Aug. 24, 2022

#131 | Pastor Arrested for Watering Neighbor’s Plants?!

#131 | Pastor Arrested for Watering Neighbor’s Plants?!
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No this is not a climate thing. The pastor was literally watering his neighbors plants when, with hose in hand, 3 officers asked him what he was doing. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Wednesday, August 24 2022. I hope you're having a great Wednesday. Hope you having a good day and staying cool. Today's episode, I'm bringing you over to Alabama, where a black pastor is filing a discriminatory lawsuit against who? Against who you know it against the police. The question is, does he have a case? Let's jump into it. His name is Pastor Michael Jennings. We have photos. We have body cam footage. We have it all. We even have get this a witness. So let's see. Let's see, what could he have done to be stopped by the police? Well, it was more than stopped. He was actually arrested back in May, outside his neighbor's yard in Joe Childers Burg Alabama, after police received the complaint about a strange man and vehicle on the property. Now, Pastor Jennings, who was seen in the clip, just watering flowers with a hose just returned from his Sunday service. police show up, he told police Listen, my long term neighbor, he asked me to come look at a shrubbery. Look after it while I'm out of town while he's out of town. So like a good neighbor, which is a rarity these days. He's over there after his service, he and he's watering his neighbor's plants. But all of that doesn't matter because the police were called for disturbance. And they want to know who he is. Who is this man, the strange man with a strange vehicle was allegedly on the property. And despite his good intentions, and other residents vouching for him, he was taken to jail. So after insistent that he was just calm, he was just calmly gardening. And the front yard police asked John Jennings, how do we know? That's the truth? How do we know that's the truth? Keep in mind when they approached him, and you can see this in the body cam footage. He's He's literally he literally has the hose in his hand. And he's with nozzle, you know, the nozzle, and he's spraying the plants. He's like, what's up? How do we know what you're doing? I mean, I would have even given some kind of attitude and I don't get the police attitude. But at that point, I'd be like, I mean, how do you know? I'm doing it right now. Like, I mean, what are you supposed to do? The battle pastor who lives in the house across the street, responded, I had the water hose in my hand, I was watering the flowers. body camera footage showed three officers from the Children's Burg Police Department screaming at pastor Jennings, as he refuses to provide information before he is ushered away in handcuffs. The question is, I mean, what I'm sorry, provide Datafication information. He was by the camera footage to three police officers from the department screaming at him as he refuses to provide identification. Keep in mind, I mean, he's a pastor, he lives across the street, who carries identification with them when they go across the street to water the neighbor's plants. How I don't care identification when I go check the mail at the mailbox, right? Are you supposed to? I don't think so. And there was no crime being committed. In my mind. He's not on public properties on private land. There's no again there's no reason to ask for identification at that point. What's stopping the police from asking every person who waters the plants in front of their house for identification? And they will know me there was no suspicion other than a strange neighbor who may just be crazy or disgruntled. Anyway, by the camera footage showed right the three officers brushing him ushering him into handcuffs away. Jennings later learned who the person called 911 knew him but didn't recognize him when she called the report. I know him but I only know him church. He wasn't in his church clothes. Because I have water and plants he don't water plants. He talks to God. I guess that was reason enough to I mean, you see some a lot in plants you call the cops, who breaks in the House who wants to plants and then causes crime and then commits a crime. I guess you know what? You know what? Let me know. You're gonna jump into that. laughing in disbelief during the encounter. The pastor tells the officers y'all are racially profiling me. And one officer says we're not racially profiling you. And he goes, Yes, you did. The officer of continuous No, sir. No, sir. We're not about that. Okay. A white resident then intervened and told the officers that Pastor Jennings lived next door and insisting that he was friends with the homeowner who had left earlier that day. So now we have a witness a white resident who lives next door Despite the woman vouching on him for him, and despite cops, saying that, you know, despite telling the cops that they are just friends, Jennings was still arrested and later charged. Interestingly enough, before I continue, the police didn't ask her for identification. How do they not? How do they know? She's a neighbor? How do they know that she's not also there with him committing a crime? Shouldn't they ask for identification? I mean, you could, you could argue the logic, right? You could argue it. Anyway, the pastor