Aug. 24, 2022

#130 | UPDATE: Bronx Man who was Sucker Punched by ‘Gloved Beast’ Rapist is off his Ventilator!

#130 | UPDATE: Bronx Man who was Sucker Punched by ‘Gloved Beast’ Rapist is off his Ventilator!
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Bui Van Phu was allowed to walk out of Bronx Criminal Court w/o bail until the public outcry convinced Governor Hochul to do something! Update to #126 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What's going on guys? Today's Tuesday, August 24 2022. I hope you're having a great day. Hope you having a great Taco Tuesday or tequila Tuesday or whatever Tuesday, however you celebrate it. Hope it's going well hope you're staying cool. sorry about the delay. I want to apologize about the delay for the episode. I was focusing on the tick tock video today. Yeah, make tiktoks daily as well check me out at CJ Bronson show. Today's episode is about the new Netflix documentary coming out tomorrow, August 24. It's a Wednesday. It's about John McAfee. Whether or not he's still alive. It's conspiracy around him. Did he kill himself like Epstein? Or did he not like Epstein? So I don't know. Check that out. I'm excited to watch it because I love conspiracy stuff. And I'm sort of a big fan of John McAfee because he did say that he wouldn't die that way. And mysteriously that's how he died. And he said that they were out to get him and no, maybe they did. Who knows? I guess we'll have to watch documentary to find out. But check out that episode on tick tock. Again, it's at CJ Bronson show. But today's episode an update episode two, episode number 125. And then the reason why I had to do an update because this guy infuriates me to say the least. I mean, he pisses me off to be quite honest with you. And, you know, call it mental health call whatever you want. It's it's the city's responsibility, especially when he's apprehended to stay apprehended or to serve some time, but this sex offender was led out and he ends up assaulting someone sucker punching him now he's back in the court system again. But what happened to the man that was Sucker Punched while he went to the hospital? And let's see how he's doing. Let's see if all goes well. So let's let's jump into the article right. My brother is recovering the family of man brutally beaten by the New York City sex offender reveals he is finally communicating by nodding his head after emerging from a coma. Now Hey, Zeus Cortez. 52 years old, left with a fractured skull and a brain bleed after a sucker punch attack by a 55 year old boy van Fu, which took place earlier this month. Yeah, he opened his eyes he began to communicating by nodding his head. According to the victim's brother, quote, he was putting everything he could into responding shaking his head sannan San Juan Cortes who was at his brother's bedside, I felt such relief and comfort that he was able to respond. I felt he is very close to God and the Virgin of Guadalupe. I think that's what keeps him pushing towards life. Now one's older brother Hey, Zeus, Cortez 52 was left again with a fractured skull and a brain bleed after the supposedly random attack by boof and foo 55 years old, which took place on August 12. So on August 12, we have CCTV footage. I posted it on my Twitter. So check that out on Twitter. It's at CJ Bronson show. I'll try to throw up some screenshots of the incident where you can literally see this, this man if you want to call him that put on gloves before just walking up behind some this guy and hitting him inside the head hit him in the back of the head for no reason. There wasn't like he cut him off. It wasn't like he took his parking spot. It wasn't like gave him the finger. No reason. It wasn't I don't believe it was a race issue. It was almost like a random attack, almost like it was literally random. So let me let me get into the story here. So again, due after being kept in a medically induced coma, he was taken off of the ventilator on Sunday, they had 12 hours of observation to see if my brother was able to tolerate without a ventilator, according to the brother one. More than 24 hours later won speaking in Spanish and standing outside the New York City Health and plus Health and Hospitals, Jacoby in the Bronx, New York was happy to report that his brother was still breathing on his own. Quote, he was able to tolerate it and now thank God he's breathing by himself. Right now my brother is recovering now. What's going on with the attacker? What's going on with what's his name? I can keep forgetting his name because his name is just like a weird one. Boo van fu BUIVA N pH. So I'm going to do van food. If you have another way of pronouncing it, let me know. I don't know how else to pronounce that. That's what I'm going with. I really don't care because he's really a piece of trash. He's really garbage. His eyes heavy and body worn out after spending much of the past 10 days. At his brother's bedside. One Cortez told Daily Mail that he was beyond exhausted. But he still smiled broadly as he told him of his brother's progress describing how Hey, Zeus shook his head up and down Sunday when asked if he understood his remarks. But this is just the beginning guys. I mean, when you get your frickin skull fractured, it's not like you can