Sept. 5, 2022

#143 | 2 Serial Stabbers Kill 10 & Wound 15. Manhunt Still Underway!

#143 | 2 Serial Stabbers Kill 10 & Wound 15. Manhunt Still Underway!
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Not a gun in sight when these two men allegedly people stab 10 dead and leave 15 hospitalized as they go on a stabbing spree across Saskatchewan. Gun laws? Ban knifes? What do we do now? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys today is Monday September 5 2022 Happy Labor Day hope you're enjoying it. Hope you having a great day whether you're grilling, whether you're indoors, just Netflix and chillin, whatever playing Playstation whatever you're doing, enjoy it. I want to talk about this article that came up came across my screen, and uh may not have came across yours, but I thought it was interesting to talk about because it takes place in Canada, and you don't really hear a lot of violent crimes taking place in Canada. I don't anyway know what's been happening since since the pandemic. It's kind of escalated a little thing. I think it's everywhere. But this this story is really really interesting in my opinion. Now at least 10 people are dead, and 15 more had been hospitalized. When two men went on a stabbing spree. That's right, not a single gun in sight. They went on a stabbing spree occurred across Saskatchewan Canada on Sunday cop set as they search for the killers. Two suspects identified by Canadian police as Damian Sanderson 31 years of age, and miles Sanderson 30 remain of age remain at large and one last scene traveling in the Regina area and a black Nissan ruse. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the RM RCMP rather Yeah 10 people dead 15 More hospitalized. stabbing spree Who are these guys, let's let's dive into it. The victims are found in 13 separate locations in the central Canadian province of Saskatchewan, largely within the James Smith Cree Nation, home to a large indigenous community and the tiny village of Weldon northeast of Saskatoon, the RCMP said Who man the two men allegedly targeted some of their victims while others were random. Commanding Officer of the Saskatchewan RCMP, Rhonda Blackmore details, quote, the peers that some of the victims may have been targeted, and some may be random, so to speak to a motive would be extremely difficult at this point in time. Blackmore said at a recent press conference, she said police began receiving the first reports of stabbings on the first nation community before 6am local time. More and more reports of stabbings came in prompting the Providence province of Saskatchewan to put out emergency alerts and James Smith Cree Nation to declare a state of emergency. Police have advised local residents to Lake to take precautions and consider sheltering in place. According to the alert. The two suspects again who were last spotted in the Regina Regina however, say an area about 200 miles south of where the attacks originated. Around noon local time were considered armed and dangerous. I get armed with a knife I'm assuming because they were all stabbed right. The emergency alerts were extended to cover the neighboring provinces of Manitoba and Alberta as well as Saskatchewan by mid day now. All three provinces providences. Sorry, all three provinces share on southern border with the United States which is dangerous. Authorities at the gruesome crime scene in Saskatchewan. Oh my God, he's just I'll show the picture. I'll try to show the pictures I can show on on rumble. And also try to put some on Twitter if I can hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Same with rumble. Same with tick tock and of course got the website CJ Bronson And the store is open guys. I keep forgetting to mention CJ Bronson store. You can get merged. You can get shirts, you can get all kinds of stuff. to definitely check it out. We have a good Labor Day sale going on right now. And 10% of total proceeds go to Code of vets help the vets out. But yeah, this is crazy. Let's see what our good friend of the show President Trudeau Prime Minister Trudeau has to say. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Justin Trudeau call stabbings quote, horrific and heartbreaking. I'm thinking of these Sorry, I'm thinking of those who have lost a loved one and of those who were injured. Trudeau said in a post on Twitter Sunday night, quote, We are closely monitoring situation and urge everyone to follow updates from local authorities. Thank you to all the brave first responders for the efforts on the ground. And the story continues. They are still there being charged with the crime but they're still searching for these two men. And it's a very scary time it's a very big area to search and I mean from what I'm understanding they've been searching for them I mean since Friday if I want this to happen let me look let me go back because this Friday on Sunday as I search for the killer, so this is yesterday. They're searching for the killers who students deserve to win a large yeah man that's crazy. Can you imagine like that? I mean that just goes to show what does it show it shows that you don't need a gun to kill somebody. Right? If you want to commit a violent crime a violent act, you can do so with anything you don't even need a knife it uses your bare hands if you use a rock, what are you gonna do so banning rocks or bending knives? What do you like? What do you know? And the reason I'm bringing this up is because you know to get a gun in Canada is significantly more difficult than it is in I know in Jersey for a fact. I'm not sure about these provinces. Maybe it's different there. But I know it's very difficult to get one and here's proof that you can commit a massive crime a stabbing spree Would you consider these people serial killers? I'm assuming you would write because they kill they 10 people are dead and 50 more of hospitalized. So they planned on killing at least 25 Oh, man. And they're not talking to talking about I'm looking to figure out what kind of weapon we're using data saying they were stabbed. I'm trying to see if there's any more details. With the forensics they're still doing the investigation because again, it took place yesterday. Wow, man. Yeah, so definitely be on the lookout for these two guys. I mean, if I were in the area, if I live in this area, guys, I would tell you the same play the same men shelter in place. Don't go out. Don't order don't do nothing and you hope you got some iOS why I always say keep stuff on deck of water have supplies in case you need to shelter in place. You've got