Aug. 25, 2022

132 | 20 Million US Households Behind on Their Utility Bills!?

132 | 20 Million US Households Behind on Their Utility Bills!?
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Consider what’s happening in this country! I’m legit surprised that the number isn’t higher! But if my suspicions are correct. They might be much higher much sooner then I originally thought. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Thursday, August 25 2022. I hope you having a fantastic Thursday. It is still hot over here I got a go over 90 degrees, but we're pushing through. We're gonna push through Thursday, we got this, we got this. But today's episode, I want to talk about this article I saw, which is actually kind of eerie, because I spoke about my fears of prices skyrocketing because of the economy because of inflation because of gas prices. And I spoke about that in my tech talk. And I spoke about many times on the podcast. But I have to mention, because hey, it's in the news, Bloomberg News is reporting on it. So I'm going to talk about it. They're claiming that more than 20 million households will face quote, a tsunami of shut offs after falling behind on their utility bills as the price of electricity skyrockets. And they're claiming it's because of decades of high inflation. I don't think it's because of decades of high inflation. I think it has to do what happened during the pandemic, and after the pandemic. We are facing a greater problem right now, financially than we were before, to be honest with you, in my opinion, I see more and more people struggling today than they were during the pandemic, as far as finances are concerned, right? Because look how high inflation is it's affecting all sectors, from fruit from the grocery store, to the things you purchase every day, gasoline, everything is up, utilities are up, everything is up. So some bills people can't afford to pay, especially if they have this monstrosity of a house and they can't afford to pay it. So they put on the backburner. Well, eventually it's gonna have to get paid, or it's gonna get shut off. That's gonna cause major panic and major chaos in my opinion. But let's look at the article says. Since the pre pandemic era, the amount owed to utility companies has doubled for approximately one out of every six homes, one out of every six homes, the utility company utility prices have doubled for them. That's crazy. That's for the amount owed. State governments have imposed moratoriums on utility shut offs, as 10s of millions of Americans lost their jobs at the cost of the pandemic. Right, exactly. But a state's lifted the lockdown measures following the mass vaccination Dr. Records, record record levels of inflation put a stranglehold on the economy, driving up the cost of essential goods and services such as electricity, natural gas, fuel and groceries. Now a senior senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, said to Bill Bloomberg News that the soaring utility costs will trigger a tsunami of shut offs. The most recent Consumer Price Index report shows that electricity inflation rose by 15% in July, compared to the same period a year ago, the cost of electricity rose month over month by 1.9%. In July. Well, what happens, folks? I mean, this isn't rocket science. I don't believe people are home, where people are in the house. And when you're in the house, what are you doing, you're playing your Xbox, you're on Tik Tok, you're on your video game system, whatever your TV, you're using electronics, right? You're using it up watching TV, all that stuff takes up power. Or then you go out you buy an electric car, and you plug that in. So now everything is taking a toll. The grid has taken a toll more than more so than it was when you were not home, right? Because no one was everyone was out and about. So I could see it going up, will it go back down? I don't know, I don't believe prices for electricity will go back down. Because now and I'll tell you why. I think it's because the more they push the electric car movement, the more people are going to switch to electric cars, which is they're going to have to plug in at home. Right? Because eventually the charging stations are going to be overwhelmed. And it's going to be cheaper probably to charge at home than it is for these charging stations. So when you're charging at home, you're using your power that's going to put a strain on the grid. The more people who have the cars, the more strain on the grid, the more demand there is and the price goes up supply and demand, right classic supply and demand. And that's what's going to happen unless they switch to, you know, back to gasoline, which might be the way and I believe that would be a better way as far as as far as finances are concerned for the homeowner for the average person. I think a gasoline powered car is fine, as that's my opinion. I mean, these electric vehicles are great. I love Tesla. I've driven one I know. They're all I've rented one. They're all fantastic. I had a leaf before they're all great. They're all great until that battery goes. Once that battery goes and the batteries degrade as time goes on, the battery degrades and degrades very fast. 50,000 Miles 70,000 Miles, these batteries start to degrade. When they degrade, you get less range. So eventually you're gonna have to replace that battery. Placing that battery might cost more than the car. Replacing the battery might cost the same as a car. I don't know unless battery costs go down by the same point and the same How Why would you want to deal with that? When you have a vehicle for the same price that will last you twice as long? Because you're worried about the climate? And that's where we're at right now. Right? That's where we have to look at this as it is saving the climate really worth straining the country? And that's what's going to that's going to be I think, a big factor in a few years, maybe even next year. Right. The more that pushing this electric car movement, I spoke about ticked on tick tock, California is pushing it to be mandatory that all new cars are electric only or are or fuel not fuel efficient. What's it called? Was there zero emission? But, you know, other states want to apply that other democratic states want to Democrat own state wants to wants to copy that and mimic that agenda. And my argument with that is, well, what's gonna happen when China doesn't do that? Because China doesn't give a damn shot of burning everything they can to keep their country moving. So China, China