June 16, 2022

#064 | Dead Cattle a Decapitated Pregnant Woman and my Technical Difficulties!?!

#064 | Dead Cattle a Decapitated Pregnant Woman and my Technical Difficulties!?!
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Mom to be gets her head literally removed by possibly the father of her child? We’re not sure if he’s the father but what we are sure of is that he removed her head, sadly killing her and her baby to be. This story is sad, horrific, crazy, and 100 percent true. Thousands of cattle are also dead from alleged heat stroke and to make matters even more worse… I’m having technical  difficulties.

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CJ Bronson:

Hey, what's up bitches back at it again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson podcast and today is Thursday, June 16 2022. And yes it's pre Friday finally pre Friday finally, Jesus feels like the week is dragging on and today is a nice gloomy day little bit of rain this morning not too hot not too humid just right this is a temperature that I like guys this is nice and rainy and and with this kind of weather. I don't mind going for my walk. I love to walk in the rain. I don't mind driving because less motherfuckers are on the road less in the way people are on the road. You know what I mean? Too many in the way people it drives me fucking nuts. But who could really use some rain? Are these poor people I want to talk about over here and was Kentucky. Kansas excuse me, Kansas. Look at this. Not Michael B. Jordan. That's that's just an ad. Don't worry about that. 1000s of cattle die from heat stress and southwest Kansas. Let's look into this. All right, shocking video spread like wildfire Wednesday claiming a heatwave killed cattle in southwest Kansas. left many people wondering if it's even real. I mean, what else? What else? What else gonna be UFOs UFOs. We all know UFOs mutilate cows. They slaughter them. They take their tongues their anus all kinds of random sick shit. But no I don't I don't think they just leave them dead like this. Pagan says while this was a scarlet Hagen's with the Kansas Livestock Association says while she doesn't have exact numbers 1000s of cattle did die from heat stress across an area near Ulysses. She says there was a sharp temperature increase in a short amount of time on top of humidity increase and little to no wind which I find very interesting if I do say so myself well let's continue on see what this oh there's a video maybe it's good. Maybe it's not as bad as we think that maybe they're just exaggerating. Oh, look at this. Oh, Lord. Damn, look that shipment just laid out there just burgers steak. Man just meat man fog man just imagine being the last one you just see all your boys laid out like a man wake up man. I listen, I talked about this late. Just wake up man. What's what's the problem? Wait all Tada. Spock. You just die. That's fucking horrible, man. Where's the farmers? Should you guys be aware of this? I'm sorry to say that. I mean, this is your this is your livelihood. Shouldn't you guys be like, on the up and up and know that there? I mean, there's nothing you could have done. You couldn't like put the sprinkler on or something? You know, I don't know. It sounds you know, like I'm joking. But seriously, put the sprinkler on do some give him some water. Give them like, you know, at least at least throw the hose out. Get a bucket of you know, let them share it looks like they were all just they all just died. They all just fucking passed out. You know? And it's it's fucking sad. It truly is sad. frogmen if you had all of those things together in such a short amount of time it led to cattle suffering. Wayman Hagen says while she doesn't have exact numbers 1000s of cattle did die from heat stress across an area of Ulysses. She says it was a sharp temperature increase in a short amount of time. On top of a humidity increase and little to no wind. Man, man it's fuck. That's horrible. It's not even that that's your livelihood. Mamet people live off that these farmers they live off the cattle you know some of them are third or fourth generation farmers and this is all they know. And they're already suffering and struggling with the fucking fertilizer and feed and all that and now there's this you know man my heart heart goes out to these people managers are let's keep going here. Let's see Hagen says the wall heat stress kills some livestock every year. A loss like this is financially and emotionally devastating. It's a significant impact. Of course these cattle would be around have a value of around 2000 Bread Bock 2000 Each y'all how many fucking died a 1000s I think I read somewhere with about 2000 died 2000 times two. What's that? 440 1000 I ain't no mathematician as a lot of fucking money. Oh my god, any kind of animal loss is significant to a producer see to cattle feeder to a ranch to a rancher. No one wants to see any kind of loss like this. Hagen says there are some federal disaster programs that would come into play for this that these ranches would likely take advantage of. But no matter what, man she says this there'll be feeding this feeling this for a long time. Yeah, man. So who has to pick up all those bodies? All right, I mean are you thinking that meat is still viable Can you I'm sure White Castle would bid on that you can get that and make some good sliders off