Aug. 19, 2022

#126 | Convicted Sex Offender Freed Without Bail after Putting Man into a Coma with Brain Injuries!?

#126 | Convicted Sex Offender Freed Without Bail after Putting Man into a Coma with Brain Injuries!?
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With video, confession, and priors the criminal is released without bail? Coming off of yesterdays Sucker Punch episode which took place in Arizona. This NY sucker punch case has me fuming! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

surveillance video:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Friday, August 19 2022. Hope you having a great Friday. I hope you're ready for the weekend. I know I'm ready for the weekend. I can't wait for this week to be over. Like I said to the other day, this week feels like a month. It feels like it's been the longest week in a long time. I don't even know. But I'm excited. Not excited. I mean, I'm happy to tell you about the story. I'm not happy about the story. But I'm happy to tell you about it. Because thinking about what I spoke about yesterday, guys, yesterday's episode, in case you missed it, it's a great episode. It's about a Wendy's worker in Phoenix, Arizona, who went behind the counter and literally assaulted, sucker punched a 67 year old man who was upset about his order. Now, that worker is now facing second degree murder charges. It was an assault charge now went to second degree murder charges. Because 10 days after the assault, the victim dies in the hospital poor elderly 67 year old who gets Sucker Punched as he's looking at frosty is a deceased now he passed away unfortunately, 10 days fighting for his life in the hospital. You know, so now the Wendy's worker is facing second degree murder charges. Think about that. That's in Phoenix, Arizona. Now let's go to New York. I know I know. It's New York. I have a lot of New York episodes. But it's it's important. I need to do this because you have to see the difference between one state to another state. We are a United States here in America. But every state has their own rules and judicial system, I guess you could say. And for example, here's one right here. Here's a good story. A convict a key killer, excuse me, a convicted sex offender who allegedly cold cocked a man on a Bronx Street, leaving him in a coma with brain injuries. That's right. He hits him again another sucker punch in the Bronx on a street in the Bronx in New York. Leaving him in a coma. And now he ends up with brain injuries. What do you think happened to him? Do you think he's facing second degree murder charges? Do you think he's facing any kind of charge murder charge whatever assault charge anything? Let's let's dive into it again. This is New York and this was recently so Thursday, which was yesterday. He was freed without bail. Yes. We have photos we have videos of him punching this this victims innocent looks like an innocent bystander just standing around and gets knocked in the back of the head by this guy. Freed without bail. can't make this up if I wanted to ban that and I wouldn't want to leaving him in a coma with brain injuries. Man was freed without bail Thursday after getting his attempted murder charges reduced in an unprovoked attack in the unprovoked attack photos. Surveillance video video we have it all How do you say this person gets a slap on the wrist and fried well I can tell you exactly how because this is the system that they're doing in New York this is for whatever reason, like California and New York and tar excuse me California and New York they are now literally it's chaos it's ma'am and I and I want everyone not to be in that area because it's not getting any better. The victim was leaving the way go to pico restaurant on East 1/88 Street before being knocked out maybe he did something maybe he could have done something to aggravated this what you recall this this section convicted sex offender convicted sex offender let's remember who this person is. And I'm gonna say his name and it's gonna sound crazy I'm I'm making a joke I just genuinely do not know how to pronounce this person's name. It's boy van fu now that's it spelled bui be like Bravo bui second word van like you know, car van or truck van. Food is a P Hu so excuse me. I don't want to offend anybody. Seriously. I do not know how to pronounce his name. Boy van food. That's what I'm going with 55 years old was instead charged by the Bronx District Attorney's office with the assault and harassment. Both misdemeanors for the brutal knockout punch last Friday, which left the 52 year old. Hey, Zeus Cortez unconscious on the street. According to the criminal complaint 52 year old man supposedly leaving this restaurant this restaurant called off Wego to pick a restaurant on East 181 88th Street in the Bronx. assaulted, knocked from behind the back in the head. The victim required brain surgery, and is now in a medically induced coma authority set. Now imagine I didn't want to say imagine this happening to you, but it could happen to anybody guys. You can go to the restaurant, literally do everything right? Tip 25% Even, you know, have a good meal, laugh it up with the guests around you or your friends or whatever. Alright guys, I'll see you later have