doesn't do it. Is Russia doing that? I don't know. Is North Korea doing that? No. So what's gonna happen is America is going to be great, we're going to be Smog Free, great. But how far behind are we going to be? Because we switched over to electricity? And what's going to happen? Well, we have an issue where the grid is down, does that mean that you know, we're not going to have any generators not going to have any anything anything for backup? Right, what happens with the batteries catch on fire and they burn. But there's a lot of variables, a lot of unknowns that go into the system. Whereas the, the, you know, the time tested gasoline diesel engines last last a while, decades. On top of that, you have the jobs that those industries were creating. Now, they're all robotics. A lot of people are out of work, because they switched over to electric. Which again, I have no problem. I like Elon Musk. You guys know you've all been on the show. You know, I liked Elon Musk. I think he's a great person. I think he means well, for the most part. And you know, I think it's great what he's trying to do, but for us for our country to say we're going to go green, that doesn't mean deck and we're trying to save the climate when the rest of the world doesn't go green. If China which is a massive country, and Russia refuses to do it, then what are we doing here? We're going to end up focusing on the climate and then get left in the dust when Russia and China surpass us when it comes to manufacturing when it comes to jobs when it comes to you know, advancing we're gonna have what are we gonna have we're gonna have great batteries hopefully maybe one day after we mined the earth for everything for all the all the cobalt and all the ingredients magnesium whatever else we need we got a mat we have to mind the earth for it and have child labor do that. Never see those pictures child laborers go you know in the mineshaft? digging and digging in the sun, like $1 An hour they get the get cobalt for electric vehicles, batteries. That's what we want. I mean, so you're trading one good for the other like you know, you trade so the save the environment, we have to put kids through child labor that makes doesn't make any sense to me. And we don't even know if if it's guaranteed we're going to save the climate save the country was whatever save the environment by switching to electric there's no, there's no guarantee and that right there? We don't know. And again, we have the argument of China and Russia. They're not going to do it. Yes, China has Neo Yes, China uses electric vehicles. But from what from my understanding their factories are pumping out chemicals into the sky that I can't even pronounce. And you know, nor will I try. But let's get back to the article. I got a little rant there apologize about that. But you know, it is what it is right. Last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report indicating that inflation Rose 8.5%, down slightly from 9.1% in June. Analysts attribute the sharp the sharp price hikes to tightening supplies of natural gas, which is used to generate electricity. disruptions in the supply chain caused by the backs by the pandemic, as well as the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine have put pressure on the natural gas markets. And as of Thursday, midday, natural gas was trading at around 9.35 per metric million British thermal unit a year ago. Natural gas was less than half at 4.26. So soaring utility bills are coming at an inappropriate in appropriate moment, as hundreds of millions of Americans are forced to rely on energy intensive Air Conditioning to keep them cool during scorching heat waves this summer. I don't think it's the air conditioning. I truly don't think it's just the air conditioning You know, I, everyone's home. So everyone's home, they're like I said, to use the refrigerator using your TV using a dryer using this, everything is electric. And it has to go with the electric car, you're gonna argue with me and say that the electric car doesn't pull as much power from the grid. You know, because you charge at night you think everyone's charging at night, I drove around, I see a lot of cars plugged in during the day, they're not charging at night. And then you got to figure out look at electric car sales. Tesla's not the only only boy in the block now, right? Only person with skin in the game. There's Chevy, there's for all these other companies came out with their version of the electric car. All of these people are charging through the grid, all them plugging in through the charging station to get the level one level two charger a fast charger this and that. You know, and everyone's using it. Well, the supply and demand that's going to be massive, massive demand. And that's why I've truly believe the prices of electricity will continue to rise until people realize that, hey, we need an the keep gasoline cars. I don't know what to tell you. I don't I don't believe that. I think Electric is great. I think it should be you know, we live in a country where you're free to choose what religion or politics or policy what politics, or political person you follow. You're free to choose what restaurant you go to what you wear, you're free to freedom of speech. Right? We have favorite press, supposedly, I don't know if that still exists. But we used to when we have the right to bear arms to try and take that away too. But we have freedom. So why can't we have the freedom to decide whether we want to drive a gasoline car or an electric car, because some politician somewhere is going to claim that science says that we need to use electric vehicles to save the climate. I don't know. I don't think that's fair to say you have to go and purchase an electric vehicle you have to spend 50, grand 35, grand whatever, to buy an electric vehicle. And if you don't live in a place where you could charge it, you have to it's your responsibility to drive to someplace and charge it and youth pay that bill to charge it. Right. But in the world, how are we saving the environment when we when we have the mind the the environment to get the ingredients to make the battery? Do you understand like that doesn't make any sense to me. You can argue with me and say, well, gasoline, you're mining to shore you're mining oil, you're getting the oil, but you're not putting child children laborers out there. And potential dangerous scenarios, getting beaten and whipped. Literally literally, like slave labor. I don't know. That upsets me when I watch those kind