. I'm trying to keep it light. What does she throw? She threw a bucket. Okay, what's the problem? People I throw fits? I throw shit all the time. Well, she threw a bucket of urine. Right in the man's face. Think about that. A bucket. Not a cup. You know, not a bowl. Not that it make any better. But a bucket. Let's see how much urine was in this bucket. A St. Petersburg woman? St. Petersburg is in Florida. I love Florida. Just so you guys know. It just happens to be there's some crazy people in Florida. It just happens to be is it the heat? Does it come back down to the heat to the sun? I don't know. Is it the freedom? Excuse we have to take a drink. Is it a Freedom is the freedom thing that they have so much freedom? They don't know what to do with themselves. I don't know. But a St. Petersburg woman. St. Petersburg woman was arrested Sunday after deputy said she decided to fight dirty. Literally. How funny is that? That's pretty funny. This is a NewsChannel eight NBC article so take that for what it is. According to an affidavit Christine Marie Turman became upset with a man after his chicken pooped on her back patio, motherfucker. Ah told you. How many fucking times have I told you to keep your damn caulk? off my patio? Keep that dirty cock of yours off my patio. This man could not keep his chicken in check. Keep that chick in check. Couldn't do it. He went the chick went to fuck it I shit where I want to shit. And he Buck Buck Buck buck, buck, whatever the fuck all the way to the patio. This woman's patio and fucking took a shit on her back patio. How dare you? What's that? Greg his name from a yo see you're crying about the climate? How dare you? How dare you? That's that's what this lady said. Well, maybe not with the accent. But she was so outraged. I mean, I've seen chicken shit. I mean, not to toot my own horn Not to brag. You know? I've seen plenty of chicken shit. I've never seen the amount that this lady must have seen to trigger something. But let's say again. Well, let's see how this goes. Pinellas County deputy said, in response, Turman got a bucket of urine from her bathroom, walked onto the patio and threw the bucket of urine on the man. So there's a lot of things I want to ask here. That she'd go to the bathroom and have a bucket and pee in the bucket. Like fresh pee in a bucket in the bathroom. And then like carry the bucket and then through the bucket. Or was she like collecting urine and a bucket? Like I don't know St. Petersburg not that not trying to fucking you know shit on them like a chicken on her back patio. But did she fill up this bucket over time? And she just like doesn't have water like doesn't have the plumbing isn't a plumbing issue and she's just like pumping in buckets. I mean, shit happens. I get it. It's tough economy. Right? water bills high. Maybe the plumber is too expensive. You know, maybe she just times are tough. And she's like, you know, maybe it's a climate thing. Maybe she's trying to do her part and save the environment by not using the toilet as much maybe she used the toilet only for number two's Lord I hope for at least and she pees in the bucket let's see maybe they'll tell us how long have you know you know how big of a bucket was this? You think it could have been a five gallon right couldn't it be one of those big five gallon ones that's hard to throw? I feel like I feel like it must be a what a gallon maybe two. When you're angry you could pick up more weight you know you could throw people you know, throw heavy shit when they're angry. Let's say the affidavit I have a David said the bucket ended up hitting the man in the face injuring him. After being read her right. Turman admitted to throwing the urine on the man. According to deputies. I did. I did it. I did it. You know what, I'll fucking do it again. I'll do it again. So she through this imagine you getting hit. First of all this lady is yelling at you about a fucking chicken shitting on her back patio did not tell you to keep your chick off my fucking back patio. And he's like, What are you talking about your chicken? Your dirty caulk? On my back patio. I told you don't let your dog Hickok on my back patio normal. And she's like, he's like, what do you what? That's a wild chicken. You know what? I got something for us. And she runs to the bathroom. picks up the bucket of urine that she's been collecting for the last month and a half. waiting for this moment every day. She pays his bucket she goes if this motherfucker if this motherfucker. Lets his chicken shit on my back patio one Morgan. I'm gonna throw this bucket at him. You think you think it's what she did? And then one day, one