Aug. 17, 2022

#124 | Can this $950/hr Attorney save 26 year old “Sidewalk Shover” who Fatally Shoved a 87 yr old?

#124 | Can this $950/hr Attorney save 26 year old “Sidewalk Shover” who Fatally Shoved a 87 yr old?

An 87 year old woman was leaving rehearsal when an intoxicated woman pushes her to the ground ultimately sending her to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries 5 days later. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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Hey, what's going on guys, today is Wednesday, August 17 2022. Hope you're having a good hump day. Hope you're having a great Wednesday. And I hope you're excited. The week is almost over. I'm excited. So you got to be excited too. And the reason why I'm excited is because for some reason, this week feels like a month. It's only Wednesday, but I feel like it's been more than just a couple days. Am I alone on this? So just some kind of like, Mandela Effect I'm dealing with right now. Am I crazy? I mean, I know I'm crazy. But am I crazy in regards to this? I don't know. But I must be crazy, because I'm gonna say something positive about New York. And that's not the whole city I'm talking about. I'm talking about this case in particular. This is the case of who is being referred to as the sidewalk shovel. Now, there's a lot of ways to get injured in New York, right. You can get stabbed, you can be you know, self defending yourself. You could just be walking on the street and get shoved. And here is an example. This woman if you want to call her a woman, her name is Lauren pazienza. 26 years old. She was just in Court yesterday for defending herself pleading not guilty to manslaughter. Listen to this story. An event planner, charged with fatally shoving a beloved Broadway singing coach on a New York City street is set to go to trial for manslaughter. She shoved the 87 year old woman guys. Gonna ask a woman 26 years old, shelve an 87 year old woman to her to her death. She appeared in court for a brief hearing on Tuesday where Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Felicia Nene criticized her her lawyer, author A Dayla for doing everything he could to delay the case. If you don't remember him, he has many high profile clients at one time he was an attorney for what's his name? Harvey Weinstein. For example, Rudy Giuliani, I believe even Anthony Weiner he represented well, he's not cheap. He is not just the regular Joe Schmo lawyer. He is a very high profile client. He has a very high profile client list. So he's considered a high profile lawyer making this case, a high profile case. Now with that being said, the judge hilarious. She's great. I feel like justice Felicia mean, shout out to you for not giving a damn, you're like listen below. She says the lawyer tried to do everything he could to delay the trial. He goes, I'm not ready to commit to a trial date. He protests, right? He's like there's 1000s of hours of discovery. We still haven't gone through. The Justice replies my judgment in goes. I'm gonna give you a trial date. And you could explain to me at that time, why you're ready or why you not ready. Then the judge goes. I've set the date for October 6 as the trial date. For pazienza again, who faces manslaughter charges for shut for the shoving death of 87 year old Barbara Stern. And also not she didn't just like it wasn't like an act now. Like sometimes like you have this train station or whatever. And you like somebody pushes you push them back or you're like, you know, you bump into somebody, they push you you push them back, just out of like, out of like reflex or whatever. While currently According to reports, as the Enza is accused of calling Gus stern a bitch before shoving her to the ground, and an unprovoked attack in Chelsea back on March 10. So wasn't just like whoopsie push, oops, he wanted to be pushed out of my way. COVID Six feet push. It wasn't like that. It was a little something extra It was what there is what? Court saying and let's see what happens here. So again, who is she who is Lauren? Why did she do this? What is the reason? Why is this interesting to you, CJ. All of those answers will be given. Check this out. She is a former event planner from Long Island. Not very much money, right? Former event planner. I don't know how much they make can be much right. But she must have some kind of money because she's able to afford this high profile attorney. Like I said to you before, he has. He has been the lawyer for many high profile clients. Now. Last month, she retained his retained author, a Dayla. He's 54 years old last month, last month. Remember, this took place. This whole incident took place back in March, march 10. So she retained him last month. And the reason why that's so important. And that's why it's so interesting to me is because he does not charge a couple dollars now. No, my dude charges $950 an hour. He charges damn near $1,000 an hour. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? There's no sex involved. My man is fully clothed at all times, there's no dinner, there's no show a man gets the show was in the court. I guess that's the show, you charge $1,000 an hour, you better do some magic tricks or something, you been able to go, you know, get an elephant over here to sit or speak or do some kind of trick I want to see to make something disappear some $1,000 an hour, some who you I guess you can do that when you have, again, high profile cases and high profile clients. So, and again, this is what it's so interesting to me. Here we go. So she pleads not guilty to manslaughter and to assault charges. And here's another thing that's interesting. And again, she's an idiot because she, I feel like I don't know, I'm not an attorney. I don't charge $1,000. Now, we're not even close. But if I did charge 1000 miles out, I wouldn't be naked and there will be sex involved, just full disclosure, letting you know, but they reject a plea deal for 15 years. It was a 15 year sentence plea deal. She should have taken his deal. She absolutely should have taken this deal. And I think the judge is pissed off that she didn't take it. And let's get into it. And she's already in Rikers, right? She's being held in Rikers right now, no bail, no bond, because the judge has determined that she's a flight risk. Okay, so right off the bat, you're being held. These Okay, that's so the her parents live on Long Island. They own a small business servicing cesspools. They could not afford the attorney again, who charges $950 950 American dollars an hour 1000 American dollars an hour. But the grandparents agreed to a payment plan with the attorney which tapped into their combined savings and pensions. Now in court, again, this is very interesting. The attorney the same attorney who charges $1,000 an hour, fully clothed, argues that the family has very little money. Saying that also saying that Lauren is not a flight risk. She is currently being held without bail on Rikers Island, a decision that Adela blames on the intense media scrutiny in the case. Now, did this. Before I continue, think about this wouldn't have would that have been the case? If they did not retain him as an attorney? If this was just a regular attorney or one appointed by the court, perhaps they would have been some kind of bail or some kind of bond or whatever. But maybe hiring him was a bad idea because it's hard to say she doesn't have any money when you're charging $1,000. Now you could argue that the grandparents are doing this and that, but still, that seems very sauce in my opinion, could be wrong. I also think it was a bad idea not taking that 15 year plea deal. But let's continue. Let's continue on. Let's move forward. A 26 year old event planner again is accused of going on a not just a regular trip, not just an accidental bump, but a wind fueled rampage guys, wind fueled rampage and launching the unprovoked attack to the elderly woman as she tried to catch a cab. There you have it. It wasn't that she tried to stop prevent her from drinking. It wasn't that she coughed on her. It wasn't that she the old lady was offensive or said some kind of racial thing to her. It was that she was trying to catch a cab and there was alcohol involved. Therefore you shoved her. She fell and ultimately died. She also don't forget, she allegedly yelled at her calling her a bitch as she pushed her to the ground with her victim dying of her injuries not right away. Five days later, this woman suffered for five days until she died. Pas de Anza was out celebrating the countdown to her wedding with her fiance Naveen Perry era, visiting several art galleries in Chelsea. So for someone who has very little money you can afford going to art galleries and drinking wine in the city which is not cheap. 2022 York City is not cheap. Getting a cab is not hey, you know what? The pair had a hunt Your days to go until the big day. And we're anticipating the tie the knot on June 18 Because he Enza consumed several glasses of wine from numerous galleries before the couple headed to eat at a Chelsea Park. The two were enjoying their food when a park employee approached them and said they needed to leave because the park was closing soon. The defendant, Morin became angry started shouting and cursed cursing at the park employee, threw her food onto her fiance and stormed out of the park doesn't sound like a very nice event planner. I mean, what kind of event will you plan? That's horrible. Because he Enza and this is the person you want to marry dude, you want to marry this person? Like it's his fault that the place is closing you gonna throw the food on him, but he got to walk around with stained clothes. This is not somebody I mean, hey, I mean, who am I to say who wouldn't? Who you should marry or not but in my opinion, this person may have what I like to call anger issues. Maybe wine and alcohol it's not a good thing to mix with someone who has anger issues. That's probably not a good look. Not a good mix. Oh, may have just dodged a bullet on that wedding sir, because there's going to be alcohol that wedding Oh, just saying. Sorry. Spoiler alert. pazienza enter fiance took off in two different directions with Parera heading towards the Astoria apartment the pair shared. Meanwhile, she walked towards 28th West 28th street, near Eighth Avenue, where she stumbled upon the vocal coach. The victim had finished a rehearsal nearby. On pazienza allegedly called her a bitch and shoved her onto