Aug. 29, 2022

#136 | Anonymous Trafficker Claims Children’s Organs are Harvested and Bodies Stuffed with Drugs!

#136 | Anonymous Trafficker Claims Children’s Organs are Harvested and Bodies Stuffed with Drugs!
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To maximize profits, the cartel is allegedly harvesting children’s organs & filling their bodies with drugs to import into the US --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Monday, August 29 2022. I hope you're having a fantastic Monday. But it's hot. It is hot at seven over here in Jersey. And I have to tell you about the story. I'm gonna jump right into it because I saw it. I'm like, Yo, I got to talk about this. You know, we talked about the border a lot. We talked about how really, it's an open border. Let's be real. Let's be let's say what it is. It's an open border. People are coming in. We know Governor Abbott is busing people, migrants to New York City. And New York City is using tax dollars to put them up in hotels, supply them with cell phones, and clothing. And we have articles for that. That's all proven it's none of its, you know, conspiracy theory, none of this nonsense. It's been reported on photos, video, everything. Let me adjust this like this. Just you. Okay, that made it worse. Hold on one second, trying to get this camera just right, boom. Okay. Does that make it worse? I don't know. Anyway. But what we're not talking about, and besides the drugs coming in the people coming in, is we're now talking about what's really being smuggled in. What it's kind of crazy. Once you really understand what else is really coming through or back and forth through that border. It really is crazy. So let's talk about so a Central American human trafficker said that cartels, this is inside leak, right, cartels are harvesting children's organs, and stuffing drugs in their corpse as part of their illicit and profitable cross border operations. Again, this is all according to an anonymous trafficker. It was revealed on in Fox News by Sarah Carter, the videos available interview and everything, you know, so I don't want you to go ahead and say, oh, you know, I'm spending, I've heard no rumors, I'm just reporting on what was already reported on. And I'm just telling you guys, because you probably didn't hear back because I didn't hear about it. So imagine what this guy is saying. This guy is saying, they're taking the children's organs out, harvesting the organs, right? Stuffing drugs into the corpse. This is someone's baby. These are someone you know, these somebody's kids, instead of sending them home to be properly buried, or properly, you know, cremated whatever. They're using them as a means to transport drugs, and Lord knows what else I'm assuming just drugs. And then they harvest the organs and they're selling the organs as well, because that's a big thing on the black market. Right? It's in most cases, they wanted to sell their organs. So that is the reason they take children, right. Sometimes they take out the organs, and they fill the body with drugs so they can take it through the border, wealthy people across the globe, are purchasing the organs through unauthorized clinics. Again, this is all according to the anonymous trafficker. And it kind of makes sense if you think about it. We know organ trafficking has been happening. I mean, I've reported on this before Planned Parenthood has been caught a few times behind the scandal. There's many reports about it. There's I don't remember his name off the top of my head. But if I think about I'll post it in the description if I remember, he reported on it. How Planned Parenthood doctors were purposely selling fetuses aborted fetuses on the black market for profit, and a little extra money. And it's sad. It truly is sad. It's heartbreaking. Again, it's somebody's baby here. Anyway, the trafficker said children are used because they yield high profits. They just care about the money, says the trafficker guards to the cartels. You know, they just look at the money cartels just care about the money. They don't have emotions involved. They don't care about who they're hurting. They don't care about the kids, the families, none of that shit matters to these cartels. This is what this anonymous trafficker saying. Sexual predators also buy children from the cartels. Oh, so that so we kind of knew this. We knew that the kids were being trafficking trafficking did trafficking did trafficked through the border and being sold as slaves. Right. We knew this. And I mean, former President Donald Trump was trying to put a stop to this. That's the whole idea of really securing the borders in my opinion. I think he really didn't want to put an end to it. But I believe now it's getting, if not already, worse than what it was. Let's let's keep looking into it and see. I've heard that some people in places have very specific things that they like certain nationalities or certain age groups. So the cartels are looking for the people going around, and what they spot some someone and when they spot someone with those characteristics, they tend to take them Wow. It's like they're shopping. You know, like they're window shopping. Well, the window shopping for certain characteristics is