Sept. 2, 2022

#140 | She Stabbed herself in the Back 20 times so her Death was Ruled a Suicide?!

#140 | She Stabbed herself in the Back 20 times so her Death was Ruled a Suicide?!
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After about 11 years, the parents of the 27-year-old victim, Ellen Greenberg, have filed a civil suit. Did she commit suicide or was it murder? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Friday, September 2 2022. Hope you're ready for the weekend. It is here. I hope you have a great one. I hope it's awesome. But before you get started, you gotta hear about this episode. This episode is about this woman is teach Philadelphia teacher by the name of Ellen Greenberg, if you don't know, she used to be a teacher and fortunately, she recently died by suicide. Allegedly. That's what they're saying. Now this was a 2011 death, but it's coming back to light after some new world. Some new new investigations. Let's see here. The Philadelphia teacher Ellen Greenberg was excited about her life, her new job and her upcoming wedding when she was found dead under a grizzly circumstance in 2011. This is all according to a close friend who said she in no way believes the 27 year old could have killed herself. When I tell you these facts and when I go through this stuff, I have a feeling you're gonna agree with agree with this friend. Let's say quote, Elena was always looking for that happily ever after true love. She wanted to start a family. She loved kids. She was excited about getting married and she was excited about having a new job. Erica Hamilton told Fox News. It seemed like everything was kind of settling into place for her. So at no time. Did I ever think that she was depressed or so overly stressed that she was going to do something to hurt herself. She was happily she was happy and she was excited. The two were close friends growing up and ended Penn State together. If you knew Ellen, she was your typical girly girl. She says she didn't like getting dirty. She didn't like that the sight of blood. Well, she said that she spoke she last spoke to Greenberg. Two or three days before her death 20 stab wounds that is that is how she passed away. Suicide as what they're saying 20 stab wounds, half of them in her back, including a six and a half centimeter wound to the base of her skull allegedly sustained after her heart stopped beating. So meaning after she died after she committed suicide air quotes. She stabbed herself in the skull. Does that make sense? Exactly. When I quote when I found out that Elena had died, I didn't know how the only thing I knew was that they said that she killed herself. Hamilton said when we found out that she had died by stabbing there was no way to quote she said the brutality of Greenberg's injuries didn't add up. Quote, had Elon ever committed suicide. Her using a knife would be the absolute last way that I would ever even consider her to do that Amazon said, quote if she wanted to kill herself, she had a whole bottle of pills she could have could have taken and again she's saying this person her friend, Kate's a sight of blood. And she's known her since college right since forever. So at the start of the fall semester before her January death green book took a new job as a teacher in Philadelphia. And between that and anxiety over her upcoming wedding, soon sought help from a therapist and was prescribed anti anxiety medication. According to the friend, Ms. Hamilton, she had reached out to me a lot because I had dealt with the same thing. And have been struggling with that for a couple of years, the friend says, but something struck her as unusual about their conversations. Quote, there was a point where she had gotten really concerned about the counselor breaking confidentiality. According to Hamilton, quote, I said, Ellen you can go into that therapist and tell that therapist anything you want to the only time that they would have to break confidentiality, is if you had this grand plan to hurt yourself or hurt someone else. That exchange led to one of the only one of the only conversation Hamilton says you recall with Greenberg regarding self harm. I specifically remember point blank asking her Do you feel that stressed out that you are going to have have those kinds of thoughts? And she laughed. She was like, No, absolutely not. I just feel anxious to get married new job makes sense. Right. Greenberg's Rianne say Sam Goldberg called police on January 26 2011. The report finding her dead in the kitchen of their Philadelphia apartment. According to court documents an autopsy she found she suffered 20 stab wounds again half of them from behind, and the initial manner of death was ruled a homicide. Goldberg did not immediately respond to messages seeking a comment after behind closed doors meeting between pathologic pathologist with the City Medical Examiner's Office and investigators the report was revised and her death was ruled a suicide. According to a civil lawsuit filed by Greenberg's family, her parents have been fighting for over a decade now to have the manner change to undecided or homicide. Why is this so difficult? It is a clear, open and shut case, right? How was it suicide if you're stabbed in the back, and then finally in the skull after you're dead? Let's see. So Joe Pedraza, the Philadelphia attorney for Greenberg's parents told Fox News that evidence shows at least two of the 20 stab wounds were inflicted after the woman's heart had stopped beating. She was also covered in bruises that pathologist found showed widely varied stages of healing. Another odd piece of evidence is the door lock on Greenberg's apartment. Photos show a metal door with a swinging latch above a rectangle as a sleeping latch above a regular exterior door lock. So there was a metal door photoshoot a metal door with a slinging latch above a regular exterior door lock. The latch is shown with minor damage but still attached in a way that makes it unlikely anyone kicking kicked in a locked door to get inside. So it's still attached in a way that makes it unlikely that anyone who kicked