Aug. 30, 2022

#137 | Aspiring Waitresses Tricked into Forced Prostitution?!

#137 | Aspiring Waitresses Tricked into Forced Prostitution?!
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For about a decade, illegals have applied to be a waitress when they showed up for the interview they found out that the only thing they’d be receiving is the tip. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Tuesday, August 30 2022. I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday, happy Taco Tuesday, tequila Tuesday, whatever it is, but we got a couple more days today and tomorrow. And then the month is over August is done. And you might not be excited. I mean, I'm somewhat excited only because the weather would be cooler. I mean, school starts I gotta get my get up earlier for my son, but you know, it is what it is. It is what it is. I'd rather have the cool weather so I don't have to run the air conditioner, it's less gas that I get to use. Speaking of which, check out the Wawa app, the the deal is back where it's 15 cents a gallon if you use the app, and if you're near to a Wawa, I highly recommend it. Their prices are very competitive. Plus their food is awesome. I mean, who doesn't like Walmart and get anything you want inside anyway. Not a sponsor. I'm just saying. But I saw this episode I saw this article I had to talk about on this episode because I talked about New York a lot Governor hotel bringing in illegals migrants, you know from the buses from Texas from Governor Abbott. She's getting them off the buses and putting them in hotel rooms, clothing them feeding them all that stuff. Well, this lady this woman has been doing her own program. Apparently she's been doing it for a while. And this program. Well, it offers other options. It does things a little bit differently than gov cultural does. And I have not heard about it. So you guys let me know if you have this woman Her name is Yuri Seney. Gomez, that's why s e n n i You're sending Gomez. Well, according to this, hundreds of women may have fallen prey to this New York sex trafficker who learned some victims through bogus online ads for waitressing gigs, quote, air quotes, waitressing gigs, and a sprawling operation that according to officials, dates back a decade. Federal investigators are looking for this woman. Apparently, she's been targeting newly arrived Spanish speaking immigrants to get them into forced prostitution in Westchester County, and the Bronx. She's multibuy counties she's jumped with in Westchester County and the bunch is going everywhere. She's expanding her operation. And she's been doing it for a decade and honestly, she's probably making more money now than ever, because there's more more. Workers, I guess you could say more victims, victims, I guess you'd say victims. It's forced prostitution, so I'm assuming its victims. Let's see what happened here. So Gomez, who supposedly again, this is all allegedly right. Allegedly this woman, you Steny Gomez, she's 39 years old. She was charged in the Southern District of New York earlier this month, with sex trafficking by means of force and the related interstate commerce crime in connection to one alleged victim, an undocumented Venezuelan woman, according to a criminal complaint against her. Now authorities are still looking for other potential victims with the FBI saying listen, hundreds of women are of unknown ages may have been trafficking, trafficked by the alleged ringleader. Think about that you're 39 years old. You're bilingual clearly. And you could get a job anywhere she decides to open up her own business that business is prostitution, forced prostitution, and expands her business over the course of a decade from the from the Westchester County to the Bronx, or vice versa. Anyway, she's in both cities, both at both areas. I mean, that's that all goes unnoticed for a decade. I mean, that's kind of strange, unless some high li government officials or maybe someone with high power is a customer and are able to keep things on the low low. Or maybe they're financing the whole operation. Who knows? I don't know. We don't know. We just know what we're told. And even that we don't really know right? What we believe and then it's the FBI so take that with a grain of salt. We believe that there are likely many more victims FBI Supervisory Special Agent Brendan Kelly told the New York Post this operation could have been going on for as many as 10 years. Now investigators say Gomez allegedly advertised allegedly advertised How do you think that you advertised it? Think she advertised it on billboards? Now? She allegedly advertised her flesh trade in online ads possibly using the business name Chico's express with the name and the logo. Chicas Express. Not chick as the girl not Chico's you know, local Chico's not Chico's on the way no Chico's Express right to you right to you. Kelly noted that some 1600 at one time 1600 ads promoting prostitution on websites like Facebook and Mega are potentially linked to Gomez. Now it's I think it's funny that Facebook has marked number one. Facebook with all your fact checkers with all you people there that are so quick to block this person banned. This person suspended this person. Where are you when this woman next Chico's Express is over here with all these victims. All of these people in forced prostitution? I guess you don't have a you're too busy fact checking, you know, whatever Magga Trump's stuff. Is that what it is? I mean, I mean, this is kind of important if this these are victims. I mean, I don't know but in the case against her Gomez is accused of