Sept. 7, 2022

#145 | A Simple Target run Turned into A Terrifying Kidnapping for this Mother and her 1 Year Old!

#145 | A Simple Target run Turned into A Terrifying Kidnapping for this Mother and her 1 Year Old!
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Right in the wide open parking lot of Target, This mother along with her one-year-old were forced at gunpoint to go where?! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Wednesday, September 7 2022. Hope you're having a great Wednesday great hump day, its first day of school for my kids. So things are kind of wonky, trying to get back into that school schedule of waking up earlier than usual. I'm like up at 545 in the morning anyway, it is what it is. Today's episode is a crazy story because I do a lot of episodes about Walmart because I always hear about the Walmart people. This is happening at Walmart outside of Walmart, yada, yada, yada. This episode is about target the Tarjay people. So it's very important you guys keep your head on a swivel. I always say it. And you know, it's it's just more more important when you have kids, especially if you have kids, because you know, they're rambunctious, they're running around. And you know, you could get distracted and your kids could be gone like this. And it happens more than it should, unfortunately. So this story took place back on August 31. In a target in Memphis, Tennessee. Here it goes. So a mother and her kid were shopping, her one year old. They were shopping at the target and everything was fine. As usual. Things are fine. You know, she's thinking everything is cool. They go to the parking lot. They go to get into their vehicle, load to leave, right? They're done. They're done with their shopping, and they're about to go but what happens well, a man by the name of will Hayes 25 year old 25 years old. jumps into the vehicle forces the mom to drive him and his accomplice on the accomplice is in the backseat with her child with her one year old. And, and she's driving and he's in the passenger seat. And he's directing her where to go. Now what can be more terrifying than this, especially when you have your one year old. This is crazy. In my opinion, this is 10 this is Memphis, Tennessee, this is not a small town, this is a big town. This is target. There's cameras as people around and that still took place. So they they forced the mother and child into a her gold Chevy Malibu, the pair orders the woman to drive to a nearby regions bank to make an $800 withdrawal from an ATM on the seven 700 block of highway 64. The mother was forced to get to sit in the front seat next to the suspect with the passenger with his associate in the backseat with her child. After giving them the money, she returned to the store, and Hayes and another suspect that vanished with the cash. Thankfully, she she followed directions. Thankfully, nobody got injured, nobody got hurt, things will have gotten a lot worse. And imagine if she didn't have the $800 in her account. I don't have $800 in my account. So I mean, not like I'm expecting someone to rob me. But I'm just saying like, I don't know, 2022 have a lot of people with kids or whatever, have that much money in your ATM. And I'm actually surprised at the bank. Let them take out that much money in my bank. I think the max I can take out is 500 per day. I may have to go to multiple ATMs, but it's still 500 per day and I'm surprised maybe regions bank has a different policy. I know credit unions are a little different. I think credit unions go up to 1000. So maybe that's what happened here. But of course when the mother returned back with her kid, you know to the target, she immediately call for help. Then couple days later on 10am on a Tuesday Memphis police spotted a goal vehicle matching description of the car that appeared on the surveillance footage. They pulled the car over because they had no license plate. And Hayes was taken into custody again, Hayes will Hayes 25 years old 25 years old has been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery two counts of aggravated kidnapping and the employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony that's accomplished accomplice is still at large guy so Yeah, can you imagine Oh, can you imagine just being the mom like You're like already like I have my kid What do you want me think and dollars what? And you're already freaking out like don't have my kid was hard. My kid please take whatever you want her my kid. Now you have to drive. I don't know how far away this region bank is from the target. I hope not too far. But the fear that must have been through this woman's mind and her body must have been trembling, especially with a kid in the backseat. She's probably like, Oh, please don't do anything to my kid. Please don't take my kid. You hear the horror stories of what's happening with kids these days. The mom was probably like, Oh my God, just just please thankfully she had the money in her account. I'm telling you. I got a bad feeling that things would have went south if she did not have that. $800 what they were looking for. So let's see. Let's let me dive into further it's turns out well, well Hayes 25 has a long criminal record apparently has a lengthy criminal record showing charges of theft, vandalism, credit card fraud, burglary, since he was 18 years old, the guy's 25. So for the last seven years, all he's been doing was crying. The other suspect is still a large, please contact Crimestoppers at 901528 cash. Again, that's 9015228 Cash, with any information about the case is very important. Everything, of course, is confidential. I believe there is a cash reward for any information leading to the capture of this associate. But yeah, like, at a target of all places, I get like, you know, for some reason, you feel like targets a little more upscale, and you feel like something like this wouldn't happen. But this just goes to show what I've been saying, Guys, it could