Sept. 4, 2022

#142 | Some Work for their Money. Others beg for Donations. But this Mom & Daughter con $805,000!?!

#142 | Some Work for their Money. Others beg for Donations. But this Mom & Daughter con $805,000!?!
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Why bother working when you can rack up $800,000 in credit cards and report them as fraudulent? For over a decade that’s what this mother and daughter did as they traveled the world and bought all kinds of luxurious items. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Sunday, September 4 2022. Hope you're having a great Sunday and you're enjoying the rest of your labor day weekend. And don't forget guys, the store is open CJ Brunton We got tanktop T shirts, hats, sweatshirts, everything on sale, 20 bucks and up 10% of your total sales are going to Coda vet. So definitely help them out. Help me out, help the channel out and get our message out. That's all very important. You can find me on Tik Tok on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. And the website CJ Bronson For all the audio, the links, the videos, these episodes. All that's right there, CJ Bronson Please like comment, subscribe, share, and I appreciate it because I'm trying to grow this channel and get the word out, get our message out. And today's episode is a good one. I'm actually excited to talk about this because being that Labor Day weekend, so let me find an article about some people who don't want to labor some people don't want to work. And some people don't. And they exist. And here's a mother and daughter duo who said you know what? We don't want to do this no more. We but we want to live the good life. So what did they do? Well, they did what's called fraud. They committed fraud in my opinion, and let's jump into it now Long Island mother and daughter have been indicted over a month long decade. More than a decade long credit card fraud scream in which they allegedly scammed banks out of hundreds of 1000s of dollars for purchases of designer duds and famous and luxurious things such as vacations, etc. And again, how much again was it? Well, they're saying it's about $850,000 worth of credit card debt fraud. Their names while Karen guy 61 and her daughter Alyssa guy started three appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday pleaded not guilty to the slew of charges against them, including grand larceny and fraud. This is quote this is a 13 year scheme that involves 1000s of credit card transactions, where Karen falsely reported even though she incurred legitimate charges as fraudulent, said Assistant DA Catherine McCall during the hearing. Prosecutors allege that Karen falsely disputed $850,000 in charge from approximately 14 different credit card companies between 2008 and 2021. Like what how did they get this far? Like how do you get anyway, these purchases ranged in nature from the luxurious to the mundane according to DEA. On numerous occasions, Karen booked travel both for foreign and domestic to exotic destinations. Guess where? Where would you go if you had an endless supply of money? Well, let's find out where she'd go. She went to Paris, Milan, Norway, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and a number of other places the ADA toll justice law award in court. The Huntington resident a former a paraprofessional, paraprofessional at Elmwood Middle School allegedly received credit on her statements after calling banks and writing letters to employees falsely reporting fraudulent charges including $205,000 on her American Express cards and $155,000 on Chase. She booked tickets in her own name car rentals and her family's member's name hotel stays in her own name and luxurious purchases like watches and handbags while she was traveling. Yet she also allegedly disputed mundane life expenses, such as purchases at the dollar store, and even a veterinary bill for her dogs. Louis and Daisy as well as shopping sprees at the likes of Bloomingdale's and Berg. I don't even know this. What is this place? Burg Bergdorf Goodman? Not not familiar sorry. Prosecutors allege that Karen who lost her middle school gig in November of 2016, according to board of education records later recruited her daughter to join the family racket. They charged that she charged that Alyssa, a former New York City's teacher took part in the CON for approximately six months 2016 Barclays Bank obtained surveillance footage of Karen and Alyssa making a transaction at a Chanel store which the two later reported as a fraudulent charge. I mean you how you won't have your dogs at the vet talking about that wasn't me like whose dogs look like your dogs? Aren't they chipped from they just scan the chip and know these are your dogs don't think of cameras in all these stores? Why did it take this long? How the hell did you get away with the 205,000 was 25,000 with American Express? Yeah, damn. I gotta I gotta buy bitcoin and they hit me up and say is this you? Like they won't even let it go through? They're like yo, this there's no way to sue CJ. There is no way you got $100 to buy bitcoin they don't they don't even believe The $100 And I usually don't have the $100 but in fact the big red flag me for that and so you can't do it, but she's over here spending 205 grand and said Nah, man, that wasn't me. Okay. What I mean, Alyssa will again left the city department of education 2015 and founded Twitter. I can't even say this What the hell is this and founded tutor or tutor or low G. tutor or loggie, a home and online tutoring service for kids allegedly used one of her mom's credit cards for a $1,400 purchase in July 2020 in 2017, following Korean specific instructions, she then disputed the charge to get a refund. While traveling to Montreal with her friends in August 2017. Alyssa texted her mom but how to falsely dispute charges as fraudulent. Prosecutors alleged not a good idea. The techs that Alyssa graduated from St. Joseph University in 2011 with a major in secondary math education, where she was a member of the sorority zeta Sigma Phi. In her sorority bio she was asked what her favorite hobby was she