Aug. 16, 2022

#123 | Violently Beat a 70 Year Old Woman & Get Returned Home? Senate Bill 439 is not the Solution.

#123 | Violently Beat a 70 Year Old Woman & Get Returned Home? Senate Bill 439 is not the Solution.
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This story is terrifying because these criminals can assault anyone and get away with it in California. And it might be coming to your state too. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What's going on guys? Today's Tuesday, August 16 2022. Hope you're having a great day. Today's episode is story out of California. More specifically San Francisco. It's an episode of story took place on July 31. I did not want to talk about the story because it's so violent. It's so heartbreaking. It's so traumatizing and insane that it's happening in 2022. But I feel like I have to touch on it because of basically because of what's going on in society all across America anyway, but it took place again on July 31st. The person's name the victim's name is Mrs. Ren. She's only going by Mrs. Ran. That's what the media is calling her. She's an Asian woman, 70 year old Asian woman in San Francisco now. It took place inside of the lobby of her building, where teens violently hit and kicked her in the head and various parts of her body multiple times, taking her iPhone and her keys. She sustained non life threatening injuries. But it warranted a hospital trip. Now what's so crazy about the story is it's all on security footage. It's all on CCTV. I always post everything I posted all on the video on rumble. I put it all up there. This video out of respect to hurt out of out of the severity of it. I'm not going to post a video. I'll put it on Twitter. So if you guys follow me at CJ Bronson show on Twitter, I'll have it but it's just it's just crazy, man. Even if I blurt it out, I just can't do it. It's it's just it's wait to hear their story, guys. I mean, it upsets me that it's still happening today. So and listen to this San Francisco Police Department right the SFPD they will not charge the boy for his role in a group assault and robbery of a 70 year old Asian woman due to his age. How old could he be? He's 11. Let me repeat that 11 year old boy involved in an assault of a 70 year old defenseless woman. The three other suspects in the assault and robbery were two juvenile girls ages 13 and 14 and an 18 year old male named Daryl more. Police announced that they couldn't press charges during a Monday press conference. SF. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins insisted that the community needed to do more to prevent juvenile crimes. interesting statement, quote, I think a greater dialogue and discussion has to begin when we are seeing our children involved in these types of crimes, said Jenkins, quote, I think it sends a message to us all that we need to do more as a community and San Francisco more broadly, to discuss how we got to this point. So your answer, Mr. District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins, is to discuss things to sit down and have a discussion. So basically, what you're saying is, you have no plan, you want to talk about a plan, you want to talk about an action. So these kids who are under 12, I believe is the rule in San Francisco, California may look into that. And second, I'll give you the exact number. Let's say they're under 12. If you're under the age of 12, in California and most states, most liberal states, Democrat states, you basically get a slap on the wrist, wrist, a slap on the wrist under 12. So where is the incentive to do good? Where is the fear of consequence? For doing bad? Having a sit down? Timeout having a nice little conversation about it? Is that is that the idea? Maybe we should? I don't know. Maybe we should give them money? Maybe we should pay them to be good? Or how about we do what we usually do with criminals and prosecute the shit out of them. Put them behind bars, let them know that their actions have consequences. And the sooner you do that, I believe the sooner this will stop. Hey, you don't know unless you try. But I'll tell you what, the longer you take to have a discussion. And the longer you take to talk it out and hug it out and have a community discussion, the longer the more and more people will get injured. I'm just saying. Anyway, let me continue with the story. So I got on a little rant this like I said, this truly upsets me. These are kids. And these kids are running wild. And they're hurting people killing them. In some cases like that, like the poor man in Philadelphia. I mentioned in the other episode. Again, you could check out all my episodes on my website, CJ Bronson. You could find me on YouTube on rumble. You could find me on all your podcast networks. I'm there CJ Bronson show. Anyway. Let me continue. Investigators from a robber unit develop information that identify the suspects as 18 year old Oakland resident Daryl Moore and three juvenile suspects ages 1113 and 14 Now here we go. Excuse me. You ever feel like you have to like burp and sneeze at the same time? Oh, thank goodness it just like past. It's like sometimes it's like a burp its knees and then you hold it in and then it's a fart and then I got to just post episode and you go see de Spartan on a Tuesday. Okay, anyway, and 2018 California prevented most children under 12 from entering the juvenile court system. Wow. So they don't even go in the juvenile court system, y'all if they're under 12 through Senate Bill 439, SB 439. excluding those children who murder, rape or sexually assault their victims do it if you're freakin under 12 sexually assaulting somebody. The law requires law enforcement to return children under 12 who commit any other crimes to their families or caregivers. So you could basically beat somebody to a bloody pulp. As long as you don't kill them and you're under the age of 12. You get sent you