June 6, 2022

#054 | Killed for $2 Million Trust Fund and no One Knew he was Dead!?!!

#054 | Killed for $2 Million Trust Fund and no One Knew he was Dead!?!!
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You thought u had relationship issues! This guy not only killed his boyfriend for his $2 million trust fund but he made it seem like dude was still alive. Photoshop expert over here posted on his ex’s social media accounts and spoke to his family as if he were him! It’s wild. It’s insane. It’s America!

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CJ Bronson:

yo what up bitches back at it again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson Podcast. Today is Monday, June 6 2022. And I know your ass is up now. I know you're awake. You know the routine by now Monday morning. We're not sleeping in shit. We did that enough on the weekend. We had enough fun on the fucking weekend. The weekend is over, but get up. We got shit to do wash your face. Go for a fucking walk, smoker bowls and some coffee. Maybe two cups. Who knows? I don't know. I don't know what your fucking routine is. Whatever it is do it. I preach it all the time. Going for a walk is vital. If you can't do it, at least take a shower. Or just walk around the block least walk to your mailbox and back. You know, get some blood flow. That's really gonna help you get going for the day. When I tell you what, bitch if you turn over and you hit snooze, you lose. You snooze, you lose for real. That's really the slogan. You snooze, hit that snooze, you lose. So don't do that shit. Get up. We have shit to do. Throw yourself out of the bed. Like the fucking bed is on fire. You know what I mean? Throw yourself out of the fucking bed. Like, like, legitimately it's on fire. And whether you hit the floor hard or soft or whatever, don't worry about that shit. It's gonna heal. It should heal, I hope depending on your age, I don't know, maybe don't do it, then. What I'm saying is you have to start the day. You have to, we're allowed to start the day. That's a one. One of the freedoms that we allowed to have, we are free to go out, walk about, do it. If you're free to leave your house do it. If you're in one of those controlled states where you can't leave well, I apologize. I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully you hopefully they lift those COVID restrictions, those COVID restriction soon and and you're able to roam free but we have to enjoy our freedom while we're still allowed allowed to. They want to take away everything they want to censor everything will fuck it. We gotta live it like it's our last because the way things are going with the fucking gun violence and shit. It might be who knows we may not next Monday should may be shut down again. So get out there make as much money as you can hustle hard. collect as much food and supplies and should that you can afford to collect and stock up. Because like I said, Man, I don't know what's fucking going on. His gas prices are going up. The government the government is saying they don't see it going down anytime soon. Which is not good news. That's the last thing I want to hear how you're going to tell me that inflation. They have no sign of it reducing anytime soon. Motherfucking gas and jersey is almost $5 I paid 495 Bitch. That's with Wow was 15 cents off a gallon still waiting for their sponsorship. Shout out to the Wawa app. 15 cents off a gallon. Yeah. That's crazy. What do you got to this weekend? You go to the beach, you go swimming. My son went swimming had a great time. I just lounge a little bit in the morning. That was fun. You know, you went down the waterslide a couple times had a good time. Not my own. We go to a swim club. You know, we're lucky enough to have one nearby. That's wonderful and affordable. I mean, went there and and he's having a great time, which is good. Everyone needs to go out and have fun this weekend. I hope you did. I hope whatever you did, you didn't bring your kid to the fucking drag show that I mentioned on Sunday's episode June 5 episode, the drag show that took place in Texas on fucking real. I still can't get over that parents brought their kids to this shit. And I saw today that there's an article and I think I retweeted it on my twitter at CJ Bronson show that says the drag queen is defending themselves saying that the drag shows show build confidence. So there's so you're gonna tell me when you're doing a drag show and the sign behind you says it. It's not gonna look itself in bright pink neon letters in a dark club so you can clearly see it. It's building confidence. Like there's no other way to build confidence you have to dress up and and flaunt your body sexually for cash. I don't you know, again, these are kids. I don't care if drag queens do it. That's your business. But when it involves children, no, no, no, that's fucked up. These are minors, right legally. There are minors they are not allowed to do that. They shouldn't even be in the club, let alone on stage. If you missed that episode that is on again this is episode June 5 episode which was yesterday Sunday. I don't know the episode number I'm sorry I'm a little fucked up today. But that's that's what it is and no drives me nuts. If you didn't if you didn't bring your kids to the drag show people off to the beach. Everyone's gone to the beach. The summer looks like last weekend or this weekend was think that was the thing to do. I guess it's I guess that's one of the cheapest things to do you Even our great President, Joe Biden, the most popular president in history, went to the Delaware beach near to him. While the country is suffering, and Ukraine is collecting billions and billions, and Americans are suffering, our president is at the beach, working on his tan. Looking at kids. I don't know what he's doing. I don't know. I don't want to know it's kind of disgusting. Just to think of him in a bathing suit. Yeah, give me one second. Let me throw up a little I threw up a little bit of my mouth. Sorry. Yeah, it's fucking crazy. It is crazy. 