day, nice sunny day like today? Maybe it was a Friday? Maybe? I don't know. To she looked on her back patio window. Saw this chicken shitting and that was it. That was it. It maybe it was a hot Friday in the heat again. Maybe the heat. You know if she's not doesn't have plumbing most likely she doesn't have air conditioning. Right? That's expensive too. So maybe she was like this is it? It's hot. I can't take no more. I can't take it no more. And she goes and confronts him. Throws the bucket at him. Imagine being the guy confused what? Chicken? I don't even have chickens. What are you talking about? Oh that that's a wild chicken. Oh, maybe not me as a chicken. Oh, you talking about Henry? Yeah, Henry he a free range chicken. He free range. He do what he wants he I don't I don't keep him in. He I don't believe in changing my chickens. I'm anti slavery over here. I'm anti slave. I don't do that shit. He's he's free to roam. To do whatever he wants to do. If you got a problem with Henry you could pick it up or Henry I don't know tell you and she lost it. And he's and he's explaining Himself. Next thing you know pop right in the fucking head. A bucket. Oh, what the fuck? You thought bugging me bitch. Oh, I was What's that? What was what was it? Is this is p and she's probably dying laughing I hope this video ah hope it's video. Come on St Petersburg. Where's the video? From? He had some good funny videos. Oh, I wish I see they imagined making that 911 call Hello? I want one Yeah, I can't believe this shit this bitch. This bitch next though. She don't do Bukka urine in my eyes I'm sorry sir. What is this? What's going on? Yeah, there's Mitch next door Sheila. She told bucket a urine at Mass like what do you what? Imagine being that copper sponding and he's standing outside with his hands out covered in urine because you can't wash off the evidence right? You can't wash off the evidence. It's hot. Florida heat. Summertime This is May this came out. I see when this came out here may 10 Oh may 10 Florida is like 92 degrees. I don't know maybe the humidity and shit you out there stinkin Henry walking around free rent free range. You standing outside pissed off stinking of hot urine people walking around what you doing while you while you outside? Not gonna believe what is busy you know? No, I don't know. And she agreed to it. She's gonna get through it. I thought I should again motherfucker. I thought what again? She these these people crazy. But I fuck with these people. I liked that. Christine Marie Turman. I respect that. Because you know what? She should nobody. She needs to have nobody. I bet you I bet you I bet your million dollars a motherfucker won't have his chicken. He probably got rid of Henry. He don't even talk to chickens. He don't eat chickens. No more. He don't. He don't you know, none of that shit. He don't got no, he got no more animals. He got rid of all his animals for life. I would imagine those nightmares. I got some crazy ass nightmares last night. Natural nightmares dysmorphic. I haven't get the bucket of urine thrown at your head. God damn what Oh, man. Oh man. That's a must be staying until. Oh, man and you took the officer taking that report. He's he's looking at him like just shaking his head like she did what? Come out here ma'am. Yeah, through it. I thought but I thought again, let me fill another one up. Can you give me a gallon of water? I fill it up tonight. Whoa. She got to go out there and point to the police officer. Look, police officer look. Look officer I know you're busy. But look, that's the chicken poop right there on the patio right over there. That's where he see You idea that's the chicken poop. That's why through it you see a cheese stand you're smiling. Like she won a case. You ever heard acid wild? So what is that a considered? You got something? Is that a salt? I'm assuming that's a salt. Right? It's there. Let me see if there's any more details in the story. I'm very interesting. I'm very intrigued by this. I'm not encouraging it. I'm just saying if you're gonna stand up for yourself, what's better than a bucket of urine? I guess? Right? I mean, it's better than shooting or stabbing somebody. I mean, it's just be everyone that peed on at least once in their life right now. Now, just mean, alright. Yeah, now that doesn't say he just said. She admitted throwing in the rights through a bit of thrown throwing in the urine, urine. And there's no further update at this time. I'll just keep looking. I guess for an update. You know me. I'll let you guys know if I have an update. But yeah. Can you imagine what you see? This is what happens again, to the neighbor. This is why