Sept. 11, 2022

#149 | Nevada Democrat Official in Jail for Murder will Keep his Position and his 6 Figure Salary!?

#149 | Nevada Democrat Official in Jail for Murder will Keep his Position and his 6 Figure Salary!?
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He’s in jail right now for allegedly murdering a reporter who caught him on video with one of his staff members. He stabbed the reporter 7 times. DNA has been retrieved and matched but the city will continue to pay his salary and allow him to do his job behind bars --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What's going on guys? Today is Sunday, September 11 2022. Yeah, it's 911. And it's raining over here in Jersey. I guess it's, it's, it's appropriate for the dates. You know, I wasn't gonna do an episode today, unfortunately. You know, because of what happened. I remember where it was on 911 I'm not sure a lot of you do, too, if you were around at the time. And yeah, a lot of my my fellow student I was in school, a lot of my colleagues or whatever you want to call it, classmates had parents who were the towers at the time. Three of them did, actually. But luckily, they're all survived. But it was at that time where they didn't know couldn't get a hold of any anyone the phones were down. It was just chaos. Literally legit chaos. But yeah, real quick, before I start the show, I want to give a quick thank you to all first responders, all vets, everyone, especially that day who responded and I noticed a lot of people that came out of town, out of state, a lot of departments a lot of emergency response people came from all over the country to help out and I truly want to say thank you to those who did that. And it's we're, you know, I'm always gonna say thank you and I'm always grateful for that because, you know, things have gotten a lot a lot crazier, a lot worse. We've got a lot lost a lot more. But with that being said I want to talk about today's episode now today's episode is a little different. Today's episode takes place takes us to Nevada to state two. I've never been to Nevada one day I plan to go I always want to go to Vegas. Just check it out just to say you did it you know I heard they have great buffets and you know, the shows are good like 60 new royal legacy that Penn and Teller Aleksey magic I think I would enjoy it. I don't know if you guys ever been to Vegas or or you know you have anything to recommend any place to recommend. Let me know. Hit me up at CJ Bronson show on Twitter at CJ Bronson show on tick tock as well. And you guys know the website CJ Boston for all the links for the videos and the audios. But today's episode yes as a democratic official in Nevada. Well, what's the problem with him? Well, he was accused of murdering a Las Vegas journalist who exposed his affair with a staffer. And that's just the beginning of the story because there's twists and turns in this one. Clark County Public Administrator Robert TELUS was arrested on Wednesday. Five days after Jeff government, a reporter with The Las Vegas review journal was fatally stabbed outside his home. Now, Robert TELUS, the public administrator is 45 He's being held without bail and faces one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon. According to online court records. City officials say that despite the murder charge, and this is the kind of like you really a serious despite the murder charge, tell us will remain in his elected role and and continue to receive his six figure salary until another person is elected. Let that sink in guys. He's going to continue to get a six figure salary and keep his job while in prison for murder. Okay, that sounds smart. That's a great idea. Good use of tax dollars. I'm sure all the voters are happy about that. City officials say that despite the murder charge, I will happen now. For now he's an elected still elected officer and he'll be paid while he's in jail. According to the Democratic Clark County Commissioner tick Seger blown Gurman 69 years old had spent months reporting on complaints complaints more than one that tell us had an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate and oversaw an abusive workplaces saying it was quote turmoil tell us has of course denied those accusations. Now the journalist was found dead on September 3. And sources sources say that DNA was discovered undergarments fingernails don't doesn't Dawn, but despite the evidence Commissioner Segal Blohm said TELUS could remain in his elected position of a public administrator in Clark County, Sigler Saeger Blohm added that the only action he believed the commission could take could be to order a recall vote which when required recall a recall petition as well as gathering and verified more than 100,000 signatures. Tell us last June primary and election to choose. His replacement was already in the works. Excuse me in the gestion. The other option is that TELUS could resign. Why would you resign, making six figures doing nothing? Tell us who was elected as a county's Public Guardian in 2019. was also appointed to the board of indigent, indigent, indigent defense. indigent defense. I don't know how to say that word, i n d e, r i n d IG e and t. indigent defense. However, on Friday he was removed from the board while at least it took them off the board. That's good. Quote, we could take the scope of work I got away from him. But as far as him having the title and getting the salary, it is that way because the voters picked him. Seeger Blum added, I'm sure when the voters voted for him. They didn't vote for a murder. They didn't vote for him to murder somebody. I'm sure they voted for him to do his job. And if you're unable to do your job, because I don't know you're in prison for murder, why the hell are you getting paid? Why the hell are you around? Give it to someone else? Keep it moving. Why is this? Like why is this a really? This should even be a discussion. Tell us appeared in court on Thursday with Judge Elaina Graham denied to grant and bail. However, if the judge decides to set bail for TELUS, he's released pending trial, he will but he will not have access to county buildings, including his own office. Why would he not have access to county buildings or his office? Oh, that's right. He's a murderer. So if you don't have access to county buildings, or your own damn office, how the hell are you gonna do your job? Why would you continue to do your job? Why like why would we trust you with your job? You're supposed to serve the people not serve the people a killing a murder, not murder them like you know, that's not different kinds of serving. You're serving a knife into somebody tell us appeared on court on Thursday. You know, again, prosecutors are already prosecutors at the hearings and German had been stabbed seven times folks who stabbed this dude seven times. And the judge know that the suspects DNA was found undergarments, fingernails and on his hands, which also had defensive wounds. TELUS Democrat failed to win reelection following a series of stories written by Gurmann that exposed the turmoil in his office, and again claimed he had an affair with an employee which teller has continuously continuously denied. But then it gets even wilder. Because even though TELUS denies accusations, saying the complaints were from, quote, disgruntled old timers, a particularly damaging revelation came as German or German or however you pronounce it publishes published a video of him exiting a vehicle with his lover. staffer Roberta Lee Kennett. 