74% And this is a statistics. A fact for you fact checkers out there from data assembly. And I can post the link in the description or again on my Twitter 74% of baby formula products are now out of stock. Seven 474 Fucking percent of baby formula products are now out of stock nationwide, across America out of stock. And Joe Biden is on vacation. And you're gonna say hey, CJ, what do you want him to do? He flew to Germany and got a whole bunch. How about you know? Be be proactive. Why didn't you do this shit earlier? Oh, he didn't know. Yes, motherfucker. He did. Yes, motherfucker. He did. They knew he knew this shit since February, February or March, I believe. Right? You remember that? When the fucking you know. And he admitted, he admitted that he was warned about the baby formula shortage months ago. Remember, when Abbott facility was shut down because of some contamination. They had to shut down and rebuild or whatever the fuck they had to do. He so he knew. So I'm gonna play a little audio. And you're going to hear you're gonna hear him basically saying you don't give a fuck. Here it is


the question you always have every single thing. Why didn't Jack sooner? Well, I don't think anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility in and the Abbott facility. And it was accurately shut down because it was the formula was questioned in terms of its purity. And so once we learned of the extent of it, and how broad it was, we kicked everything in the gear. And I think we're I think we're on the way to be able to completely solve the problem. I was just telling you that they understood it would have a very big impact. They did, but I didn't.

CJ Bronson:

I don't think anyone anticipated the impact of the Abbott facility. Biden says the reporter goes, didn't the CEOs just tell you that they understood it would have had a very big impact. And he goes, they did but I didn't. So the CEOs told him that the CEOs understood that it's going to be a big impact. He saying he does not understand that he did not he understood they understood it. But he did not understand it. So is he admitting that he's ignorant or stupid? Or is he admitting that he just don't give a fuck? I don't know. Either way, it's fucked. And it's not just him. He has a team of people who, you know, obviously every President has a team of people. So him and his entire administration are to blame for this, or they just don't give a fuck. They just and the thing of pisses me off is that I've been reporting about this for a while now that Mexico has baby formula on its shelves. They do so and there's light and very beautiful beaches in Mexico. He could have brought his his white asked to fucking Mexico, his pale white self to Mexico, whatever, got a tan, whatever the fuck he wants to do out there licking his ice cream, looking at the Mexican kids, whatever he wants to do, and slowed up some couple of caravans of baby formula and brought that shit back, load up Air Force One or two, whatever, whichever plane he wants to use with baby formula and bring it back. He it's right there. And we all know the border is easy to come across. I'm sure it's much closer than Germany and use a lot more less a lot less fuel to go to Mexico. So I don't know. Is it is it a pandemic? I don't know. I don't want to be that guy who says a pandemic. I don't know. A lot of evil shit seems to be plotted out or planned out ahead of time. I just hope that there's some kind of resolution to this baby formula crisis. Because this kids out there dude, let me tell you, there's kids out there with allergies. They can't fucking have gluten. They can't have lactose on these parents. These poor parents out there just they're there besides themselves. They can't give them the basic baby formula that's probably being pushed to them if they can even find it. They need Special the trauma, gin, whatever the fuck the company's called, who makes the, you know, allergen free baby formula, even though I've been touting to them to say as I've been saying, use goat's milk, try goat's milk, that's a good, not the best, but it's better than nothing. It's a close substitute to formula. But you know, unfortunately, we live in. And Joe Biden's America. But I implore everyone to help each other out, go on Facebook, find the Facebook group. And maybe you guys can do a some kind of coordinated effort to get the Mexico stock up, and then come back to the states and distribute it amongst the parents. You know, that would be a great humanitarian thing to do. Again, I'm not advocating to make money. I'm not trying to get you guys to make a profit on this, trying to help people. We're really we have to help each other out. Because we can't trust nobody's asked, we can't trust this guy. We can't trust administration, we have to help each other out. Honestly, you can't even trust the motherfucker you're