get out of hospital the next week and be good. I mean, there's all glued road to recovery here. Here we go is the brother going to the brother patients who suffer this type of injury it takes time. Doctor say day to day, day to day day to day. So some days go up and some days he can come down exactly. And this is the brain And we're dealing with he said he still panics when the hospitals call fearing bad news. Of course, he experienced terrifying false alarm Saturday when a friend called to share a news report that his brother had died. So apparently some news paper station reportedly had wrong information saying his brother died giving them like you know, an Juan says he almost collapsed for the detective and DEA called him to verify that his brother is still alive. Now that's some fake news right there for real for real boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. But the district attorney's office again, this is what pissed me off. The DEA distributor in his office caused outrage when an only filed misdemeanor charges now misdemeanor charges. How do you call this misdemeanor you put on gloves, you walk up behind someone, you punch him in the head. And if you guys don't know the rest of the story, check out that last episode because I'd go into further detail about what happened. And he goes back to his his his parole officer and confesses. Should I think I think I knocked him in the head. I don't know if he's still alive. That's a misdemeanor charge. Go home. Like what are we doing? So he can go in and do to him? So what if he honestly home continued to hit people and actually killed somebody? Then the DHS office is going to do what? Say sorry? Like, it just, it just drives me insane. Like literally I go. I tried to like rationalize it and try to see the District Attorney's offices like point of view, like, maybe they're just trying to keep people out of prison. Maybe they're trying to, like how do you rehabilitate somebody by freeing them? That seems like the opposite. I don't understand that. If they're not right in their right, right mental state, telling them don't do this again. But you're free. I don't think it's the right choice. Maybe putting him in that like a psychiatric institute. I mean, the the city has millions of bought, like I've been talking about this mother episodes, Mayor Adams and the city has millions of put towards a hip hop Museum, build a frickin psychiatric ward, and put these people in Psych in the psych unit and hire nurses and there's your job, create jobs, right, create jobs, have the union or whatever construct a building, right? Then have nurses and doctors run it. And now you put these people who qualify for a psychiatric treatment in there. That's better than your hip hop Museum. In my opinion, at least you're gonna be helping people. I mean, you could argue with me and said Hip Hop Museum is great. What's the point of going to the hip hop because if you can get stabbed or punched in the head when you leave anyway, so he goes to the AES office the AES office defend itself said listen, we're still investigating. We we have a video of him hitting the guy in the head. We have a video of this sex offender previous level three sex offender, hitting, punching. Hey, Zeus in the head. buoy van flew on video punches him in the head. Punches Hey, Zeus, Cortez sucker punches him, fractured his skull, send them to the hospital. Right. We have him admitting to the parole officer. The parole officers like yeah, he said this to me that he hit him. He hit somebody. So what is there to investigate? So in the meantime, you're investigating you let him free. That makes Hello. What are we doing? Calm down, we gotta calm down. We was called the intimate, imminent threat to the community at a parole hearing Saturday, after New York Governor Kathy Hill Joel had ordered him back in jail. his parole officer at Nixa Rivera spoke at the hearing. Mr. Bouie is a 55 year old male with a persistent, violent felony offender history. Boy, Mr. Bouie is a registered level three sex offender the highest level on the sexual offender registry, Mr. Bouie continues to be an imminent threat to the community. Rivera also added that but he has been living in a shelter for six years and has no apparent family or ties to the community. His only job isn't working the cash register at a nail salon for the past two years. Now Alison Louis Laue Legal Aid Society attorney assigned to buoy said that public pressure should not have made his charges more serious. She added when the incident happened, the defendant called his parole officer, and she told him to turn himself in. And he did. So that's so you should get credit for that. Well, that's the defense. Oh, well, you know, he's you know, it shouldn't be as serious as it is because he told that he confessed to the parole officer. We had the video. The video of him confessing is what does that mean? It's nothing. That means that we would have the video we can put Have it on the video that it took place. We don't need this confession. However, we're very sad that his criminal charges are likely to be elevated to felonies. Regardless, Judge luminary Maldonado Cruz is off has ordered Louis to remain behind bars without bail ahead of a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Now, he