of videos, you know, and like, you know, because I'm sure somebody's gonna out, be out there and flip it and be like, well, we have jobs. You know, I'd rather get paid $15 An hour working in McDonald's and then air conditioning, you know, if unlimited food, then be out there getting whipped in the hot sun for $1 an hour to shovel for some rich person to make, you know, the drive an electric car. I don't know. I just it's just it's just the upside down world I guess we're in right now. And sometimes it takes toll. its toll on me. Sometimes you don't drive around, you see kids playing and you think to yourself, well, you know, in a few years we're going to eat, is that even going to be allowed to be to play outside? And it sounds crazy, right? It sounds crazy, right? But I mean the way things are going they may put a curfew, they may say hey, seven o'clock go indoors safer that way. Right? They wanted to fund this and the fun that they may have to make a curfew now and in the future. Rather than say, Listen, it's dangerous outside don't go outside, they indoors. Stay indoors from this time to this time. Philadelphia has a curfew. I think it was 10 o'clock for under 18. And people still violated it and but that's one of the first major cities that I can remember recently they have one it's crazy. It's, it's crazy to think about that. That's what that's what could happen to this country so fast that like you know, went from I'm gonna go down the block and you can just ride your bike down the block and middle of the day, no problem. Leave your bike on someone else's lawn, you know, hang out with them, their doors always open. Your door was always open to now it's like you if you go down the streets by yourself. You're you. You know, I need to know when you get there. I need to talk to the person who's there. And we didn't gotta make sure there's a supervisor, you know, an adult watching you. It could be 1560 like my son, for example. If he goes anywhere, I gotta I usually go with him. Just because I cannot depend on you know, another parents supervising my son I just I just can't I don't have that trust. Call me be paranoid, call me whatever you want. But hey, that's what I feel like you have to do, you have to do that. I mean, these days, I, you know, me I do all these articles I hear about all the time, I had no idea my daughter was, was on her phone communicating with some sexual predator, why didn't you know? I'm gonna my whole point, I guess my my rant got a little crazy. But the whole point is that like, this is all about control. And they come out with a way to control the people. And I truly believe this climate thing is another way of control. They're gonna say, Listen, you got to do this for the environment, it's the right right thing to do. If you don't do that, then you're a bad person. And they're going to make it seem like, you know, they might even turn around and have like, some kind of almost a it's a hate crime. But it's some kind of, you know, pushback where people start vandalizing gasoline powered cars, oh, how dare you ruin the earth, your destroyer, you don't care about our climate, you know, and they can just have us fighting each other. Until you just fed up and say, You know what, screw it, I'm gonna go get an electric car. Or they can do what California does and just mandated that. And now I mentioned California, that they're pushing for all new cars to be electric. And they're not forcing you to buy electric, right. But what they're not telling you what I'm afraid to even mention, is they're not saying that they're going to keep gas stations in California. Right? So great. You can have your like your gasoline powered car, keep a gasoline powered car. What if they turn around and say, going forward? No more gas gas stations allowed in California, only charging stations, that what are you gonna do, you're gonna be sitting there with your gas powered car. And you're not be able to fuel it, forcing you to have to go electric, that could be an option. That can be a massive option. And that's my prediction. I don't know I mentioned the beginning of the show. This is my prediction of what's going to happen. They're going to mandate number one, they're going to mandate electric all new cars to be electric. That's number one. Number two, they're gonna phase out gas stations. Right? But before they phase out gas stations, they're gonna give you one last chance to get an electric car, they're gonna say, Listen, trade in your gas will never Cash for Clunkers, that a program where you could trade in any, any any car, and you get x amount of dollars towards a new car, they may start bringing that back traded in, will give you so what, five grand off of electric car. See how that goes. That still doesn't work. There's still gasoline cars on the street. Or they may just phase out gas pumps altogether a year or so later. Ultimately, they're going to phase out gas stations force you to go electric one way or another. I truly believe that's the way and what's the purpose? Is it really for the climate? No, I think it's because they want to be able to turn your car on or off remotely. Your bad boy, you'll go nowhere. Shut it down. Where have you traveled CJ? Well, you traveled from here to here. You've been traveling to here here a lot. Looks like you've been putting in 200 miles a week. You know what, that's too much. Here's a bill for driving 200 miles per week over you're allowed to have allocated time allocated distance. They may do that. And they will, or they can just shut you down for being a bad citizen. You know, remotely OnStar had that technology years ago. So but some of these old gasoline cars they don't even you know, they don't have that ability to connect to the internet or connected to the grid or whatever. So you can't shut those down. But what you can do was shut down everything else that it needs, like gas stations. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong. But my gut tells me that I'm right. Because that's what people would do to control their citizens. To make people dependent on the government, to make them be good citizens and to obey. They would do something like that. But I'm also crazy, cool, paranoid kinda high. Somewhat, but is what it is as my Thursday rant. Hope you have a great day guys. I'll definitely talk to you soon. And don't forget I love y'all. Alright, hit me up on Twitter at CJ Wrotham show the websites at CJ Bronson And of course tick tock the same thing at CJ Bronson show. Alright peace y'all. Bye bye.