Sept. 17, 2022

#155 | Why is that Pile of Clean Clothes Moving!? Wait! NO!

#155 | Why is that Pile of Clean Clothes Moving!? Wait! NO!
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What’s the scariest thing that could possibly happen when doing your laundry? Flood? Fire? Someone sneaks in your house and hides? U guessed it! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


What's going on guys? Today is Saturday, September 17 2022. Hoping having a good Saturday. I hope you have a great weekend. Today's episode, I'm not bringing it to New York, New York. I'm not bringing you any kind of murder. I don't think I hope not. But it's still early. We'll see. I'm thinking to Portland guys, to a wonderful mother named Kelsey Smith, k e l s EY Smith. She lives over in the Northeast Portland area. And she found what she found in her house. Very surprising. I thought it was interesting. Haven't heard anything like this in a while. So I said, let's talk about it. We gotta remember we're talking about it. We're talking about Portland, right? So Portland. Their laws are very similar to New York. And California is very, like slap on the wrist. It very, you know, do better next time, as we like to call it. And you know, it all comes from the DEA, Mike Schmidt, who literally has there's no deterrent for criminals, because there's basically zero bail for most of them. It's called lacks bail reform laws that they put in place where people can just pretty much do what they want, and not suffer any real consequences for it, which is reason why crime is up. But we'll get into those statistics in a second. But here's what happens. So using our home, showed her dogs barking like crazy. She follows them and they're at the time Her door was left open because well, she has she has contractors coming over doing some work. So naturally, she left the door open, right? What's the big deal? Well, the big deal occurred when she heard of dogs barking and she followed them to a bedroom in the back of the one story home. The dogs continually go crazy. Specifically her Chihuahua she's saying, which ran around in circles around the legs. If you don't know anything about chihuahuas, they don't shut the fuck up. They constantly bark a little dog. They don't shut up. They're very annoying, they don't shut up. They basically make non stop it can be like for anything. So this Chihuahua felt triggered, and was circling her and barking I'm sure crazily, so I followed her to where the other dog was into my child's bedroom. My Labrador was standing on top of the bed, on top of a pile of clean clothes while was clean clothes that she just threw there. I walked in wondering if she was concerned a mouse or something because you know, she was going crazy. That's when I realized what was she barking at? She was actually barking at what was underneath the clothes. She thought was a person could it be? So she calls out her husband's name? Oh my god, Justin. She screams out thinking that it's him playing some kind of prank on her. You know, hiding under the clothes. He didn't respond. That's when she realized, oh my god. That is not my husband. starts backing out of the room, calls a friend on the phone saying I need help. And that there was a person in the bed, homeless person in the bed. So it turns out to be one of Smith's dogs realized something wasn't right and began barking like mad. Kelsey Smith. Again, the whole time was under the impression that her husband was planning a joke on her in fact, there was a yes a homeless person snuck into the open door front door, got into the clothes on the bed, slit underneath it and was hiding. So you're thinking to yourself the end? Oh, no, no, no, no. The beginning. See what happened here was the woman gets up out of the clothes, hearing the commotion, she hears the commotion and she hears that Miss Smith is gonna call the police. So the woman picks up a nearby ottoman, Chuck's it at her. The homeless lady Chuck's the Ottoman at the homeowner Kelsey Smith. At that point, she leaped up, quote at that point she lived up I recognized her as a woman. She hopped off the bed, picked up Ottoman at the foot of the bed and bum rushed me. No pun intended, I'm sure threw it at me and then meat. meandered out the door meandered out the door. Interesting choice of word Smith can then be heard telling the woman to leave while her son called 911. On the ring cam. Photos. I'll post the photos in the video. Obviously you can check that out. On my website, CJ Boston Link will also be on my twitter at CJ Bronson show. But yeah, dude, can you imagine doing laundry Imagine if she had no dogs and she was doing laundry folding clothes and then all of a sudden this homeless lady popped that what if she had more than ottoman? What if an hour went by and she didn't get to the clothes and the lady you had a chance to get to know A weapon or something else to use, it could have gotten worse. What if the sun went in there? What if the kids were home, but the young kid so homeless lady started swearing at her, picks up the Ottoman throws at him for walks out, right. My first thought is what's going on. Smith said, the fear didn't come until after she was gone. And I started to run through the scenarios in my head about how this could have played out differently. Exactly what I'm saying. It could have played out a lot differently. So much could have could have happened could have hid in the closet. She's gonna live there. There's a story on a show on Hulu. I'm watching a lifetime show called frogging PHR Oh GG ing, which PHR O GG ing. It's when a person basically lives in your house without you knowing it. Hiding in the attic, hiding in the closet, hiding the walls, using the toilet using the bucket, poop, whatever, stealing food out the fridge wearing your clothes. This is considered frogging. Maybe this is what this homeless lady was intending to do. So you're thinking, well, what are the cops do? This is Portland. Remember what I said earlier? So what happened while she goes, I started what's in my head right to the scenario in my head about how this could have played out differently if my younger kids kids had been home. Like I said, Well if the kid was on my 24 year old son heard the commotion, came running up