Sept. 3, 2022

#141 | Mother of 3 Shot Dead by Baby Daddy with over 20 Arrests on His Record!?

#141 | Mother of 3 Shot Dead by Baby Daddy with over 20 Arrests on His Record!?
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She worked 2 jobs to support her 3 kids. But on her way home from her 2nd job at iHop, one of her Baby daddy’s shot allegedly shot her. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys today, Saturday, September 3 2022, and it's Labor Day weekend. I hope you're having a great weekend yet guys. I was supposed to go over to Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania and see Trump at the rally. But the last moment I decided not to, but it's cool. It gives me an opportunity to finally put the pieces together and launched a clothing store. I got a boss to IRS tank tops, T shirts and hats. Also I have make $2 Gas great again, tank tops and other shirts on there. Black Lives Matter all this stuff. Check it out. Go to CJ Bronson. CJ Bronson Click on store at the top. It'll take you to the CJ Bronco store. Put the link in the description. Alright guys, today's episode is unfortunately a sad story. This is about a woman who was attacked on her way home from work her second job in fact, she her family is currently having a horrible Labor Day weekend. That's It's so sad. And the reason behind it. There is no reason behind it. Check this out guys. cops arrest a Brooklyn man and the murder of this exotic dancer. Now keep in mind, I do not judge me who the hell am I to judge what anyone does for a living? Right? You gotta get that money. You got to hustle. You gotta grind. I respect that. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Truly I do, especially if you have a family. Now this Brooklyn man was arrested for the murder of a mother of three and exotic dancer on her way from a second job at IHOP Clarkson Wilson 44 The father of one of Imani Armstrong's children, was taken into custody on Saturday after the 25 year old was fatally shot in the head on a street corner near Union Square early Thursday morning. Police said that she has been coming home from work at IHOP at grammar C park when a man opened fire with officials yet to uncover a motive along with murder charges Wilson who has more than 20 Arrest guys, on his rap sheet was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. You have 20 arrests on your rap sheet. Why is this man walking free? You know why? Because it's New York City. Sources told the post that Wilson has at least four complaints against him for legend domestic violence, going back to 2014. But it remains unclear if any of the complaints were made by Armstrong now, one report in April 2021 saw a woman accused Wilson of choking her during an argument. Another complaint in September of 2014 was filed by Wilson's ex wife who claimed the choke that he choked her and pushed her into the wall after grabbing her phone now police said the investigation was ongoing as they questioned Wilson over the murder of Armstrong. Police responding to a nine one call at approximately 5am on Thursday found the victim unconscious with a bullet to her head. The NYPD crime scene unit quickly erected a tent to shield the body from onlookers near the corner of East 14th street and Irving place. A street vendor named Manny told us that told the post he was cooking when he heard a loud boom. I said oh shit. What was that? I thought it was a car or or truck that crashed. I ran outside. I saw the lady on the sidewalk. He says he claimed he did not hear any commotion prior to the shooting. It was a second killing in New York's 13 Springsteen, the mother. It was the second killing in New York's 13th precinct in the last two days. Which you know, as jump Jamal Burton, a 38 year old man from eastern New York was stabbed near Chelsea Burton reportedly got into an argument with his killer, which turned into an altercation leading to another man stabbing burden in the chest repeatedly killing him. And this comes at a time with crime on the rise. Now I don't care what the governor hotel is saying. We show the statistics over on Tik Tok. But, yes, shootings and murders have dipped slightly, but the total amount of crime in New York City has surged 36% over last year. Rapes increased 10% from 892 to 989. And felonious assault were up 19 and a half percent from 13,086 to 15,006 40. And these are all statistics from the New York Police Department's website. You can clearly pull it up. I can put a picture on the screen. You know, it's a shame, man. He told the post you have these people killing one another they kill somebody and the system lets them back out. Exactly. They are right back on the streets and they do the same shit again. It's crazy. You got some six good of people out here. That was the store owner, the shop owner, the restaurant owner who heard the shot now. According to the reports, this person this dude, this man if you want to call him that 44 year old Carsten Wilson was a father to one of Omanis chill Children. So it's safe to say that he was obviously acting in an act of he was acting out in probably in jealousy. Um, keep in mind, she's an erotic dancer. And she, she waitresses or she works over an IHOP. So I'm assuming that maybe he got jealous of her job where she's