happen anywhere. It doesn't matter. You can be armed with a kid, I'm Honey, I'm just run to the store real quick. That Honey, I'm run to the store real quick. Could be the last time you see him. You know, I mean, we got people going for a jog and getting abducted and murdered, unfortunately. Right. Eliza Fisher, rip. All right, we have other people kids going missing. It's just like, we We can't risk it. And I keep repeating myself. I know I keep saying it over and over again. You guys have to have something on you for self defense, you have to have some kind of, I don't know, Mace, taser, whatever. I'm not telling you guys to break the law. I'm just saying it'd be a smart move to have something on you at all times that you can keep handy. In case it happens to you. And you might look at me and say, CJ, you're crazy. What are the odds of it happening to me? Well, you know, what, if you could prevent it, why not prevent it? If, if you know what I mean? Like why isn't always better to be safe than sorry. It's like saying, you know, what are the odds of me getting an accident? Why should I wear my seatbelt? Because it's not about the odds of you getting an accident? What's the odds of some other person being there and hitting you? It's all about protecting you. And your people that you love. And you know, and count on you like this one year old counting on her on his mom, her mom. Man that just it's just like, oh 25 years old band apparently has ruptured a rap sheet. So he's probably done this numerous times, especially theft. So it's, I'm very happy that he's off the street. And Lord knows, because it seems like things just escalate with these criminals, right? They don't just stop at like, I'm just gonna do simple things. Steal a candy bar, steal bag of chips. No, it goes from like, theft, to larceny to aggravated assault, to now kidnap, like, it just keeps going up and up and up. And they just keep raising the bar. Now why was this guy released? Probably because he got charged when he was 18. And they probably gave him a you know, slap on the wrist. I don't know, Tennessee law. I know. I hope it's not like New York. But hopefully now he'll be charged and put away for a long period of time. I mean, this could have been horrific. And we still don't know where the other person is is associate came in WoW. deployment of a firearm so he pulled a gun on her. Pull the gun on our said, probably said, Listen, take me to the bank, take $100 out of your bank, or I'm going to do X, Y and Z to you and your kid. I don't know man. I feel like women are targeted more. So obviously women and elderly are targeted more so then than men. So you women out there moms out there. It's you know you really got to pick it up and really self defense courses or maybe you know something and like I said on you I keep saying it because it's so important guys, especially the elderly. You guys are out there walking around by yourself go out in groups go out in pairs. Keep your head on a swivel. These people are sucker punching each other sucker punching random strangers for their own entertainment, not even robbing them. They just punch and run. It's like they have nothing better to do. It's like they're getting paid to punch. Which I hope it's not the case. I don't know. And it's actually very surprising that target didn't have security cameras. They're able to have the security footage. Right It says Memphis police spotted the gold vehicle matching the description of their car that appeared on surveillance footage. So they have surveillance footage of this vehicle. The bank didn't have surveillance which I guess she went to the ATM by herself probably. So they don't have these criminals on the bank right tapes but I'm pretty sure there's cameras around the bank. And I'm pretty sure the parking lot had other cameras as well. So I'm surprised that they couldn't again, trace those camera footage to see where this associate went to or went off to maybe they can shake down or you know, interrogate this this this criminal What's the thing pays and maybe he'll he'll rat snitch on his partner who's probably out committing more crimes as we speak. It's just the crazy world, folks. It's what we're getting at with the school season starting. Now I'm more nervous than usual. Because I don't see it getting any better. Now, till the end of the year, I don't see getting better. anytime soon, really. But I gotta be positive I gotta stay. I gotta you know, I got to just pray and say positive and say I you know, hope everything for my family and for yours are safe and secure and continues to be so healthy, healthy, stay healthy. And stay vigilant and keep your head on the swivel guys. Again, don't forget, hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Hit me up on tick tock. Same at CJ barnston. Show I'll put a new tick tock out today. It's fire. It's about this. This cop from Georgia who goes to Florida and hires a prostitute though it's pretty interesting story. Check it out. It's only three minutes as a quick short, I run a channel on tick tock. Again. It's at CJ Bronson show on tick tock and I call it CJ in three. So check that out. And yeah, what else I got the store going CJ brothas All shirts, tank tops, hats, all that stuff on there. Check it out. 10% of total sales will go to Kota vets. So And guys, please do me a favor, comment and share and like these videos and audios these podcasts. I'm trying to spread a message trying to get the world to wake up and realize that it's not the same like it used to be man. It's not the same as it was a year ago or two years ago. I can prove to you that times are worse now than they were two years ago with stats and I've been doing that. And I'm not trying to fear monger. I'm trying to let you guys wake up, wake up. Wake up and realize the world around you is not what it used to be and you got to be safe and secure. Alright. Have a great day, guys. I'll talk to you later. I love y'all. Bye