in a locked door not inside. After some referrals back and forth regarding the case between the Philadelphia DEA and the state attorney general, the Chester County District Attorney's office has assigned an investigator and a prosecutor to the to conduct an independent investigation into Greenberg's manner of death. But this is taking place now. 11 years later, why was there such a delay? Why was there such a battle? Why are the parents fighting fighting for this? For these answers? Right. So here's my my assumption, I'm assuming that the when they made the decision to say that it was a suicide. If they were to backtrack that case, it would open the doors for them to backtrack any other case. In other words, what's stopping other people that are coming forward saying you know what, I think my cousin didn't commit suicide either look into that. And maybe they just don't want to go down. There's this roller coaster ride of ups and downs with different peoples in different cases, the opposite but the problem also exists where it's been 11 years, the evidence that you had is it's been 11 years. What are you going to do? What leads are you going to trace you're gonna find the neighbor? And ask from 11 years ago, if they remembered what happened that night? Did you hear any noise or that morning to hear anything? Like you're going to interview the husband? Again? Is he going to be really cooperative at this point? I mean, they're saying the door doesn't seem like it was kicked in, if it was kicked in, and wasn't enough for us to get in. So it must have been an inside job. Maybe the person was inside waiting for them. Maybe it was the husband? Who knows. Right? We don't know. But just because it's your friend, does your friend really going to tell you everything? You know, maybe not? Who knows, right? We don't know, maybe this we don't know, when there's so many variables. We don't know, maybe this lady was addicted to drugs, and she was getting the drugs on the side and the drug dealer got upset. She owed her money, you know, whatever, whatever, whatever. There's so many different vowels. What's upsetting is that it's taking this long for the Philadelphia Police Department, the AES officer assigned Special Investigator this case, and especially I can imagine it for these poor parents for 11 years to battle and the friend 11 years to battle to get answers. To get answers. The husband has no common right now. Interesting. That's kind of suspicious, but what do you want him to say? What do you want him to say? If he's innocent? Or if he's guilty at this point, anything? He says now it's going to be Portree, a portrait portrayed as, you know, evidence? So we've got a follow up on this case, gotta keep an eye on it. Right? Got to see who determined that it was a homicide, then switch it to a suicide. Why was that changed over? What evidence was given to the detectives or to the current coroner's office at that point, to say, you know, what, we're changing the ruling from a homicide to suicide, like, you know, why was that all of all of a sudden changed. It's very interesting that that was switched. And now it's being challenged. I wonder why why that was the case. Was there bribery? Was there something else that we don't know about? Is there like a life insurance policy? I mean, I I don't know because if you commit suicide, right, you don't you don't get your life insurance. I don't think if you commit suicide, right. How does that work? I guess it depends on the policy. Hold on, I don't know how that works exactly, because I think it is policy dependent. You know, what, what kind of what kind of deal you have with that agency or with that with that policy, or insurance company. But that's, I think that's, you know, that's, that's crazy, like 11 years. Can you imagine, you know, someone like that? I know, like, and 20 times, stabbed about 20 times and then from the back, like, how many times can you stab yourself in the back? I mean, I think about that, like, that's like, like, I can barely, like, even if the get like, wouldn't be enough. I don't think that killed me. Like, maybe I have to go this way and, and do it. But then the do that repeatedly. Like I'm not doing that at that point. Yeah, I will just take pills to if I really want them out the window. Why have the slow, agonizing death and then this suspicious? Multiple bruises that looked like they were different stages of healing? So it was like an ongoing assault throughout her life or throughout? Who knows how long? Hopefully, there's some way they can do a better a good investigation, and we'll get some answers. I mean, people, people in the comments over there. When I saw on Fox was saying like, how just open and shut case like clearly this is. This was a murder. This is a homicide. I don't know. Nothing's open and shot. We don't know the whole story. It's been 11 years. But based on the stabbings alone, I'm gonna go ahead and say it was a homicide. And I'm definitely not going to say it's a suicide in my opinion. It can't be a suicide. Who who did the murdering? I don't know. I have no clue. We don't know. We don't know if she's happy. Maybe she was seeing somebody on the side. Maybe there was a drug deal gone bad. We I don't know nothing, right? You do on pain pills. Anxiety. Medication can be addictive. Who knows that can be a gateway to other things. Who knows what else she was taking? There's a whole bunch of variables but let me know in the comments section hit me up at CJ Bronson show on Twitter new tick tock is out check that out. Have a great weekend. Don't forget to like comment, subscribe and don't forget guys. Keep your head on a swivel. Be aware of your surroundings It's Labor Day weekend you got to be safe, be smart. Right go out if you're gonna go out go out with group go out and groups. If you know a senior look after them if you can have some kind of weapon on you or defense mechanism, you know something to defend yourself with. Just in case something were to go on. It's a holiday weekend. You gotta be safe. Alright, don't forget guys. I love y'all. Alright, bye