Aug. 18, 2022

#125 | 67 Year Old Sucker Punched when he Complained about his Order? He dies 10 Days Later??

#125 | 67 Year Old Sucker Punched when he Complained about his Order? He dies 10 Days Later??
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Working for any company means u have to serve the customer. If the customer has a problem u should try to rectify it. This employee decided to ignore all logic and do the unthinkable! Why does this keep happening?! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What is going on guys? Today is Thursday, August 18 2022. It's Thursday, folks. We're almost through the week, almost through it. We're getting there. We are moving forward, not backwards. That's what we do over here. And you know, there's a lot of things, a lot of things going on the news, I wish there were all good. But I guess that wouldn't be fun or entertaining or anything like that, if it was always good news, but it just feels like it's always been bad news. And unfortunately, I have bad news to bring to you guys. And it's unfortunate because honestly, I feel like the elderly are being attacked the senior community, I don't understand why it's happening to them. This isn't just me who's noticing that noticing this, this is just, you know, the articles that I just happen to glance over are about the senior senior citizens, I don't know. But it seems to be a constant AFAM almost like a weekly thing now. And then it doesn't matter what city you're located in. In America, it's taking place we had to Philadelphia, we had, we have New York, you know, California, of course, Chicago, and now it's taking place in Arizona at a Wendy's of all places. Some you know, it's a fast food restaurant guys. And I used to be in the fast food industry. And that was my first job was working at McDonald's. Spoiler alert just give a little a little backstory about me if I haven't mentioned it before. My first job was at McDonald's. And we have of course, had all kinds of people come in, the seniors come in, they want their senior discount, sure, whatever. Back then it was like, I mean, I wasn't I'm not that old. But back then it was 50 cents for a coffee. And they got their coffee, and they got their, whatever, hashbrown for breakfast, and they kept it moving. And you know, some people have to count, you have to stand there and be patient because they're counting their change. And it is what it is. And this is before debit cards and credit cards became you know, Apple Pay wasn't around and things were just really old school, I guess you'd say. And you have to be patient. And maybe that's what it comes down to maybe patience. You know, they say patience is a virtue. Maybe that's what it is, you know, maybe patients, like everything else, things have just, you know, people ran out of it. You know, I don't know if it had to do with COVID. You know, I don't know if has to do with the monkey pox. I don't know what it has to do with but it just seems like, you know, maybe the lockdown. Maybe it's a whole bunch of things that took place, you know, people are just stressed out with inflation. I know we're at you know, we were at 9%. And now supposedly, allegedly, we're at 0%. So maybe that'll, you know, things will ease up. I mean, my wallet still, you know, hasn't doesn't look as you know, as big as it was couple years ago. But hey, neither does my bank account, nor my gas tank nor my frigerator. You know, a lot of things don't really add up to me, You know what they're claiming. But, you know, I guess we have to just go with the punches, I guess they know, they say, maybe it's a bad choice of words when you hear the story, but that's definitely the wrong choice of words. But it is what it is, you know, and maybe that all of that adding up maybe just puts enough stress and pressure on people, you know, they've got to pay their bills, they got things to do, they got families to take care of and, and people snap, not justifying anyone's actions. But you know, maybe that has something to do with it. Add that to the mental illness that's seems to be there about a pandemic now across the globe. Taking over and, hey, we have a senior who just wants his his Wendy's, you know, he just wants his frosty, whatever Biggie bag, whatever, it's five bucks. You're just going in and going out. And I don't know, there was a altercation. That confrontation was something to the story, and then I'll give you my feedback. It's just like I said, it's just crazy what's happening. And this takes place in Arizona on July 26, at approximately 4:41pm at a restaurant, the Wendy's restaurant at the 3000 block of Glassford Hill Road in Prescott Valley, an employee was working his name was Antoine Kendrick of Prescott Valley. He is just working and looks like everything is fine according to the valence video and then all of a sudden, a 67 year old Resident do we from Dewey? We don't have his name is seeing looks like placing an order. And next thing you know, Antoine walks out from behind the service counter and strikes the 67 year old resident in the head and I and I have been watching the security footage I'm trying to figure out like where was justification. You know did the guy say call them a name call him a word. I don't know. Not that I'm that justifies it. But I just don't understand unless again, mental illness plays it takes it takes place here. Maybe that's what happened. And I don't know if this guy's going to claim that but yeah, footage released by police