June 7, 2022

#055 | Woman in Texas shoots Man in the Chest for What?!?

#055 | Woman in Texas shoots Man in the Chest for What?!?
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You’re having a dinner party with ur friends to celebrate ur new apartment when, without warning, the front door gets kicked in. Do you scream? Run? Cry? Or shoot him directly in the damn chest. Hey wait…isn’t that my stalker?!

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CJ Bronson:

What up bitches back at it again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson Podcast. Today is Tuesday, June 7 2022. And it's a beautiful Tuesday. 75 degrees nice and breezy over here in Jersey. Nice and breezy. Not too hot. One for a beautiful walk before I started the show today 15-20 minutes I keep telling you people, that's all you need. Even if it's five or 10 You know, you just want to get some fresh air get out of the house. Get some really, I mean the freshest air you can get. You know, being in Jersey, it's not the freshest, but you know, what do you want me to do? Hey, what the fuck do you want me to do? I'm not buying oxygen. I'm not wearing a filtered mask outside when I'm walking. I'm sorry. I know. The CDC is recommending you wear mask for monkeypox. Even though that shit is not fucking spreadable in the air. From my understanding. It's only spread through you know sexual relations, usually a homosexual or anal sex. But whatever. That's a Tuesday morning story for you. You know, I'm not a doctor, not a scientist. Now that should biologist look into it for yourself. Again, if you want to wear the mask good for you. Good for you. You can wear the mask. You can hide your chapped lips and your unbrushed teeth under the mask. And maybe that's the whole idea. You don't have to wear makeup only, you know, eyes only maybe. And you know, maybe you know times are tough. I get it. Time. just tough. You're trying to save a buck. So you said fuck it. I'm just gonna wear a mask and not wear makeup. And that's cool. Again, I have no problem with that. You know, sir, or ma'am? Or whatever the hell you are that you want to if you want to do that, that's cool. I'm for it. Just don't push your ideology on me. Don't push your belief system or your science, whatever you want to call it on me. I know. That's my business. That's my problem. If I don't want to wear a mask, maybe I'm allergic to the material the mask is made out of? Have you ever thought about that? Maybe the mask offends my identity? How about that? How about that? Maybe that's what it is. You don't know me, you don't know what's going on with me it's not and if one of your business, right, you don't know, maybe I can't afford a mask. You don't you don't know. Whatever the case might be, do what you want to do. But I do recommend the walk I do. It's important. You want to get the sun again, vitamin d3 comes from the sun or vitamin D, I don't know there's a D in there somewhere. And it's good for you, it's good for you. That's a vitamin you get from milk. A lot of people don't drink a lot of milk. And you know, I don't recommend that because of all the hormones in the milk and the fats and the unwanted calories. But, you know, you could take a vitamin D supplement, which a lot of people still don't do. Or you can get 20 minutes from the sun. And I don't mean go in a tanning booth. a tanning booth is probably the worst thing for you. Because it's all artificial. From my understanding the sun is real. It really exists from what I'm reading from the science. And it provides that vitamin D which is essential essential for your body. What exactly is it for? I don't fucking know, maybe bones or teeth or some shit. Whatever the fuck. It's the vitamin. I made a vitamin. It's a free vitamin. Go outside and get the free vitamin. What's the problem? Doesn't hurt. No one ever said oh no, I had too much vitamin D today. No one ever says that shit. No one says that right? Well, because motherfuckers don't get enough vitamin D. Now you can get it for free with the sun. You see how look like? Who is better than me? Who's better than me? I'm giving you fucking health advice, life advice. And now I'm going to save your life with some friendly and fun news. Texas woman fatally shoots. Sorry, I have a bad transmission. Real bad. But no story in Texas. Another shooting took place in Texas. I know it's horrible, but not gonna talk about school. We already talked about it enough. Everyone's talking about it. No one's talking about this. This lady. This lady also shot somebody and she's kind of like, you know what the fuck? I'm shooting people left and right. No one's fucking paying attention to me. What about me? I'm important. Well, let's make her important. A Texas woman shot and killed her suspected stalker after he kicked in her front door What kind of shitty stalker Are you? I thought the whole idea of stalking is like you look from afar this guy said you know he's taking a stalker stalkers to a new level he's making stalking great again is that