a good day. Right? You slowly walk around and you know, you check out the area, then you walk off the curb, and some random person hits you in the face or in the head for no reason. And now you're stuck in the hospital. And what does this person this assault, there's this this criminal get a slap on the wrist, and you're stuck in the hospital, accumulating hospital bills because in America, it's not like you know, it's you know, you go to the you know, when a free health care here, even if you have insurance, you're paying something. So this person is going to be sitting there in a medically induced coma. God forbid you have kids, you have a family and they're all wondering where you are, what's going on, they have no way to contact you, you know, whatever. That's just terrifying almost. And, and the only prevention that we have against really from criminals committing these acts, is there the idea that they will be prosecuted and they will be put away, fined and put away in prison for a long long time. Not in New York and California apparently in the states and as I can show you here in these in these episodes and these articles, that they are getting a slap on the wrist now here's what i i Me personally, I'm not telling you to do it. Me personally, what I'm doing I'm staying away from the city. I live in Jersey if you don't know. And this and the city is literally 30 minutes for me. I'm not going I don't care what two for one coupon you give me. I don't care what special you're running on a Friday. I don't care if drinks are free. Bring your dog. I'm not going you can go you go and you post pics and I hope you have a great time. Hope you stay safe. I'm not even risking going on the train. Not even risking driving going on the tram good. I got pizza right here. I got I got Chinese food. You're nuts. I got sushi. There's nothing I need to be in the city for 911 Memorial probably Beautiful. Well, I guess I won't see it anytime soon. I want to tell you, you know, as I'm like, I wouldn't want to go I would love to go see some off Broadway plays. I would love to go to Comic Con again this year, I would love to do all the things that I've used to do pre COVID. But I'm not doing it. It's not worth the risk to me. And it's not worth the risk to my family. It's not. Again, if it's the risk, if it's up to you guys want to risk that go ahead. Like I said, I wish you the best. But I always tell you guys stay safe, keep your head on a swivel have something for self defense because you never know. But in this instance is now these these criminals are just you literally have to have your head on a swivel. Because even if we have it on footage, we have video evidence we have the guy who did it. They're getting away scot free so the only thing you can do is protect yourself. So let's let's see what NYPD does right now remember the victim acquires brain surgery. He is now in a medically induced coma now the new charges against FIU are not bail eligible and a Bronx judge cut him loose on supervised released at his arraignment Thursday, a spokesperson for the DHS office and we've heard this supervised release thing before they did this a while back with some allegedly the Mexican cartel who were selling drugs in the city, they they gave them the same supervised release. They like to do this. You do good you better be good. We're watching you. You better do better next time. do better next time because we're gonna keep an eye on you. We're watching you. This is like what are we doing? This is not kindergarten it's not lower middle school, whatever elementary school this is, this is real life. People are getting hurt and you're gonna do the supervised shit. It's ridiculous. And it's what it isn't that shit. It's legit shit. That's that's the that's the law system in New York. When you think that York think legit shit and that's that should be the slogan at this point. The NYPD has charged FIU with attempted murder after arresting him Wednesday for the attack that appeared to have come out of the blue. The police charged him with attempted murder and when we got the case, we evaluated and charged based on evidence we had a dr. D A 's office spokesperson said the investigation is continuing. We have the video. What what do you what else do you need? Do you understand like I could see if it was just like word of mouth like are we heard we supposed to People are saying this but we don't have any evidence. The evidence is in the video. What's the purpose of having CCTV? If it's not being used as evidence? Like what are the what are the use of four fail videos? What are we going to use it for? who allegedly confessed to the guy confesses to the crime? Listen to this. Wow, I did not see this part. Foo, allegedly, whatever fo foo whatever. allegedly confessed the crime to his parole officer. According to the complaint against him, quote, I hit someone and he's in the hospital. I don't know if he's dead. And quote, he told the officer According to the complaint, quote, the police are looking for me. Now the DA is office pool. I'm doing my best not to curse as much as I should. The DHS office because it will just be a string of profanities. The DHS office spokesperson literally said We evaluated and charged based on