tricking the Venezuelan woman into believing she was interviewing for a waitressing job at a Manhattan restaurant in June. This sounds like it's gonna sahab this sounds like a bad poor. No. This is this. Come on in. Let you know we're gonna do an interview. You're going to be a waitress, you're going to be serving customers. Wink serving customers serving them. What Don't worry, we'll talk about that. We'll talk about that later. Let's work on tips. We'll keep that in mind. Venezuelan woman believing that she was interviewing for a waitressing job at a Manhattan restaurant that shocked the restaurant. I wonder how that interview went? Like? Did you go to the restaurant sit down? Have a meal would you order? You know, we've got a lot of questions. Is it a business right off? I mean, there's you have Chico's Express, like, you know, business card and she's like writing off these meals as a lunch expense is an expense. These are questions that go through my mind. When I see these articles. I want to see I wish we had video again, video is so important. Without video. It's just one person's word over another. And unfortunately, I know people don't like to believe this. But everyone lies. Male woman, others. They all lie. Sorry, the truth just telling you what maybe you don't want to hear and maybe you know, you don't want to admit it. Everyone lives so the video won't lie. I want to see this interview. I want to see her qualifications and what she if she had to audition I mean if she had to prove like, you know, like, did she have to show her qualifications? Nevermind all that sounds gross and dirty. Because I should have said anything. This is horrible. I take it back. Anyway, after the initial bogus interview, the woman showed up to the restaurant, but was told by Gomez to get into a car. Oh, didn't even get a meal. Didn't even get into he probably showed up to the restaurant hungry too. Because I know when I'm nervous, I don't eat anything because you know, I don't want to get like bubble guts or whatever, get nervous. So I show up. I'm not with an empty stomach. I'm like I'm going to a restaurant that probably won't give me my first meal for I'm probably gonna get some good food tastes, you know tastes a sample, sample sample everything on the menu, whatever they do, you know, the interview process, you show up and she's like getting the garbage in whatever however you say that man Spanish winter, right? I don't know. That's what you said. I'm just making my own scenario here because I'm crazy. Listen to this. The accused sex trafficker told the woman should be working as a prostitute, not as a waitress. Then an even like, easy win. Listen, you're not gonna be in a waitress you're gonna be serving customers while serving them something different. You're gonna be a prostitute. Okay? And if you if you try anything funny, it says here. She threatened to call Immigration authorities if she did not comply. I mean, you're gonna do what I tell you. She's basically a pimp at this point. You're, you're a pimp. I guess. I guess it's forced prostitution because she doesn't want to be a prostitute. I mean, if things are things that bad that you're willing to just do this, then go back to your country. I'm assuming it means Venezuela. We all know what happened in Venezuela. They took away the guns, the dollar collapsed. The whole economy collapsed, socialism. Just saying look into it. That's kind of what they're trying to push here. Just saying, look into it. Anyway, let's continue with the story. Right? The victim initially declined to engage in sex work good. She was like nine doing that. But relented days later, at a meeting with Gomez at Grand Central Station, according to the complaint. Now for the next three weeks. The victim was forced into prostitution, meeting up to three men a night for three nights a week the complaints since hail. I know some people who are on Tinder who think that's a slow night. I'm sorry to say it just being real. I don't know if they're getting paid, but I'm just keeping it 100 For the next three weeks, the victim was forced into prostitution, meeting up to three men a night for three nights a week. Three Minute microfinance a week. Yeah, dude, that's like I've never been the victim met both right? Killer and VIP clients, VIP clients. Oh, the complaint says who paid $200 and up to $700 for each encounter, respectively, man. I'm gonna have to go into details what the prices entail. They do not sorry guys, or girls, whatever whoever's listening, the FBI is still investigating if Gomez was working with accomplices in the sex trafficking operation, I can see her having a driver. She sounds like someone who definitely has a driver. She definitely has someone who I mean to threaten somebody while driving is kind of tough. So I kind of feel like you're you know, getting the car she's already in the backseat tells the wage the Venezuelan woman to get in the car, and the driver just takes off. That's how I'm picturing it in my mind. Law enforcement track Gomez down earlier this month when an undercover officer responded to an ad on that had a photo of a nearly a nearly naked woman on all fours and advertised, quote, Yonkers kitty cat available to tease out call dash 23. The undercover agreed to meet the prostitute associated with the ad at a Tarrytown Hotel The following afternoon. Kind of like a Chris Hansen episode used to love that show man shot the Chris Hansen To Catch A Predator. Fantastic show. dude walks into a predator walks in the door to think he's going to meet with some 12 year old and there goes Chris Hanson. How's