what is that what he's doing? You know, the last thing I saw about a stalker what was it what was that show on Netflix guys? I wanted to you while you it's the name of the show. And yeah, that's basically a stalker. He would stalk the girl. He would know the ins and outs of her what she does, who she you know, where she worked, where she lives what she likes what who were friends are and he would basically manipulate her surroundings so that he'd be it'd be you know, he'll get her one on one. He'll get her alone and eventually have a relationship. Unfortunately, that sho spoiler he ends up like killing motherfuckers to get to her. Right he has he has to kill the competition. I always talk about killing the competition by going above and beyond. When I say that I don't mean actually physically killing somebody. Just you know, FYI case you didn't get that. I don't mean that shit. My man over here though, my man over here talks talking to a whole new level. He said fuck killing the competition. I'm gonna kill you, bitch. I can't I've been looking at you for a while. And since I can't have you, nobody can have you. Maybe. Maybe that's what happened. I don't know. I don't know. What if I only know what my crazy mind thinks. I don't know what these crazy motherfuckers think. And I can say that because he's dead. And he's not going to kill me. So let's say the shooting unfolded last Monday evening. Okay, so this article came out. June 5. What was that Saturday. What's yesterday was the sixth Monday, Sunday. So Sunday. Okay, shooting unfolded last Monday evening in Harris County. At the gateway at Ellington apartment complex. Shout out to the gateway at Ellington apartment complex, great apartments. friendly, friendly apartments started front door. Houston police responded to the apartments and found a male with a gunshot wound to the chest. The neighbors the people who live there might be carrying and just letting you guys know in case you're interested in robbing the place eluding him. They may or may not have a gun on them. So that's good to keep the keep in mind if you decide to be a proactive stalker. I don't know what would you call this person progressive stalker? Who decides to just break in enter break and enter the front through the front door. Excuse me still fighting that call from sorry. The unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene. Okay. Now do some police responded to the apartments and found a male with a gunshot wound to the motherfucking chest. Police said the unidentified woman shot the motherfucker. I'm sorry. The police said the other five identified a woman shot the suspect that stalker after he kicked in her front door. The woman told police she had recently moved to get away from the man SGB San Antonio reported them. Wow. Wait, you got that he willing to risk it all? Again? I don't. I mean literally risk it all. kicked down the front door. Be honest with me, ma'am. Do you owe this motherfucker money? Be honest, a lie. Don't shoot me in the chest Do you owe you owe him your money. It's just the two of us. Just Just Just tell me the truth. You owe us money. You owe him some money. He tried to skip town. He kicked down if he tracked you down. You still ignored him. He kicked down the front door to get that money. He saw you pull up with your new Lexus. With the money that she that you supposedly borrowed from him and you would pay back. And he came to collect. That's my story. But I'm also you know, like I said earlier, crazy. The other woman told police she had recently moved to get away from the man. Okay, the sound. This is a one sided story. How are we? Let's ask the other guy. Oh, no, we can't there is no other guy. He got shot in the fucking chest. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I'm just saying, you know, we only know what we know. And you know, people lie. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this. I know. Jen Psaki doesn't believe it. But women can lie to women can lie. They can come to the border. They can say they're pregnant, and they're not they just a fat bitch. And get all the free shit that they want. Right? Sorry. I mean, this is the perfect example of that. Because this we don't know what her story is. We don't know if this guy was talking her back wherever she lives she moved from we don't know nothing, unless there's evidence and she doesn't even want to give her name. So let's see if she'll be charged this unnamed person. unknown person, whatever. Probably not. Police said they found damage to the woman's doorframe. Other people were inside the residence during the incident. Oh, okay. So that she has witnessed. The use of police department posted a photo of the scene to Twitter on Monday, saying officers from its Clear Lake division responded to the scene. Photo of police officers responding to a shooting at an apartment complex blah blah blah. It's like a frickin distance shot all you see is caution tape and the houses in the background really doesn't do anything. I guess you