of that from Taco Bell me I'm sorry. Mexican pizzas out I know they're sold out I mean let's be realistic guys. You know let's let's not waste food here. There's people in Ukraine starving there's people around the world I need to need things I need money. We should we should manufacture this money we should manufacture this meat and you know, make the best of it. Sorry. You gotta be able to save some of this shit. No, am I wrong? Am I wrong? Fucking ad so if you guys don't know that I'm doing video right now so this is the first time I've done video so bear with me. It's been glitchy all fucking day. I'm not at IKEA as you can see, I'm at home it's kind of weird doing this shit. I don't really do this. There's an echo. I'm trying to fix that shit. As I'm recording but the show must go on so hopefully, I get the kinks worked out and we can get things going. This next article wanna talk about guys fog. This is fucking a replica this shit man. Litchfield man charged with beheading pregnant woman in Afton home. beheading means decapitated means that her head is no longer attached to her fucking body. What the fuck? This little white girl right here gorgeous, cute little smile and shit. She looks young, clean, healthy. Alton, a woman nearly eight months pregnant was decapitated in her home. From our on and off here. Her are her on again off again. Boyfriend now faces murder charges in the deaths of the woman and her unborn child. And this is what I'm happy with. I'm happy that they're actually charging him for both deaths. They're considering that the child to be a human being to be a person, which you know, as we know what the abortion should going on. A lot of motherfuckers are saying that oh, it's not a child. Oh, it's not a human being yet. It's still developing, or it's an embryo or it's an organism. No. Kudos to this police department for actually charging him for murder of two people. So the Andre as Holloway Jr. 2222 years old fucking killing people was being held on a $2 million bail. In the deaths last week of least DOD and the unborn baby. Police found dad's head in a fucking dumpster outside her apartment. Her head was in a fucking dumpster. Wow. ultan police chief Marcos Pulido called Holloway a monster Yeah, dude, you muffle camassia bitch. You monster. What was observed what was learned what was found as absolutely terrible. The Chief said In an emotional video describing the crime she was decapitated by a freaking savage monster. Well, let's scroll down we see the eyes. Let's see what this monster looks like. Holy fog look at this motherfucker. Look at his neck son. Look at his fucking neck. Look at that shit. From here to here. Look at they measured it 60 inches. I'm just kidding. That's That's fucking crazy. Anybody the captain in his as fog look at that shit. He looks like a fucking monster. My man looks like a black bein. He looks like a DC villain. Batman villain. Look at this guy. Court records indicate Holloway has no convictions or assault or other violence. But but he did rob a friend of cash in a nearby county three years ago. Well, that happens. You know, talking in Big Mac looking at me hungry. You got to eat some. Give me your money. Court records indicate Holloway has no convictions for assault or other violence. Well, like I said, I don't believe that for a second. There's got to be further investigations. This I'm not to say this guy looks suspicious but you don't just go around, cutting heads off. Maybe he did shit. He just didn't get caught for it. Thursday afternoon, Dad's mother worried that she didn't know. Oh man, she worried that she hadn't heard from her daughter went to check on her before 1pm The mother discovered the horrid scene at dad's apartment in the 3400 block. I'm not going to get the address. Dad had recently moved into one of the apartments inside a house there with the mom so mom, you know probably went over to talk to the daughter's daughter to make arrangements for the baby shower. Right? Because baby's coming soon. So mom goes over there. I'm gonna give it a meal. Just Hey, how's it going? I have I've been texting you up and calling you haven't been answered. I want to make sure my girls okay. I want to make sure you're good. So she goes over there. Can you imagine you open the door? Hey, babe, where are you? Where are you? And there's a body just laying out. No head. Where was the head or in the dumpster? That's right. Oh fuck. She goes in there. There's blood everywhere it is. There's no head on the body and the baby's in there. In her in the in her daughter. still in the womb man that's fucking horrible Where the fuck are the neighbors are the neighbors in here just mere ripping his head off? I mean, what kind of weapon did he use to take off ahead that's got to be some fucking sharp as blade kind of cut last machete what kind of fucking samurai sword he using this is like a miracle blade commercial you ever see that fucking miracle Blade Cutter to burqa cuts to everything this motherfucker? Jesus man where's the weapon they got to show that want to see this thing? Oh no they're gonna show the cop looking at the body on day 22 is expecting birth of her baby girl July 27 According to our online baby registry, her wish list included a pink princess crib sheet. The family was planning a baby shower at the end of this month. Fuck. This would have been her first