Sept. 16, 2022

#154 | Uber Hacked Again! Was Everyone’s Data Stollen!?

#154 | Uber Hacked Again! Was Everyone’s Data Stollen!?
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Taking that Uber home is a no brainer. Especially when you’ve been drinking. But imagine doing something like that could cause your identity be stolen if you’re address and credit card information was leaked. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, today is Friday, September 16 2022. Hope you're having a great Friday, guess what? You're going to have a better weekend because I'm saying so I'm wheeling it, manifesting it. I am praying for it. I've been praying for it for myself for every day to get better hasn't been working. So I'm going to try and pray for you guys. Maybe that's what I got to do. You start praying for others. That's maybe that's my selfish problem. Anyway, today's episode, I know, it was like going on right now. Right. Martha's Vineyard. We know the illegals are being transported to National Guard camps or whatever National Guard bases. I heard a rumor about a bunch of senators are trying to sue Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, saying it's whatever, whatever you want to call it, kidnapping all kinds of crazy nonsense. I don't want to talk about that. Because that's kind of outrageous. And in my mind, a lot of the times what they're showing us on the news, like I've been saying on this on this podcast, what they're showing us on the news is really not what's happening behind closed doors. They're showing us one thing, because something else is happening behind the scenes, and we don't know what that is. But I'm not sure what that is. And if I do find it, I'll let you guys know. But right now this episode, I want to talk about this story I want to talk about in this episode. Rather, it's about a hacker, a hacker who I didn't even hear about and then this took place yesterday. They've got this guy hacked Uber or this person hacked Uber. And I work with Uber, and I had no clue this happened. So hacker claimed to be 18 years old, breached Ubers computer network Thursday, prompting the app Hale to shut down it's company's system after the cyber attacked a barrage employees with obscene gestures of sorry, obscene images and messages. What do you think he sent? Well, I can only imagine workers were confronted by images of a male private parts, aka dick pics, lots of dick pics being sent your way Uber. Ironically, Uber is receiving a message right? Or maybe ride sharing another kind of ride this guy's penis. Anyway, the message said and also a messenger that said things like, quote, fuck you, Dom Rancors. Quote, that's according to an engineer at the yoga labs named Sam curry, who communicated with the hacker tech company has asked law enforcement to investigate the hacker identified only by the telegram handle teapot so those of you on telegram I guess look him up. His name is teapot tea, a second word P O P. teapot. There was no indication that transport company fleet or vehicles or its operation was in any way affected. But the problem is, is if he's able to hack in what information was he able to get out? I mean, there's a lot of personal information on there. People's addresses people's homes, people's credit card numbers, people's bank accounts information, right? A lot of people celebrities use Uber so that you see able to retrieve this kind of data and find their homes or where they're going to? Or is that something he'll be able to search through if he download the database at home? And we'll be able to find out that celebrity a at 2am went over to celebrity B's house at 2am. I don't know I guess we got to wait and see. Anyway, one employee says that instead of doing anything, a good portion of the staff was interacting and mocking the hacker because they believed that someone was just playing a practical joke. But after being told to stop, stop going on a software called Slack. So slack is like a communicating software that's in in in house. So in every company, you could have like an in network messaging system where only the people in the building could use you slack. So the software called slack, they were told not to not to go on Slack and not to communicate with this person keep up. But it goes on. The hacker ends up gaining control of the account through hacker one, which is a firm that helps companies work with security researchers that which pretty much give them full access to Uber, according to The New York Times. And apparently, it's a complete compromise of the system. What they're reporting is the same that includes obtaining complete access to the Amazon and Google hosted cloud environments where Uber stores its source code, and this is what I was afraid of. And the customer freaking data. Customer freaking data man customer data. That's everything that's addresses that's emails, that's phone numbers. That's times we'll give you know when did you go? When did you order how much was your total? What did you if you ordered Uber for someone else? What's their name where they live? Like that's not good. The FBI was able to infiltrate the system by sending a worker text claimed to be from the company's IT department and convincing them to share their password classic move. Classic move. Can you believe this 18 year old he's claiming to be I announced I am a hacker. And Uber has suffered a data breach. The message said according to again the times, once again that he sent this message once he was inside the Uber system, he accessed slack and was