June 19, 2022

#067 | Ghislaine Almost got Epstein’d! Where is the Client list?!

#067 | Ghislaine Almost got Epstein’d! Where is the Client list?!
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All I Want for Father’s Day is a Steak & Ghislaine‘s Client list. This special Father’s Day episode I cover a little bit about my dad as well as my thoughts on  the alleged attempted murder of Ghislane Maxwell. Paid to kill her for a reason?

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CJ Bronson:

What up bitches back at it again with another episode of the motherfucking CJ Bronson podcast today is Sunday, June 19 2022. And I want to wish all of you a Happy Father's Day. Happy Juneteenth. But I'm celebrating Father's Day, I'm sorry, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm a father. So I'm going to celebrate Father's Day. But if you're not a father, and you need to celebrate Juneteenth, I understand you go ahead and celebrate Juneteenth to the best of your ability. But I also want to give a special shout out to all the ladies out there who are filling in as both parents who are the mom and the dad, you know, perhaps your father passed away, or maybe he's just not in your kid's life, or whatever the case may be. Everyone has their own story, and I understand that. But I appreciate you guys, you moms who were filling in, you know, wearing both shoes. Mom and Dad, that's, that's rough, that's tough. Especially with all these bills, and all this inflation and shit that you got to cover, you know, on top of that you got to cover, you know, being the male role model for your kid. And that's that alone is a challenge these days. So oh, you know, shout out to you guys. Kudos to you guys. And I appreciate all of you listening to the show. Again, if you love the show. If you'd like to show please comment, subscribe, like rated CJ bronson.com. You can also hit me up at CJ Bronson show on Twitter. But yeah, that's what you know, Father's Day is an important day, I guess, I guess. I don't know. Depending upon how you how you were raised, I guess depending upon what the hell's that noise, depending upon how, you know, if you're close to your family close to your father, I guess that's important. Maybe your father is not in your life, you know, and I get that should happen to know pass. Sometimes a PASS is so traumatic that you can't get over it. Unfortunately, that happens. But it is what it is. That's part of life. You know, that's what makes things interesting. I guess everyone has their own story, I have my own story. And of course, I'll be sharing that with you guys on the Patreon very soon. But let's give you a little recap. Like my dad. He was very, he's still alive. But it's fair. I mean, I guess he's there. He's breathing oxygen. He's walking around. So he's living with me and him or her. It's not never close. He was it was always one of those relationships were like, you know, go with me. And you know, we have to do this. I always felt like more of a helper, more of like, an assistant than a kid. I felt almost like what's the best way to describe our relationship? I was more of like a burden. Almost. You know, he's always like, he used to get upset when he had to leave work to pick me up. But I would have to wait at school for like three hours. For him two or three hours sometimes for him to pick me up. middle school, high school, whatever, Lower School. I was always in, like, daycares. And always in like, after, you know, just things like that. Because I didn't you know, I always never felt important, I guess you would say and there was you know, I guess there's some kind of envious aspect to it too, because a lot of my friends were close with their family, with their family, their close with their mom and dad. Mom is no picnic, either. That's a whole nother fucking story. That's a whole episode. That's a whole patriotic can go on for hours with her, arguably, when my dad you know, talking to him, I wouldn't. He made it very clear. He said it to me multiple times. I mean, I'm not his friend. Don't talk to him like a friend. Because that's not what he is. He made that very clear to me numerous times. You know, he spanked me beat me with different objects. You know, I don't even remember if I deserved it. I don't even want I try not to think about it. To be quite honest with you guys. But yet, that was our relationship. It was always kind of like, you know, come help me do this. And I would go out there and hold the flashlight while he's fixing the car. And you know, we wouldn't talk about anything about me. It was always him venting about life and about his problems. And about the car and this and that. He'd vent about my mom, my mom fence about him. It was never a really a loving household, I guess you'd say. Keep in mind I wasn't broke. I'm not gonna pretend to lie and say that I was I was broke. I wasn't I didn't ever there was always food on the table. But like I said, I've always said it's never you know, being a parent has nothing to do in my opinion about money. I mean, money is important. Sure, but if there's no connection there if you don't have a connection with your kid, then what's the point of being a parent? Right so every so I always try to spend as much time with