couldn't get past the caution tape but at least zoom bitch zoom. How do you not have Zoom? Zoom on your fucking camera. The investigation into the matter is ongoing use and police did not immediately respond to Fox News digital requests for comment or any updates. Well, I wouldn't respond to Fox either. I'm sorry. These days. You can't You're setting these news outlets. But I mean, we it's interesting that she didn't say if she'll be charged with anything, I guess not. Because it's considered self defense, right? Texas has that law where it's like a self defense law. I forget the exact name. It's a cool name. Someone listening will know it. And I probably said it a few times, but have this cool law where it's basically you could protect yourself and your family with a gun. That's probably registered. They didn't say if the gun was illegal, but I'm assuming assuming she'd be arrested for having an illegal weapon. So she probably had the gun legally. Got kicked and kicked in the door. Witnesses were their witnesses can corroborate the story. And shot him in the chest. or, or. Or there's a sinister story. There's my story. My fucked up story where he or she owed this motherfucker money. She skips town. mood changes her name changes her life. And her friends meet her at this apartment. He follows the friends finds her at the apartment, right? And they're laughing it up how she got she did it again. She got away with 1000s of dollars again, another sucker. He heard this shit outside the door. Right? He heard this shit. He's banging on the door. says And now Now she ain't here. She ain't here. No, I heard that's her. She in there. And he kicks in the door. She shoots him. Now. The story is Oh, yeah, I was running. I was hot. And I was scared. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. I don't know. I like to make drama where there's no drama, I guess. But you know, maybe I don't think it's just an open and shut case. I truly don't believe that. Because if you were really running from town to town, away from this guy, there's no restraining order. Why don't you put a restraining order against against this guy? I mean, think about how hard that is to move. Moving is not easy. I don't care if it's a one bedroom. That's it's fucking hard, then you have to find a place to move to. I mean, I don't know where you live in Texas. But from what I understand, from what I understand, it's hard to find a good apartment. It's hard to find an affordable apartment. Right? So she had to either break her lease or wait to her lease expired or at our old place, and then move. Or maybe she was staying with him. And just skip town. I don't we don't know. There's there's got to be more details. Either way. You know, you guys know how I feel about guns? If not, it's good for protection. Look how it came in handy here. Let's assume the door kicker the Stalker was going to do something naughty, something bad. Let's assume he got in. And she was there. You know, let's say she's by herself. She didn't have any guests in the story. She had guests. Let's say she had no guests. Now it's a big man who's strong enough to kick down the door against her. And she you know, you know, who knows what his intentions are? Right? We don't know. If the story is true. He could have killed her. But in the state of Texas, you're allowed to have a gun self self defense. And look, the story is different. And we don't know how many other people this guy has done this to or would have done it to. We don't know anything about this guy because there's a fucking hole in his chest. And they haven't identified him yet. All we know him as a hole in the chest stalker. That's how we go about we know him. He likes to kick front doors. I don't know. I don't know. Weird. It's just fucking strange. And it's just strange to me. That no one else is noticing how much gun news is going on? I mean, you gotta notice that shit, right guys? Am I crazy? Am I the only one who's noticing this, and then only really advertising advertising. They're really only talking about guns in the negative manner. Then I'm talking about guns like this where it's used for self defense, where it's used to save lives, right? Because supposedly there were other guests in the residence. So we don't know what was on this person. This guy could have came in and killed everyone's ass. We don't know. Right? So she could have potentially saved numerous lives. And again, like I said, we don't know if he had other intentions to do harm to other people down the road. She put a stop to that as well. At the same time. Sorry to keep it 100 But I will she saved taxpayers 1000s of dollars by not having this motherfucker in jail. Oh and freed up some jail space. So much needed jail space. Don't know. Is it wrong for taking a life? Yes. Is it wrong for taking a life and self defense? I'm going to say no. I'm going to say no because you're not going out of your way to hurt somebody. You're just protecting yourself and your and the others that are with you. So I don't see