sleeping with these days. You really can. Speaking of which, a fantastic article I want to talk about today. And today's article takes place in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Literally, because Sean Sheffield allegedly made numerous withdrawals from Rasheed Young's $2 million Trust Fund after the alleged murderer while maintaining his social media accounts to make it appear he was to live. Let's see what the fuck is going on here. I'm taking from this I'm gathering from this he killed his mother fucker for the money. Let's let's let's be real. Let's break this down for what it is. The dude has a $2 million trust fund. And he killed his ASIC at 2 million. I don't know why. I mean, maybe I should make the headlines. That seems a lot more understandable. But let's let's continue. I Philadelphia man was arrested a murder charges murder charges for allegedly stabbing his boyfriend to death nearly three years ago. Three years. Do you understand? Three years went by and no one knew that this fucking guy was pretending to be him. Then he withdrew money from the victims Trust Fund and took over his social media account to make it look like he was still alive. Imagine the Photoshop effort. You kind of have to respect that a little bit. Right for three years. You got to Photoshop this motherfucker. What if he had a massive following? By the way, please follow me on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. I do not have a massive following. I'm trying to build one. So please hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Also please rate, comment, subscribe, share like this podcast and the show. It really does help out the show the metrics. And I'm trying to propel the show and get a bigger audience and hopefully make a little bit extra money so I can make the show better. And who knows maybe video will be coming soon. If I can afford it. Back to the show though. Yeah, imagine that shit. Stabbed in the death nearly three years he's been photoshopping this motherfucker. Everywhere. Here we are at the Grand Canyon. Look at him. He's so happy. Look how happy he is. That's my baby right there. I love him. I love Rashid. So Keshawn Sheffield. Keshawn Sheffield. 20 years old 20. Not even 21 Not even legal to drink. 20 was arrested Wednesday and charged with first degree murder, third degree murder, theft, receiving stolen property and other crimes. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele announced while dude wild Sheffield was in a relationship with the victim. 22 year old Rashid young. So the dude who died was 22 My man was 22 years younger. Let's keep reading not gonna say I'm just gonna leave it at that that just I find that interesting. For roughly two years, right Sheffield was in relationship with a victim where she the young for roughly two years before the murder on August 19 2019. So they were together for two years. So something happened in those two years. You guys know what happened? Got tired of his ass. Probably got tired talking to him talking down to him. Listen, you 20 years you're all motherfucker you know you're not old enough to drink, right? You know, you can drink. I'm older than you. I'm gonna tell you what to do. I'm telling you what to do. I'm in charge of this relationship. I'm older. That's it. That's how it goes. I got the money. Who got the you got the 2 million just fun arms are where you want to go to eat for dinner. You want to go where? Oh, well, you know what, it's gonna be up to me because I got the $2 million Trust Fund how much money you got bitch. Oh wait, hold up. Oh, you ain't even 21 So you know what, you can't even come in where I want to go? You gotta wait in the car. How about you wait at home? I'll be home when I'm home. And maybe do had enough of it. Couldn't take it no more. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was just crazy. I mean, I don't know. Let's keep reading. He is accused of stabbing young to death and transporting his body in a Pottstown borough recycling set container. Transport his body in a bottle and a Pottstown borough recycling container to a house that he shared with his mother. So we know two things we know that dude recycles. We know that he cares about his mom. So I mean, let's let's let's keep that into consideration. He's not an exact monster. He cares about the environment. And he cares about his mom. Right? I mean, he still talks to his mom right mom still talks to him apparently. I mean, he shared the house with him. So that's good. Sheffield then allegedly dug a grave wait a minute now continues. He dug a grave at Albury Arbor torium. Our boredom, a nonprofit botanical garden in North Philadelphia. And then Byrd Young's remains their nonprofit botanical garden again. He's trying to be green. He's trying to care for the earth. You know he's really trying to be do his best. I think Joe Biden will be proud of this man because he's really trying to help the environment. A landscaper for the garden discovered Young's remains on September 30 2019 and call the police. The investigation found that Sheffield was accessing the victim social media accounts and using his cell phone to communicate with young family god damn and keep up the appearance that the young was still alive from August to December 2019. The district attorney wrote this week dude you pretended he was still alive with his family to oh my god from August to December you know he waited for those Christmas gifts you