my son as I can and we try to watch TV together at night talk. You know, I try to do things that he wants to do. He wants to go to the swimming and so on so plays we go there. He wants to go eat here we go eat there. We you know we talk we watch things that he wants to watch option, you know, as long as it's appropriate you know, obviously I'm gonna take them to fucking drag shows like some of these fucking parents Levin o'clock on a Saturday you take your kid to a fucking bar to go watch some some chick with a dick shake her ass. You know, that's a little fucking crazy. But you know, I guess everyone raises their kids differently, I'm assuming, I suppose. But yeah, so that's very important. You know, I guess my whole point of the story is, you know, even if you don't, if your times are tough right now, with financials and with bills, and inflation, all that, and trust me, no one understands that more than me, driving around, I spent $55, every two days to fill my tank, to deliver food and Lyft and Uber and shit like that. But I still make time, I still try to find a way maybe I don't spend enough time I need to work on that, to talk to my son and relate to him and see, you know, what's going on his life, try to help him in the morning, I haven't always done it, I'm trying to be a better person, a better father, and really try to, you know, makes breakfast every morning, talk to him before he leaves school, you know, I help him with his hair and everything you know, and just kind of tell them Have a good day and really keep his head up. And, you know, don't worry about the bad shit that happened the other day, Today's a new day. I asked him how his day was at school, like, you know, just just little things, you know, little things my son's autistic, so it's not like I can really pull a lot of information out of them. But I still try to get him to communicate, because that's what it's all about when you're autistic with my son anyway, it's a communication thing. Ironically, as you can see, I can never stop talking and he has the opposite problem. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, who knows? I don't know. We'll see. Maybe as time progresses, he could be a genius in the making. Who knows? You know, but but just like, Yeah, so like growing up, it was really, I never really had any, I was always left in the car. They want to go to like uncle's house or whatever's house I would, I will sit in the car and I'd wait. Or I'd be in the basement with the other kids. It was never like anything I wanted to do. I want to go to the movies. Dad Come with me to the movies. It was a whole struggle. I think we went to like one movie, Jurassic Park. And he complained the entire time. A lot of time, yeah, there was really nothing that he wants that I wanted he. If I wanted to do something, he didn't want to do it. It didn't matter. What I wanted to do was always about what he wanted. And I guess it's like, maybe it has to do with the way they were brought up. I guess I don't know. My mom was always kind of like, you know, my dad was the man of the house. So he, whatever he wanted, whatever, it's still, to this day, it's the same whatever he wants, he gets, he wants us to eat. We're all eating the same thing he wants to eat. I don't care. You know, I don't care. CJ, you want to eat pizza? Go fuck yourself. That's not what Dad wants. You're gonna have this. She didn't say Go fuck yourself. I'm just you know, summarizing. So it is what is you know, I tried to do honestly, between the two of us mean you? Are you guys, whoever's listening? I always tried to do the opposite of my son was, you know, my son wants pizza. All right, well, we'll try to get I'll try to get pizza if I can afford it. I'll try to get pizza. You know, I'll try to give him what he wants when he wants it. Obviously, you know, my son's in great shape, though. We don't always eat out. But I try to give him the foods that he wants the things that he wants. I don't spoil him. I don't think but my dad's mentality has always been an Oh, I think we'll always be why do you need that? If it's not going to make you any money? You know, then it's not worth it. And that was his mentality since I can remember like 1011 years old. That's, that's what his mentality was. You know, and that's been that's it is what it is, you know, Am I close to him to today? No, absolutely not. I see him from time to time we you know, we our paths cross. But I try not to talk to him or say anything to him just because it's like, there's a lot of hostility and I don't know what else frustration between the two of us aggravation. We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and it's at this point. It's almost like it's too late to even try to build a connection. So but I'll go into further detail I'm just being kind of vague here because I want to go into further detail on the podcast in the on the Patreon rather, which again will be out soon. I'm sorry, guys, you don't understand. It's so my schedule. It's gonna sound crazy is fucking insane. I wake up, get my son ready for school, and it makes breakfast and all that. And, you know, then I start my I stopped my work where I drive around delivering shit and delivering things. And I record the podcast