what this person is saying. So maybe, you know someone's in the market for like, you know, a kid with black eyes brown hair or something and I'll pay extra for that. Isn't like just think just thinking about that. It's like, oh my God, you have a kid of your own or if you're, you know, just think about it like, you know. Man I don't want I want to think about it, but I can't even put it into words. It's just so horrifying. It's so terrible. It's so really disgusting that people are doing these things with kids and they have no shame, no. No moral compass, no regard and no, man. It's like, I'm trying not to lose faith in humanity, because I know not everyone is the same, but I'm really it's like, every every time I report on these things, these kinds of things. It's like I'm slowly slowly losing faith in humanity. I really am. Guatemalan President Alejandro de matar good. Matej told The Daily Caller news foundation in June, that smugglers have exploited the Biden administration's confusing immigration messaging, and use children to easily cross into the United States illegally. This is the Guatemalan president. Quote right now. There has been confusion with the messages, when they say we are going to codify all the children who have the parents who have their parents here, what the coyotes say. There is not what the coyotes say there is not convenient for them, the migrants, let's see, grab the children and come that child may be related. He may not be related. Wanting a child is the coyotes way of manipulating people. This is the freaking Guatemalan President people saying like, you know, this is what's going on with the border right now. When does it end? US Customs and Border Protection. The C B P authorities have encountered over 1,900,000 migrants so far 128,845 of which are unaccompanied children at the southern border since October. And two months it'll be a year that over two is going to be over 2 million. Or yeah, one mil 1.9 million is going to be over 2 million guys. What do we do? Why do you end this shut the border down? Do you just shut it down? Just say we got to stop. Instead of even doing a background check. I think just stop. Is that the way? Right? What do we do? We can't put them all in cages. Right? Because even though the Biden administration or sorry, the Obama administration, were the ones who built the cages. That was inhumane when Trump utilized them. And I my opinion, he utilized them in a good way. Because you know, we had a pandemic going on, and we have to separate people so they don't get sick. And I don't know. And I mean, here we are spending billions and millions of dollars millions and billions of dollars overseas and Ukraine, on our open border here is just getting destroyed. And if we have the money to send to not even an ally, which is Ukraine. Why don't we have the money to send to Mexico, Mexico was in such disarray. And such a chaotic state. Why don't we use even half the money that we sent to Ukraine to Mexico to help those people? Right? I mean, if we're all part of one continent, the North America treaty, right, we have the we have the Canada that we have Mexico of us, we're one continent, why don't we all help each other in on this continent? And then once this continent is fine, we go up we go elsewhere, if we have the funds, I mean, you should be married America first. Right. But we have a lot of stuff, you know, being made in Mexico that gets sold here, right? So technically, really, Mexico should be is an ally. Why are we not helping our allies, but we're helping Ukraine? Nobody's questioning that I'm assuming or maybe the the answers or the questions aren't being answered whatever. But it's just like more money keeps getting funneled towards that direction, when it should be going south. And if we have money to give to certain organizations like the IRS and to expand the budget without the FBI and, you know, continue to funnel money and funds into different programs like the climate environment and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Evie, wind turbines solar, like we're able to put money in all these other programs, but we don't put money in people's lives in their in their livelihood. Like I What's the point of having a clean environment? If there's no one? Here to enjoy it? Right. I mean, is that correct? Is that is that the mind? Is that a radical thought? No, I, we're sending guns and ammo and money, and we still get a lot, we still don't have baby formula, we still don't have like, you know, we're still our inflation is through the roof. It's not going down. I don't care what anyone tells me. I may be facetious, I'm joking around saying we're at 0% interest, inflation, because that's what they want us to believe. That's what they're saying. Right? We have a voting system that still needs to be analyzed, we got to get ready for midterms coming up, we got to make sure the voting system, whatever we're using is, is 100% operational without any flaws. And I'm hoping it doesn't mean the minion is back. Because the minion did not answer many questions, they didn't even show up really to court, they wouldn't even give us the passcode to get into the computers. I mean, there's a lot going on, and the even the easiest things that