the stairs charging up the stairs, because he knew something was wrong with the way I was screaming. He was straight out the door and into the street following are calling 911. She was quickly arrested but just one day later, she was released without bail under a court ordered release. This is what I'm talking about. This is what happens in New York. I call this the do better next time. We got out keep an eye on you. Were keeping an eye on you. do better next time. That's what I consider this to be. Yep. Yep, she was told charges have been dropped the spike clear video evidence of the crime. That's what's what's what was she was told when she contacted the Multnomah County District Attorney's office of Mike Schmidt. Just 10 days into his tenure, Schmidt announces that his office would decline to prosecute protesters, over the majority of misdemeanor charges that they were being arrested for, which includes criminal trespass, disorder, conduct and interference with the police officers. All of these things will be dismissed. At the time the pandemic coupled with a spike in violent crime had already bogged down the court proceedings. And most of those arrested at protests will have to wait even months, months, months if they even got a hearing. So they said it was as simple to just not prosecute. Sure, why not? Don't shut the border. Come on in you commit a crime go do better next time. commit a crime do better next time. That's the slogan. That's Wow. breathe out breathe. Schmitz office was too busy focusing on more serious protests related crimes, including property damage, theft, and the use or threat of force, which clearly they've done a great job. And yeah, now it's like. Anyway, he this Schmidt explains the policy as quote, a desire to focus on the cases that are actually going to have a positive impact on public safety. His successful 2020 campaign was supported by real justice, political action community committee, co founded by radical anti police activist Shaun King, what a wonderful character that is. Over 90% 90%, nine 0% of those arrested at the riots and 2020 in Portland for crimes ranging from arson to assault had their cases effectively dropped. You set should on fire free to go you assaulted somebody free ago. do better next time. Keep in mind the police budget was cut in 2021. But it was restored in 2022. But that doesn't make a difference. Damn a difference when the damage has already been done. 2021 Portland surpassed its all time record for murders 90 homicides. So far in 2022. They're at 66 homicides and this is as of September 15. Two days ago. They're already at 66. Last year, they're at 90. And Portland's not like you know you hear the word named Portland you're thinking oh, there must be millions and millions of people in the city. No. Portland has a city of 650,000 residents. I thought it was millions now Oh, maybe at one point that a lot. But according to the reports, it says the Portland has more homicides in 2021, than larger cities such as San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. Why do you think that is? Why do you think that is? Do you think it's just just happenstance just happens to be that way? Or do you think that it's lack of rules? You know, if you don't, if you have a society where there's no rules, just go there and commit your crimes. Or the article, you know, people the argument can be made, that there's not enough officers, maybe design of officers, and that's why there's more crime. There's about 800 sworn officers in the city, down 230. They're down to one to 30 officers. But it's hard to be an officer, I've said this to you guys before, it's so hard to be a police officer these days. When your public enemy number one, you can just show up to resolve the situation. And other people around interfere. We've seen this numerous times and multiple cities. And so you know, it's tough, a lot of young people, a lot of people who are close to retirement, just say screw it and just retire. Because why? Why deal with the drama. And I understand that. I get that completely. But yeah, but she says quote, they said the charges have been dropped. And then I can leave a message with a DA. And he can call you back. I haven't heard anything. And that was a that was days ago. I have to assume someone heard that message. And nobody has gotten back to me. I don't understand why she's is not in jail. She's not harmless. She proved that. She proved that from the stories that I've heard from other people who I feel like the city is declining rapidly. And there is a need for more mental health services, more training for the police. Probably more police, more community outreach, but I don't know Smith said it was just really disturbing to have her curled up in my children's room. I mean, the safety of this whole household just feels like it's not has been up ended. Something has to change. I mean, something has to change. I hope that the city officials are doing something different than what they've been doing, because it's not working. Coming from the homeowner lives in the city. Da max min again is an outspoken progressive police critic came to office during the height of the riots in the summer of 2020. And promptly enacted a policy D criminalizing most ride related offenses. Good job. Good job, buddy. 90% are for arrest from 2020. From rat from arson, to assault, and arson all the way to assault cases dropped 90% of them. Whatever the case is, that is police are saying that the DEA is actually rejecting cases without even giving a sufficient reason and appear to be unable to know which cases to prioritize, because there aren't sure which cases prosecutors will ultimately choose to charge. This is what I was saying. And I say this to New Yorkers as well and police in New York. I mean, it's very demotivating it's very hard to do your job when you're like, what's the point of even doing this paperwork and arresting this person when they're just gonna release him? Great, which cases are you really going to look at seriously? And then which people are you really going to prosecute seriously? You know, or is this just a waste of time so I just go and really try to save someone else's out of doing this paperwork. You know, a lot of police I think are feeling