go back home the next the same day. No consequences at all. This can't be right, right. So am I wrong is this? That's what it says here. Former Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law. The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Children's Defense Fund of California National Center for Youth Law W. Haywood burns Institute, Youth Justice Coalition of Los Angeles and the Anti Recidivism Coalition co sponsored the bill. Damn. Lots a lot of money going to this bill. Former Governor Jerry Brown is a Democrat for those of you wondering. Yeah. During Monday's press conference, San Francisco PD Chief Bill Scott called the juveniles involvement in the assault and robbery. Really, really sad. Wow. That's profound. Really, really sad. Um, Jenkins echoed that sentiment shortly after, she noted in a tweet that the city needed to ensure appropriate consequences for crimes of that nature. Okay. Oh, I appreciate the hard work of SFPD to catch Mrs. Rennes attackers. It's a sad situation across the board. And we have to ensure there are appropriate consequences while doubling down on our work to stop violence. That is Brooke Jenkins. Wow. Okay, again, if you don't know who Brooke Jenkins is she replaced? The predecessor was chess Chesa Boudin, who was recalled Earlier in June since taking office Jenkins has forced focused on undoing all the Buddha's work. Most recently. This included ending referrals to the city's restoration of Justice Program, which offers offenders and alternative to incarceration, revoking over 30 plea deals given to drug dealers by Boudin restructuring the district attorney's office by firing and demoting Boudin staffers, which prompted the assistant district attorney to quit and removing the prosecuting attorney and a controversial officer involved shooting case, which is another story for another day. booton announced earlier this month that he wouldn't seek reelection. Crime rates surged under this tenure genius. More, and the two juveniles remember more is the 18 year old. The more on the two juvenile girls face charges of robbery, elder abuse, burglary, false imprisonment and conspiracy. The assault of the seven year old San Francisco woman identified again by local media, as Mrs. Rent again occurred on July 31, and sat her lobby of her bill of a building a teens hit kicked her in the head and various parts of her body multiple times. The video is on real again, I'll put that on the Twitter on my twitter at CJ Bronson show. And then, of course, Jenkins tries to calm everybody down and say there'll be an investigation to determine whether a hate crime was was occurred has occurred. With regards to hate crime, they do require proof of motive that oftentimes requires an expression from an assailant or some investigation into past history. Meaning verbally or if that person the assaulter or the the assailant would have to say something derogatory, as far as racist, concerned or ethnicity is concerned to the victim in order for that stick. More along with 11 year old and 13 year old weren't apprehended until last Wednesday, when they were arrested for an unrelated crime about an hour away. The 14 year old remains as at large. So now our way the 11 year old, the 13 year old and more were apprehended arrested to an unrelated crime in Milpitas, California. So is it safe to say that at this point, these individuals, including the 11 year old are career criminals? If they commit what's, uh, what's definition of a career criminal, right? In my understanding, if you commit multiple crimes throughout your life, you will be considered a career criminal? Well, if you're only 11, and, you know, this is the second crime that we know of, that we know of. And you're only 11. At that point, should there be some kind of new rule that takes place where if you're 11, or if you're under 12, and your career criminal, or you're under 12, and you commit multiple crimes, you should face multiple times. So just keep an eye just come up, keep coming up these rhymes, guys. But these rhymes are gold. You do multiple crimes you should do multiple times. You know what I mean? I mean, like, you shouldn't be sent home. That is crazy. You know what I mean? This kid is 11 year old, but he's identifying as an adult, by the way, he's acting by the actions. And these same with these girls. They're 1314. They're they're doing crimes, criminal activities that some criminal adults are not doing. They're crossing lines that they would not do when when are we going to realize that times have changed. And kids today are not like the kids from yesterday. That was an unintentional rhyme again, that's just how good I am. kidding. But seriously, though, you know what I mean? Like, when are we going to realize that these kids today are not the same? You know, these are not the same? Saved by the Bell? I don't know. Seven heaven. I'm trying to think of an old show. But kids grew up with that will like, oh, you know, Clarissa Explains It All. My good hitting anything that's, you know. I don't know. Nowadays, like, you know, people are losing their virginity virginity under 13 to 12, you saw more, I used to do pregnancy tests for kids that are like 10, or 11 years old, or whatever it is, you know, they're so young. And so I feel like if, if, if their statistics showing that kids or people under the age of 12, are committing crimes, and those statistics are showing that increasing, then instead of having a conversation about what to do, I believe you should have an immediate law put into place saying we will continue to restrict, you will continue, we will hold you in a cell until we figure out what to do. Because you are a menace to society. And here's the proof. You want to see proof. Here's the proof. The 11 year old wasn't apprehended until last Wednesday, when they were arrested for an unrelated crime about an hour away. If this person was behind