Sept. 1, 2022

#138 | Cop Punches Woman. Self- defense or Assault?

#138 | Cop Punches Woman. Self- defense or Assault?
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19yr old Tamani Crum approaches officers in Harlem while they are arresting 22-year-old James Elvin for attempted murder. She swings at the officer the officer and the officer swings back --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Wednesday, August 31 2022, I hope you're excited to end of the month, end of the month. That means bills are due which sucks, but the month is over, which means the hot weather should be going down unless you're living in California. I spoke about that in my Tiktok. They're looking at temperatures to be anywhere near the 115 degree mark. And again, that's on my Tiktok at CJ Bronson show. They're going to be experiencing some brownouts and blackouts in my opinion, but hopefully I'm wrong. But usually come on guys. Am I ever really wrong? Let's be real. The answer's no. Anyway, here's somebody who should have a paying attention to my show. Someone should have taken my advice, and really understand the world that we're living in. And unfortunately, this person did not. This person is a woman in the city who yesterday was in the wrong place, and she should not have been there. She put herself in the wrong place and she got punched in the face. It happens. Let's see. Her name is Imani Crum, she can be seeing the footage, which I'll put on my Twitter, where she's approaching officers from the 32nd precinct in Harlem. Twitter is at CJ Bronson show. So yeah, so she's approaching these officers from the 32nd precinct in Harlem. The reason why is NYPD is there to arrest a man in connection with an attempted murder on Tuesday. So these officers are busy, right? They're trying to apprehend this criminal that's attempted murder a person who attempted murder. And here comes this woman to Monica from the start. Whatever she wants to start, right. We don't know what no one knows what our goal was at this point. She just approaching his group of officers, right? She walks towards a suspect. Identified by cops as 22 year old James Elvin, right and talks to him briefly. This is what the video showing in the video that we have is not body cam footage in a video from a bystander. I'm taking like a really shitty shot, because she's on to the left of the screen. And we don't have direct view of what's transpiring. We don't have exact view, excuse me, excuse me, of what is exactly taking place. So we're only going off of what being reported right? So everything at this point is a legend. Right. So Chrome walks towards a suspect this is a woman she walks towards a suspect identified by cops as 22 years old. James Eldon talks to him shortly, and then a 19 year old woman then appears to begin struggling with an officer sort of off camera. The cop who was identified as Officer kendo can see pushes her away from the crowd. The video then shows crumb lunging to shove or hit the COP is what the article says. The shove or hit the cop, and he retaliates by punching her to the ground. Bystanders can be hurt screaming, why would you do that she lives in the ground holding her face. Officers den put chrome in handcuffs and escort her or her away. The NYPD sent a statement that quote while police were affecting the while police were affecting the arrest multiple individuals on scene interfered by physically assaulting numerous officer, one officer say sustained a minor injury to the head. Now police charged Crum with assaulting an officer resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration and slapped a 27 year old woman at the scene. Faith Harel with the same charges so there's two women, but we only have the one on film. Right now Harrell is also charged with menacing and harassment. Cops also say a 26 year old woman was given a criminal court summons for allegedly spitting at an officer, three women, women. Men are there. If you look at the video, there's many men there, but it's the women who feel to go above and beyond maybe they feel like some kind of privilege. I don't know. Let's see. elven had been sought in connection to an attempted murder from earlier this month. During the arrest Tuesday he was allegedly found to be in possession of a firearm and a controlled suspense two for one firearm and controlled substance. police charged him with an attempted murder as a hate crime. What police charged with attempted murder as a hate crime and the second degree that's a new one attempted murder as a hate crime in the second degree, criminal possession of a weapon reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a firearm for allegedly shooting at a group of people on West 1/63 Street near Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard at around 10pm on August 12 It was not immediately clear why the attempted murder charge was classified as hate based that's why I was I remember the crime I don't remember why was hate based. The cop scene delivering the punch in the video had not been disciplined as of Wednesday afternoon according to an NYPD spokesman now again before we continue on let you guys know in my opinion he should not be should not be charged a dampening or disciplined but I'll explain why. Don't Don't Stop the video I'll explain why. And then of course of the footage drew massive show social media outcry, right? condemned by numerous activist guests who came forward. None other than problem starter himself. Reverend Al Sharpton. I have to say the word Reverend because technically he is a reverend from the net. So the New York City Chapter of the Reverend Al Sharpton National Action Network, excuse me, condemned the video saying the cop brazenly punched this the quote, The cop brazenly punched an unarmed woman to the ground. Now me just telling you this story automatically makes you think and I could say I can picture what you're thinking you're thinking that this lady walked up, and she gets punched in the face. That's how they're making it seem that is not the case. And I watched the video numerous times 45 seconds long, you only need the first 25 seconds to see the punch. Records now public under landmark 