I brought up see how I'm trying to connect the shit to the random shit that happened to me. This is why I say talk to your neighbor. Did she? She didn't mention if she mentioned this to the neighbor before that she's sick and tired of the chicken poop. I'm uh, I'm assuming if you're going to fill up a bucket of urine over time. I'm assuming that she did mention it. But what is the good Bible? Oh, it's a What's that verse? What is the mark? 1231? Something like that. Love thy neighbor. Isn't that isn't that loved? What is it love thy neighbor as yourself? Don't quote me on this. Mark 1231 Something like that. Want to I don't know. Not really good Catholic, Christian, whatever I've tried to be but you know, I know that's in there around that spot somewhere. The reason why I'm bringing it up is because you got to this your neighbor, you got to live with this person. You don't know who this person is. Inside. Maybe these people had a good rapport. Maybe they had a good relationship at one point. And maybe you know, she just snapped. took advantage of her niceness. Let the chicken run around free, let's say a year. And maybe she was you know, in conversation randomly said listen, neighbor. Listen, I gotta let you know. No control. Henry. He's always shitting on my my patio all the time. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And the neighbor just brushed it off. And Christina is like, okay, no problem. Thanks. Appreciate it. Thank you. And then she goes back, she walks away. Dad, one day, the one hot summer day. Like I said, air conditioners not working. Plumbing is not working. She looked out her back patio. And there's the fucking chicken. who was to blame? You could argue and say, Henry is to blame. He's the one who took the shit. You can argue and say she's the blame. She's the one to throw the bucket of urine. Isn't everyone to blame though, isn't it? Kind of like, you know, speak up? Say what's on your mind. So I should take my own advice. Go to my neighbor next door and throw a fucking bucket of urine at his ass? Let him know. I need to know. Am I or am I not allowed to use your fucking pool? Now that's that's probably not the right. Maybe that's not the right idea. Because there's a lesson in there somewhere. All right, you know, I'm not really good educator. You know, I don't know, there's got to be a lesson in there somewhere. Talk to your neighbor. You know, communication is key. You know, treat others how you want to be treated. Love thy neighbor. You know, there's got to be a lesson in there. I'm assuming. I'm hoping. Probably not. But that's Friday. It's Friday. If you're filling up a bucket of urine right now, thinking about throwing it at somebody I recommend you don't do that. I recommend you don't. If you're if you're filling up a bucket of urine because you're trying to save money. Just dump it out on the street, guys. Just dump it out. I understand you're trying to save money and you care about the environment. I get it. It's important to you. Your PII is saving the earth I somehow it makes sense to you or I don't know. But you really, really just dump it in the sewer drain or something. I'm sorry to say it is that pollution. I don't know. It's sewer water. Just dump it guys. Don't save it. You don't want to do that. That's the last thing you want. Trust me. Look at the story. For example, you don't want that on your record. You know, save your record for important shit. You know, save your record for some you don't want to have a bucket of urine hit somebody's head on your record. You don't want that shit. You know, you go to apply for a job that comes up. You know, explain why you were convicted Well, or explain why you were arrested. Well, this is what happened. You're not getting hired. Sorry. This is Home Depot, you can't We can't hire you here. We got all kinds of buckets here. You know, think about think about that shit before you react Think before you act. It's very important. Very important. And guys, if you have the thought of doing something malicious like that, just talk, just talk to your neighbor explain to him or her or them what the story is, what's the problem? Then if they don't give a shit? Well, maybe you just give him a little threat list. If you don't fucking understand what I'm where I'm coming from. I'm gonna throw a fucking bucket of urine at us. I will, I got it filled. And I'm going five gallon deep. You tell me, I'll tell you. I don't know about anyone else. But if someone came up to me and said they had a problem with me. And if I don't stop, they're gonna throw a five gallon bucket of urine at me, just the thought of that. The thought of you