Sept. 8, 2022

#146 | Sheriff’s Deputy kills a Married Couple in their Home while off-duty!? Motive unknown!

#146 | Sheriff’s Deputy kills a Married Couple in their Home while off-duty!? Motive unknown!
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The 24 year old Sheriff's Office deputy turned himself in after allegedly fatally shooting a married couple at their home. Devin Williams, Jr. was at large following the shooting which prompted a statewide manhunt. No motive at this time but my gut tells me it was a crime of passion. What do you guys think? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Thursday, September 8 2022. Hope you having a fantastic Thursday. Couple more days until the weekend. Today's episode takes place in California. It's a very sad story very tragic story about this Alameda County Sheriff's Office deputy Alameda County Sheriff's Office deputy now. He was off duty when he allegedly committed the double homicide early Wednesday at home in Dublin before fleeing the scene. According to authorities now, the sheriff's office said the suspected murder weapon is the deputies own firearm, which they were working to recover after he disposed of it in a rural area. The sheriff's office had warned that the suspect identified as 24 year old Devin Williams Jr. was at large following the shooting, prompting a statewide manhunt and should be considered armed and dangerous. During a midday press briefing, Chief Garrett Holmes, a commander with the sheriff's office and the chief of police. Services for the city of Dublin announced that Williams reportedly called the office earlier that morning and turned himself in and was just taken into custody near Coalinga several hours south. Quote chief Holmes personally talked the suspect into surrendering and spent about 45 minutes on the phone with him to get him to surrender peacefully. Alameda County Lieutenant Ray Kelly told reporters during the briefing, Kelly said that the deputies were in the process of bringing Williams back to Dublin. It is unclear if the suspect has an attorney who can speak on his behalf at this time. So what happened? What happened? What did this guy do? This young man who's not even I mean, he another police officer who I don't know what's going on, man. 24 years old, not even in his 30s 24 years old, you're in your prime. You made it up in the ranks your freakin sheriff's office deputy. Yeah, you know, you're not a sheriff. You're not lieutenant, no detective, but you're in the works. You're starting your career. 24 you have the whole world in front of you What could have caused this? And he knew he was guilty because he went on a, you know, our little road trip, ran away, ran from the scene of the crime dispose of the gun in a rural area. What was the reason? What was the purpose? What was the cause? What triggered him? Well, let's jump into the story. police respond to the home around 1245. In the morning, after a novel one caller reported an intruder who was brandishing a firearm. Holmes, Holmes said the two people were home were ultimately shot and pronounced dead at the scene. It's a great loss for our community. And it's even more disheartening to find out that it was one of our own that was actually the trigger person behind the tragic incident. Six people were in the home at the time of the shooting, including a child and the two victims. A relative of the family who was visiting at the time is a quote key witness he said now the victims are 42 year old woman and 58 year old man Kelly said authorities have not yet released their names. He said the two had a child together. Though he did not provide any further details. I guess the case is ongoing. pending further investigation. Here we go. Kelly so they are still investigating a motive in the shooting and the relationship between the Williams and the victims. There is connectivity between Mr. Williams and the victims. He said Williams has has worked for the sheriff's office for one year. Prior to applying to be a sheriff's deputy, he was going through a field training officer program. in Stockton upon graduating from the police academy. Williams did not pass his probation, probation to become a solo police officer and was let go, oh, a lot of those issues that we found were related to his skill set and his ability to effectively do the job. Kelly said they were not based on any type of conduct. It was more of his ability and a skill set wasn't being the criteria that his job demands. And so at this point, they let him go, which is not uncommon. Williams was considered a quote very good candidate of law enforcement, who noted that the agency is in shock. Somewhere in the last several months of his life, some significant events happened that led up to this moment. A lot of those events went on discovered and disclosed. And we're going to be looking into that Kelly said, quote, I think there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. So there's a case man I mean, this is interesting. Apparently they he knew this guy Apple, he knew them knew of them. And there was a reason why he was there. Maybe he blames them for not making the police force, maybe something happened between the three of them as far as a relationship, intimate relationship as possible, right? Maybe with the spouse or maybe even with the husband or whatever. Who knows, at this point, we don't know nothing. But I'm trying to think of myself like what would cause like, what would make me get that upset? Where I would go and commit homicide, double homicide, and all I can think about is like, if somebody wronged me, or my family, like physically, then you know, I think an eye for an eye would be caused would be would be justified. Right? I might be wrong on that. I may be I may be messed up to think that way. But I mean, maybe some some weird way. He felt like this was justified. And maybe there was an argument. And they and he showed up in the argument. And this is what happened. I mean, it's possible, right? I don't I mean, I, I've