it going tonight? What are you doing here? So you just bring condoms and a pizza to meet a 12 year old? Oh, it's great show. Check it out on YouTube. I'm sure there's episodes or clips of it. Chris Hanson To Catch A Predator name of the show. Anyway, so very similar to that. I'm assuming the undercover agreed to meet the prostitute associated with the ad at a Tarrytown hotel. The following afternoon. officers who were in place at the hotel saw Gomez drop off the victim after she drove up in her black Infiniti SUV, fancy fancy. After the undercover briefly spoke with the victim through Google Translate. Gomez was arrested you couldn't even find an officer who spoke Spanish. You have to use Google Translate. Come on guys. Not one of y'all speak Spanish. I mean, I don't speak Spanish. But I'm assuming like if I was going to do some undercover work, where Latinos are involved, I would speak the language. But the FBI is investigating if there are other sex traffickers involved in the operation. And attorney for Gomez did not respond. Well, maybe, you know, a second thought maybe they did that on purpose. So that's not too suspicious. Maybe it made it seem like he was a built foreign businessman. We don't know his backstory, right? Maybe the officer was like, Listen, you know, I'm from out of town. Got a country accent. You know, I'm just I'm just here visit and I want to check out the sides. Now. Next thing you know, on the sides look pretty good. From here. From what I can see. Now what disease $200 by me. I don't know. Maybe that's what happened. But that's interesting. So keep on a lookout. You know, now you really keep your head on the swivel, right? You imagine that though you finally crossed the border, you finally make it to the country you think you're safe. You think you're home? Right? You paid your Coyote fee, whatever 12,000 The cost across the border, you paid that fee. You know, Governor Abbott brushed you all the way to the city. You'd get off the bus. Governor hotel greets you, maybe not personally, but our team greets you. You get a container filled with food, clothes, money, cell phone and to get a place to stay. And you said you know what? I'm going to look for a job. I heard good things about Facebook. Let me go on Facebook. You go on Facebook, you see an ad for waitress, I could waitress, you don't get to speak much, much English. And people need help eating you know, I could waitress I'm in the city. There's a lot of restaurants here. I can do this job. So you apply for the job. The lady reply says, Listen, meet me at this restaurant. We'll go through your responsibilities. And if I liked you, you'll get hired, you show up. Or you got you got hired, but you will be serving a different kind of customer. A different kind of product. The product is you and the clients may not be so friendly, but that is life. I'm assuming that sucks. That sucks. But I mean, I do feel bad for the Venezuelan woman. I don't know they're not really going into detail of her of her. I'm assuming she's an illegal right obviously, because that's why that she's gonna threaten to call Immigration. But I mean, I'm sure there's horror, more horrible stories like this around. My hope now, but I mean, if this woman's been doing it for 10 years, and she's 39 years old, she's she's been doing it since he was 29. How do you get into some kind of business? Maybe that's why they're looking into her associates to see if other people have helped her along the way. Have other people groomed her to be this forced prostitution A pimp forced prostitution pimp. I don't know what you'd call that is a female woman who prostitutes other women also referred to as a pimp. Like, what's the female version of pimp? Is there one? Let me know if you know in the comments below. I'd love to hear that. And she really considered a pimp because technically, she is a pimp, but the person is forced to be a prostitute. I don't know how that works. I don't know. But that is what it is. I mean, it makes you wonder, though, how many of these people are? How many of these people that she serve as far as like, how many politicians how many government officials how many, you know? Policemen, lawyers, judges, you know, they're all in there, man. Ain't nobody got no 200 That $700 lying around. And she's doing three dimes a night for three days a week. I mean. I wonder how much she got from that while she's forced prostitution, right. But she ain't even making a cut. She ain't even getting a percentage of that right because it's forced. So she's probably just getting the tip. Oh, that's a bad joke. Just the tip. Anyway, that's a Tuesday today, Tuesday. Ironically, enjoy the rest of your day. Stay safe, keep your head on a swivel. Always keep your head in the swivel. Be alert. Be aware of your surroundings. Don't forget, at CJ Brompton shell was on Twitter at CJ Bronson show on Tiktok CJ Bronson on rumble you know, just go to my website, CJ Bronson. All the links are there. The audio is there. The video is there. I'm there. You should be there and try to share this as much as possible guys. I am trying to send a message. I'm trying to get the message out. That's really what this is all about. I'm really trying to reach a massive amounts of audience because I feel like a lot of people are asleep. And those who think they're they're a woke they're really in a coma. And that's what's scary. They're walking around here like they're on. They're on Ambien or some shit, you know. But anyway, enough of my rant, take care of yourselves. I'll talk to you later. Don't forget I love y'all. Alright, bye