I mean, the easiest, but the simplest tasks, I guess you could say that send money to the south, reinforced the border, let's put you know, these will create jobs, you build a border back, you hire more Border Patrol agents, build the wall stronger, more efficient. You know, you can even charge fees for people to be as they're waiting for the proper approval, they can be paying to have to pay for a field they got to pay for a driver's license, gotta pay for passport, when they gotta pay should be paying more for this. If you want it so bad, you're gonna pay. And if you want to expedite, you pay more there, this will bring in revenue. You're bringing in a kid, alright, half off or whatever. You know, like, at least this way, there's some kind of paper trail, we're able to understand who these people are. I understand everyone from the south coming in the border is not bad. They're not all bad people, but some of them are some of them. Some of them are gang members. Some of them are not even from Mexico or from South America. Some of them are from other countries, like Russia, like Saudi Arabia, like India, like all these other countries. And we're not our solution is to just turn a blind eye and say, Well, the issue is not that the issue is the climate. The environment, we got to worry about electric cars. We got to worry about electric cars and what Putin is doing all the way across the globe. When right here at home. We have people dying on the streets, overdosing on fentanyl. fentanyl laced this fentanyl laced that. And here we have an insider somebody who's saying I know this firsthand. This is what's happening. Fox News is reporting on it. I have not even seen it on Twitter, on Reddit anywhere. They should be like front page news. In my opinion. Here we have somebody leaking information from the cartels from the inside saying this is what's happening. Instead of sending the FBI there whomever organization to the border DEA, ice to let's really look into this matter. Doesn't even hit the news news waves. doesn't even get on the radio. I listen to the am radio, listen to FM radio. I'm on I'm driving around, I'm looking at different stuff. I don't really hear about this, that you guys hear about this. Maybe that's the idea. Maybe they don't want you to hear about this. Maybe that's it. They don't want. I'm not trying to fear monger, nothing, man. I'm trying to let you guys know what, for whatever reason. They don't want you to know for whatever reason this is not being reported on. Like at this point. I don't care what Lindsey Graham's comment is about the Trump raid. I mean, that's how long ago was this? You know, it happened? It sucks. You know, it's crazy happened to a former president. But there's, we write there's other things happening in the news. And it's like, it's almost makes me feel like they're distracting us with one thing so they could do something behind the scenes. And maybe that's what is they have a tendency and by they I mean the government has a tendency to do that. Hopefully I'm wrong. But I mean, according to this article. It's not being shown anywhere. I think I'm right You guys, let me know what you think in the comment section below this surprises. This surprised me. Like I knew they were trafficking kids for like, you know, obviously for sex trafficking and all this stuff, which is, of course horrible, but they had no idea that they were doing the organ, you know, selling the organs of the black market and filling the bodies with chocolate guts. Wow that's horrible man could imagine being the Border Patrol agent. You already like, you know, no one really likes you at this point and the government that kind of already defunding you guys a lot of them quit resigned. And you find these bodies and you're thinking, Okay, well, this is horrible. Then it comes to find out that they're filled with drugs, and the organs have been sold. And it's your responsibility to reignite the this corpse, child corpse just being real with the parents. And then you got to explain to the parents what happened. Man, I would want that job. You couldn't pay me enough. And sorry, I had to tell you, I don't like to bring sad news on a Monday, especially on a Monday because we all need to be uplifted during the beginning of the week, but I wanted to report it because I'm sure tomorrow is gonna be a new day and tomorrow's gonna have new news. So all right, let me know what you guys think in the comment section. Again, like comment, subscribe, hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. The new Tik Tok video was out at CJ Bronson Show. Check that out. It's pretty, pretty funny in my opinion. pretty disgusting people and people and gross and CJ Bronson For all the audio all the video of all these episodes. I got to stop putting these up on YouTube. I'm slacking there, but all the audio and video is on CJ Bronson. You can play it right from the website. Alright guys, keep your head on a swivel. Be safe. Again, get the message out what I'm doing here. I'm just trying to send a message right? I'm just trying to deliver a message. So help me send the message out by sharing this to everyone you know. That's it. Alright. Have a great day guys. Don't forget I love y'all. Alright. Peace.