should have been behind bars since the first time since his he should have stayed behind bars for the pro officers that come out and say this is a repeat offender. Why is he out? Why are we you know, what are we doing? an imminent threat to the community. Even the governor saying this well, I guess the governor has to do cleanup now that they basically caught with their pants down. On real Juan Cortez called buoy an evil person and said the felony charges should have been there from the start. Agreed 1,000,000% Agreed. I wonder if this guy has a case now do you think the family can sue the city for releasing him and causing this because if he was never released, his brother wouldn't be in the hospital and who's paying for the medical bills? Does doesn't want to Cortes have to pay for it? Hey, Zeus has insurance does he have insurance hotel said on Friday that state officials contacted the Bronx da to talk about the actual charges that were filed. Because we want to make sure that our laws are being properly executed. Yeah, they want to make sure look at my episodes. Now I don't want to now they want to make sure they're being properly executed. What loss or lack thereof. Maybe it's sarcasm, right? Yeah, we want to make sure our laws are being properly executed, meaning like we ain't got no damn laws. But I took action in my own hands. This is her. Pat in the back patting our own back, I took action. In my own hands. I directed the Department of Corrections and the community supervision to immediately examine whether or not this parole violation occurred. Yes, it did. You could tell it occurred. Hotel set. This is a person on Lifetime parole. And as of a minute ago, as a minute ago, that person is now in custody. That is my direction. Wow. You really are some piece of work to make this all about you. To make it all about you and to say, look at how good of a job I'm doing as governor now. Why didn't you know this was going on before? How many other criminals are out due to your enforcing laws. Laws are being properly executed, excuse me. You know how many other people are out and about rate soccer, how many other sucker punches to have I've reported about that have probably done by prior offenders, repeat offenders. Go to examine those cases. And then you can pat yourself on the back once they're once they're behind bars where they belong. And a statement of fraud of the Bronx days office that it was obtaining additional evidence, reviewing video speaking to witnesses, analyzing medical records and providing Crime Victim Services. And in other words, what you're doing is you're running up a tab and you're you're building over time, so the city can pay you hundreds of dollars per hour to do something that's an open and shut case to do something that should have already been done. You should have already been settled this case, put this guy behind bars move on to another case. But no, you want to make it seem like you're doing this thorough investigation that it wasn't. That's there's so much evidence we have to review that we can't just close the case. Because if that was, you know, it'd be too if they closed the case. That's fast. Everyone had been in an uproar. Like, why didn't you close it sooner? So now they have to make it seem like there's a mountain of evidence that they have to sift through. There's a mountain of video and evidence that we have to analyze. Because, you know, we can't say that we made a mistake. No, no, no, we can't say that. As the investigation continues, it will be determined if elevated charges will be brought against the defendant. Court records obtained indicate the lesser charges were laid because buoy intentionally cause physical injury and with intent to harass or annoy or alarm another person what court records obtained indicate the lesser charges were laid because buoy intentionally cause physical injury and with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person. How's that lesser charges but was But though he was convicted of attempted robbery in 91 and as a registered sex offender, but who was out on parole after being convicted of raping a 17 year old girl at gunpoint people on Christmas Eve 94. He was released from prison in March of 2019. at gunpoint Christmas Eve. Then he had a robbery 91 and horrifying footage released by the NYPD we have seen walking out of the way go to pick you up to PICCHIO to pico restaurant in the Bronx and pulling on a putting on a pair of gloves. He is then seen like I said to you before and the last episode he is seen punching the victim with great force in the back of the head. The victim was found unconscious unresponsive on the ground after the unprovoked attack. Keep in mind for not mentioning there were witnesses. There was a crowd of people around them when it took place. So it's not like oh, we don't know if it was him. They know they can point him out easily out of a lineup. I'm sure of it. You see somebody get knocked out, you're going to remember that. You're going to you know what I mean? People were around. In a conversation with boys parole officer documented by the court, he recounts an incident I'm in trouble I hit someone and he's in the hospital. I don't know if he's dead. The police are