Sept. 9, 2022

#147 | Polio Outbreak in NY could have Infected Thousands! Officials Declare a Disaster!?

#147 | Polio Outbreak in NY could have Infected Thousands! Officials Declare a Disaster!?
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New school year, new problems. The governor’s office has declared a disaster after a recent polio outbreak detected in NASA County today. This allows for additional funding and resources to be dedicated towards rolling out vaccines to New Yorkers. The states vaccination rate for polio is only around 80% with even some counties that are affected by this outbreak posting rates of low 60s! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys? Today is Friday, September 9 2022. Hope you're having a fantastic Friday. You're pumped for the weekend. You're ready. You're excited. I know some sad news came in the other day like yesterday rather, the Queen passed away Queen Elizabeth a second. I don't know what personally so I can't really speak badly or positively about her. I don't know. I only know what I read. And I've read all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories. Maybe it's true, maybe not pedophilia lizard. I don't know what she is what she did. She's not she's not that data, though. She's a racist. She's not I don't know, I have no clue doesn't pertain to me. My bank account is still negative. You know, my credit is still screwed. I don't know. That's, I'm sorry to sound selfish, but it doesn't really affect my day to day, right? Gas prices or gas prices, taxes, they're still taxes, and we gotta move forward. She lived a fantastic life. She's wealthy, she never really had to work a hard day in her life. Right. The majority of us will never experience what she experienced as far as wealth is concerned. Am I jealous? Absolutely. But, but that's what is. That's all I'm gonna say about that. live the good life. People are saying God bless her. She's been blessed. People should bless me. So I'm saying, Hey, here's what it is. But right now we got to worry about people in New York. People in New York. I don't know why it's not being reported right now in New York has declared a disaster due to a polio outbreak ice officials fear have affected infected 1000s in the state. And this came out today, folks, so this is breaking news on the CJ Bronson shows beacon of which check out the websites today, Boston for all the links for the videos, the audios of all these podcast links on there too. Also my Twitter and my Tik Tok at CJ Bronson show on Tik Tok and on Twitter, on my tick tock today put out a fantastic video awesome, you're gonna enjoy it. It is about the new law passed in Illinois, January 1 2023. You got to see this nonsense. Believe it man, this governor is crazy. Also, he is the wealthiest Governor ever in US history. So this is important. He's the heir to the Hyatt Hotels. And yeah, this is his plan to solve the crime problems. And I go through a lot of statistics on the tick socks on the tick tock so if you'd like information back with evidence, check out the TIC tock right. Also, we got the store open CJ Brompton All your T shirts, like your tanks, everything you need to get yourself in that patriotic spirit for the weekend. All right. So let's move forward. Right so what are we talking about today? We're talking about the New York declared a disaster. Do the polio outbreak due to a polio outbreak is 2022 Y'all 2220 22 We got worried about gas prices and polio. What are we doing, man? Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. And the school year just started school had just started for my son second day of his school today. You know, second day, yes. Second day, second or third. I lose track these days all together. I think it's third? I don't know. Second, third, whatever. First week, and now we got to worry about polio. Jesus, man. All right. Anyway. So New York State officials have declared a disaster over the state where there has been one confirmed case. But they're declaring a disaster for one confirmed case. And dozens of positive wastewater samples dating back as far as April. Hmm. Interesting. Right. So the move was announced by my favorite New York Governor being sarcastic of course Governor Kathy Hochul. On Friday and a release officials say that the move allows, quote, ready for it. Necessary state agencies to take appropriate action wink wink to assist local governments and individuals and containing preparing for responding to and recovering from this state disaster emergency. This kind of sounds familiar. The Empire State first detected a case of this devastating virus in Rockland County just outside of New York City's Bronx borough on July 21st. In the set in the time since wastewater surveillance has also detected the virus within the city itself. And in nearby orange and Sullivan counties. On Friday. officials revealed Friday today that Nassau County also again just outside with the Big Apple has detected the virus and its wastewater surveillance as well. So from what I'm gathering so far, they knew about this since July. We are now in September and they're just monitoring situation. Okay, I don't know if that's smart move. But hey, she's the governor. Who am I to say anything right? I'm just a guy that wishes he was he was royalty. Yeah, so that's not good. The Centers for Disease Control the CDC, revealed in August that further investigation found at least 21 Positive