Aug. 28, 2022

#135 | Handicapped Man Shot How Many times by Officer? Excessive or Justified?

#135 | Handicapped Man Shot How Many times by Officer? Excessive or Justified?
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A man in a wheelchair left the store with an alleged stolen toolbox. When asked for a receipt things became INSANE! Is it safe to go outside anymore? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What's going on guys today? Sunday, August 28 2022. I hope you're having a fantastic Sunday. I know the weekend flew by. I'm sorry. I can't control how fast the weekend goes. I can't. I can barely control myself. And you know, the times I do I feel like I'm not doing a good job. I feel like I'm failing even at that, but I must proceed. I must push forward and you guys should do the same. You know, don't let yesterday prevent you from being awesome. Tomorrow. Oh, that's a good one. Right? Let's just talk about that. Don't let the failures of yesterday prevent you from achieving greatness tomorrow. Damn, son, you saw that I just came up with that. Sometimes. You know what happens? Sometimes? It's artistic. I said artistic. Not autistic, artistic. My son's autistic. But you know, anyway. But today's episode, you're going to be torn. You're going to be torn because I'm torn. I've read the story a couple times. I've seen the footage. I'm I don't know what to think. I don't know who's right. Who's wrong? You know, I go to the comments and the story. I'm going to ask you guys to comment on the story because you know, everyone has their own experience in life. And maybe your experiences will determine your reaction. And maybe your reaction will be justified. And maybe you won't, you know, maybe you got to eliminate emotion out of this story. But this story takes us to Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, where police or police officer is in trouble. He's in trouble because he was working off duty. He was off duty. He was working a security guard at a Walmart. Right? It's got to make some extra money. You know how it is. Times are tough, and he's working as a security guard and Walmart or one of his associates hits him up and says, Listen, we got to do it over here who might be stealing a toolbox keep an eye out. So he's like, What does he look like? Well, you can't miss him. Cuz my man is in a wheelchair. So you're like, Okay, well, he's in the wheelchair. Let's see what happens. So his associate and the officer His name is Officer Richards Excuse me, officer Remington Ryan Remington officer Ryan Remington and as associate follow the suspect to the parking lot. Now the suspect. The suspect is Richard Lee Richards. He is that is his name not making that up. He's 61 years old, his name some parents of his decided upon Richard Lee Richards as his name I don't know. If it was a joke, or maybe you know, that was popular name Richard Lee or Richard? I don't know. But Richard Richards. Richie Rich over here. He 61 years old victim of fortunately. Well, he went he went out to the parking lot where he was met with Ron Remington and his partner his associate rather, and he says, Listen, where is this toolbox? sees the toolbox. There he goes. Listen, show me the receipt for the toolbox. Richards brandishes a knife, and he goes listen, here's the receipt. He then moved toward a nearby Lowe's ignoring all warnings not to go. If you want me to put down the knife, you're going to have to shoot me. He reportedly told Remington as Richards began to enter the shop. Officer Remington warned do not go into the store, sir. Again, this is according to body camera footage that another officer had who arrived on the scene. Remington then open fire on the suspect. Keep in mind, he's in a wheelchair. Keep in mind, he has a knife and he's entering a store with potential other victims. Here's the tricky part. Here's the problem. The officer shoots him nine times. And you could say well, CJ, you know, maybe he was needed. And it's gonna sound absolutely horrible. What I'm about to say but you got to think about a nine times right? I mean, let's say he's paralyzed, and you shoot him in the leg the first two or three times. I mean, obviously he's not going to feel it right. He's going to keep moving, rolling. Rather. I'm not I'm not trying to make a joke. I'm not trying to be like, you know, insensitive. I'm trying to be real. Let's be real. He's in a wheelchair. And he's rolling towards the entrance of Lowe's going into Los stop where I'm going to shoot you shoot some kind of pop, pop pop, he kicks mall and because you know, his legs are bleeding, but he doesn't feel that should anyway, he hasn't felt whatever, anyway, and it continues to roll so you gotta keep shooting. And he has a knife and who knows. You know, I don't know someone who's just gonna stand there and get knives when you can just run a wheelchair. I don't know why the two of them couldn't just apprehend somebody in a wheelchair. Three of them now because you had the cop as the associate and then the other cop who arrives on the scene why you couldn't just Taser him. Maybe none of that crossed their mind. Maybe he was rolling out a 10 speed and they thought that I I don't know, he would be able to like, roll and stab or something. Like some kind of like crazy. Like the Medieval Times thing when they ride the horse and they have like the poker thing or whatever it's