child. Dad's mother and a relatives could not be reached Tuesday authorities have said if Holloway was the father. I have not said if Holly was the father of the unborn child. Oh have not said so maybe this was revenge maybe she you know, even though you're on again off again. You know that works. Maybe she just got a little jealous. And she's like, that's why the baby's not yours. And he just went off. I don't know. Pulido said DOD and Holloway had an ANA C on and off dating relationship for about two years. And here's my man taken a picture of the head. That's horrible. No, look at that. Look, items are covered as evidence from a dumpster. Hallway lives again they give you the address, like given that out. In connection with a case unrelated to the sling so two hours after data was found dead. Gillespie police were investigating a bicycle theft. About 30 miles away from Alton and their small town of 3000 residents. The bikes owner gave police a description of the man pedaling away of the stolen bike. They said he looked like fucking debo from Friday. Pedaling away on the bike. Can't miss him. His neck is the size of a fucking Oldsmobile. Big and Black looks like an evil villain from superhero movies. juleps be. Police Chief Jared Depop said hallway was combative, I'm sure and uncooperative. When officers brought him to the police station. Holloway wouldn't give police his name. He tried to hit his head against the wall. He broke the wall with his head. I'm just kidding. He could have he tried to hit his head against the wall and refused to sit down. Holloway had no blood on his clothing, nor anything that raised suspicious suspicions about something more sinister. Julius people least booked Holloway into the Maccabean county jail as a John Doe not knowing he was connected to anything. And Alton only later to jail. Officials find out who he was. Look at this shit the plot thickens. On Monday, Madison County State's Attorney Thomas Hain charged Holloway with two counts of first degree murder and thoughts death and two counts of intentional homicide of an unborn child. Holloway is also charged with dismembering a human body concealing a homicide and possessing a stolen Kia Optima. That's right you know one man's crazy one out of all the cars are still you know I know about key is of all the cars of steel. He's still a fucking Kia Optima he didn't fucking Whack whack job. His big ass fit in the Kia Optima I could barely fit in the Kia Forte Kia Optima ain't that much bigger than than a fucking Kia Forte. In Illinois prosecutors used to count two counts of murder for one victim to give the jury an option. It evolves around what the killers intent was. One of the murder charges alleges that Holloway intended to kill her or knew his actions would cause her death. The second count hinges on the strong possibility or killer. Well, the jury can't pick both well either way. He's a motherfucker murderer. He's a killer. He should be put away for life. Life not in the fucking mental institution. I'm sorry. You know mental health is a big issue here. But his ass should not be in a mental institution. Put him away with the rapist and the other murderers he ain't crazy. What he did was crazy, but he don't deserve to be in the white padded room or not. I should as well he did the white girl. Keep all the white away from him. Holloway is on probation for robbery Look at this. I thought he I thought he didn't have any priors. Holloway is on probation for robbery and Maccabean county 2019 He confessed to robbing his friend of cash on the way to buy marijuana. Well who hasn't done that? Listen, sometimes you need the weed and maybe the weed is what kept him sane kept him at kept crazy man crept the crazy monster at bay. And he may be turned turned to his boy and said Listen, you better give me this money for this week. I'm gonna cut your fucking head off. Maybe Maybe Holloway had no prior criminal convictions in that county at the time. Holloway was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay $900 in restitution. You sold $900 Worth from this motherfucker to buy we how much wheat Did you buy for 900 hours? That's loud. We will have you having good time. That kept him fucking sober or sane. For a while Holloway's probation supervision was transferred to montgomery county when he moved to Litchfield. Hello Holloway had attended high school in Litchfield had some traffic cases in the town, but didn't have frequent encounters. After dad's death, police in Alton collected several bags of evidence after searching a commercial sized dumpster on the property adjacent to the house. Document charging documents say Holloway put dog's head in a dumpster. What she went through, can make some people completely lost for words. Plato said, Well, you know, again, when we're the neighbors, I mean, I'm not an expert in decapitation. I'm not a biologist. I'm not a doctor or scientist, but I'm assuming it takes a while and unless he killed her first, which they're not saying they just say he decapitated her, murdered her and they know decapitated or they're not saying like, strangled her. They're not saying stabbed or that I'm saying shot her. So she wasn't screaming where were the fucking neighbors. She lives in an apartment. And what the first responder saw in that apartment was horrific. The chief added and the department is now using a wellness program set up a few years ago for its officers to speak with counselors. It's so bad that the fucking officers have to speak to the counselors. Why isn't the mother speaking to the counselors ask them that's what should be speaking to the counselors. 