to have at least ramen. At least keep some packages of ramen. That plastic noodle. That thing lasts like two three years. Keep some canned goods and I mean some canned peaches, peas. Make sure it's canned food that you will eat. You know, you don't want to get like this is not the time to say I'm gonna stock up on canned lima beans because they're good for you. But you hate lima beans, you know, I mean, stock up on some stuff like you know, I hate to say it Chef Boyardee. If you would like Chef Boyardee and that canned meat, pasta, whatever it's in that last on the shelf for over a year. Then I say stock a bunch of boring or demek and you got to eat this stuff if need be. Worst case scenario, you eat it before the expiration date and then you restock again. I mean, it's better to have it than not have it and some of those canned goods are cheap. I mean, as cheap as they once were in the last administration, but cheap you know, compared to like buying bulk chicken and deep freezing it you know, you gotta run the electricity bill and all that stuff. And then new deep freezer. But yeah, man, this is crazy. suspects are believed to be traveling in the vagina area. I don't know how to say that word. It's R e g i na. I'm saying Regina, it sounds like I'm saying something else. Regina, maybe it's Regina. I mean whatever Regina area. But now they're saying you have Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is a big wooded area. If you're not familiar with Canada, these areas are very wooded. Lots of forest, lots of open land to you. And these guys are locals, which they seem like they are. And they're familiar with the area, they could probably camp out for a long time without being noticed without being found they probably have a plan in place. I mean, you don't go around stabbing 5025 people and think that, you know, you're not gonna have a plan in place. Now, is this premeditated? Probably most likely. Otherwise, they would have been caught already. In my opinion, you know? I don't even want to say this is mental illness. It's could be mental illness. Right? Well, what what pushes? I'm gonna say mental illness because what pushes someone to stab random people? Right? If you get on me, like, if I was gonna stab somebody, I would have a reason to stab that person. I'm just saying like, you know, I'm not, you know, obviously, I'm not advocating for it. But if I was going to stab somebody, I'm like, yo, just the reason why I'm stabbing you, I don't like you, you know, for whatever reason you wronged me and I want to stab you for that. But these people are just stabbing random people. So I'm gonna go ahead and say it's mental illness. Now, does that do? Does that mean they get off on with a warning? Not obviously, would I'm just putting that up as mental illness. It's a it's a it's a pandemic, in my opinion, it's taking taking place across the globe. And these people regardless of the crime or the symptom, the reason for the crime, they need to be penalized for that. They need to be punished. Should they get treatment for the mental illness? I mean, I'm not a doctor, so I can't I can't say yes or no to that. But they should definitely face some severe consequences. They should get the death penalty. They should absolutely get the death penalty. In fact, yeah, why even treat these people there's they already killed 10 and they ruined 15 other lives, not mentioned the families they should get the death penalty. Why even spend the tax dollars on trying to rehab these people to feed these people to put them up in housing and shelter now? You know, they didn't give a shit about these people. 25 people they stabbed, so why should we care about them? That's my mentality. You know, You're gonna turn around telling me I should be civilized. You gotta be better than these people hell with that shit, fuck that shit. Why are we going to be civilized when they're acting like animals? Why should we our tax dollars go to us help people who literally go out of their way to destroy other lives? Why should we help them? I'm just saying that if he if we destroy, if we eliminate these two people, there's a Ha is 100% guarantee that they will not commit a crime again? And it's not going to how much at a cost? Can't cost? What $100 I don't know how much it's gonna cost to, you know, kill this. I mean, I'll do it for free. You can give me $100 If you want. I mean, I'm sorry. I wouldn't have any I wouldn't have any remorse about that if that if I had to do that. Because in my mind, I just I just eliminated somebody to people who are threatened to the society who would who would probably go on and commit more murders. I think that's what execution is for. Right? You're eliminating evil from society. Oh, no, that's a job but wonder what the benefits are of that to execution? Or is that still a job? Can I be the executioner I'll be a great execution. I think I'd like to have like a nice little speech. You know, I mean, that'd be a good like on my resume. Like what do you do like I do podcasts? I do tic TOCs part time executioner because you can't be a full time executioner because you're not putting up 40 hours and I mean, unless you unless you know if I have my way there will be a lot more executions that's all I'm gonna say because we got to save taxpayer dollars and put that tax money towards other things, but it is what it is. Let me know what you guys think. Do you guys believe in the death penalty? Do you think these two people should if they ever get caught should face death penalty? Or should they be in prison aid imprisoned, and and rehabilitated? And yada, yada, yada, and treat them humanely? Let me know. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are on this. Alright guys, enjoy the rest of your Labor Day. Have fun. Get out there. If not stay in there. I don't know. Just do whatever makes you happy. As long as you're safe. Keep something on you. You do not see. Look, these 15 people, maybe maybe the ones who survived were the ones who fought back and they had something on them to fight back. Maybe. Maybe that had been a higher number of people didn't fight back. I don't know. But if if you had something to defend yourself with, maybe you won't even gotten stabbed in the first place. Not a surefire thing, but it doesn't hurt to have some kind of weapon on you for self defense, Mace, taser. You know, ak 47. Whatever. Whatever is legal. Anyway, talk to you guys tomorrow. Have a fantastic day. Check out the site CJ Bronson cj Bronson show for all the links here. Have a fantastic day. Love y'all. Bye