like a javelin. Maybe like that. Maybe that's where they were thinking it was gonna happen. You know, I don't know. This is kind of weird. Let me not talk about this anymore. So, yeah. So after they fired, he fired nine times. Security camera shows Richard slumping over virtually Richard slumping over and falling out of his wheelchair onto the ground. Remington then puts him in handcuffs was shot nine times and put him in handcuffs. Well, maybe that's procedure? You know? I don't know. Well, it took place on November 29. And recently, he was served Ryan Remington was served with a summons on Thursday. According to the Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, they spacing between three to 12 and a half years in prison if convicted. John Bradley, a lawyer for the family of the 61 year old victim originally Richards says he will be filing a separate civil lawsuit in the coming weeks. Now, again, this is probably a manslaughter charge, he was probably going to face three to 12. He's probably gonna get that sentence because he did fire nine times. But I leave it to you folks. What do you think? Let's think about this case. Let's let's talk about it. Guys. Let's talk about we're family. We're friends. We could talk about no judgment here. There's no judgment. On the one hand, the officers doing his job. You stole something from the store. I asked you for the receipt. Let's say you didn't have a receipt. Why didn't you show the receipt, you don't have a receipt, you stole it? You show a knife. Instead, you are immediately you immediately go to the offensive defensive. I don't here's my receipt right here. He takes out a knife, right? Let's just say, you know, takes out a knife. Here's my receipt. Now the officer is gonna be like, oh, what else? He doesn't know what other weapons you have? On you. Right? He doesn't know maybe the knife was the fastest thing you can grab. We don't know what else he's has. On that wheelchair of his right. We don't know if he's crazy enough to, to pull a knife out over a receipt or stolen toolbox. And basically say a threat. Here's your receipt. What else is he going to do? So I understand that point. On the other side. I don't understand why the two of you, him and his associate, could not disarm the wheelchair man. Virtually Richard's a 61 year old man. I mean, I don't know how old the associate is. I'm assuming he's not 61. I'm assuming you know, maybe I'm assuming too much. Maybe. Maybe that's the problem. But But he says not to go on to the store. You still roll? Sorry. You still proceed to go towards the store? Go into the store go close enough. Where it could be you could be a threat to other people. Why didn't he just shoot the wheelchair? I don't know. It's good question. It could have shot the wheelchair. I mean, he's handicapped. How far could he have gotten? I mean, I've never seen someone drag themselves to a stabbing to stab someone. I mean, it's possible. I guess it's 2022. Anything's possible. You know. I don't know what what the thing about this? I mean, the fact that he's gonna get another guy to talk about a simple civil lawsuit. I don't know. You know, at the same time, I see the family's point of view like he's handicapped, older, handicapped man. Maybe he's off his meds, this and that. But I mean, if you're off your meds or whatever the story is or intoxicated, you arrived to the store. You got yourself if I'm in a wheelchair, somebody you drove to the store, you went into the store, you picked up the toolbox here and you're intoxicated enough to do that, or whatever the story may be, you were sober enough to get a toolbox, put it on your wheelchair and roll your ass out and even coherent enough to threaten the knife and save again, you know, you're gonna have to shoot me. Here's my receipt right here. So you weren't completely belligerent like you were completely out of it. You were you were coherent enough, like I said to to put up a have a dispute. I have an issue with the police with multiple police officers to police officers and then the associate On the other hand, I do see the family saying, well, why'd you have to shoot him nine times? Why couldn't you just tase him? Why couldn't you take away his wheelchair? You know, he could have put like a brick in front of it. And game over, you know, if you're going to Lowe's, gonna grab a couple two by fours and built like, you know, just slid the two by four, like, you know, I look. And now you jam the wheelchair, you ain't going nowhere. What's the story now? Are you gonna tell us? Right, you could have done many other things, but your instincts were to shoot. And the other officer who arrived on the scene, why didn't the other officers are doing? It's going to be interesting to see what the other officer if he is going to be facing any charges because he did not. What did he do besides provide the body cam? Like he didn't do anything to prevent a possible murder or manslaughter? It's tough. Let's go to the comments and see what people are saying in the comments. Let's let's see what other people say. Like I said, everyone has their own story, maybe here we go. Here's a good one. I retired after 29 years on the NYPD, you will not find a bigger supporter of the police. But I watched a video and the cop was wrong to open fire. Deadly physical force should only be used as an absolute last resort to prevent death or serious