Aug. 22, 2022

#129 | 16 Year Olds seen on CCTV being Thrown down a Flight of Stairs & then Being Violently Beaten!

#129 | 16 Year Olds seen on CCTV being Thrown down a Flight of Stairs & then Being Violently Beaten!
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Every time I think I’ve seen it all, NY always finds a way to surprise me. These two 16 year olds were violently attacked by 5 Grown Men. What should their charges be? I tell you my ideas comment and tell me yours! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys? Today is Monday, August 22 2022. I hope you're having a great day yet. 822 22. Monday, man, month is almost over. I'm excited for fall. I'm pumped. But you know, I wish I could tell you guys, I feel like the country is getting better. I wish I could tell you guys that crime is decreasing and there's nothing to worry about. And you can just go to your day, go about your day and have a good time. I mean, I got a video on my tic tock right now I'm sorry, on my Twitter right now at CJ Boston show where women and Walmart grown ass women. An aisle at Walmart just fighting we don't have we don't know context. We don't know what they're fighting about. But there's like eight or nine of them fighting teaming up on some of them beating each other for what kicking and stomping This is a Walmart and the staff can barely keep control and they're telling them to stop. But you know, when you're in that, I guess a situation I've never been in a brawl like this before with a group of people like a massive brawl. But I guess when you're in that kind of situation, it's kind of hard to stop everyone. Speaking of a brawl, and speaking of the craziness, it leads me to today's episode. And today's episode brings us back to the Bronx, the Bronx, where an unbelievable story and unbelievable in a bad way. Teenagers just kids, just kids we have video just like we've had video before. CCTV footage, security footage, surveillance footage, whatever you want to call it shows two kids around 16 years old, being and ready for being thrown down a flight of stairs. Okay. And you think alright, that's horrible, right? That's just the beginning. That is literally just the beginning of what happens to these 16 year olds. And you know, and these are not like cushioned stares don't like you're living upstairs. Maybe you're living upstairs is nice and soft and carpeted. Not that'll make a difference. I mean, still a flight of stairs. But these are hard looks like solid concrete or some sort of metal stairs. And that alone throwing down you know, going down those stairs alone is got to be painful. If you survive and don't break anything. break your neck, your arm, anything can happen, right? But what continues to happen, what continues in the story rather, is terrifying, horrifying, to say the least. And again, the surveillance footage shows a 16 year old thrown down a flight of stairs before ready ready before being beaten and robbed. And you're like well, CJ, you know 16 year olds today on a vote you've always said CJ 16 year olds today are not the same as they used to be 16 year olds today, six feet 200 pounds yada yada yada. And that's true. And that's absolutely true. But we have to remember they're 16 they're still minors, number one, and number two, they were beaten by five min five min not to on to a three on two, not four on to five on to five min. Beat to 16 year olds what kind of man what a bunch of men get together and say we're going to beat up kids and rob them and literally tried to kill them in my opinion. So this is what happened to CCTV clips caught the early morning brawl in New York City, as the two teenagers believed to be both around 16 years old, were literally seen flying from the top of the stairs as the group of assailants quickly rushed towards them. One of the attackers pulls out a sharp object gash in one of the teens before ultimately taking his eyes or is taking his phone that was iPhone, taking his phone. I'm not sure if it's an iPhone, taking his phone and also taking $100 Now the other teen also gets gash or slashed in his cheek and his phone is stolen. The frightening footage and it is frightening because it's 16 year olds frightening footage shows the Gang of Five violent Lee punching and kicking the pair of them two of those kids and this is not like you're digging yourself or maybe this is like midnight one o'clock no. This is 530 in the morning on a Saturday. I'm up guys I don't know about you guys I'm up I take the dog out like six 630 So I'm up and I know what it's like to be up and about when I'm up and about there's other people up and about I go outside I see people all the time walking around doing their cardio whatever. Just chillin bringing their dogs for walks whatever. I see it you know you go to the gym hit the gym around seven people or people are up the cars are driving around. I don't know why no one in this building tried to help these kids. I don't know why no one heard that. You know, didn't you didn't hear kids falling I'm sure there was noise I'm sure people were screaming you hear the stomping in the punching, that no one came to help. But maybe this is the world that we're in right now. No one, you know, tries to help just like that story I mentioned to you that video and Walmart. No one tried to stop the fight. I mean, the employees were like, Please stop, please stop. But it was kind of I mean, how do you I guess how do you stop it? I always say have some kind of weapon on you for self defense people. And this is the reason why. Again, I don't have context. I'm not sure why these kids were out of their rooms or out of their house at 530 in the morning. I don't know if they have a job. I don't know if they were coming home from something. It is Saturday. Maybe