able to send the message throughout the entire staff to let them know again the message he sent that was announced I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach. Uber employees initially again thought it was a joke. And instead of doing anything, they thought it was just they were just going to a joke. So they just started mocking the person. Bad move. According to the inside occur, he said that he spoke to several Uber employees who said they were quote, working to lock down everything internally restrict the hackers access, including the company's slack internal messaging network. I said it was internal. And he goes the memo quote, urgent. All over employee should stop using Slack until further notice we are working to resolve an issue and will send additional updates. He said there was no addition indication that the hacker had done any damage or was interested in anything more than just publicity. The hacker again had alerted the person curried and other security researchers to the intrusion by using an internal Uber account to comment on vulnerabilities that had previously identified on the company's network through its bug bounty program, which pays ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities. So he hacks in and he goes, Listen, here's all the problems. Is he really a bad person? If as long as he didn't copy or download anything? Is that really a crime? I guess it's a crime because he obtained it illegally obtained access illegally. The saboteur also says that Uber should pay their drivers more, wait a minute, I like this guy. I like this guy. Something about him. I first I was I was not with him. I was not on his side, not on his team. But something he said is just very profound. Very, very, very patriotic, and very, very, I don't know, what's the word I'm looking for? Humanitarian. Where was I? Oh, yes, the saboteur also said that Uber should pay their drivers more. Maybe that's what it is. I don't know. Like this guy. Something about it can't do it can do the wrong in my opinion. The hacker provided a telegram account address, and by the hacker provided a telegram account address and her curry and other researchers that engage them and a separate conversation, sharing screenshots of various pages from Ubers cloud providers to prove that they broke in the Associated Press, I attempted to contact the hack heckler or hacker rather, at the same teapot telegram account, but no one responded. That sucks. One screenshot posted on Twitter and confirmed by researchers show that a chat with a hacker in which they say they had paid the credentials of an administrative user and then used social engineering to access Ubers internal network again. We are in touch with law enforcement. It said it will provide updates on its Uber communications. And this is not the first time Uber has been hacked. I did not know this. Uber suffered another crippling hack in 2016 and also lied and covered it up. They didn't lie here. They just didn't tell you. Here they just in 2016 they just lied. And that instance, the hacker stole the information of nearly 600,000 riders and drivers and then extorted 100 grand out of the company in exchange for the data. Did not know that guys 2016 I guess we're gonna look into that 2016 Uber company said that hackers stole the information of nearly 600,000 riders. Wow. And and drivers and extorted 100 grand in exchange for the data. Uber cybersecurity chief at the time was fired afterward and charged with obstruction, obstruction, obstruction, obstructing justice for not disclosing the breach to the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission. So what do we gather from this, we gather that even the hackers see that I need to get paid more. That's what that's what I'm getting from this. The hacker teapot who I've never met, I would love to meet says that I should get paid more. And do I agree with that? Absolutely. I absolutely agree with that. I think I do deserve to get paid more. I mean, if everything else goes up, right, inflation goes up, gas prices go up. Everything else goes up. Shouldn't I get get paid more? McDonald's salary goes up, this person's salary goes up, they get paid more. Mine's the same. Gas prices go up. My wallet goes down. I don't know, Hoover's while it goes up companies while it goes up guys onto something I like this teapot hacker got it again. I only like him. Because if he didn't know if he stole a person's information and he credentials and he holds it for ransom this and that, or he leaks all people's like personal data, then I don't like him. But his statement is very accurate that the driver should get paid more, especially drivers who are still dealing with somewhat of a pandemic. We have people coming into the car. I don't know what diseases they're carrying, right? I have no clue. They're coughing, sneezing, and drinking and whatever. In the back. There are some times passenger seat. I don't know what's going on over there. I don't know what they're doing, what they've been doing, or what they will be doing. And what could that do to me and my health matters. I should get compensated justly for that. But it is what it is very peaceful. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to work in this country to work in a country where I can do a job like Uber and can record a podcast and and can post on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. And post a tick tock every day at CJ Bronson show on tick tock and have an amazing t shirt store with all kinds of merch from hats to shirts to sweatshirts, all kinds with free shipping, great quality, affordable pricing and shipped right here. Good all United States printed and shipped right here. proud of that. Now a little bit extra money help me hell yeah, well help me man. You think I'm doing all this stuff for fun. I'm trying to get paid to. I'm trying to get paid to. It's only fair. I'm saying at least at least I'm providing stuff. I'm providing some entertainment. I'm providing clothes, I'm providing, you know, services, I should get paid for my services. Some people may not want that. Maybe some people just want a handout. Back to the immigration situation we're having at the border right now. Are these people really fleeing from refuge? Are they really trying to you know? Are they really trying to go for a better life? Or are they just trying to go get money? I don't know. There's once you know, on one hand, you could say okay, they're, they're suffering where they are. And, and they need help. On other hand, they're just looking for money. And I understand both sides, because I am. Sometimes I feel like I'm on both sides. I'm looking for help and looking for money. So I kind of see both sides. But there is a process. And it's a very important process with background checks, and all that good stuff that they had in place. But they decided to just open the borders. Now all these all these poor border towns are taking in these immigrants, these illegals, and they're having to suffer with feeding them, clothing them, taking care of them financially, the federal government is not paying them. Now, if the federal government wants to send money to these border towns, and cover the cost of such expenses, that's a different story. But they're not doing that. Also, they're not vetting these people. So you have murderers, rapists, and all kinds of crazy people coming into the border, we don't know what they've done. And we don't know what they've been doing or will be doing. And if that's not enough, instead of just leaving them in the border towns, randomly, the Biden administration will ship them or fly them, rather boat them or bust them, fly or bust them sorry, to other states like Florida. Some instances, New Jersey that's kind of messed up, in my mind, in my opinion. They have the money to do that. But they don't have the money to afford to give the housing or the allowances to the border towns who could use the money to maybe build facilities or build or just use the money and close the border. Or use the money you're selling to Ukraine and Taiwan and all these other places, use that money and fix the border, or shelter these people or build houses in Mexico for these people. You have the money to send overseas, but you don't have the money to send across the southern border or to the border, which I think is very strange. And it kind of gives you an idea of where this administration is going. And where the administration is going, in my opinion is not well, they are planning to flood the way this country with illegals hoping that these illegals will be able to vote somehow. Maybe they'll just pass a law saying they could vote now. You know, and same with criminals and they can all vote and they're assuming they're going to vote blue. But I know a couple of illegals firsthand, who looked me right in the eye and said Listen, we gotta we gotta close the border. This is crazy. And they're illegal to. Not anymore at one point they were but they went to the point Our channels of paperwork that got married yada, yada, yada. And they're, they're great people. I love her. I want to talk to great people. But they went through the proper channels and did everything right by the book. These people are not doing that. And they're expecting a handout and they want more and more handouts, more more handouts. I don't feel bad for them. Because some point, Americans are going to say, Where's our handout? You given the stimulus checks to foreign countries, a foreign people? Where's our handout? inflation's through the roof. We're still struggling. Is that fair? I don't know. Think about that this Friday. Think about that. When you use Uber man as this as your driver really making as much as you think he's making. Information really safe is the second breach now again? I don't know. I'm not saying Lyft is any better? I'm not I don't know. I'm just saying it's interesting. If one hacker can do this, and cripple the company, basically, they could. If everything goes digital, couldn't happen with everything if your electric car gets hacked, if your your you know, let's say they get rid of cash. Everything's digital stores get hacked. Now you can't shop here. This guy, the charging station gets hacked. I don't know. Maybe digital is not the way guys maybe she'll go back to being you know, analog ways. I mean, I'm fine with that. I like manual stuff. I'm just saying sometimes man, sometimes easier, is easier. Anyway, think about that this weekend. Be safe. Keep your head on a swivel. As always, like I always said you got to be alert. The next this month is going to be one of the roughest months. There are rumors that next Friday, September 24 Crazy shits going to happen? I don't know exactly what, but this month, I'm worried about this month. We're very close to the midterms. Who knows what's going to happen? Be alert, be safe, be ready for anything, have supplies on deck. food supplies, water supplies, everything right? Anyway. Have a great weekend. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a good night. I love y'all. Bye bye.