I continue to deliver sometimes I hit the gym, come home for dinner. And it's like I'm exhausted, I'm always move. I work seven days, as I told you. So, it's really difficult sometimes to find a little extra minutes here and there to you know, between that I'm tweeting, I'm trying to I'm trying to promote the show and connect to you with you guys on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. And, you know, time sometimes becomes an issue with, with with with me, unfortunately. That's I think that's like the that's one thing that we all have in common, right? Regardless if you're Elon Musk, or you're me or whoever. We all have 24 hours in a day. And it's all about how you make use of that 24 hours. And I'm trying to really fucking make as much use out of it as I can. Right now, technically, I'm working. But I said, let me take a lunch break so I can record an episode in the car, because that's easier than going home and honestly, going home, it's too much noise. I can't do it. Fucking landscapers. They never shut the fuck up there. I feel like always, there's always somebody cutting their fucking grass, they need to have, you know, they need to have a day, you know, like recyclables you put your recyclables out every Tuesday, whatever, we need to have a law where it says you can only get your grass cut on Tuesdays. And then you know, same with construction, they need to be some kind of it's gonna sound crazy, maybe it's just, you know, not an American way. You know, I get it. But it's not fair to me that if you cut the grass at 7am, if I'm trying to get a couple minutes sleep, a little nap in, or I'm trying to record something you don't know if I'm on the phone, and you're cutting the grass. And the neighbor cuts the grass the next day, at a different time. And it's like, the way we where I live and like the whole street echoes. Excuse me. Excuse me. Everything seems to echo. So that's another thing I got to save up for and work on and my wife is helping me with setting up some kind of recording studio or someplace where I can really have soundproofing saw the outside sound doesn't really leak in. Excuse me, but it is what it is. Hope you guys having a great Father's Day. I'm telling you right now I'm excited. I'm excited because later on tonight, around 845 I am having the best dinner I made reservations like two months ago for this place. I'm excited. It's new. I let you guys know I'm gonna post pictures on Twitter. I'm so excited. I don't really eat like this often. And so I'm going to really go in not eating much during the day. I don't know if that's a good idea or bad idea is probably going to be a bad idea because my stomach is going to be small. But I'm going to stretch that stomach out, motherfucker. I'm not going in tonight. So I'm working today to pay for dinner tonight. Hey, it is what it is. My wife says she's gonna pay. But I said no, I'm picking the place. I'm paying for the place. That's the way I look at it. So it's gonna be a fight when the bill comes. But that's a fight that I'm looking forward to. Ironically, it's funny right to fight you looking forward to who will look forward to a fight. I look forward to the fight because I think you know, I chose the place so I should pay I should pay Is that Is that wrong? Right? That's the way I look at it. If you say let's go out on a date, and you pick the place where we're going on a date to, you should pay because you picked the place. That's my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the way I see. Thanks. But anyway, hopefully you guys have a great Father's Day. It's not bad, too dangerous. He's like 72 degrees, a little breezy, little windy, which is nice. I can have the windows open, save some money on the AC. As you guys know, I try not to run it as often as I should. So you know, socks are off shoes are off. I got the air blowing on the feet. So you can imagine how wonderful the car smells. And you know, I have to ever finish recording this. I'll continue driving until 845 until eight so I go home and change get ready for dinner. 845 But I'm excited about that. I'm also excited to tell you guys about this crazy article that for whatever reason. Well I know why. And once I tell you the name of the of the of the article, you're going to know why. Inmate and same prison housing unit as just Lane Maxwell was offered money to murder her attorneys are saying so if you remember just Lane Maxwell she went to jail for arranging how do I say it's running a business basically where anything goes, you pay her she gets you the girl her and Epstein will get the girl whatever age and do what you can do whatever you want with her. They had an island Epstein's island. They have, you know, Bikini Bottom, whatever they called it. And they had this whole massive organization that was structured around this island that would still fly people in celebrities, politicians, and supposedly the list is massive, but no one knows. Where's the list? How come none of these people are being arrested? How come none of these politicians or celebrities are being penalized or doing any jail time for doing these unthinkable things? with underage kids, we're talking like underage underage. Like some of them are like babies from what I