got to million dollar trust fund you probably get some good gifts from the from the family so he's probably been real nice and mom real nice to the family thought about Tom about he loved him and shit he bought bought them gifts because he you know you're gonna go all out you're gonna you know you get what you receive you receive what you get whatever the fuck it's called. And maybe that's what he did maybe he you know he but yeah the Photoshop game got to be amazing you This is us holding hands in San Francisco This Is Us eatin cheese steaks together I love my baby look at my baby bought me he bought me a new polo shirt love my baby just pretending the whole time let's continue maybe there's more Young's remains went on on identified until a private investigator hired by young family so we know the young family got money because they hired a private investigator. When you hire a private investigator you you got money because I don't even know where to find one. I've never even seen one I don't see no buildings for no signs for one so I'm assuming you do got that kind of money to pay somebody hourly to go out. This is Ozark shit. Ever see that? Show Ozark on Netflix. Shout out to Ozark on Netflix Jason Bateman. Great, great show if you guys haven't watched it, check that out. If you like this store, you're gonna love Ozark. This is a real private investigator hired by young family contacted the montgomery county detectives with new information about the case, detective that then detectives then use dental records to confirm Young's identity. Since August 2019 A family has been searching for information about their missing son. Today we shared with them the tragic details of his death and will be able to return his remains to them for a proper proper burial. Steal said Wednesday this is yet another case of relationship violence that turned into a murder I disagree. This has nothing to do with relationship violence. This has to do with a very simple I mean, I hate to be like this. I hate to be that guy but it comes down to $2 million. It comes down it comes down to $2 million. Just keep it was 20 he said to himself, I have my whole life ahead of me. This old ass motherfucker I'm with his 22 stingiest FOC probably doesn't want to share his wealth maybe I can't see myself being with him forever being his his puppy you know I have my own hopes and dreams. Maybe I should just kill this motherfucker next time you know what? Next time this motherfucker tells me to wash dishes next time this motherfucker look at me the wrong way almost kill his ass maybe that's what happened. I don't know, maybe $2 Million Man was stingy with his money didn't buy dick. Maybe he didn't buy anything and 20 year old who stabbed you know the guy who killed them? Because Sean, Mr. Sheffield, may be Mr. Sheffield was paying for everything. Maybe Mr. Sheffield was the one spending all his money. And then when he found out that dude was sitting on 2 million, he lost it. Mr. Sheffield over 20 years old is selling his body on the streets doing two three jobs trying to make some extra cash to pay the bills. And Rasheed over here is just playing next Xbox. And, you know, maybe the dude just lost it staff has asked couple times and when he found out he had 2 million? I don't know. I'm obviously making this up. Who the fuck knows but I don't think has anything to do with the relationship. I think it has to do more with the 2 million because of the 2 million wasn't there? The dude just left? Just break up. Just leave? It's 20 you're 20 years old? Dude is 22. Just leave? It's about that 2 million. question I have for you guys. What would you do if $2 million? If you're a person you were with had a $2 million dollar Trust Fund? Could you see yourself stabbing and killing this motherfucker? To get that money? You might have mental problem if that's the case, if you do see that. If you don't like that person that much. I know the money is a lot. I know. But happiness has means a lot more. And eventually she's gonna blow up one way or another. So you might as well just cut your ties now and leave. Unless you think you can make it. You can fake it till you make it like I always say maybe you can fake it till you make it and keep that to a million in the family. I don't know. Depends. Are you 20 years old? 20 years old. You got a long life ahead of you my friend. I don't know. I would obviously I'm obviously joking. I would not kill anyone for $2 million. You know, well, that I'm dating or seeing you pay me to do something I might do it. You know, I ain't gonna take someone's identity like that or whatever and fake their social media accounts and go all out. But you know, you pay me hit fee. I mean, I gotta do I gotta do for the money. I'll do what I got to do. But Legon you know, I ain't gonna pick nobody on their social media accounts and do all that shit. That's crazy. For at Wild Man. Imagine that dollar hammer. Hey, hey, Sheffield. Listen, I'm gonna come over. I'm gonna come over you're gonna hang out with your at your house. And I know we can but we busy. Man, y'all always busy. Why can we never hang out with y'all? Man? We busy man. Well put him on the phone. Let me talk to him. Let me talk to her. She put them on. Oh, he's in the shower. He's always showering. Every time I call. My man has taken a shower. Yeah, he like he likes to stay clean. You know? Where she is all about being clean. Oh, yes. Shoot his true. That's true. We do like to