shows Kendrick run around the counter and viciously punched the customer in the side of the head as he's hunched over the counter licking a frosty. I don't know how you can be threatening looking at frosty where you know, it justifies Antoine from running around the counter and hitting him. The guy doesn't seem like he put up a defense in the video. You could see him just licking the frosty. The blow knocks him to the floor where he hits us had and loses consciousness. Keep in mind, the employee Kendrick is 35 years old. The customer who I don't know his name, they don't really think his name is 67, a 67 year old man. And again, this took place on July 26. Now he was rushed and airlift to a local hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, he could succumb to his injuries on August 5, he Kendrick, the employee at one point was charged with aggravated assault. But now that has been raised to second degree murder. And I asked you guys, do you think it should have been raised to second degree? First degree manslaughter? What do you think is gonna come? Can you plead mental illness? I mean, again, I'll put the video in the description. I'll put the video on my Twitter. I can't put it on the screen, because I'll probably get banned or whatever, or it'll be pulled down. But yeah, that's what here's a police report, a police press release. Rather, do you man is was in critical condition after a restaurant employee assaulted him this week? Yeah, same thing, customer. So apparently, the customer complained about his food order. That's what did the customer record this again, according to the police media release, the customer complained about his food order, at which time an employee came out from behind the service counter and struck him in the head. Customer falls to the floor striking his head and loses consciousness officers and central Arizona fire medical authority responded to tend to the customer. Wow. Yeah. I mean, again, people complain about things all the time being in the business of delivering food, I hear all kinds of things that people saying they didn't get the packet of ketchup they ordered. It give me a one star rating for that. Even though I don't pack the food bag, I get a one star rating. And I know where you live. And I can you know, obviously, I'm not doing anything. But I mean, you would think that people wouldn't complain about the smallest things. Maybe you know, I'm not saying this guy can what he complained about justifies getting knocked in the head, obviously to his death. I don't we don't know exactly the words that were used, hopefully, you know, more is comes out. But that doesn't justify anyone running behind the counter and hitting somebody. Why can't you discuss things with words? I mean, I don't understand. Even if he called you a name, you're an employee, you work there. You're a grown ass man, you need to understand that, you know, this old man could be suffering from some kind of mental injury or mental illness himself. And being in this industry, you have to satisfy the customer. And again, where are your other employees? There's no other employees here that witnessed this. There's no manager, you could have just turn to the manager and said, Hey, this guy has given me an attitude about his food order. No, instead, your instinct or gut reaction is to run across the counter run around the counter and hit him in the head. I don't understand that. And the guy again, was just looking as frosty. So looks like he was wagging his finger saying no, no, no, don't come over here. And then looks as frosty and you know, who knows? We don't know what the food complaint was. I'm trying to find out what the complaint was? Was it an allergy thing? Maybe the guy has a food allergy and can eat what was on the on the sandwich or whatever he ordered? I don't know. I don't know. Maybe, you know. Like I was thinking about the other day, you know, a lot of seniors are getting attacked, and maybe we need to start a movement. Maybe we need to start a like, you know, senior lives matter, some kind of movement like that, to let people know that, you know, there should be like, it's crazy. I have to say that they should not kill a senior. Do I have to say this? Is this? What is going to take now? Or do we have to raise the charge? If you hit an elderly, defenseless elderly person? You're, you know, now you're facing first degree murder with a longer sentence? I don't know. Because how else can we prevent the crime from taking place? Right? I mean, you can't just say, Okay, it's an assault, because an assault on a weak elderly person is different than an assault on a healthy adult. Right? If you're a strong, healthy, 30 year old, and you get punched, there's a higher chance of you surviving that hit. But if you're an elderly person who's you know, 67 is what his age is, right? Maybe he's, you know, maybe he's very weak or whatever, you're going to hit his head, and he couldn't recover from his injuries. Or he has permanent damage from your strike from your punch. There should be a higher charge. I mean, I understand they're going after second degree. But I just feel like it should be higher. I feel like maybe that's what it's going to take now. We have to increase the penalties for minors and increase the penalties for those who attack the elderly. Across the board, I mean, well, I mean, we don't know unless we try. We haven't tried it. I mean, the current law system that we've been doing the current, you know, judicial system, the court system is not really defending the people the not really what's what is the You know, I guess we gotta wait and see what happens. Now he's arrested. He was originally booked on aggravated assault, like I said, and now it's being escalated to second degree murder. Ma'am, what the hell do you guys think he What the hell have you guys ever had an issue when you returned food or complain about your food at a restaurant, Wendy's McDonald's, where the customer or the employee rather gave you an attitude? Are you an employee at a restaurant where a customer gave you an attitude? Or how to return something? And you gave them an attitude? Like, does it? Have you ever experienced it? Let me know in the comments. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show let me know, did you work at a restaurant and experienced a aggravated customer? Or you were a customer who was aggravated at an employee's response? I would like to know because I don't think I this is a one time incident. I think that there's many people who who felt that on both ends. And unfortunately, this has become violent and fatal. And I fear that as time goes on with more and more craziness going on in the world, I guess you'd say it's just going to escalate unless it's nipped in the bud and I think you'd have to increase the laws and increase the penalties to nip it in the bud. Let me know what you think. I mean, that's my only solution. Other than I mean, obviously, you're gonna ban this guy from Wendy's, I wouldn't be the first thing I would do. He'd never work or be able to eat Wendy's again. I mean, by Wendy's again. Customers appeared to spectate the assault nearby, as they waited for orders, including one who recalled the incident as horrible quote, that was a Mike Tyson hit. One customer told the told AZ family, the customer didn't touch him. So he had no right to touch the customer Period. End of story. I just think that's horrible. And wish it didn't happen. It puts a bad light on our entire society. Yeah. Another spectator says he has never seen an incident like this in the 20 years. He's lived in the area. It's mellow up here. You don't have that kind of stuff. It's a real shame. I feel for the guy that got hit. It's not right. Wendy's has not responded to an inquiry or for for comments. Yeah, six to seven year old can be seen wagging his finger before Kendrick comes out from behind the counter. He just complained about his meal. Another article. I'm trying to find some information about what he could have said. I mean, regardless of what he could have said, I mean, let's let's let's let's play this out, right. Let's pretend I am the senior citizen. And I'm upset with my order. And I'm like, Hey, dude, excuse me, sir. This is me. Excuse me, sir. This the order I ordered. This is not what I ordered. I ordered this this this. I didn't get what I ordered. That's how I would have said it. I don't know what those old are like. What? How else could you have said it? Do you really think the 67 year old man is going up to the counter cursing. Using obscenities like Look here, motherfucker. I ordered. You know, I ordered my burger with no mayo and your bitch Aspen mayo on my fucking burger. Now I want a refund now, bitch. I don't want my meal made correctly. Like I don't see him doing this. And then he's licking the frosty. When the dude comes out from around the counter. When Kendra comes around the corner, I just don't see that. Like, again, I don't know him. But again, going off what I see in the video and I'm going off with the comments say plus those the other people in the restaurant don't seem to say that I'm saying that the elderly man raised his voice. They're not saying the elderly man, you know, cursed or said anything inappropriate because I'm sure if the elderly man was screaming obscenities other people would have saw that heard it and witnessed it and reported it. And they're not saying that. So it seems like it was a pretty mellow conversation. And for whatever reason, Kendricks snapped and you know, legit, Mike Tyson him in the head I don't you know, horrible. Absolutely horrible. Yeah, he died 10 days after being sucker punched the article says yeah, it's a sucker punch. I don't know guys, let me know if you ever experienced anything like this before? Have you ever gotten to the point where like it's going to escalate to violence over food. Now like I said, we had the cold french fries order took place again in New York. And Calm down, folks. I just don't understand. I know. I know. Things are tough right now financially with a lot of people and and emotionally and mentally but there's no need to take it out on strangers. I highly recommend you do some kind of yoga, some meditation. You know, even you know, do what you got to do to calm down smoke, maybe drink a little bit. Relax. Meditate, hell, you know, watch a movie, watch some comedies, just focus on yourself and better help and doing things for your own health. well being, right, you're not going to be able to change the way other people are. I understand that you can't, you can't change the way other people think you can, right? There's gonna be many people out there who hate you who don't like you. And there's nothing you could do about that. That's an insecurity that they have with themselves, all you can do is be the best version of you. And if you're out there, whether you're working at Wendy's or McDonald's, whatever, you're getting a job, you're working