the sidewalk. pazienza proceeded to call her fiance after the incident, and allegedly watched as an ambulance arrived to help the stern and carry her away, According to prosecutors. So you, allegedly, I gotta say, allegedly because we don't know. You guys get into an argument the park parks closing an employee says listen, you gotta leave. You know, this place is closing. The park was closing. It wasn't the house wasn't your fiance's fault. It wasn't the employees fault. The hours of the park are set. They're closing. Everyone had to abide by the hours. That upset you to the point where you start shouting, cursing at the employee, then threw the food on your fiance storming out of the park the fiancee, smart man said I've had enough of this. I'm going my other way. Go in the opposite direction going back to the apartment. Smart move, sir. You just avoided jail time yourself. Now she What does she do? She has backed the opposite direction. Ends up bumping into the victim who just finished her rehearsal calls her a bitch shoves her to the ground, then calls her fiance probably to vent some more blame him probably blame him for shoving her like how it's all your fault. This is why I had to push her to the ground so maybe I don't know I made calls or calls him rather and watches as the ambulance comes to save or to rescue this elderly lady that you just assaulted and you're gonna plead not guilty. She proceeded to call her fiance after the incident and allegedly watched as the ambulance arrived to help a stern and carry her away According to prosecutors. You Wow. Prosecutor c'est pas de Anza didn't mention anything about shoving a stone to her fiance. I digress. He did not say anything. Instead, she started to argue with her fiance accusing him of ruining her night. I take it back. I'm not completely wrong. I'm not completely wrong. She may not have said it was his fault for pushing. Later. She didn't even mention it. But she did say it's his fault for ruining the night. Honey, it's your fault. You're such a jerk. They didn't it's your fault that they close the park. It's all your fault. It's your fault. I threw food at you. It's your fault. I'm yelling at people right before they went off to bed that night. Also she went back home so very appealing for going back right before they went to bed that night for the defendant finally for the first time, turned to her fiance and told him that she had pushed someone. She said that she She thought the person that fallen and that she walked away. Doesn't say how many hours later, but it says right before they went to bed that night, so I'm assuming a few hours later it was the same night. So pas de Anza allegedly told her fiance she pushed her stern, because she might have said something to her, but she wasn't sure. So she's saying she wasn't she thought that her stern the 80 year old said something to her, but she was so intoxicated or so enraged, filled with anger for the park being closed or that maybe she's just hearing things. And yeah, following the incident pas de Anza, fled to her parents house on Long Island, and deleted her social media accounts, and the wedding website. So listen to that. Isn't that interesting? That sound like someone who's not guilty? I don't know. She was free for 11 days after the incident before turning herself and after the NYPD get this guy's released photos, allegedly of her. And these photos. They sure look like her. I mean, these are pretty clear photos. She was charged with assault and manslaughter, and released on $500,000 bail until May when a judge revoked her bail because she is a flight risk. Go Stern, the elderly woman who passed away had been a vocal coach for the likes of Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry. But yeah, between the city's photos and the video of the suspects. Supposedly her Lauren around the town and the map that they put together. I mean, to me, it's an open and shut case. But again, I'm not an attorney, obviously. I don't charge no $1,000 an hour per $1,000 an hour. Dude has a lot of work ahead of in my opinion. But let's see. I mean, it seems like they have a clear map here. I'll try to go through with you guys if you can't see it right so on six between six to 8pm pas de Anza and her fiance visits several art galleries in Chelsea, then around 8pm The couple go to a food cart, then the CHELSEA PARK to eat remember that's where they argue they fight because the park is closing food of the stone on the fiancee. Now we're on a 30 on West 28th street and Eighth Avenue, Barbara Starr and the elderly lady is fatally shoved to the sidewalk by a woman she doesn't know. So literally about 30 minutes later, it's when this incident occurs. Then, a couple of five three or four minutes later the suspect is matching the sale description is seen crossing Ninth Avenue westbound on West 28th Street. Then we got here let's see if at 837 pantheons is seen in a physical altercation with her fiance near the crime scene. Hmm. What happens here while at 8:43pm. So what's that seven minutes later, six minutes later, pazienza spotted on the south side of West 29th and Eighth Avenue, looking toward the crime scene. Then at 9pm pas de Anza and her fiance are spotted entering Penn Station