Sept. 18, 2022

#156 | Shot 8 Classmates. 3 died. 5 wounded. And NOW he’s up for Parole!?

#156 | Shot 8 Classmates. 3 died. 5 wounded. And NOW he’s up for Parole!?
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He committed these heinous crimes when he was 14. Michael Carneal who is now 39 is scheduled for a virtual parole hearing tomorrow (Monday). Should he freed or sentence continued or executed?! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys? Today is Sunday, September 18 2022. I hope you had a great weekend. Hope you had some fun you went out you did some stuff or maybe you stayed in and had a good time me personally ordered Domino's relax, had some drinks, watched love, fun thunder, Thor love and thunder. Don't recommend it. It wasn't that great. I love the other Thor movies, but this one? Not so much. But today's episode is about this piece of shit. person and that's what he is. I mean, once I tell you who he is, you'd be like, oh, yeah, he's shit. He's up for parole right now. And this mother effer should have burned should have been executed, in my opinion, the date of his arrest. But it takes place in Kentucky, Kentucky man, this person who is he? Right now he's 39 years old. He gunned down three of his former classmates 25 years ago. Also injured others. I believe it was like five people injured. But we'll get into it in a second. his parole, he's up for parole. killed three opened fire killing three of his classmates. And now he's up for parole 25 years later. But there's there's more to the story. So let's just admit to His name is Michael corneal. 39 years old, right. Like I said he gunned down yep, I was right. Good. Now three of his former classmates and injured five near Paducah, Kentucky on December 1 1997 97 was a good year. That's a shame man will happen. What took place December 1, he Michael corneal placed a semi automatic loaded rifle inside a blanket. He passed off at the pass it off as a school art project. He walked through the doors of Heath High School, and at approximately 745 in the morning, fired 10 rounds. fatally hitting the members of a youth group. Three girls died later on, and five other students were wounded. Those three that passed the names are Nicole Hadley, only 17 Jessica James, also only 17 and case, Steger 15. That all had been at school. Excuse me prior to the school starting they were at a prayer meeting before the shooting took place, which is so sad, they're praying, they're literally praying, not for the shooter. The shooter just just happen to be praying when this person this monster and that's what he is. He's a monster walks in. Was there any rhyme or reason to the people he shot let's see. After the bloodbath after shooting these people. Corneal submitted his weapon and the principal walked him to the school office. Again, Michael Hart O'Neill, who was only 14 at the time folks was serving a life sentence, but was granted an opportunity for parole at 25 years. The maximum sentence permitted for someone his age, according to Fox News. And it upsets me It upsets me greatly because again, this is my problem when they're telling you life in prison. Life in prison. It's never really life in prison, unless it's life in prison without a possibility of parole. Unless they put that in there. Then something like this could happen. And if you look at this person, and when you see a photo of him because I'm going to put them on the video, obviously you can see the video at CJ Bronson I'm going to put that video up you can see that this person Michael, if you want to call your person a human being whatever, this entity he is not missing any meals. He didn't skip any meals in prison. This dude looks like frickin kingpin for Marvel if you ever know who that is. Big bald white dude. I mean, he's rich. When the prison massive guy, and that's what that's what this guy looks like. He looks like he's been eating quite frequently, actually. Anyway, so on Monday, tomorrow Carniola scheduled for Pearl Monday being September 19. He's scheduled for parole hearing that will begin with testimony from the people injured in the shooting. And close relatives of those who were killed. Missy Jenkins Smith is one of those people that he shot. She was critically critically injured during the bloodshed and is permanently paralyzed in a wheelchair and saying that he should not be freed and claimed that he is still a menace to society. Quote for him to have a chance that 39 People get married to 39 they have children. It's not right for him to possibly have a normal life that those three girls LC killed will never have, which is very true. Before the horrific shooting, Smith said she considered Carniola Friend, here we go. They had both had been in the school's marching band together. She said that she loved here being around him because he made a boring day fun. Well, in 2007, doesn't happen during a prison visits MIT said corneal apologize to her, and she forgave him, but believes if he is let out of jail, he will continue to hurt others. Interesting that she visited him in 2007. That's kind of been tough to do imagine that. Imagine you're in a wheelchair from from this incident from this horrific, horrific shooting. And you still go to the prison to meet your shooter, who apparently was a friend at one point in the marching band. And she forgives him for shooting him for shooting her and and all the other people. But for her to turn around and say she's still a menace to society, that's going to be a massive testimony. So I'm looking forward to following up with that tomorrow to see really see what you know what becomes with this? Because I mean, yeah, that's a great point. You may 39 years old people still haven't gotten married yet people still have their whole life ahead of them. You can still have kids, he can go out and have kids he can or he can go ahead and commit more crimes. Which is why I'm a big proponent for the death penalty. Get them out here. They don't want to live in a society they want to ruin society. Why are we treating them in a civilized manner? This is part of the reason why I'm not really close with a lot of liberals and a lot of libertarians, libertarians, they want to put people in prison for life. Give them give them a nice, comfortable home. You know, make everything all nice, give them give them food and give them nice health care. Why are we doing this? Mother ever I