evidence we had. That's a quote, quote The police charged with attempted murder and when we got the case, we evaluated and charged based on evidence we had that's a quote from a DHS office spokesperson also saying quote the investigation is continuing. What is the investigation continuing with we have the footage, we have camera angle and it's not like it's a blurry camera do when I show you these photos. And you'll see it on your screen. And I'll put the link in on Twitter at CJ Bronson show check that out. When you see this footage you're like dude open and shut this guy was doing nothing to get Hey Zeus, Mr. Jose was was not doing anything to deserve this punch. Nothing that I could see. Would have justified this sucker punch. Did you know him? No. And even the guy the freak and fool guy the guy with the parole officer from being you know, a sexual offender. What is it a sex offender convicted sex offender with the parole officer confesses to the parole officer saying Yeah, dude, I hit somebody I hit someone and he's in the hospital. I don't know if he's dead. The police looking for me. You tell your parole officer that Mr. DA or Mr. Smith whatever. Mr. or Mrs. DEA office person What are you talking about? What is the investigation continuing with Are you getting paid overtime for this shit? It's just a money grab for you guys you just like racking up taxpayer dollar times and well we got to we got to make sure we have his address right. We got to check his phone records. What what do you look to look at? Yeah, look at his bank account. What do you have to look at? What do you ordered at the restaurant? Like if I was this this man's family I would be enraged and rage won't even be the correct I'll be like super enraged, they would have to just permanently paint me green because I'll be angry that that much I'll be the whole legit furious Campbell are just full and Cortez did not know each other. And there did not appear to be any interaction between them prior to the punch according to police. So the police are like, again, I love law enforcement. You guys know I believe in everything of teachers, military, police, whatever you want to say. I believe even pilots, all these things, doctors, nurses, there are always some bad ones in the bunch, always. But the majority of them are good. And here I do believe the police try to do their best. They charged them. They did everything by the book. There is no thing here of police brutality, none of that's even coming up. They treat him like a human being even though he sucker punch somebody and he you know, he has a parole officer. They did everything correct. The DHS office and the court system is what's failing. And here's the proof. I don't know what else like what are the proof let's let's I'm afraid to keep reading to be quite honest with you guys. I'm already you know what, hold on a second. Take a sip of salt. I gotta take a sip of this. This BCA drink here this branch and amino acids drink to like electrolytes and just to calm me down give me a boost of vitamin C or something cool me call me down I'm in the car you know it's hot lemon lime, prime hydration drink. Highly recommend lemon lime muslin reminds me of like a like a sprite almost like a fruity sprite combo delicious. Very good cold. Where was I? Yeah, man if I was this guy's family, I'd be so furious. This is some bullshit legit bullshit. Phone Kuta Cortez and I know each other than the appears to be no interaction between them prior to the punch. The victim was leaving the Waco to to pico restaurant on East 1/8 Street near the Grand Concourse and Fordham Manor around 10:45pm. It wasn't even that late because restaurants still open At 10:45pm on August 12, when he stopped near a group of people chatting outside According to police, Cortez shown in surveillance footage carrying a backpack was followed up by a balding man wearing a black T shirt. The man put on what appeared to be work gloves before slugging the victim from behind, causing him to fall onto the sidewalk and ultimately hitting his head. The footage again was released and I can show that to you again on my twitter I'm not going to post it here because I probably get you know flagged or banned or whatever. Cortez was taken to Jacoby Medical Center with a skull fracture, broken cheekbone and bleeding in the brain according to authorities, Jesus man and Noah told me this guy didn't know what he was doing you put on gloves before you had the time to figure out what to do like you had gloves with you. You know like you plan to cause some chaos and some destruction here because why would you have the gloves? Why would you even put them on like why even like what's the reason you told your parole officer you did this there's no there's no reason for doing it like there's no motive. He was taking deferred take into Jacoby Medical Center with a skull fractured broken cheekbone and bleeding in the brain again, according to authorities now, foo, who was convicted of first degree sex abuse in the Bronx back in 95. was sentenced to six years to life in prison. Interesting. You were convicted of first degree sex abuse in the Bronx in 95. Mr. Foo, you were sentenced to six years to live six years of life is a big big window