2020. Last show, Kinsey has at least six complaints in the last 11 years, two of which has been sustained substantiated, excuse me. While the detectives Endowment Association said in a statement, it is considering a civil suit on behalf of the cop against crumb on behalf of the cop against crumb. When you assault a New York City detective in order to interfere with an arrest of a man armed with a gun. There are repercussions the groupset interesting statement by the detectives and Downtown Association. And you know what I agree, and I'm the first person and I'm not looking at this as political. Let's look at this as what's taking place. We have a group of officers here to arrest someone who potentially tried to murder people with you know, and it's a hate crime right. So this they have to apprehend this man, this took place on August 12 was the crime. It is now August 30 was one of this took place yesterday. So it's been a few days, they don't know if this man is dangerous. They don't know there's a crowd of went around these officers. And this is not a friendly crowd. Right? These people are cursing scream and talking shit. You know, it's New York. So they're doing what they can they don't know what's taking place they see, you know, a New Yorker getting arrested. And they immediately already assumed the cops are doing something wrong, right? Because the world that we're living in now, unfortunately, the cops are immediately villainized instead of welcomed, in most cases in the city anyway, the cops seem to be very public enemy number one. So the cops are doing their job, they're arresting this criminal this person again, who attempted murder, who had a possession of a firearm and illegal substances. So we're getting him in handcuffs when the crowd is starts to push and shove and then the women you don't see the other two women that they're talking about. But you can hear, you can hear. Like, chatter, you can hear that there's some commotion, I guess the best way of saying you can even hear some harassment talking a lot of shit talking towards the officers. And again, the officers are focusing on on the task at hand, they have to arrest this man, they got to make sure this man is not going to get away. At the same time. They had to look over their shoulder to make sure one of his boys or whatever, don't show up and try to get them. Right. Keep in mind, it's 2022. Right? I don't know why I think I said 2020 earlier. I don't know what's wrong with me a mess up today. It's a horrible day for me. But moving forward. So with that being said, people are pushing shoving you could even seen the video if you watch the whole thing to the entirety against 45 seconds. You can see the even the the person filming the video touches the officer. Now you're not supposed to lay your hand on an officer, right? That is a federal employee, that person has the right to give you he can arrest you and say that's assault. Why give him that opportunity. But you feel entitled to put your hands to shove to curse and yell because for some reason, you feel that you are better than the police. Yes, the police I understand you pay their salary. Yes, I understand that there to protect and serve. But at the same time, look at the scenario at hand. These officers they don't know the person behind them if they have a knife that if you have a gun if you have something to stay like they don't know what's happening. Plus being that's 2022 and this whole thing if you watch the video when the girl gets punched, and she doesn't just get punched for no reason. In the video I saw. It looks like she went to slap him. He was turning around. She went to slap him and he instinctively instinctively punched not knowing what it was that was slapping him. Right? And keep in mind being guys 2022 And I keep saying this like I got the date wrong, so I'm not gonna get it wrong again, being that 2022 You don't know what slapping you it could look like a woman and it could be a man. It could look like a man but it could be a woman. It could be both. It could be a freakin dog walking around as far as claiming to be you know, human. I don't know, everyone the world's all messed up. So the officer didn't have time to assess the situation to see well is this person Gonna start hitting me with a brick or hit me with a knife or what? No, you're not supposed to touch an officer, why did she walk up to the officer and start trouble? That's my thing. So in closing, I'm gonna say this. I think the officer is in the right way. The film shows that he's in the right if you watch the entirety, you know, he's protecting himself. He's doing his job, this woman went out of her way to cause a problem. She had no business to go towards, towards the officer to touch him. No business you she was not being arrested. She was not being any any part of this matter. She put herself in trouble. She put herself out there. And you know, sometimes when you get into trouble, you get fucked up. That's what happens. You know, if you didn't get into trouble if you didn't put your nose in someone else's business, you wouldn't have a broken nose, whatever the problem is you have right now. So I do not feel bad for this woman. I kind of feel bad for this officer, because they're gonna make him out. The officer happens to be black, by the way. So I'm gonna I'm interested to see how they're gonna villainize this. It's not gonna be a race issue. What are you gonna do call a gender issue? We don't know. We can't define a woman. But the article was saying the woman got punched. Well, I thought we can't define one. I thought we don't know what it is. Let me know in the comments section, guys. I leave you with that. Again, hit me up on Tik Tok at CJ Bronson show same with Twitter at CJ Bronk and show website CJ Bronson I keep it simple, guys. Real simple. This is all about sending out a message I'm trying to get the word out send the message spread love let people know that you know not everyone is out to get you but you got to be aware you got to be alert. You got to understand, have something on you. Keep your head on a swivel. Protect yourself and protect your loved ones. All right. Have a great night guys. I love y'all. Bye