45 years old left the backseat of the car at the same time as the official and can be seen pulling her skirt down. The clip was published by the late investigative reporter in May, and this is all according to The Daily Beast. Now, we also found out that TELUS had been railing against Garmin for months, including an angry series of messages on none other than social media, in which he's accused. Accusing accused him of rifling through his trash and writing lying smear pieces about him. It's hard to make a lying smear piece when you're on video, leaving the backseat of a car with a staffer who's pulling a skirt down. I mean, I've never worn a skirt worn a skirt, but I'm pretty sure like if the skirt, I mean, I guess the stock could go up while you're driving or hitting a bumper. Maybe it's a short skirt to begin with. And you just naturally pull it down. I haven't seen the video to really give a full comment on it if you guys have it or like tell me your thoughts on it. Comment below. I'll get Oregon let me know at CJ Bronson show on Twitter. That here we go so an hours in the hours following Garmins murder. His colleagues help track down the suspect killer. When they stalked out the suspects home on Google Maps before finding that a red car matched a police subscription was parked in the driveway. Using the skills they learned from the lake Gurmann. The five person team sprung into action they later police later carried out a search warrant on the home and his car was towed by midday on Wednesday. Now the DNA of the now arrested public official again was found at the site of a Las Vegas investigative reporters fatal stabbing. The government's colleagues searched online for TELUS his address after the reporters recall the nasty tweets sent by him to their dead colleagues. After long they spotted the red GMC Yukon Denali parked in his driveway. It was there that they were able to snap pictures of the suspect washing the same red car. Brianna Erickson 28 told The Daily Beast quote we're just acting on instinct right now aggressively trying to find out what happened. We finally been able to breathe then by 6pm on Wednesday. Police have returned to tell us his home and tactical gear and surrounded the home while he was remaining inside 30 minutes late. 30 minutes later he's brought out but on a stretcher loaded into an ambulance. After being on the scene reporting Rob Lee He's arrested TELUS Erickson said, quote, is this person going to harm themselves? Are we not going to have justice for Jeff? And of course, he's innocent until proven guilty. But you know, the behaviors, just very alarming. Speaking about the alleged affair that Gurman exposes during the work at the newspaper, she said, quote, any one of us could have reported the story. And one of us could have been the story could, you know, that you pursue could potentially lead to circumstances that are completely unforeseen while you're reporting? Basically, he's saying this lady is saying that if you report on news, you could be the next person to die, or get killed or get injured, which is very true. I mean, you can get suicided very easily to you know, it's very possible. I think it's absolutely absurd. What do you guys think like, if you were living in this town, in Nevada, or the state, and you heard that this person was going to jail for murder, wouldn't you be crazy, like go wild and be like, Yo, we need to get these 100,000 signatures, we got to replace this guy, I'm not paying no tax dollars for this do to sit in prison or sit at home and do his job, or lack thereof. But he's got, you know, massive amounts of evidence, and shout out to these five colleagues of Garmin to really go above and beyond talk about friendship, I'll talk about some colleagues, man, I can't even name two people off the top of my head, that I know one person who I see every day, who would probably do as much as these people did in the last couple of hours. I can't. I mean, that's, that's amazing. And I'm talking about prior work experience turn. So shout out to this. That's, that's amazing. And I'm glad that they're looking out for one another. That's what we need these days, we need to look out for one another. And I've been preaching about that since day one, you know, you got to cover each other's back, you got to have your back and everyone else's back. Because you never know what could happen on a day like 911. That is a good take to have, you know, I remember when when the towers were hit. You know, we all tried to come together and really tried to console one another. At that time, we didn't know what was happening. There was no race involved. There was no ethnicity involved, no, whatever, cool crowd, none of that existed. at that one point in time. We were all Americans. And we were all coming together trying to console one another. And during these difficult times that we're at right now, I think that's something that we need to remember that, you know, we're we're in this society, we're in this this country together. And the only way we're ever going to succeed is if we work together. fighting with each other is not the way I've always preached that. But at the same time, we're not going to be foolish, or we're going to keep something on us to defend ourselves with in case it gets real. Because it's always better to be safe than sorry, right. Anyway, guys, hit me up on CJ Bronson show, check out the website CJ Bronson I got shirts and hats. I got all kinds of merch on there. Let me know if you have any comments or questions below with like, follow share. Be safe out there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Don't forget guys, I love y'all. Alright, bye