very what's the word I'm looking for here where it's like you don't really feel appreciated. Well, I appreciate them. I'm sure a lot of you guys listen to appreciate the police. Majority of you guys. And it sucks man. Imagine you finally do all this work. Maybe you're injured in the process of arresting this person. You're injured in the process of rushing this person you do all the paperwork, you know, you think this this case is going to it's a fantastic got a criminal off the street, and the next day they're released. And now you're stuck in the hospital mending your wounds, or whatever. This person is free. I mean, I can understand that it'd be frustrating for the police officers. So ya can see why a lot of people that a lot of them quit according to the article it says Portland residents Portland residents had become so terrified of homeless people plaguing the area, which is now currently spread into the suburbs wow did not know that. Who boy most started. This city has one of the most deserted downtown's in the US as soaring crime rates and homelessness are scaring away both local and so yeah, I've been in Portland low. I will never visit Portland. This is the policy. Hell no, I won't even visible guy won't even visit just because that police power or the lack thereof policy policy policing Oh homeless camps now becoming a permanent fixture in the suburbs with the city being forced to conduct sweeps on Ragged regular basis for them declared a state of emergency on homelessness in 2015. And has extended it five times since then. The measure that's now going to expire in 2025. Reduces the bureaucratic red tape surrounding the creation of homeless shelters. Wow. They estimate that people experiencing homelessness has spiked 25% in Portland between 2020 and 20 25% increase from 2020. Dam and homelessness. They're saying the homelessness crisis is fueled by housing shortage the Coronavirus pandemic highest drug addiction rate of any state in the nation. And federal data from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 9% of teens adult and adults in Oregon had illicit drug use disorders and 2020. Wow. So that's this whole state is jacked up. Whole state needs to be revamped. I thought we just pulled them out of whole state. Drug uses up man, let's do this. Also, it's good to know that Oregon was the first state to Ooh, excuse me in the United States to decriminalize possession of personal use amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone, and other drugs after voters approved a ballot measure in 2020. to decriminalize hard drugs. I wonder why drug use is up. I can't figure it out. You decriminalize hard drug use? Why is drug use up? You decriminalize certain crimes like our sin. And assault? Why are those things up? It just doesn't. I wish I can make sense of it all. Really? This? Is the the mentality that these politicians have or is it just doing they're doing something for a paycheck or they're getting what they're getting paid out of this like that's way that's what it comes down to. For example, a person found with the with personal personal amounts of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and other drugs received a citation, like a traffic ticket with the maximum $100 Fine waived, as long as they call a call a hotline for health assessment. How you feel I feel good. Okay. Bye, bye. I mean, how long would that call be? The state's program which has been promoted, promoted as a way to establish and fund addiction recovery. centers that would offer people aid instead of incarceration is being watched as a potential model for other states horrible idea. Horrific idea did a short about this, that these rehab, these drug Reduction Centers are a horrible idea. But drug overdose deaths in the state also hit an all time high in 2021. With 1004 Sorry, 1069 deaths from overdose, which is a 41% increase from 2020. That's 1069. That drug overdoses last year. 41% increase from 2020? Yes. The drug Reduction Centers are what they're calling it. They're basically pop up shops, with have medical professionals watch you do your drugs and revive you if you OD. Have that in Canada. They're short about it. In Vancouver as well, it's on my Tiktok I'll try to put a link in the description if I remember. And, yeah, dude, it's like that, which doesn't work. Because what's gonna happen is a lot of people will just do the drugs get close to a go further than they usually go as far as dosing is concerned, because they know that they Oh D, someone's there to revive them. So what's just going to happen and just going to create more addicts. And they're just going to do drugs there. That's going to great, maybe it's going to lower the overdose numbers having these facilities, but it's not going to reduce the amount of users which is also the problem. The some of these rules are these Democrat states have made very questionable, questionable at best, psychotic, maybe, definitely. Idiotic, most likely, definitely. Should you move out of the state? Most likely, definitely. What you should definitely do is key something on you. Thank goodness this woman had dogs. You see, cats wouldn't do that shit. Cats will just rub up against you and trying to get to get you to pet them. Dogs. Doesn't matter small or big. They're alert. They're like, Wait a minute. This bitch don't belong here. Good job dogs. Good job I'm proud of I'm proud to say that have something you don't have a weapon on. You got dogs. Get a dog. I'm just saying. Especially some of the older people out there who can get a weapon. Get a dog, but your man's best friend or woman's, whatever be your best friend. Whatever. No matter the gender for saying. Anyway. Keep be safe. Y'all be safe and keep your head on a swivel. Be alert at all times. You never know what can happen. I mean, this is proof. I mean this lady, come on. Who didn't know this was an app. Follow, like, comment, subscribe. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show the Tick Tock at CJ Bronson show the store offering free shipping right now. From now until the end of the month. Hit me up CJ Bronson for free shipping use the code altra Maga one word all caps. Ultra Maga. Hit me up. Let me know what you guys think again. Be safe and I love y'all. Bye