from a vision of Abundant Life Ministries was arrested in place in the backseat of the cop car. Despite again, the woman vouching for him. His mobile phone was also taken for him during the arrest. Does he have permission to be watering flowers, police asked the woman really, to which neighbor respond that he may because they are friends. And they went out of town today. And he may be watering their flowers, it would be completely normal. Police later learned that the specific suspicious car that was called in belong to another man. I mean, this is kind of ridiculous. I mean, you're just asking for trouble. If you pull up and you see somebody watering plants, you have a conversation with them and tells them that they okay. I mean, you could stick around and see what else happens. How long is it going to take this pastor to water plants? You could just park your car, eat your whatever coffee, whatever you're eating, and you know, watch this man water plan to go back to his house and he's doesn't have any identification on him. I mean, wouldn't that be the best thing to do before you cause a problem? And then you have someone vouching for him. So why even make it a deal? You have to make it a big deal. You have someone vouching for him? Keep it movin, let's go. Anyway, Jenny's wife and daughter later arrived to the scene to identify him as well. But he was later charged with obstruction of government operation wait what? He was later charged with obstruction of government operation, then get this a month later the charges are dropped. But get but now the pastor says you know what I spoke to some lawyers and now I want to file a discrimination lawsuit against the officers. He goes last night check watering roses ain't no crime. Following the ordeal, Jennings said that the emotional toll will take some time to recover from. According to the attorney, Harry Daniels, one of his attorneys, he's a pastor. He's a man of faith. But I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that what he's dealing with is very hard. A split moment he felt like his life could have been taken from him if he showed any resistance. Even though he was right in the video. The pastor feared leaving to get his ID from the house. From his own house, we're getting watches across the way and thought if he were to take off the cops might be might put a bullet in his back. When police asked Jennings to prove his identity, he refused since he knew he'd be it by hat. Wait a minute, listen to this. When police asked Pastor Jennings to prove his identity. He refused, since he knew because he has a background in law enforcement that he is not obliged to. Because he was not committing a crime and was on private property. Just like I said, that is true. That is the truth. That is the rules for all justice for all. There was no suspicion if he was like if he had to go in the house to turn the water on or to get the hose or go in the house or you know what I mean? Then there'd been suspicion like why are you in someone else's house and this is looks strange. I need to see some ID right there's you're out there watering. So what was he washed his car? What is that called? That's a problem. I mean, anyway, Daniel said that the video clearly show police the nine Jennings has rights and reveal to cops involved as Christopher Smith, J. Gable and Sergeant Jeremy Brooks. If you notice in the video, when a neighbor the white lady said he lived around there, they took her word as the gospel and the pastor who was preaching the gospel, they did not take his word at all. That's my point. They did not ask for her identification. They don't they did not question her. They didn't get she didn't get charged with obstruction. The attorney added a suit needs to be filed to prevent these things from happening and put in front of law enforcement and notice that they cannot intimidate or harass or abuse their powers. Daniel's told W RBC excuse me web RC these cases put law enforcement on notice and the country on notice that these types of interactions. Thank God that Pastor Jennings had a cool head. He didn't get aggressive or defensive in a sense and he complied when the officers grabbed them. That's what he's saying. It represents racial profiling and it represents law enforcement officers There's intimidating a person who actually understands and knows their rights. He didn't get a good, you know one person on the comment section if anyone wants to maliciously water my plants I would appreciate. It's funny. The lawsuit against the police department has not been filed. The department did not respond to any requests to comment. The wreck McAllen accord in a police chief for the children's bird Police Department told WV TM an investigation would be conducted. But meanwhile, Jennings's other attorney Bethany Embry Jones, said McKellen the chief may think the situation will be resolved by dropping the charges. This was a crime not a mistake. Joan said, I would hope that children's book Police Department would understand the difference. Well, here's the thing. Does he have a case? I would have said no. I would have said no. If the fact that they waited a month to drop the charges is kind of strange to me. The fact that they did not ask the woman, the white woman or whatever neighbor, for her identification is very strange to me very suspicious. There