Sept. 12, 2022

#150 | Mother of 3 in Custody after allegedly Drowning her 3 Kids! Numerous warning signs? WTH!?

#150 | Mother of 3 in Custody after allegedly Drowning her 3 Kids! Numerous warning signs? WTH!?
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She was found walking on the boardwalk around 3am in the rain claiming she lost her children. They were found on the sand about 2 miles away. At this time she refuses to speak to police. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What's going on guys? Today is Monday, September 12 2022. Hope you have a good Monday. I'm hoping you had a great weekend. Guys. If you're new to the show, I do a daily podcast episode. So every day I do an episode. I've been doing this for a while now this is episode 150 I believe. So for 150 days. I also do a show on Tiktok everyday called CJ be in three CJB and three, and that's a three minute episode or less where I'd cover an article real fast and fun video format. Yeah, and these episodes are all available on my website CJ Bronson cj Bronson And you can hit me up on Tik Tok or on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Now today's episode takes us to Coney Island and this was a horrible story. tragic story. It's upsetting to me, very upsetting being a father, I'm upset. And and I'll explain why. So let's go into the story. The grandmother of three children who were drowned at a Coney Island beach say their mother who is in custody may have suffered from postpartum depression. Now it's hard for me to speak on this because obviously I've never had postpartum depression. But I'm pretty sure science will somehow tell me I'm able to have it. Because I'm off. I'm able to have a baby. I guess I'm able to have this as well. I don't know, whatever I've never had anyway. Aaron murdy 30 years old, is in custody. She's 30. She was in custody after being suspected of drowning her three kids by the names of bubblies Zachary Marti, who is seven Liliana murti who's four, and their three year old baby sister. Sorry, three month old. How you gonna drown a three month old baby sister. They were all rushed to the hospital but were pronounced dead on arrival. What the hell? Murderers mother, Jacqueline Scott told The New York Daily News. Her daughter was a good mother. It's why is it why is this the case? Whenever the kid commit some crime, I don't care what color you are. The mom jumps out and says oh, he's a great kid. Just shut up and kill 10 people. Fantastic kid. I wish him well. You are you always like just tell us your kids a piece of shit. Just come on. She might have been going through postpartum depression. She was a good mother. She told the publication. I reached out to her yesterday and she said she was doing laundry. And I said I wanted to speak to the kids. I tried to call her twice on the phone and there was no answer. Scott added that she was one of a number of concerned relatives who had been trying to reach Merde on Sunday night. So a number of concerned relatives this is already pissing me off. Police were called to an apartment on Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn, at 1:40am. After a call from a concerned family member. The caller said that they believe Marti may have may have harmed her three children and officers attended, but could not find the family at 315. So about two hours later, police received a second call of a woman in distress. walking around barefoot on the boardwalk, a Brighton Beach Brooklyn. Marti claimed that her three children were missing, magically missing. Before they were found unresponsive on the beach two miles away. The three children were found unconscious, and were instantly transported to hospital the hospital where they unfortunately were pronounced dead again on arrival. Wow. So she walked two miles, she left the bodies there to drown or drown them in the beach rather on the in the ocean than walk two miles and made the call. This is postpartum depression is really this serious folks. I had no idea. And how do you post? How do you postpartum depression after having three kids like you have three kids take care of you have time to think about depression. Like when I'm depressed, I'm depressed Believe it or not daily. I try to distract myself with work. Like the episodes are like actually working or like tick tock or Twitter. I try to constantly keep my mind busy so that I don't think about the horrible shit. But you take it man to another level where you just try to eliminate the problem altogether. Which doesn't make any sense because wouldn't you want kids there since you're dealing with postpartum? Again, I'm not a doctor. How am I going to understand crazy people I'm in I'm a different type of crazy. Anyway. So she was initially taken to the police precinct, but has since been driven to hospital to the hospital in an ambulance with a sheet covering her head. Mumbai that is around eight officers are currently outside of her apartment awaiting a warrant and there was an act of crime scenes where they're saying they responded to listen, this is another interesting thing. They responded to six past domestic incidences incidences incidents. gives me six past domestic incidents involving her, including one on July 2, where she refused to hand over the children to her husband. So this is a case where the mother where the woman was the problem, Rarity, sorry keeping it real. It's a rarity. But it's very interesting that instead of arresting her removing her from the scene, it is what it is. Alfred Brown, Zach's football coach said the last time he saw the little boy was on June 25, when he gave him a trophy for participation. Those participation trophies that's a