be clean. He's right. He right. All right. How about tomorrow night? Tomorrow night. We all go out for dinner. My tree. Okay. We'll do that. Then tomorrow night comes and Sheffield calls up like Listen, guys, we're not gonna make it tomorrow night. I'm sick. I got food poisoning. Just constantly making excuses. You know what I mean? So you never got to see him. Plus, we had COVID and shit. So he never got to see him. Oh, wait, it was 2019 This is before COVID. So yeah, he was making excuses before that shit. He was making excuses. Them and plotting and planning and planning and plotting. That's crazy. Shit. Man. And Dubai had no job right? And because I mean, you got the trust fund. So you have to worry about the job telling his co workers and shit calling out sick and she had another word about that. He had no job most likely I trust fund. They don't mention the job in the article. I mean, I don't know man, 2 million. What do you think it was the first thing he bought when he got access to that trust fund? What do you guys think it was? I think it was food. I think it was something that you know what? You know what I think it was? Honestly that's what I will get I will get food because I'm always hungry. I think he and I'm a fat ass, I think Sheffield when he killed us to kill the sheet. I think what he did was he went he went and he purchased something that Rashid would not let him have. I think that's what it was. Maybe Rashid was a control freak, and said Nah, you ain't getting that. No PS five. There's no PS five and this house does x Box house. This ex box house. This is an ex box house only. We don't play no fucking PlayStation his fucking house son. When you get some money, then you can get the fucking PS five and she was like, Okay. I mean Sheffield was like, okay, so if he was like, okay, when I get some money, then I can get the BFR he's like, Yeah, okay, I got you. I know exactly what I'm gonna do. Maybe that's what it was. But they ain't gonna say that they're gonna put in the article man kill some man over PS five. That's that's a that's a bad look for Sony. Right. But I'm sure it happens. I'm sure something like that happens a lot. I mean, I don't know, obviously. I don't know what could what could have take somebody out. But I mean, if you get to the point where you're going to kill somebody, what rational thought Do you have? Do you I mean, really, you could have done it many other things instead of stabbing this motherfucker. Like I said, maybe work with him. Maybe open up a business with him? And you know, and then make money that way? Maybe he just got sick and tired of his ass and that was it. We talked so much shit and couldn't couldn't deal with it. I don't know. I don't know. What am I saying? What is the whole point of this episode? The whole point of this podcast is to let you guys know to watch your fucking bat. Watch your back. Don't tell nobody, nothing. Your best friend, your people, you work with your spouse. I mean, unless you're legitimately married and happily married. Then you can tell them the trust form that you got, in my opinion, because you can't trust no body dysmorphic disorder together for two years. Two years. But did he tell him on year two? Or Did Did he tell him about the trust fund on day one? You told MAFAC on day one, that he had two years to plan this shit. Maybe for those two years. He was thinking to himself, I could deal with this shit. I could deal with the harassment. I could deal with his petty ass. I could deal with this cheat motherfucker. And then after that afternoon, you're going to take up sort of take so much, maybe? I don't know. Mental health is a big problem in this country. Man. I've been saying it for a while now. And unfortunately, it does not seem like it's gonna get any better. We need to put more funding into mental health. We need to put more money into the vets into the vet our veterans. Our veterans need the help. They definitely need the money. And these I don't know what we're gonna do with this country guys. I'm sorry about that. sort of bring you down on a Monday. I don't mean to. It's just you know, it's just it's crazy. Crazy Crazy. But anyway, that is Monday. Today is Monday, June 6 Guys, don't forget. Go online. comment, share, subscribe, like this show more to come. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show love all you guys don't forget tip your Uber driver, your Lyft driver, your DoorDash GrubHub drivers we work it on tips out here we struggling no joke. We are struggling as the gas prices increase. And the food costs go up. Our costs our prices our revenues going down. I'm making less money now because everyone's holding back. Right? Think about it. If you order food and the price of food went up. You're gonna fucking save money by tipping less well that fucks me over because DoorDash and Grubhub ain't paying me extra. Keeping it 100 Same with Uber same with Lyft all these motherfuckers they paid they given you a little bonus. But you got to drive so much distance to get that bonus. It still doesn't really help. The extra $20 They give you don't help when you're spending 75 at the tank at the gas station. And y'all know this shit. Blank will get angry. You know, I try to stay calm. For my health. My mental my own mental health. I gotta stay calm. But the shits fucking crazy. It's wild Monday. What could happen tomorrow Guess we'll wait and see. Are y'all be good. Be safe. Be Merry. Love y'all. Bye