understand. And they're like high name celebrities. I can't even name any because we don't have a fucking list. We have an air was the call like a flight manifesto, which is basically a flight log that tells you you know, who boarded the airplane. But, you know, we don't know if that's legitimate. But the reason why I'm thinking this article is not really being making mainstream news is because it's just a Maxwell there's so many celebrities intertwined with this. So many politicians, current politicians, and former politicians. The Clintons, for example, are one of the mentioned from what I understand. Hillary and Bill are involved in this. So you know, right there. That's, that's why there's that rumor where Hillary killed Epstein you know, supposedly committed suicide allegedly, but you know, come on, the videos missing. The guards wasn't there that day, they don't know where the video went. All kinds of random excuses. It's like some bullshit story. Like, how does it How does this happen? This is Jeffrey Epstein. How does this happen? Well, let's see. It looks like it almost happened to just lay Maxwell as well. The lawyers were convicted sex trafficker Jazlyn. Maxwell said in court documents this week that another inmate in the same prison housing unit as Maxwell was allegedly offered money to murder her. The explosive claim was revealed in a report from the New York Times. So the New York Times reported this that is a major, major, major newspaper. Why the fuck is not on Fox? Why is not on CNN and be MSNBC all these places? Why isn't this everywhere? This article came out. I'm reading from daily wire two days ago. Why isn't this making the news? We got it, we see Biden falling off a bicycle. That's all over the place. We see you know, all this dumb shit. By the way, CDC approved the vaccine that the FDA, you know, for five for five months and older. So that's, that's being pushed out to most of the states. I think I think Florida is the only state Ron DeSantis says it'll be available, but we're not going to spend any money to advertise it. So that's, you know, they're not going to enforce it. In other words, but it's available if you want it for five months and older. That's we've already discussed that two days ago, and I think that was Friday's episode. But anyway, let's go on. The explosive claim was revealed in a report from the New York Times on attempts from Maxwell's team to seek mercy ahead of our sentencing. The lawyer said that following her conviction, Maxwell was moved to the prisons general population and became a target of a credible death threat from a fellow inmate. Interesting. A prisoner in Matt Miss Maxwell's housing unit told at least three other inmates that she has been offered money to murder Miss Maxwell, unless you plan to strangle her in her sleep. The lawyers wrote, The inmate who made the threat was moved to a different unit. Presumably to protect Miss Maxwell lawyer the lawyer said this incident reflects the brutal reality Maxwell's lawyers wrote, adding that there are numerous prison inmates who would not hesitate to kill Miss Maxwell, whether for money, fame or simple street cred. The Department of Justice declined to comment on the matter to the newspaper. The explosive allegations come after Maxwell's Powell convicted sex child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein died in New York City in August 2019 in the cell, weeks after he was arrested on new sex trafficking charges. The circumstances surrounding Epstein's death have led to speculation over whether he committed suicide or not, which was the original official cause of death, or whether someone killed him an explanation that some experts have suggested See, among the bones broken in Epstein's neck was the high high ord hyoid bone, h y o ID hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam's apple. Such break can occur and those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject, but they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation. Experts say John look Brunel, the former French model or agency bras and associate to the late pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein was also found dead in his prison cell in Paris earlier this year, where he was being held on suspicion that he supplied underage girls to Epstein. Initially, his death was reported by many as a suicide because of statements made by his lawyers. However, ABC News later reported that French officials have declined to confirm those details interesting. Brunel was initially arrested in Charles on Charles de Gaulle All airport in December 2020. According to Paris prosecutors, Brunel was initially held in a probe into the rape of minors, and trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation, and association with their probe into possible crimes committed by Epstein. Days later, Brunel was charged with rape of minors over the age of 15. And sexual harassment, Brunel maintain, he was innocent. So now keep in mind, we have Epstein who allegedly killed himself. We have Brunel who allege his friend who allegedly killed himself, now just laying. Now if all these people are killing themselves, and there's no video evidence, and there's no, you know, proof of this happening, doesn't