whole nother podcast, man. We can't have no winners in this country. If everyone gets a damn trophy. How do you suppose we're supposed to be competitive with both to be the best How you gonna expect us to go to the Olympics and win if we're all all? I digress. Quote this year he did not play he was supposed to stay with his dad over the summer he'd always say Coach Coach Coach, to not hear Him say it's today is just heartbreaking. I called him Zach attack. His mom looked pretty normal. But we can all mask our problems. It's very true. Zach was a very bubbly, bright giggly and full of life. The smile on his face was worth the world to me. Joseph 60 years old maintenance worker in the building. Where they live said I saw the young lady this morning and she was crying for whatever happened. I told her to be strong and get past the pain. She was walking around the first floor shortly after dawn. I'm speechless to go and drown your children. I wonder what was on her mind. And what led up to that. People love their children was people love their children. Was she overwhelmed by the responsibility? It's just a sad situation. Another neighbor, all these neighbors have put their two cents and I guess they all maybe it's a close apartment building not a big building. Victor Rodriguez 54 said I used to see her all the time her kids would always ask if they could pet my dog. Everything seemed fine with her. But when COVID hit, she looked depressed. She wasn't so friendly anymore and kept to herself. It's devastating, especially when you know the kids they were very sweet and respectful. They seem happy kids, not a care in the world. I think it had something to do with it before COVID And after COVID. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to different people. Well, mental health, mental wellness and mental health definitely became a big problem during the pandemic and even now we can see after the pandemic, and a lot of people don't seek help for that. And a press conference a spokesman for the NYPD confirmed officers searched the area for 90 minutes looking for the children and their mother. They're at the apartment which was unlocked when they got there. And the father of one of the children, so not all related looking at one of the Father, one of the children reportedly told the officer he was concerned for their safety after their mother made several attempts saying she would harm them, bro, lock his ass up to I'm sorry, man. You gotta admit, first of all, you gotta admit it. Like I wouldn't. I mean, I would obviously be the one doing something about it. But if I knew it and didn't do anything, I wouldn't say it. You just like, Dude, why would you say that? Why would you not do anything? You she says to you? I'm thinking about hurting these kids. And you're like, cool. I wouldn't do that. If I were you. You're What do you like a New York judge? Oh my god. I'm frustrated. I'm very upset. Officers found the mother with additional family members at Around 3am and say that she was soaking wet. They're unable to confirm if she was wet due to the rain or being submerged in the waters. She is currently not communicating with the officers who are attempting to interview her. Police are appealing for witness are anyone with information on the tragedy to come forward? They added that there wasn't there were no known prior instances of abuse or neglect against the children. Hmm. Marine and Air emergency services were called in to canvass the shoreline for the three children. Officers attempt to again perform CPR but they were rushed to the hospital with you. We know that story. Anyone, anyone with information, please call crimestoppers at one 800 577 tips. That's one 800 577 Ti PS. Horrible, but for them to say that there was no prior instances of abuse or neglect against the children. But there was an instance on July 2 right within we already talked about this. The cops were responding to six past domestic incidences incidents keep saying that involving her, including one on July 2 again when she refused to hand over the children to her husband. I think this is a big, big, big problem. She has 100 bit number one, where was the husband? Why was the husband not home? Maybe he was working. Okay. But the grandmother has the why this entire family seems dysfunctional because you know, one father of one of the kids or whatever, knew that she's a problem. Didn't didn't call the police didn't call nothing. Another husband, who was there when the police showed up on July 2, and she refused to hand the kids to him. That should have been a big red flag again, no one was called there. And the police who says they responded, what six times? Is that? What it was six, right? I just returned six. None of you guys said let me call Child Protective Services, let six times I could see once or twice, you know, whatever. You know, an apartment building, maybe shit gets out of hand gets crazy. And people call the cops thing and some crazy shits happening. It's just not six times six. I hope these six times are documented because I want to see the fucking documentation on this. I want to see the police cam. I want to see everything. How the hell are you going to show up to somebody's house? And then not in the cops are like hand the kids over to this to your husband? And you say no. And that's not a big red flag. The father one of them says, oh, yeah, I know that there was there was a problem. She threatened to do this before. Let me get those exact words. Because that was like, one of the one of the grandmothers like I'm concerned, why didn't you know, I called them but he answered. What do you mean, you call Nobody answered? I don't know. I