samples of the virus in New York. One of the samples ready was gathered as far back as April so now We have a sample from April. We're in August. I'm sorry, we're in September, April, May, June, July, August. So by five months mean the devastating virus could have been circulating for months before its detection. Last month a local rockland county official warned that while only one case has been detected so far, the true number of infected New Yorkers could be in the 1000s. Could be state of emergency could be keywords could be. And we got last month a local rock ran another one, only around one in every 1900 polio infections, and unvaccinated persons will result in paralysis according to the CDC. So one in every 1900 People who gets infected with polio and is not vaccinated will result in paralysis. According to the CDC. This is for polio we're talking about. Officials assure the public that a vaccinated person has little to worry about with the current outbreak. And the good news is that more than 90% of Americans are vaccinated by their second birthday, and many had to receive the shot again to attend public school. And the good news again with this this, this vaccination is that there's no booster right? There's no booster and vaccination in infancy provides protection for life, entire life. Both Rockland and Orange County have vaccination rates in the 60s, significantly lower than the 95% mark set by the World Health Organization to control the virus. So that's good news. Excuse me, I was thirsty on polio. We simply cannot roll the dice. That's a quote from Dr. Mary Bassett, who is the State Health Commissioner. If you or your child are unvaccinated or not up to date with vaccinations, the risk of paralytic disease is real. I urge New Yorkers to not accept any risk at all. So that means like if you don't know that believing it's what you're saying, right? We simply cannot roll the dice if you your child are not valid or not up to date vaccinations. So he she's saying if you don't know get the vaccine. Okay. The MOU from hotels office will allow for additional funding and supplies to be dedicated towards boosting the state's polio vaccination rate. Again, according to official data, 78% of New Yorkers have received at least three polio jabs by the age of two, the standard for the shots, NASA has a vaccination rates slightly below them, 79%, Sullivan, 62%, Rocklyn, 60%, Orange 58% are all among the parts of the state with the lowest jab rates. All of these figures are well below the 95% rate, which is needed belief to be needed to control the virus in case of an outbreak. So they got to get them shots up. And this is official data. So we don't know, you know who they surveyed. I'm sure a lot of people in New York aren't of the least of the legal persuasion will say, especially if they're being bussed in and flown in by Texas. Some of those people I'm sure, I'm not sure about Mexico, if they have a polio procedure as far as how many shots they need to take or vaccination, if they even do that over there. I don't know. I don't know the polio laws in Mexico. But it's interesting that they're able to come up with a statistics of the percentage percentage are showing here may not be the true percentage. It might be lower might be higher, because a lot of people don't answer surveys, right. A lot of people don't declare what they've have done what they haven't had done to them as far as medical information is concerned. Now, while only one case has been confirmed so far, in unvaccinated Rockland County man in his 20s officials are worried that a massive outbreak is quietly a lot going unnoticed. All right, you guys love to hear about the story. I didn't hear about the story until a few seconds ago, a few minutes ago or hours ago, whatever time is all relative me. There isn't just one case of polio if you see a paralytic case, that instance and what the hell and incidents of paralytic Polio is less than 1%. According to Dr. Patricia Knable, rooper health commissioner for Rockland County. Most cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and those symptoms are often missed. So there are hundreds, perhaps even 1000s of cases that have occurred already for us, and we have not seen a paralytic case as of yet. The infected Rockland County man initially experienced a fever, neck stiffness, stomach issues and limb weakness. He was hospitalized and a stool sample later confirmed that he had a case of vaccine derived polio. This this form of the virus comes as a result of the oral polio polio virus vaccine OPV. The vaccine delivers a person a live version of the virus, while the body will usually kill the virus generating antibodies. On some rare occasions, the recipient will be infected. Oh, that's not good. So this is kind of like the flu shot if you don't remember, if you don't know what the flu shot is, every year they have a flu shot in America where you could take it to give you a alive a little small, small amount of live flu so that your body can develop antibodies and fight the strong flus that develop every year because the flu mutates every year to a stronger strain. What's interesting is in this case for the, for this vaccine, polio vaccines, what they're saying, again, according to the report here, it was a oral polio virus vaccine. Oral I'm assuming a pill or some sort right oral while the body will usually kill the virus. On some rare occasion the