had been the Penn Station. Then at a let's see at pas de Anza and her fiance transfer trains at Times Square. And then at 950, pazienza and a fiancee arrive at their apartment in Astoria, Queens. And if you see the photos, and I'll post them, of course, if you're watching the video, you'll see the map, you'll see the photos of everyone and everything, including the poor elderly woman who passed away. Barbara stern 87, probably vocal coach. The reason why I think this is interesting to me is because again, it seems like they're really going into details with this. And over the map with the photos, and this is the technology I'm talking about. Now they have the CCTV technology, right? They have the photos of her or someone who looks like her with the same clothing and description all around the street, that street I read it to you here, here, here, everywhere, right? Why can't we use this technology to find criminals? The criminals that I've been speaking about in New York and in other cities, why can't we do that? Don't tell them the technology doesn't exist, because you just used it here because this is supposedly a high profile case. So you're able to use it when you decide to use it maybe bought Garp Barbara Stern, being the Broadway vocal coach, at one point maybe she has, you know, a lot of people in high places a lot of friends in high places and they were able to, to expedite are really able to get the footage for this case. But regardless, I mean, they should be some kind of it should be across the board. I feel like it should be fair for everyone. And again, I don't know what this attorney is gonna do. I'm curious to see how he defends this. He has until October to do so. I mean, he's charging $1,000 An hour I don't know how many hours it's gonna be putting into this. I mean, they have a clear photo, everything they probably have to witness to think about half the guy from the park. whoever that person is, who said this, you know, she yelled at you through the food. They have witnesses, I'm sure around. They have. Oh, man, I don't know if the fiance is gonna get I'm gonna have to be sworn in. He's gonna have to testify. Right? Because she confided in him. I don't know. It's very, very strange map. Everything is very strange. Or they should have taken that 15 year deal. Dude. Should have taken that 15 year deal. I don't know. What do you guys think? Do you guys think it's a good thing? Do you guys think that the you know, finally justice is being served? Do you think this is kind of like? I mean, once you see the photos, I guess you really have to look at it. I mean, they really do have a map, literally a map showing everything. But she was released on $500,000 bail until May. So from March to May, she was out so they had I don't know if they revoked it because she's a flight risk, according to the judge. And then again, it's all suspicious. Do you delete your social media and wedding website? Then you fled to your parents house. According to the prosecutors, that's what they're saying. Prosecutors say pazienza didn't mention anything about shoving gostar into her fiance. Instead, she started our start to argue with a fiancee accusing him ruining her night. Right before they went to bed that night. That's when they defended finally for the first time, turned to her fiance and said that she had pushed someone and said that she thought the person had fallen and she walked away. Then again, she's claiming that she might have said something to her but she's not sure. pazienza den floods her parents house on Long Island and delete her social media and wedding website free for 11 days before turning herself in. So I guess turning herself in would be the good graces she may have. But then again, how are you gonna plead not guilty? Are you gonna turn yourself in and be like, Yeah, I'm pleading not guilty. That's really strange. Really strange. I mean, yeah, you can assume that. You know, she took her five days to pass away, you can say, Oh, well, you know, whatever. You can't say accidents happen here. I mean, watch. I mean, I don't know. I guess I'm gonna turn it like I said, pleads not guilty to manslaughter and assault charges. And again, you reject the plea deal for our 15 year sentence to what the hell can this attorney have to defend her? And I mean, hopefully justice is served. For once in New York, I want justice might actually be served. So I got something to look forward to guys October. I'm going to give an update when it comes around when it happens. I'll let you guys know. Comment below. Let me know what you think. Do you think do you think this is gonna go? Well, you think you're gonna get a slap on the wrist and get off? I don't know. This guy is a good attorney. $1,000 An hour He's charging. But again, the judge seems to be like adamant about getting this case moving forward. So we'll see. All right. Let me know Don't forget hit me up at CJ Boston show on Twitter. Comment below my website, CJ Bronson You can get all my links all the podcasts on my videos. My LinkedIn Tik Tok is on there. It's the same thing as TJ Bronson show on tick tock and yeah, that's it. Have a fantastic Wednesday. Don't forget I love y'all. I'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.