wonder what you'll get for this. Here we go. told the officer one of the Father, the Father and the Father, one of the children told the officers who was concerned for their safety after their mother made several statements, several statements saying she would harm them, dude, listen, if whoever's listening, whoever is listening to this right now, if your significant other says they're going to harm themselves, or others, especially your kids, please say something, please call someone, don't take it as a joke. Don't take it as like, Oh, you're just angry, if they've said this more than once. And this guy says several. And if you see that there was six calls to call three calls to the police or domestic disturbed, and you see that the mother is concerned, her mother is concerned family members are concerned. Then call somebody I know people are afraid to put their kids into child protective services due to the horror stories. And I've reported on Child Protective Services. And I've reported on their horror stories as well. But they're alive. And there's a possibility where the kids wouldn't have been put into that protection services. They would have went to the grandmother or maybe went to the husband or went to another father or another family member while the mom went to a therapist and took the medication or whatever the hell she needs to take the get rid of this mental problem that she's having. But I'm curious to see if she's going to admit to killing these three kids which I mean what else could have happened? She was abducted in the middle of the night three of the kids drought and and then she and then she got dropped off two miles away. I wonder if there's footprints I'll look into that and see if it leads to the to the to the shoreline? That's just probably not because it probably got washed away on the waves and shit. But yeah, man, I mean, this is just tragic. And this father and the husband and these people, all these people were concerned and Nope. And this is the this is the life that we're in. Now. This is the world that we're in. We have to be safe. We have to be safe before we're sorry. Because too many people are saying sorry. And they're not taking things seriously. And this goes for keeping your head on keeping your head on a swivel. I always say better to be safe and be sorry, keep something on you at all times for self defense and never know. I'm just running to the store real quick. I'm just running to the target. I report on the other day lady and her kid just running to target and she gets carjacked. And luckily she had $800 in our ATM. Otherwise God knows what would have happened to them. But if she had had something on her mace, taser, pistol, some thing for self defense. Maybe none of this would have happened. If the husband was more alert and kept his head on a swivel and realized that she was kind of crazy with this lady. Maybe these kids would still be alive if any of these relatives all these relatives are to blame including the police because they should have reported this and call Child Protective Services. After I don't know the third domestic violence call domestic call whatever it was. I know none of the kids were injured but you Come on man, there was read there was signs everywhere and all these people are admitting to it. And this is what they're admitting Lord knows what they're keeping, from the truth keeping from the public. I'm talking about the family members with a keeping from the public. Oh, I'm all over the place with this because as a father, I can only imagine what I would do. Like, I don't want to imagine in fact, I take it back I don't want to manage it's just like how could you three month old? What could a three month old do to deserve the drowning? And the did you do it all the same time was wasn't one at a time. You know what? Guys, let me know what you think for updates and all this. I'll definitely post it on Twitter. Again. It's at CJ Bronson show let me know what you think in the comments. Please hit me up. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it because you know, have you ever experienced postpartum depression? Do you know someone who has again I don't know anyone? I don't know enough about it. Honestly, personally or experienced it with someone else? So maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm just being insensitive. But in my opinion, I believe this woman should face the death penalty she killed three lives you can turn around and say mental health all you want but you know she's an adult she she knew she had a problem she should have she should have sought help. I'm sorry, your mother your responsibility to take care of those kids as a parent you're responsible of those kids. You can't if you're dealing with a personal issue that's up to you to take care of the personal issue. It's not the kids fault. That's my thought on it. So my opinion she should take she should get life in prison for the death penalty, whatever. Executioner whatever is available my opinion but it's New York so I should probably get you know. Maybe she'll get like, you know, a release the next day. Unfortunately. It's New York, but I'll keep you guys posted let me know again. New Website CJ Broughton Again, the merch is available. I got hats abolish the IRS hats are available shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, Winter's coming and sweatshirts on there. Check it out, CJ Bronson And again, all these episodes are available on CJ Bronson audio and video. Alright guys have a fantastic Monday. I'll definitely talk to you tomorrow. And don't forget head on the swivel Be alert. Be ready for anything. Don't forget I love y'all. Alright. Peace.