at a job, you're getting paid to do a job, most likely, you're getting paid $15 An hour these days, which is insane. When I worked at McDonald's, I was getting paid under $6 an hour. But anyway, you're getting paid $15 or more per hour now. And you got to consider that. I mean, that's not that's a decent wage to really work at a fast food restaurant. You know, when you only work eight hours a day you have, there's 24 hours in a day, you have the rest of your day. So was that 16 hours left, you have 16 hours left of your day, even if you sleep for eight, you have another eight hours to do whatever you need to do. And I recommend during those 16 hours, you choose 30 minutes, go for a walk, do some kind of exercise, some kind of yoga, some kind of meditation, drink some tea, relax, you know, breathe, take deep breaths, and do what you gotta do to calm yourself down. Otherwise, you're going to end up snapping off going off go nuts, and hurting yourself or hurting other people. And I don't want that. I don't even know you. And I don't want that to happen to you, or to anybody, students, sincerely. Right. And, and again, no matter how someone talks to you, or how somebody treats you, you have to have the stability within yourself to just brush it off. And just say, you know, that person's opinion of you doesn't have to be the, you know, the definition of who you are. It doesn't have to ruin your day doesn't have to ruin your life. You know, it doesn't, it doesn't have to literally ruin your life. I mean, the whatever. This incident ruined both two lives, ruined the victim's life, the elderly man, and now this man who was going to go to jail, probably for the rest of his life, because he could not control his emotions. He couldn't control his his his anger. And I'm not saying I have no solutions. I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is, you know, the end all be all the answer. But it's, it could not hurt to try something different. Alright, definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. And that's what people have been doing. Day in and day out, go to work, come home, same thing over, same shit over and over again, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, do something different. Change it up, go for the walk. You know, try some breathing exercises don't maybe don't have to, maybe you can't walk or you're in you know, you're elderly, you can't do certain things. Just sit down. Take some deep breaths, focus on happy thoughts. You know, go with go through your photo book or through your photos on your phone or whatever, Facebook photos, whatever you got. And just reminisce and think about happy moments and happy times. Do that for 1015 minutes a day. And I promise you that will be a game changer. And then whenever you get angry, I want you to think about those happy photos that you looked at those happy memories. And then practice those breathing exercises that you've been practicing. Because every time the angry incidences will occur in your life, you could be doing anything. Clearly. You can go to Wendy's and get you know, and you have to just understand that just go can control the way other people think and react. You can only control the way you think and react, calm down, take a breath and collect yourself and ask yourself, is it worth worth the argument worth the anger worth ruining your day? Possibly your life over something so miniscule? I don't know. Try that. I mean, it's been working for me. It's what I've been doing. Plus I've tried to go to the gym. So I'm like, really burning off a lot of frustration and anger. And I have a lot of it because believe it or not doing a couple of doing these episodes every day. And other than doing the Tick Tock videos and doing you know, Twitter and doing like that can can be become overwhelming at times. Plus, I'm writing my next book. And I'm doing a lot of things again, worthless is on Amazon. It's my name my books worthless. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. My tick tock is also CJ Bronson show that a lot of daily videos there. And the website is out CJ Bronson You can get the links to my videos around there. My episodes are on there, all these episodes of podcast, you can play right from the website, the link to the TIC tock and Twitter on the top right of the site. It's all at CJ Bronson Show. Check it out, man. You know like i i I'm not putting this information out here to upset anybody. I'm trying to get you guys aware of the society and the world that we're living in right now. Keep your head on a swivel. You know Be alert. Be ready just in case. I always recommend having something on you if you're alone have some kind of mace or some kind of you know weapon on you for self defense purposes. You never know. Right? Take care of your kids make sure you know what's going on on their on their on their phone, on their email at home going on at school because nowadays at school things are going crazy as we know, you know, it's just important to be alert and all aspects and I can see how that sounds overwhelming that's why I say take 20 minutes aside, go for a walk and meditate or go to the gym and and really, you know, because that's going to be beneficial for your mental health and for your health. But that got on a little rant a little tangent today, but it is what it is. I think it was worth it. You guys let me know again, hit me up in the comments or on Twitter at CJ Boston show. And don't forget, I love y'all take care. Bye