there. According to state records. He was paroled in 2019 and is now registered as a level three sex offender. The most serious designation for sexually abusing a 17 year old sexually abusing a 17 year old Wow. In 94, the attack came just the day before Queens taxi driver kuten Gima was beaten to death by five customers who allegedly attacked him when he tried to confront them for running off without paying the fair. Two suspects Austin aImost and Nicholas Porter both 20 surrendered the police at the one oh first sorry, one on one piece precinct in Queens late Wednesday we're still looking for the other three suspects, including two teenage girls crystal connected and that incident is this is just New York. And I mean like that's a horrible thing to say. But there's just New York it's a horrible thing that's you know, because it's so close to home it's right here I'm injuries like I said in New York is not too far away. And it's just a I remember going to the city having no problem this this is and the more they keep giving these people a slap on the wrist the more the chaos and mayhem will continue because again, there's no what what is the punishment? What are you gonna do? slap on the wrist? Well keep an eye on you, Mr. Sex Offender. Level three sex offender. You think you're going to release them back on the streets? That makes no sense to me. But again, I don't work in the TAs office. Can you imagine being that frustrated police officer those police officers. Imagine that like you work so hard, you do your job, do all the paperwork like yo I finally did my job today. Honey, I went to work. I did everything by the book. You know, but no one can say no crap about me. We got this guy got him on film. We got him. He you know, he keeps confessed to his parole officer he sucker punch somebody. We got him poor bastard. The poor bastard was fucking released. Fucking for being a sex offender. Third degree sex offender back in 95. And he's released and he does this shit. And you know, we're not going to let it happen again. Now he's going to jail for life. For this giving this guy a brain injury? No. Release the next day. I mean, the port police they must feel like legit handcuffed, no pun intended, but they must feel handcuffed. Because here they are. They're trying to do their job. And who was the firt? The first people people. The first organization that people blame are the police here and the police were not to blame in this in this matter, in my humble opinion, and is 1,000% the DA is office. But people don't see it that way. They're gonna say well, the police need to do a better job. The police need to do a better job. Keep in mind, this is the same police department that y'all have been going up around saying we needed to fund them. So these this the funded Police Department is trying to do their best to put criminals away. But it's the court system that's letting them back out. court system is not the funded. Keep that in mind. It's the police departments that are the police officers that are who are the frontline risking their life. Daily. So I want you to think about that next time you see an officer and you see him, I mean, her whatever. You know, I always try to thank them because I, you know, I always wish him the best wish them safety. Because when you call 911, you want them to respond and you want them to be there. God forbid, they're defunding, and you need them to help. Your relative gets knocked in the head and you need someone to be there to help you. Or whatever the case may be. You better hope they respond. You better hope they're not defunded. Just saying. I feel bad for people in New York in California and me personally, I'm giving New York another dime. I'm not visiting them. I'm not giving no train ticket. No. Taxi ticket. No Uber, no 99 cent pizza. I'm sorry, not doing it. Y'all can go if you want to, like I said, but if you do, keep your head on a swivel. Have something to defend yourself. And stay safe. Be safe. Don't forget guys. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Let me know what you think. Comment below. You think I'm crazy? Do you think like Da is Office is not to blame? Tell me your thoughts. Tell me if you believe that this level three sex offender who literally assaulted somebody out of the blue on video, admits to doing it to the parole to his parole officer should be out on the streets. Or do you believe that? Like with like with me? Who thinks that he should be put away for life? You already had? You're already we already gave you a chance dude. You know, we gave you a chance you were paroled. You had an opportunity to turn your life around and you decide to do horrible shit. Right here. Why should we give you a supervisor? You know, we'll be watching you on supervision. Nonsense. Maybe I have it wrong. So please let me know. Alright guys, again at CG Boston show on Twitter. Like Comment, subscribe to me on Tiktok CJ Bronfman show got me on YouTube on rumble I'm everywhere. And you can always get all these episodes, including the transcripts, including the video and the audio at my website, CJ Bronson The link is in the description below. Have a fantastic Friday. I love y'all be safe. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye bye