met, like, I've been upset. And I've been angry. And I've been like, you know, I wish, you know, I wish things were differently. You know, but I've never gotten to the point where I'm going to kill somebody. I never like think about that, like on your way to the person's home with the gun, you had that whole drive, whether it be five minutes or 10 minutes, to you know, you get to the house, you could park outside and really think to yourself, I'm not going to do this. But in my from my instinct is telling me this was an act of passion, that he did this out of not revenge, but of out of out of passion, like he was very, like, I think emotionally hurt. You know, and this, this officer Kelly, he's not, he's not saying that it was a mental issue. And keep in mind the age difference, right? So this officer or former officers, 24 years old, the people that he murdered, are as a 42 year old woman, and a 58 year old man. So maybe there was something on the side happening, that should not be spoken of, and they broke it off. And that was the tipping point, you know, he was already on the edge. He didn't make it through the police force. Apparently, he's right. It's what they're saying here, work for the sheriff's office for a year prior to applying to be a sheriff's deputy. He was going through our field training. Upon graduating from the police academy, Williams didn't did not pass his probation to become a solo officer and was let go. And he said that law was issues that we found were related to his skill set, and his ability to effectively do the job that would not based on any type of conduct, it was more of his ability and his skill set wasn't being the criteria that the job demands. So it has nothing to do with a mental I don't think it's a mental illness, I think he was let go because he could just not meet up to the standards that they had. And after that, maybe he just, you know, he felt just one thing after another dominoed into into a bigger, bigger, bigger issue after anything like a snowballed into a greater issue. And then the tipping point was these this couple whether it was you know, they owed him money, or whether it was I don't think it was a money thing, I think I really didn't think it was an act of passion. Like maybe there was some kind of relationship between the three of them and they broke it off. And that was it. That was like I said, I can't do this no more I got nothing else going for me. Nothing else. And this is what happens. I mean, maybe I feel I feel horrible about the family. I mean, the kid is there was one child I believe was involved for bad for the one child, hopefully, all of that, you know, we get an answer. Hopefully we can we're gonna figure out what exactly took place here. This is, this is crazy. And you know, people already are already apprehensive with the police are already like, don't trust the police. A lot of people are like, you know, you can't say that this officer from the picture. What I'm seeing here is Devin Williams, Jr. Looks like he was an African American man. It looks like we have no photos right now of the family. But based upon the names, I'm gonna go ahead and take a wild guess and say, Oh, we have no names. So they are not least names. And they have the two had a child together. So we have no other details to regional ones. 42 the ones 58. And it's just weird that this officer would do this. And when there was so many people in the home, right, because they were not in the house alone. There were six people in the home at the time, including a child and the two victims, right, a relative of the family who was visiting at the time as a key witness. So it's very, like why did you choose this? I feel like there's more to the story. I'm curious to see if they bury the story. That's honestly what I'm curious to see because media has a tendency to not follow up with things or the purposely bury the story because it shows something in a bad light. And you know, that's not bad. All right. I mean, you know, if you're gonna give the story give the whole story. I'm just saying, you know, and maybe this you know, we don't know this. This rap sheet this guy, maybe they'll purposely hide the story because he's committed other crimes and they don't want that bad rap on their on their station. You know? I don't know. Let me know what you guys think I mean, what is your gut tell you heard the story? What is your gut tell you you agree with me Do you think it's a act of passion? Or do you think that it was just like this guy cut them off? And that was it? I don't think it's a cutting off man. I just think I really something tells me it's an act of passion. And this officer Kelly said that he knew them. So there was some kind of connection. I don't know. Maybe they're his new job. Maybe they met there. Maybe. Maybe they said something that triggered him racial or not, who knows? But my gut is telling me that it was an act of passion. Anyway, let me know calm below hit me up at CJ Bronson that CJ Bronson show on Twitter or on Tik Tok same as CJ Bronson show, CJ So I'm CJ Bronson. for all the episodes, videos, audios and CJ Bronson for the hats, shirts and all the cool stuff that you can wear the show how patriotic you are and to give thanks and to help me out a little bit. Help me that I would greatly appreciate that because I'm trying to you know this I do this every day guys you guys know I do. Tick tock every day I do videos audios every day. And I would like to get a little bit something just show me a little appreciation out appreciate it. And then return to get some cool swag. I mean, check out the merch you got some good stuff. You will enjoy it. Anyway. Have a great day. Keep your head on a swivel. Be alert. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Especially if you have kids. Be aware for them. Check their phones constantly be on top of them school starting make sure you look at their curriculum. Make sure you stay aware of what's happening in the schools and out. Alright guys, take care. I love y'all. Bye