that look very suspicious? And I feel like not. And I don't like Maxwell. Just lame, obviously. I don't like just just Lane Maxwell just stayin whatever. But we have to keep her safe. Because, you know, until we can get some kind of evidence, or at least a list of her associates, a list of her clients, where's our client list? It has to exist. It must exist somewhere. We have to get a hold of this, then she can go kill herself or get killed. Maybe that's it. Maybe she's like, Hey, listen, you gotta protect me keep me protected. Or you're not getting that list. Maybe she's keeping that she's holding that to herself. Like I had the list. But I'm not going to tell you who anyone on less than less. I live until, you know, sentencing or whatever. Maybe that's what she's doing. What do you guys think? Do you guys think they should torture her until she gives a names? Do you guys think they have the evidence? And they're purposely not telling us? I think that's what it is. I think they have everything. And they're not telling us who's on that list for political reasons. Because the powers that be the people in charge, are keeping that from the public. Because if the public were to find out that our politicians are the people that we like on TV or whatever, are behind this shit, there will be a nationwide uproar. That's what I think. I honestly believe that. It's either that or she's holding it over their heads. Like if you kill me, or anything happens to me, you'll never get this list. So protect me at all cost. But I think the latter is more true. I think I think the former rather is more true. I think that's he's that that she told everything. If there's a manifesto, there's a fucking affidavit somewhere there's some kind of a mission, somewhere on tape or whatever they are they are they have enough evidence to prove it. Video photo evidence they have it all, I'm sure. And they're just not releasing it because of that political reason. So I'm wondering if there's enough pressure. I know Elon tweeted about it. Like, where's the list? This is like He's like one of the things I'll never see is the client list from his lane, which is crazy for Elon to post, with almost 100 million followers on Twitter. That's a lot of eyes seeing that. This is the fact that this is not making mainstream news is appalling. To me. It's crazy. Yeah, New York Times posted it. But that's not nationwide. Like we this should be a topic every day we should talk about this shit. Until we see the list. Until we get the names. Why is it being held? Secret? What do you guys think? Let me know I really want to hear your thoughts. I actually want to know what you guys are doing for Father's Day. I really hope you're enjoying that shit too. I really hope that you're somewhere listening to this podcast on a beach, maybe maybe you're stretched out on like a lawn chair. You know, on your on your property or someone else's house, you're over family's house and you're drinking a beer or some kind of mixed drink maybe an old fashion. And you're and you're just sharing stories, you know, with this playing in the background, or your home on your recliner in a nice air conditioned room. Right? drinking your drink of choice, having a cigar maybe, and tweeting away about about the show how great the show is. That's what I hope. I hope you keep checking my website, CJ Bronson show.com Looking for the Patreon so you could anxiously sign up because you can't wait to support the show. That's what I that's what I know is happening. I know that shits happening. I know you guys want to support the show. I know I feel it. You want to do it. You gotta do it. You know, I need the money. Number one, you know, it's only going to help the show improve and get better. And this show is going to keep growing. This channel is going to keep growing. I'm going to YouTube, I'm going everywhere. I'm going to keep posting every day as long as I can. And that's it. That's what I want to do. And I want you guys to tell me what you're doing today. That's important. And tell me what you think man. Do you guys really think TJ's Lane has leaked all that info Ah, like what? You know, where's WikiLeaks? Why can't wiki leak or somebody in the courthouse or some lawyer like sneak the list like, you know, where's the where's the you know, undercover the the leaker. What happened to those people when you're going to tell me to people? I think that these names are so, so high up. The evidence is so great that people are afraid to leak it. People are nervous that if they leak this shit, they'll get killed. They'll get Epstein nothing that's I think that's the truth. I don't know. Don't mind me. I'm all over the place. today. I'm excited about dinner. I'm going to have this fucking tomahawk steak. Yo, I don't never have before in my life. But I gotta get going to get out here because I have to keep working so I can buy it. Alright guys, love you guys. As always, please like, comment, subscribe. Follow the show. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show goes check out the website CJ Bronson show.com where you can find all these podcasts. Even if you don't have an account. You could play it right off the website. Alright, love you guys. Peace talks tomorrow. Buh bye.