recipient will be infected. The OPV is no longer used in the United States instead having been replaced with the inactivated polio vaccine IPv, which is delivered via injection. Some developing nations will still use the OPV because it is easier to access who excuse me and activates antibodies faster than the IPv officials has as yet hasn't had Allah Allah officials have not yet determined how this man was exposed to vaccine induced polio. Well, I mean, if he received the oral well, how old is he? He's 27 years old. So yeah, that wasn't been. That sucks. paralytic polio often takes between seven to 21 days for an infected person to feel symptoms. The man had no travel outside the country during that period. However, he did attend a large gathering of some sort eight days before symptom onset, which official official speculate could be where the exposure occurred. Based on earlier polio outbreaks, New Yorkers should know that for every one case of paralytic polio observed, there may be hundreds of other people infected. And a report revealed by the CDC last month 260 samples from Rockland Orange counties were tested of that group 13 samples from Rocklin and eight from Orange were found to have traces of the virus. Not good, not good, not good. One Orange County sample from as far back as April had an incomplete sequence of the virus. This means that it may or may not be linked to the Rockland County case. And the time since the conclusion of the of the report on August 10, New York City, Sullivan and Nassau County officials have confirmed the discovery of polio and wastewater surveillance. So they're continuing to keep an eye on this and I'm telling everyone to get vaccinated. Same story as before, as usual. That's up to this man who went to that party or whatever it was that large gathering matches something like you know, people slip things in your drink all the time. All the time, but like you know, it can happen you go to the club, you go to the bar, you go to the party, and instead of being slipped something enjoyable. You got slipped the freakin OPV you know me, ma'am, that's woof. Imagine that. And that's always the case to like, maybe. I mean, what the one in 1900 are the odds? Imagine someone did that thinking like, Oh, this is going to like, like he knew that it was planned to I don't know. Thankfully he's not paralyzed you know, that's that'd be That's true. Man, it's just wild. I'm gonna wear y'all I'm gonna like Chick fil A you know I'm saying um, I got a Wild Wild Wild no shout the wall for the for gas discount use the app 15 cents off a gallon your gas, you know may go to like read Italian ice. Do a little something some for myself. Other night, man. Listen, I'm going nowhere. Only prices spiking. My drink is me. You know what I mean? Because I'm more or less no one I'm putting in it. I hope. I mean, I don't know. Hopefully it's not the case. Hopefully I'm wrong. And you know, hopefully that makes full recovery. And there's no issues but they gotta keep an eye on this man. I don't even know if this is I mean, it's New Jersey testing their wastewater system. I'm right next door. I'm in Jersey. This is New York. I'm like Rockland, Oakland. Not that far away. A couple hour drive to three hour drive. Not that far. You know the airport right there. Who knows where this come? Do you know what I can think about this? It's Friday. I'm sorry. I did not mean to put a downer on your weekend. I'm not trying to I'm just trying to be informative, y'all. I'm just trying to give you like a little a little bit of what's happening what the news isn't covering because right now the news Have you watched it? Because every time I turn on the damn news, I see the queen. And I'm not anti queen. I am not anti queen. I just get like, like enough is enough. I mean this is America give me the American news. It's almost to the point where again my conspiracy brain starts thinking like Dude, what are you hiding? Why are you showing me this? What are you not showing me? Maybe this I'm not sure if this is what they're hiding or they're trying to hide. You know, the Illinois thing I talked about on Tik Tok again, check that out. But the governor, what he's what he's proposing for next year, January. Not sure. Keep digging. I'll keep looking. But if they're going to push this queen nonsense, not queen, nothing. That's wrong. This queen narrative. That's the word. I meant to say narrative, y'all all till next week, you know, filling up the airwaves, then it's very suspicious, Matt's us, in my opinion. But enjoy your weekend, guys. No, talk to you tomorrow. I gotta get some work done in here. So check out check out my twitter at TD Bronson show. Tech. Check out the TIC tock at CJ Bronson Jo the websites out CJ Bronson For all your Palghat yo check out the freakin abolish the IRS tanktop and T shirts and sweatshirts. We got to come on man, that we're here trying to take our money 87,000 IRS agents with guns come and come to your door to see why you put a period on your 1040 form. And you'd better have an answer. I don't know. By buying the shirt, you support me and who doesn't want to support me? I mean, besides everyone Avast. Just kidding. Check it out. I love you guys. Be safe out there. Keep your head on and keep your head on a swivel at all times. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep something on you for self defense. And guys remember, I love y'all. All right. Bye bye