collecting five gallons worth a year and number one, the thought of you using that entire five gallon on me. That means I'm the most hated person in your life, that you're going to choose to use the whole five gallon on me that you probably saved for two or three months. Out of everybody in politics, you know, teachers, your employers, your co workers, no mailman, none of them. You're gonna fill that bucket on me. I mean, I was complimentary as that is as flattered as I am. I appreciate you don't do that. I do appreciate that. But, I mean, so really consider that and don't don't waste your urine. Don't waste your pee on people that don't need that. don't deserve it. Hey, go pee on the ones that deserve to be peed on. Maybe that's today's slogan. No. I should edit that out. But I don't edit shit. So let that slide. Leave that in. Be safe this weekend, guys. It's Friday. I know a lot of you are gonna go out and party you're gonna go out and drink. You're gonna stay home and barbecue. Have a good time with your family and do that and do that. Please do that. Please use your toilets. Right? That's important too. Please wash your hands. Got a feeling if you're peeing in buckets, you probably don't wash your hands. Right? It's probably Oh, please wash your hands. Please be safe, sanitary. You know, it's important and have fun this weekend. It's Friday. It's June. It's hot. Looks like it's gonna rain here in Jersey, which is good. You know, we don't get enough rain. Just kidding. But enjoy it. Have a good time because again, we don't know how much freedom we will have that the monkey pox common all kinds of variants come in. And they kind of seem like they want to. They're pushing us toward the lockdown in my conspiracy. Just mind my paranoid self. Brain. My paranoid brain is thinking that a lockdown is coming. I have no evidence for this. I just feel that they're going to do it. In the guise of pushing the mail and voting. I don't know. Maybe not. Maybe I'm just crazy and paranoid. You know, but enjoy the freedom. Enjoy the time that you have. Forget it. Forget what I said. Just enjoy the time that you have. Be safe, wear condoms, whatever, you know. Wash your hands. And please tip your Uber and Lyft driver. Maybe you're not going anywhere. Maybe you're gonna do the smart thing. And just stay home and get fucked up. Smoke drink and relax. I recommend that. Stay home drink smoke. Relax. Watch Stranger Things. Let me know. Tweet me at what is it CJ Bronson show at CJ Bronson show on Twitter. Let me know if you watch Stranger Things. I haven't started it yet. No spoilers, please. But if you watch it, let me know if it's good. Let me know if he if it's worth my time. So fourth season I believe these kids are like 35 but they're acting like they're 12 So we'll see how that turns out. But you know, let me know stay home when your home order DoorDash order Uber Uber Eats order GrubHub because you don't want to get out to house once you're fucked up. That's too risky. You don't want to drink and drive. You don't want to end up like Nancy's husband. You ain't no Paul Pelosi, you don't got the pole. You can get out on three grand bail at some ridiculous number. You can't do that. You ain't got no 2021 Porsche millionaire stock trader inside a trader you don't you don't have that ability. I don't think and even if you do, you shouldn't drink and drive. Guys. Use your Uber use Lyft tip your driver generously like I always say and order food. Order food. A friend of mine on Twitter recommended What did I recommend pizza? I pepperoni pizza with cream cheese on it sounds kind of wild. I'm down. I'm down. I already promised him I said Saturday I'm ordering pizza every Saturday I order pizza and I'm putting cream cheese on that bitch. Throw it in the oven for another couple minutes. Let it melt and I'm gonna try that shit. Why not? Do at least one slice can't kill me. I mean I hope not I survived this long fuck it that's gonna be the end of it I'm going out with food that's how I'm going out we'll see we'll see I'll keep you guys updated as you know new episode every day. Again like comment subscribe share please Tip Tip everyone if you want to support the channel please cash out me again the links in the description and I appreciate it I do gas is not going down apparently and imagine when fucking Independence Day comes all fuck yeah go out this weekend guys or enjoy this week as much as you can because of come Independence Day. I don't know what's gonna happen with these fucking prices, inflation food prices or gas. Anyway, that's a Friday. Enjoy. Don't be a nobody don't throw no buckets of pee. Relax. Talk to you soon. Bye