injury. And there are no other alternatives. This dude was rolling away in a wheelchair. And he shot him nine times. If we want police to get the benefit of the doubt and close situations we need to be willing to admit when they clearly messed up like in this case is this person's name is Scott. Well, Scott, I agree with you. And that's coming from the NYPD, NYPD officer 20 plus years on the force. I salute you, sir. Thank you for your service NYPD, arguably one of the toughest police if not the toughest police officers around and they deal with a lot of shit and they currently are. And you know, so I, I agree with him. Again, this is speaking from someone who has 20 plus years experience here. So he would know more than an average person like myself. But someone replies, says Listen, the suspect was also entering the store with a deadly weapon, and was ordered not to enter the premises. In addition, the suspect had already stated, if you want me to put down the knife, you're going to have to shoot me. He was refusing to cooperate. Then someone else by the name of let's go Brandon says Who cares if he was in a wheelchair or not. He threatened the cop with it. And then when Ben was going into another store, we could have stabbed someone which I said, also, who knows if this guy even needs a wheelchair, he could have just been using it. Well, that's a good point too. Those are all good points. According to reports, Richards is a convicted felon and has done prison time for burglary, armed robbery and attempted first degree murder and was released in 2018. but who's counting? Now the person says the man who watched the video the man was driving away from him trying to go into another store when the officer opened fire. I support the police. Well, that's gonna be interesting if that's true with what this person is saying that Richards ritually Richards is a convicted felon, and has done prison time for burglary, armed robbery and attempted first degree murder. And it was released in 2018. Then perhaps he is suffering from some kind of mental mental illness or perhaps he is just a bad person. It's going to be interesting. Hopefully, the police officers defense is able to use that in their in their argument to defend the officer are the ones once officer former officer, because that's vital information. Right? May he might have gotten this person might be right he might have like I said he who knows what he was capable of that night, maybe he is off his meds, maybe you know, and the family is just trying to, you know, make the best of the situation. Who knows? Who knows? Hopefully, like I said, the team rod Remington looks into this this case and I'm gonna post an update about this because I'm curious now I did not look into that his record I should have. But I just you know, again, I I apologize. I assume I saw the wheelchair I saw 61 years old. I'm like, Dude, you could have just barricaded his wheelchair you could have you could have, you know, barricaded you know, blocked it or put some kind of stopper, you know, break a two by four something pipe anything at Lowe's would have prevented him from moving forward or backwards wherever you block it. But now, Scott has a good point where if he gets up and runs away, well, then you know, but I'm assuming that if he's rolling from Walmart all the way to Lowe's in the parking lot, I'm not thinking that he could walk I'm thinking something is you know, but who knows? Who knows these days? That's a store. What do you guys think? Do you guys think it doesn't matter? That's his prior record matter. At this point, let's say he has a record. Let's say he has pre priors, right? But he's we're talking about Now, right that was 2018 He's out, supposedly allegedly doesn't matter. Or he's in a wheelchair. He did. Let's say you serve time he did everything this person saying he did. Does that make a difference? Is the officer still wrong for shooting nine times? Is he still wrong for murdering him? I don't know. Because I do believe that there was other options, Taser mace, blocking a wheelchair. Two of you could have tackled him three of you could have tackled him. Hit him in the head with something, you know, you know, just pushed him over. You know, if there's a student wheelchair Sorry, man, you guys could have done something other than shoot not this guy's shooting him nine times. The other officer just stood there. Should the other officer be charged something should he be accountable for being there? I mean, is he his job is to protect and serve. He really didn't do anything. But check out the footage. I'll put it later Later today on my Twitter. I got to keep keep working here and get some money in and let me know what you think. Comment below. Hit me up at CJ Bronson show again on Twitter at CJ Bronson at CJ Bronson show on Tiktok CJ Bronson. You got the video. You got the audio. Everything is there. You guys have a fantastic Sunday. I'll definitely talk to you soon. Don't forget I love y'all. Oh, and remember, keep your head on a swivel. Be aware. Be alert. You gotta be alert of everybody man. Dudes walking in the parking lot eating Cheetos. Another person on a wheelchair. You gotta be ready. Like if something you know what I mean? Just get just be ready at all times. If you gotta go out the house. Just be ready. Please just be safe and be safe. All right. Take care, guys. I love y'all. Peace.