don't got health care coverage. Why does this guy have health care coverage for life in prison? I don't get meals fed to me or paid for me. Why does he I don't have room board for cover for me. Why does he he is a menace to society. Put him down like a dog that he is and have discussion. If this person was in a foreign land and committed these acts of terror here, we would go hunt them down like we've done and assassinate them eliminate the problem. We've done this before because they are a problem. Why are we hesitating? Because he's 14 he was 14 at the time. Is that why? Well, he's not 14 now. And maybe we should look? Well, I guess tomorrow we'll see what his record shows in prison if he was really good. But I don't believe that. That's fair. That's not fair to the parents of these three girls. Not fair to the parents not fair to this person who's in the wheelchair. Yes, it's important to remember that he was sent that's more than two decades ago. Smith recalls that 25 years ago seems so long. And then at the 20 year mark, she said it's coming up. A lot of people think that exonerates him from consequences but I don't think so she said Smith pointed to only one victim who believes that carbonyl should be let out of jail. But granted some type of supervised release. During Monday's hearing that will be done via video. Smith plans to have the camera facing her. So the parole board can see her wheelchairs as a reminder to everyone who experienced that impact 25 years ago, is still dealing with it for the rest of their lives. True man that is so true. Yeah, man, imagine being a parent. Your kids going off to school? Yeah, it's going to the prayer meeting. prayer group, what can go wrong? And the fact that this guy, this guy shot at her knowing who she was, they were supposedly friends. You shoot your friend, you in the right state of mind that shoot your friend and 25 years later, you're supposed to be out and free not gonna you what happens if you meet another friend? What if whatever triggered you this morning triggers you again? There's so many what ifs? You know what will eliminate all the what ifs from being a positive possibility by eliminating him? I know very controversial CJ, you're talking about murder? Well, shouldn't the punishment fit the crime? Why are we awarding and that's what we're doing. We keep rewarding these criminals with more chances why? I believe that one of the biggest utterance would be the death penalty. Number one, we're going to save a lot of tax dollars here people. We're going to open up the prisons for space. And we have a lot of prisoners who need to be in prison. We have a lot of criminals who need to be imprisoned either. Instead of setting them free when they commit arson like they do in some states. Cities Portland coming soon. cargo coming, you know, coming to the whole state of Illinois in January, I made a video about that. You know, and we're gonna have a lot of people being released for those crimes. Why should we continue to do that? We've been doing that we've been releasing people, and they keep committing crimes. So, if you release a murderer, do you think they're going to stop murdering? No. No. The same thing goes with pedophilia. If you can, you know, if you release a pedophile, do you think they're going to commit the be a pedophile? Again, probably, that is why they have a sex offender list, which they're also trying to get rid of, in certain states, California. Because of the possibility of them doing it again, that is why they're banned from school areas and so on so forth, right? Because there's a high probability of it reoccurring of it happening again. That is why we should just eliminate I say eliminate and if the pedophile castrate. I don't know what I mean, really? What purpose could this man serve outside of prison? What Is he really going to do? Create? Uh, what was he going to do? Create a fucking what's he gonna do? Like what? Tell me what the 39 year old? What is his plan? That's what we should do. I gotta wait and see. I want to see this interview and see, Michael, what are your plans? When you exit prison? What do you plan on doing? Are you going to own a? What? What have you been studying in prison? Are you going to become a lawyer? Are you going to get Are you going to open up a gun shop? Are you going to open up make some kind of, you know, what's what's you're going to? What? Are you gonna contribute to society, sir? Or are you gonna save make enough money to purchase another gun and commit further crimes? I truly believe that we need to start making examples of the school shooters, regardless of age. And maybe that'll be the target the the turrent in the future, haven't tried it. Because we keep releasing people. I feel for this woman I feel for the parents. And what do you guys think, man? Would you guys think this man should be free? Should he continue to be in jail for life? Should we continue to the house? And that's what we're doing. We're feeding and we're housing and we're clothing these criminals for life? Or are you agree in agreeance? With me that certain cases I this one school shootings should be an automatic death sentence? Not death penalty? I mean, like execution. Day one, no bullshit. We're going to wait six months, and then we're going to think about it. And we're going to go but no, I don't got six months of store of room to store you to feed you the clothing. Nope. You commit the crime. You commit the time done. And the store and the discussion. That's my that's my stance. What do you guys think? Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Don't forget to store free shipping right now using all caps code Ultra Maga. At checkout the hoodies. We got all kinds of shirts that make $2 Gas great again, tank tops, shirts, sweatshirts, everything's on sale right now. Great, great. Great time here for that because it's about to be fall and it's going to be chilly. You're gonna need that sweatshirt and I got you. Don't forget guys. Keep your head on a swivel. Be alert, man. Be alert. All the stories I'm telling you guys is to let you guys see realize that you got to be alert man. These people just got these kids were at school thing and just regular prayer meeting. Everything's gonna be fine. You never know man. Never know. Guys, be safe. Like, comment, subscribe, follow for more. And don't forget. I love y'all. Alright, talk to you tomorrow. Peace.