18 years ago, Alton experienced a similar gruesome murder in which a mentally ill man was decapitated. What the fuck is wrong with his town just cutting off heads. Or the mentally ill man was decapitated police in 2004 found the body parts of Jessie our Emory 21 of Carlinville in a plastic trash bag. Oh in plastic trash bags in the trunk of a car parked in the 400 block. Okay. And we had been slain in an apartment building near the car again, someone else laying in the apartment building. Nobody hears a screaming everyone just minding their own business in this town, small town. Oh, happens all the time. People just scream and yell from bloody murder literally. And nobody does shit. Chadwick Wallace and Jason Mobley both of Oulton were each sentence of 75 years and Emory's death. Good. prosecutor said the two men met Emery in Alton Tavern in 2004. And we accompany them to Moby's apartments where the men stabbed and choked me to death that cut up his body in a fucking bathtub. But you see, even there, they explained how they they stabbed them, and choked them, and then dice them up, slice and dice them in the bath the bathtub over here. They just did the heat the cat murdered her and decapitated her. You know, so I'm assuming she knew she must have still been alive while she was getting her head cut off. FOC Man Can you imagine dude, I really feel for the mom and I feel so bad for the mom and I know the cops are gonna see some crazy shit. You know, I love the police. But someone's got to reach out to the mom make sure she's good. I mean, if I wouldn't, if it was me, and I saw my kid like that. Before I find this motherfucker and kill him. I protect my own life for real because what's the point that point? You know, I'm sorry. That's fucking crazy. They need to they need to do they need to put this fucking black bein if you want to call them over here. Devo Devo depot, fucking Litchfield. Put depot Litchfield in the same cell with these two motherfuckers with these two motherfuckers over here Chadwick Wallace and Jason Mobley put him in the same cell with these motherfuckers because they still there 75 years they still put them in the same cell Fuck it. Why not? Why they're gonna fucking turn around the watch. I'm telling you right now if any of you motherfucking people post bomb for this guy what is it? $2 million. And if you motherfucking people post bomb for this up man. I don't like to wish bad on people. But you motherfuckers Ben apples bond bond for this dude. Don't do it. Don't you do let this man suffer I don't give a shit. I know you know I talk about mental illness all the time. I've spoken always say mental illness is a problem this country always say it all the time. But this motherfucker. He needs a software. You I mean decapitate somebody who was pregnant with your possible baby. Keep in mind and abortion is legal in many fucking states. You could have just argued with her and got her get an abortion in another state like New York or some shit. But maybe not maybe she was arguing with him say Nah, man, I'm gonna keep the baby and he's like now I gotta get rid of this baby. I am painful baby. Look at my neck. Baby's not passing through. You look at my neck. And she's like, Listen, I'll you know, I'm having this baby. And he's like, No, you ain't doing it. You ain't do anyway having a baby from me. And she's like, Well, don't worry, because it ain't your baby. And that was the that was the snap. You know, that was the thing that set him off because my man didn't have a man maybe didn't have his weed that day. He didn't have his weed that day. And dad that's what ticked him off. He was already on edge. And just happened this girl called him on again off again girl said come on over and I'll talk to you. And this was the day she wants to confess that in may or may not have been his kid. One thing led to another. And maybe that's, you know, that's what happened. I don't know. I hope I'm wrong. I truly do hope I'm wrong. But I got a feeling that I'm right, y'all. And you know, sometimes it's not good to be right. These guys, man do they need they need suffering. I'm glad they didn't show the mother's face because my mother is probably devastated. I hope nobody interviews her. Let her let her grieve, please, people on the view. Please don't interview this mother. Let her you know just deal with what she's dealing with. Please. Alright, y'all. Well, let's not forget, like comment, subscribe, rate the show. Hit me up on Twitter. It's at CJ Bronson show. I'm gonna get the tip your Uber drivers your Lyft drivers we out here man we struggling with this $5 Gas y'all motherfucking Democrats voted this bastard in and you know he's given handouts the fucking Ukraine. Where's my handout? Bitch. Where my handout bitch. You see the flag? Fuck you motherfucker. I'm suffering over here. Anyway, stay cool. Do your best to stay cool. I know. It's hot in some places, man. I know. I know it's hot over here in Kansas. I know that 100 degrees over there in some places. I know Arizona too, but I do your best. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you. Peace. Bye