replied, quote, I have a shopping addiction slash semi problem. That is a quote, not a joke. It's a both actually it's a joke and a quote because that's hilarious. That's true quote. She's admitting to having a shopping addiction slash so my problem with it, and you have a committing credit card fraud. I'm pretty sure yes, a yes. Police raided Cohen's home about a year ago and found more than 100 Credit cards tied to multiple purchases, including a refrigerator and sunglasses, as well as receipts related to transactions that were later reported at fraud. With the AES office said the accused con artists were freed on supervised release following their hearing on Friday. And their passports were ordered confiscated. Because they're definitely a flight risk if they've been to all these places. Alyssa who wore ragged jeans and a printed top was in tears as she left the court. And both she and her mom declined to comment. Quote, my only comment is she is not guilty. She is completely innocent here. And they will come out in the end said Alyssa is attorney James Pasteurella. And Laura for Karen did not immediately return a request for comment. The mom and daughter are due back in court this month, on September 14. And guys, I think it's hilarious, I think is hilarious to me. Because number one, there's this thing I understand you want stuff. Hell, I want to go to Costa Rica. Hell, I want to check out Milan, I rather go to Costa Rica, but I want to see these places. But you know what I'm not gonna do. I'm not gonna fucking rack up credit card debt, and then announced that it didn't it wasn't me. It's 2022 I'm pretty sure they have a video of your walk in your class on the airplane and working your ass off? Who the hell was that? Ain't that ubitx? Who's this? Who scanned their passport at this time? That your name on it? With your face on it with all the credentials in the ticket and on the password that wasn't you? Like, what are you talking about? This is crazy. And the fact that it's happening. And it took this long for them to realize that it was an issue. And I'm talking about Chase and American stress. And all these companies are realizing hey, we got a problem here. 205 grand, you racked up that much and then American? You know what it's probably on the credit card companies. It's partly a next and chase to blame. Because they should have caught on to after the second or third transaction that you said it was fraudulent. They should have caught on right then and there. Especially when we're talking 1000s and 1000s of dollars. What are we doing? What are you doing? How you have that many credit cards? Yo what kind of mom is like hey daughter, come over here. Let me show you how this is done. Man you would teach her hopefully and teach someone else this shit. Man that some people just don't want to work and I get it man. I mean, I'm working all weekend on work right now I get it. You don't want to work you want to beg. You want to maybe you want to ask for donations. Maybe you want to, you know scan the system and I understand that that's kind of like not the easy way out. But that that is an option. I guess for many people they have that that avenue. I don't know I always feel like you gotta you gotta give somebody something for their money. Like I'm like I'm like for example this the store I'm given the shirts right? I'm trying to give you something for some money. The money is not a lot of money, but I'm giving you something it's quality some good stuff that you can get use out of for somebody. Me while she's over here buying Chanel bags, whatever the hell that is and talking about she didn't it wasn't me. I didn't buy that. Who's this in the video? Oh, um, I guess they just didn't bother to like I guess if you dispute it, depending on the amount they don't really look into it. But when you rack up 200 grand on one and 100 grand on the other. I feel like that should have been like though, while you're waiting that long. Want to say something like who? Who's in charge of that division? I don't know. I wonder what her penalty would be guys. What do you think like, what should her crime be like? What should her she get? I mean, obviously, she's going to jail time. And I wonder if she have to pay back any of this stuff? I'm sure she has to. I mean, how can you you can't give back a vacation. Right? You can't return a vacation or you're already hit the vacation. You can't return Neil's can't return trips. So how is she going to repay this debt? Does this just go? No, no place? Right? Because this doesn't go on her credit until she pays it. I'm curious to see how this works. Not that I'm not curious, because I want to try it. I'm curious, because I'm fascinated by this stuff. Like what would be like if I was the judge? Can the judge say, you got to pay it all back? Boom. And now she has to work for 800. Grand. Her and her daughter? I don't know how that works? Will she have to do jail time? You just jail time? How can you pay it back? Jail time and then after a few years, then you got to get a job and pay it all back. And that's 800 grands a lot. A lot of people can make that in their lifetime. I don't know. Let me know what you guys think. What do you think the penalty should be? Should the punishment fit the crime? If that's the case, then what should it be? I'm saying my guess I'm saying that she should have to pay back at least half of it. And I think what I think she should have to pay back as much as she can at least half or a quarter of it. And the rest has to stay on her credit. But then she can just declare bankruptcy, right? No, I don't know. I'm torn on this guys. Let me know. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Right. Hit me up CJ Bronson show on Twitter. Don't forget to store CJ Bronson shop. Dot caps are CJ Bronson. and on Twitter at CJ Bronson show on Twitter Excuse me. that'll that'll be one of those weekends, you know? Anyway, have a great day guys. Don't forget keep your head on the swivel. Be alert at all times. man. You gotta be ready these people crazy out here. And you know I enlightened. Alright, I love y'all. Bye