looking for me. I was at the restaurant and I know the police are looking for me. To me, that's a confession, confession. We have a video, we have the witnesses, we have a person in the hospital, shut this case, move on to the other people that you released and put them behind bars as well. This is crazy. This is crazy. This man does not deserve to be free. This man does not deserve to be in the hospital. The city should pay for this man's hospital bills. They should they should settle whatever lawsuit that this family has. And they do have a lawsuit I believe they do. Because this incident should never have occurred. Now if this poor gentleman Hey, Zeus, Cortez in the hospital, if he suffers a life, lifetime injuries, taxpayer has to pay that right. So he's gonna pay it. But the city is also ultimately paid takes that money gets it from the taxpayer. And who knows again, how many other people will know that could that could snowball into other cases where other people other people can sue based upon the same you know, enforcing of the law whatever the hell they said, you know, it's just oh, man, please keep Hey, Zeus Cortez in your prayers, I mean, thank goodness, he's out of this, you know, not out of the woods yet. But he's, he's awake. And he's he's somewhat coherent, and unresponsive to his brother. But again, we don't know how much permanent damage is in a cause, you know, we don't know much about this man and what he does for a living or, I mean, none of that really matters. We know that he hasn't brother, his brother cares for him. And he's an innocent victim here. And we don't know how many other because there's a lot of cases in Bronx in the city, for example, we don't know who is causing them a lot of hit and run a lot of a lot of immature shit. Basically, that's taking place and the city is just like, you know, metal and shrugging their shoulders like oh, well, it is what it is. But my thing is, how many other people with prior prior charges are the people who should be still locked up or released because of this enforcement, or lack thereof of their laws. And how many of those people again, are being injured by these people? Who could potentially have a lawsuit potentially be killed? Or scarred for life or family scarred for life? I mean, this is not an open and shut case. You know, this is not just a one time thing. I believe that there's many other people who should be behind bars who are not. And the city really needs to do a good job. If you want to pat yourself on the back their mayor, or governor rather habitual, you need to go through the DA system, go through the law system, figure out who the hell else was released. You know who else was is on parole? Who has a violent history and really re examine them, give them a file, you know, talk to the parole officers, you want to you want to spend taxpayer dollars you want to you want to give people a job to do. Here's there's some jobs, create a job, I just created multiple jobs, have them go to the parole officer and interview them interview, interview the criminals, right, who are on parole, and see if they believe that these people should still be on parole or they should be sent back to prison. Do they deserve the freedom? Or are you purposely not doing that? Because you I don't know. You have some other agenda. Time will tell. I'm curious to see. I will keep track of this case I will update you guys because I want to know what happens to Hey, Zeus, I'm keeping you in my prayers. I hope I truly do hope that he makes a full recovery. I mean, I don't want anyone to sue anybody I mean, I feel like that's been so like it's just so normal, not normalized. And America that just sue somebody but and the situation if he is fully impaired where he cannot work. It And he should be, you know, he shouldn't be compensated for his injuries because it's not his fault. It's just it truly is the city's fault for releasing this this this criminal this maniac and that's what he is maniac rapist text offender robber on parole Oh, What's New York? I guess you know? I don't know what you guys what do you guys think? I mean, do you think that this guy should should go to jail for us of his life? What do you think the crime the penalty should be? Do you think a city should compensate this family not just for the legal fees or for the medical fees but for like pain and suffering with legit lawsuit should or should it just be medical fees? Or should it be nothing should just be like open and shut case? You know, sorry this happened to you and you're stuck with the bill. I hope that's not what you guys think. I hope hope you guys think what I think but hey, it's free free countries where they say so give me a give me your feedback. Hit me up at CJ Bronson. you can also get me I'm sorry @CJbronsonshow on Twitter CJ Bronson For all the episodes podcast audio the video, hit me up on Tik Tok at CJ Bronson show and have a fantastic Tuesday guys be safe. Keep your head on a swivel. Have something on you for self defense of all times. Literally. It sounds horrible. But this case, this episode is proof you do have to keep your head on the swivel. People are sucker punching each other and not just New York all over the country. Alright guys, be safe out there. I love y'all. Bye