they came home from a party. I don't know. Maybe they did something. I don't know. Well, you could have done to five men to cause them to beat you to like to literally try to kill you. But that's what we have. So yes. So where are we? Right now we have the five of them punching and kicking these kids. One of them is getting stabbed and their phone taken and $100 taken. The other one gets stabbed, slashed in his cheek and his phone taken. Then the two teens right they're getting stomped on stomped and punched this entire time. One of the muggers one of the men drags One teen into the hallway to continue stomping him stomping, not kicking. We're talking stomping and stomping can cause real problems because you stomp on someone's arm, their face their head, you can cause a concussion. You could fracture their skull, you could crack their skull, you could kill them. And that is why I believe these five men should not get a slap on the wrist. Like the sex offender who friggin what you call it sucker punched the guy eating at the restaurant in the Bronx, and my last episode, not that dude, got a slap on the wrist. These men should get the death penalty. I don't want them to do no jail time. No. Why should the taxpayers pay for their health care? Why should the taxpayers pay for their their meals and their and so they can what hang out with their friends and lift weights and have a good time? No death penalty. We need to put these people on chat. Let them know you commit a crime. It's not going to be no easy Cakewalk anymore. We don't need you in a society. You're not going to be you're not going to live you want you don't want to live in a society. No problem. You don't have to. We'll take care of it for you. Maybe that's what we need to start doing. And maybe then people will say you know what, think twice before we throw kids down the stairs, stab and stomp them. Because what else is working slapping on the wrist and saying we're gonna keep an eye on you, bro is not working. So two teams were left bloodied and bruised and admitted to the Montefiore Medical Center to be treated for their injuries. The five min they'll be having the video. still at large. Police are asking for your help. They are still at large please call 1-800-577-8477 or one 800 577 tips for your anonymous tips. You could also get tips online. Everything is anonymous. Of course. As of right now there is no reward for any information but I'm sure as time progresses there will be I'm hoping I'm hoping they find these guys, man because if they got away with it for for this, they're gonna get away with it for other crimes too. I mean, this is crazy. This is This is crazy. I mean, again, let's let's let's let me recap and tell you exactly what happened. Right? So NYPD are attempting to identify the five men in the video, which I'll put on my Tiktok I'm sorry, I put on my twitter at CJ Bronson show. Both the same city of Boston show Tik Tok on Twitter. But I'll put this video on Twitter. And while attempting to identify the five men in the video, who are filmed in the complex loaded located at 306 East 171 street and this comes when the robberies and assaults have increased in the Bronx. I remember I spoke about the article again. This is August 12. The guy's name here it is hbu van Phu, a registered sex offender found responsible for leaving the victim unconscious and responsive after the unprovoked sucker punch. The flu was seen in a video putting out a pair of gloves swaying with all his might. Hitting the victim in the back of the head. Victim falls to the floor. Elderly man appears to be unconscious bangs his head on the concrete suffers a skull fracture of broken cheekbone and bleeding in the brain. EMS rushed into the hospital. Suspect this suspect goes back to his parole officer because again he's a sex offender tells him confesses to it and keep in mind he was released by the Bronx da who charged him with a misdemeanor on August 18. Now this is when again assaults and robberies are on an increase on a rise in the Bronx. uproar proximately 3045 assaults have been reported since August 7 to the start of the year, which is a lot. It's an increase from 2120 21 of last year. So it's literally up excuse me, about 1000 assaults from last year. robberies are also up to 3000. An increase from 2001 25 from last year. Overall crime and every sector from murder to rape are up to 32% up more than 32% with 4077 More reported cases than the same time last year. New York City overall crime is up 36% Since the start of the year, to now to August 14, which is a week ago. Up 36%. Guys, not one, not two, not five, not six, not 330 6%. That is a massive increase in the city. More than 20,000 reported cases than the same time. Last year, felony assaults and robberies lead the way as the most important crime with about 3000 more. I'm here, I'll put the chart you'll see the charts. Put that up on the screen. You can see that again. You can see the video of this podcast on my website, CJ Bronson The this crime wave is taking place right now. As 1000s of police officers are retiring. They're they're leaving, they're transferring. They're getting out of New York Police Department system. And it kind of you kind of have to. I mean, come on. The police in the city are hated that they are not welcomed. Number one. Number two, they are defunded. Number three, every time they arrest somebody, they're basically let them back out on the street. So by the time the police finished doing their reports, the DEA is Office is letting them out on the street again with a will keep an eye on you. Nonsense do better next time you better do. We're watching you do better next time. And the police officers probably like I'm still doing my report. I'm still typing the report. And