bars, if they were caught another crime would not have been committed but they got away so I you know, I asked you. When are we going to we'll just keep letting these kids who commit violent crimes, walk the streets to continue to commit violent crimes. We have the video we have we have proof it's not like he wasn't involved or these kids were it was just an accident. When you see this video, it's going to irate you, it's going to make you so upset. I don't care what nationality you are, what ethnicity you are. I mean, just just just imagine this helpless 70 year old woman going about her business when she's approached and jumped literally jumped by these people. For for my for my understand for no apparent reason. It wasn't like a traffic incident where she cut them off. It wasn't like she gave them the finger. It wasn't like, you know, she had any political affiliation on her clothing. It was just like, legit wrong place at the wrong time. And it seems like that seems to be the pattern for the elderly, whether it's an 11 year old Asian woman, or as an older African American man in Philadelphia, who was just trying to make his way home. And he gets jumped by seven people, seven kids. I firmly agree and you let me know in the comments you let me know on Twitter at CJ Bronson show, or let me know in the comment section below. What you think what would the punishment be if you had the ability to set the punishment set the law? What should it be? Should it be juvie? Should you put an 11 year old in juvie she put them if they murder she put them behind an adult cell or should we make a whole new prison now just for juveniles under 12? Maybe that's what it's going to take. I mean, if you look again, look at stats and that shows that as an uptake in And the crimes being committed by kids under 12. Then maybe that's what needs to be done a little juvenile center? I don't know. Put them in there. As me, what else are we gonna do? laying it out? And we will, what can you do? You got to protect the majority of the people right? At this point, an 11 year old can run around and assault numerous people. As long as they don't murder them, they can just assault them up, left and right all all ages, they can do it and get up and get a slap on the wrist. That's not a good idea. Think about your kid waiting for the bus on this on one of these kids come running up and do this. And they know they can get away with it. You think they don't know. They know, they're 11 if they're having sex and doing all this other stuff, they know they know what the what they can get away with. Especially if they get away with it once they get away with it once they probably are going to keep doing because they have the rush of the excitement of doing things. And they know they're not gonna get I'm not gonna get in any any jail time tonight even to get a juvie record. That's to me. That's insane. Again, California passed this law in 2018. Most children under 12 from entering the juvenile court system through Senate Bill 439, SB 439, please look it up. excluding those children who murder, rape or sexually assault their victims. The law requires law enforcement to return children under 12 who commit any other crimes to their families or caregivers. And California is supposed to be the model state for the Democratic Party. You tell me you guys have to live in this state. Is this what you guys want in California or any other Democrats that you live in? Do you want this in New York? Do you want this in Jersey? I personally live in Jersey, I don't want this shit. You know, my kids good. But God forbid he's, you know, he's walking the street, go and check the mail. And some other kid comes up and he's not going to put up you know, Microsoft is not going to think like, oh, this kid's going to do this stuff. Because he's just another kid. And he does this and he gets away with it. I'm not cool with that. I hope this law doesn't get passed anywhere else. I don't think it's passed in Jersey. But now I'm now I'm talking about it. Now. I got to look it up and see. Anyway, anyway, guys, let me know. Yeah. Let me know what you think watch the punishment should be jail time. Should the parents be fined? Should the parents be jailed? We talked about this in other episodes, that the parents are technically held responsible for the child because the child is a minor. So that parents should also suffer some consequences, right? Where were the parents where these kids are just letting them run around? Oh, they're cool. That was they were out what's the name more whatever his first name is? The Dalmore. That would barrel more. He's cool. He's good. He's good people. He's 18. He's the adult supervision that you want. No, you're the adult. You're the parent. You're responsible. So in this case, on top of the kid being penalized whether it's jail sentence or juvie, whatever, I believe the parents would also face the time. They should also face the penalty face to find face something and the parents didn't turn this kid in. Nope. So I mean, I don't know. I'm sure they saw the video on local news and say, it doesn't look like my kid in the video. He wears the same, you know, isn't that Darrell Moore's now the other friends that he's always hangs out with? You go and tell me the parents and know, the parents knew. They just don't want to get in trouble. So they just kept you know, kept quiet until it came. Now now it's out in the open. So I'm curious to see if the family of this this poor woman Mrs. Wren, if they stand up and are the lawyer stands up and says we want to justice for this and and they will want to prosecute the parents? I don't know. That's even possible. Anyway, let me know. Guys have a great day. Stay safe. Keep your head on a swivel. Stay active. Protect yourself at all times have something you never know. You never know. Anyway, remember, I love y'all have a good day. Buh bye.