an erotic dancer, maybe somebody was dipping, or maybe he was there and you saw some, some, the maid did not approve of which was none of his business since he's freaking an axe. He's not her man. And it's upsetting to me, because I've been saying it for weeks now. But maybe she didn't know or maybe she's, you know, she has to she has to do she has to make a living. But you gotta have something to protect yourself with men, especially this Labor Day weekend, there's gonna be a lot of crazies out there. That's another reason why I didn't go to the rally. You know, it's Labor Day weekend, we had that. That insidious speech by Biden, I say insidious because of the red background, literally red back, like GrubHub DoorDash, like this red right here, which is just a tag which can be removed. But anyway. And it was just like a creepy red Nazi ish background. With from what I understand Marines wars, were greens, who was a green screen Marines on on the sides of him, who were standing there, which doesn't make any sense, it looks it looked more like Star Wars es Evilish empire, kind of Nazi ish, in my opinion, if that makes any sense. And with a time like this, where he's kind of calling for all Magga Republicans to come to, you know, put a stop to them how bad they are, and this and that, it's like, you're just causing more and more people to be, you know, instead of unity, you're causing more people to be divided. And that's not what we want. We need a country that's unified. And you know, he ran his campaign saying that he would unify people what he's doing the quite quite the opposite here. And the reason why I'm bringing that up is because this woman on her way home from work in the morning, you know, who knows what that this man's attention was. But regardless, if you're out on the street, especially in the city, you need to have some form of protection now, more than ever. Now, my site, I just sell apparel, I'm not selling any kind of protection gear at this point, you know, because every state has their own rules and regulations, but look into that have something on your person, you got to be safe, and especially if you're working two jobs, especially if you're a woman, and especially if you're an elderly person, right? Like I said, rapes are up this year, in the city, Assault is up, crime is up in general. So you need to have something to protect yourself. I understand you have to work I'm not telling you not to work. I'm not telling you to stay home and feed off the system. I don't want that, you know, you should be able to work right and and but you got to be safe and God protect yourself because a lot of crazies out there a lot of nut jobs. And even if it's your axe, or if it's someone you know, that's close to you, if you can't walk in pairs have something on you. And I mean, what do you guys think? I mean, have you ever have you ever thought that day like this would come? I mean, it's Labor Day weekend, this woman's you know, she's gone and she's behind all her three kids. I'm curious to see if this man after this, will he they release him? What do you guys think? You think he's gonna release this guy? I mean, he has a rap sheet. Like, come on, man. I mean, this guy has more than 20 arrests on his rap sheet, right? 20 arrest. He's out on the street, walking around free. Free, you got drug dealers, you got people who smoke marijuana behind bars and some places, but this guy walking free to over 20 crimes plus the murder. And it's not just simply he was charged with two counts of quote, possession criminal possession of a weapon. Right. He was also charged with you know, choking fight. This guy does not belong on the streets at all. This murder would have never occurred if he was still behind bars where he belongs. But for whatever reason, whether it's a messed up judicial system, or messed up state in general, I think it's more judicial system because I do believe police are doing the best they can. But the laws are not on their side right now. The courts are not on their on their side right now and I feel for the police. There if he was behind bars, she would still be alive. She'd be able to spend her labor day weekend either working or with her with her kids. And sad Men hate to see that should happen. Hopefully he gets the justice that he deserves and stays behind bars. I'll keep keep an eye out on this article. See, you know, see if we if we get any updates on it. let you guys know as usual, hit me up at CJ Bronson show on Twitter, same on tick tock. Again, check out the story go to CJ Bronston Click on store at the top. You should be able to see everything should be a drop down menu click on store from there. It will bring you over to my store where you can see all this merchandise here and check it out temperature Then of total sales, we'll be going to Kota vets to help the veterans because I love the veterans, and they need all the help they can get. So please check it out and I appreciate you guys supporting me and supporting the movement to get the message out the awaken the masses. These people are walking around asleep, man. They think they're woke and they are in a coma. Walking Dead woke if that makes any sense. Anyway, have a great weekend. Enjoy. Don't forget I love y'all. All right. Bye bye