were three officers on the scene, not one of them said to each other. This is kind of strange. We have the body cam footage, something we have the audio in the squad car, suddenly, we can get the other other footage and audio as well. And we can really hear what happened on the way back to the station. And yes, luckily for him, he was not he was very cooperative. And this is something that I've been preaching to everyone, even if you're in the right. Be cooperative, be calm, and be collected, that you will have your day in court. If you are. Now if you're belligerent and you put up a fight and you resist, you may not have a day in court, you might have a day in a body bag, you know what I mean? Like you got to be calm and collected, you got to understand that there are rules to follow. And that yes, sometimes people break the rules. And sometimes those people breaking the rules are even the police. But you're not supposed to put up a fight against them. Because they number one they outnumber you. And number two, you can always have your day in court. And for Pastor Jennings, I'm hoping I'm glad that he's okay. I'm gonna grateful for that. I don't know if he has a case, you might have a case, I don't know how much money he'll get out of this. If that's what he's, I don't believe him going after money. As a pastor, I don't see him trying to collect anything. I think it's more of a message to let the city know that this was going on. And the only way and I agree with the lawyer that the only way this is going to happen is if they acknowledge it. And this chief messed up by saying it was a mistake by saying it's a mistake. That's a big statement. They should and you know, again, the whole that you add in the month, taking a month to drop charges, like bringing them back to the station and all that you shouldn't that should have never even occurred, especially when you have neighbors who are vouching for him. You know, it's just and what's to stop the officer from saying, Okay, you live over there, I will escort you back to your house to get your ID. But at the same time, he doesn't need to show ID he's right there. He he there was no crime being committed, there's no need to show ID. Now other people are going to probably argue with me and say, Well, you know, the situation he should have just went and got his ID and ended the story. But then I understand that as well. Because God forbid, you are in a situation where you can't get to your ID. Right. So then police is going to always assume that if you need to have an ID you're a criminal like I don't believe that. You know, because of what if the neighbor was two blocks away and he went to the neighbor's house two blocks away to to water the plants. The cops show up. He doesn't have to have his ID. The police immediately start putting him in cuffs. No, it should be there's no crime being committed. He's on private property. And there is no need for an identification check. That's the rule for all, not just black, white, whatever. That's the rule for everybody. And if you're going to FEMA again, they know the rules because they didn't ask the White Lady for her ID or the other neighbor for ID. They only asked him three cops. Maybe they were all just agreeing with each other. Maybe it was just one bad seed and they all just followed suit. But no, like I said, does he have a case he probably does have a case he probably can sue the city because he has a lot like I said one month they didn't drop the charges to chief saying it was a mistake. They brought him back to the station with people vouching for him for who he is. But you know, there was no crime being committed. They even later admitted that the neighbor was mistaking him you know, it was it was another Car under the person, not him that they were looking for. So why took a month to drop the charges? I don't know. You know, it's very strange. Again, I'll go I'll keep a keep an eye on this case this again, this is an Alabama very grateful that you know, thank God that he's safe and his family are safe and everyone's you know, there was no injury, nobody got hurt. But yeah, again it all comes down to staying calm and collective that includes being pulled over by the police. That includes any dealings with the police again, I cannot stress that enough. Right, everyone has good and everyone has bad days, right? And I'm not justifying the police's actions at all. But you are can only control yourself. You can't control how other people act or react. So control your emotions control your anger and I know you're upset. I know you're angry. I've been pulled over I've been accused many times. But you have to control yourself. Be respectful all times and live to see another day and again, that other day you live you can have your day in court. And you could settle it that way. Alright guys, think about that. It's a crazy story. It's interesting. Check out the video later tonight. I posted a new video on Tiktok today about the new California law going into effect tomorrow, where there will be all electric vehicles coming soon. I don't know how the grid is going to hold up. Check out that video. It's on Tik Tok at CJ Bronson show. You could always find me on Twitter at CJ Bronson show and my website CJ Bronson for the episodes video and audio. Alright, have a great day guys. Peace and Love y'all. Bye bye