even he's out. It's like, why am I doing all this work? I'm sure the police probably feel the fleet it's probably frustrating. They probably want to go to a city or state where they're welcomed, where their job that they love to do is welcomed. And that's looks like that's what seems to be happening here. Because that's a massive drop. Listen to this pension fund statistics obtained by the New York Post suggest that 2465 officers have filed their notices so far, which is a 42% more than the 1700, who had done so in the same period last year 42%, almost half, almost half more than last year. Meanwhile, a whopping 1098 cops who turned in their badges did so before even reaching full pension. They're like I'm done. They're they're entitled to full pension after 20 years. So some of these police officers couldn't even wait the 20 years. Which 20 years is a long time but you put in your you know, let's say you put in 18 years they couldn't even wait to 20 because of the bullshit that's happening in the city that I've mentioned before the funding the the frustration with the judicial system, slap on the wrist being hated, vilified in the city. Wow. 1098 Cops turned in their badges did so before reaching a full pension. Can you imagine guys like put an 18 years 19 years of your life? No, I can't do this another year? I can't. There's probably so many police officers probably like you know what's not worth my life, risking my life for these people who literally some of them are ungrateful to have me here. And the judicial system is not showing them the love. Well, how are you going to do all this hard work to finally solve a case capture the criminal do the paperwork and the guys out again, committing another crime. And then the people are like, well, they start blaming the police. People aren't blaming the courts. They blame the police like police, like it's the police's fault. Now the police are for the majority of the for the cops, they're trying to do the best they can, from what I could see. The majority of them are trying to do the best I can with a judicial system or a court system that is not matching up to their standards, releasing the criminals before even the paperwork is done, in my opinion. My opinion? Do I blame the police officers for leaving the city? I do not blame them. I mean, think about it. These cops, these officers. They're not. Not all of them are single men and women. Some of them are family family have families And they got to think to themselves is it worth this stressful job every day going to a place with some of those people the majority of them probably don't even want them around you know, what's gonna happen is they're gonna have a freakin what's it called? Escape from la situation great movie, Russell Crowe, check it out where it just gonna be utter chaos. It's gonna be like a San Francisco, California situation in New York and Mayor, the mayor's Mayor Adams wants to put money gave money to a hip hop museum millions. The city put more money for this hip hop Hip Hop Museum, is that putting money into the police departments putting money into reassuring the people running ads or campaigns, reassuring the people that the police are here to help, instead of saying to the DHS office and you know, trying to buckle down on this failed court system, because that's what we're dealing with. Now. It's not a failed police system. It's a failed court system. It's a failed judicial system. That needs to be frickin, I don't know, rebooted, reevaluated or re initiated? Because it doesn't it doesn't seem that there is one I mean, that's that's a very scary time and the 16 year olds is in the situation. There was somebody made those are someone's babies. I mean, yeah, you could argue it's 535 30 in the morning, we don't have context. We don't know what took place, but it's not right. None of this was right. Those five men don't seem like they were injured in any which way. They don't seem like they were stabbed in the cheek. They don't seem like they were thrown downstairs or stomped on. And I stand behind my point that these people who were involved who these five men involved in this crime should face the death penalty or life in prison I'm leading more towards death penalty, because we all know life in prison with parole and all this they get out and good behavior and we'll keep an eye on you nonsense. Two weeks maybe death penalty make an example out of and people need to learn. I'm sure once we arrest these five if if I hope we do catch him. One of these five probably have prior probably has a prior. I least one has priors has a prior. You don't walk around with a stabbing object and stab somebody and stomp people and throw people downstairs without having a prior. And what's scary is they got away with it. So you know they're gonna keep doing it. But they got two iPhones or two five using iPhone, two phones out of it. And 100 bucks. Right. So then their mind that it's justified. They can keep doing this until they get their desired goal. Because where is the pushback? What's where's the penalty? At this point, there is not scary times terrifying times check out the full video on my Twitter. Check out my website CJ Bronson Again, I'm on Tik Tok. I post content daily. Right check that out. Like Comment, subscribe, share it, please try to get the word out. I'm trying to encourage everyone to be alert. Be aware. Keep your head on a swivel at all times. carry something on you for self defense. Dude, I don't care what it is. Even if you got to hold a mace your keys something swiss army knife. I don't know whatever. You know, keep something on you for self defense because you never know guys. Alright, that's it for today. Have a fantastic Monday. Don't forget I love y'all. All right. Bye bye.