the What's wrong with that with protecting your own. You know, I feel like that's part of self defense. That should be that's a that's a no brainer. Now if she would have shot him with an AR 15 If she would have hit him with an AR 15. You know, that would have been a whole nother story, right? They never would have seen this article they'd never you'd never want to hear about this. Because the AR 15 is the number one gun on the list. That's the gun that needs to be banned. Don't worry. I'm sure it will stop there. I'm sure once they get the AR 15 off the shelves. They'll be happy and they'll stop. I'm being facetious. I'm joking. Obviously. They're going to fucking take away all the guns. But people are so stupid or ignorant that they will just let them do it. Oh, who will Good luck. Good. God. I trust the government. They've never done anything bad to me. They've never lied to me. Yeah, okay. You keep believing that buddy. Go ahead, give up give it up. Give it up and then when and then you'll see fucking full control. But you'll have all the control you won't be able to defend yourself or anything. Is that what you want not being able to defend yourself against someone kicking down your front fucking door. That's what's going to happen. They start with one and one gun off the market becomes all guns over time. And people are arguing like you don't need an AR 15 to hunt. No. You don't need for self protection. Yeah, why not? Use a shotgun shotgun you could argue it does more damage than a blown up motherfuckers chest wide open I prefer the shotgun to be honest with you. Okay, you know hasn't like a you know, you get really miss with a shotgun. And you get hit you get hit with a shotgun, you're not going to be happy. I'll tell you that. It's gonna fucking hurt. Whether you know, it doesn't matter where it hits you. It's gonna fucking hurt pistol you may miss shock on you a missing? You know? Unless you're, you know, blind. I don't know. But you know, that's my take on it. That's my story. You know, you know, it's, it just drives me crazy. Because, you know, for every bad story. You hear about guns? There's probably like 10 or 100 good stories with guns. Oh, yeah. If I didn't have this gun on me. I think a lot of people I think it's more prevention of anything that if people know you carry they would be less hesitant to start shit. Right when people know they can get away with it. They do it. I mean, look at the fucking looting. People know they can loot the stores because they can get away with it. So they do it before they didn't do it, because they knew they couldn't get away with it. Same thing here in my opinion, if you have a gun and people know you have a gun, I'm not saying yell it you know you put something like you know this property is protected by my Magnum or whatever my shotgun whatever the sign is, this property is protected by you know, my dog or my shotgun. I think people will be less hesitant to try shit. My opinion? I don't know. Then again, if you're crazy stalker kicking down front doors, you know, you may you follow it follow the girl to her new residence. You know, you might not be thinking logically. Some of these people have a lot of mental issues as we know. And you know, that's a whole nother story. Because I think I'm starting to believe that some of those psychologists therapists are not the greatest people out there either. A lot of them are prescribing and suggesting gender reassignment chemical castration. And you know, that shouldn't be the fucking answer for you know, for everyone. And especially not for fucking minors. But that's a whole nother episode whole nother podcast and we're talking about guns people talk about this lady in Texas who will not give her name well not we don't know the suspects name. It's really interesting though. Like, why it's so why is it so secretive? Is it because if you put a name to the person, then it becomes a story then it becomes popular then it becomes well known that Maria shot Carlos or whatever, you know, I just picked random names I don't know maybe maybe that's part of the silence I'll keep looking into it if I get an update you guys know if I have an update I'll always report back to you guys please LIKE COMMENT, SHARE SUBSCRIBE rate this this episode right the show. Big updates coming soon. Working on video I promise I'm gonna get the video to you guys. You want to see my ugly face you're gonna see it. You know just just giving you a warning. I will be doing it from the car. Just letting you know. That's what I'm doing here. Number one podcast out of a Kia. That's what I'm doing. And also don't forget tip your tip your drivers your Lyft or Uber or your Uber Eats you You're fucking GrubHub drivers, man. We need the money. We'd starve and we try my book worthless on Amazon 399 Fantastic five stars. Shout out to everyone who's downloaded it. Hit me up on Twitter guys talk to me at CJ Bronson show. I'm here. I'm here. I'm always on Twitter. Always Alright. Have a great day guys. Love you. Bye bye