Sept. 19, 2022

#157 | The Cj Bronson Show - 09/19/2022

#157 | The Cj Bronson Show - 09/19/2022
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I’m officially sick of the lax laws in NY and if things don’t change soon, the big apple will be known as a big pile of …. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys? I hope all is well. Hope you having a fantastic day. I got to bring you back to New York. I know, but it's because of my bodega. You understand the bodega store with Jose almost 61 year old self defense, he ends up stabbing this other dude, while I'll recap in a second. But yeah, I got to talk about because it's insanity times four. And it just continues to get more and more insane. Midterms are coming up. We got to make a change. Y'all got to stand up and say To hell with this nonsense, and we got to bring things back to the way they were. That's my quick rant in the intro. Let's jump into the story right? What was it all about? 61 years old if you don't remember he was working at the bodega when the dude comes in pissed off whatever reason Austin Simon 35 They start fighting. I believe it was over his girlfriend debit card being declined whatever, because you ain't got no money. Anyway, Austin Simon attacks how's it all the who's working there again, he's Austin Simon's 35 The worker is 61 Jose Alba takes out a knife and self defense and stabs him a few times. Unfortunately, often Simon passes away. The girlfriend finds her own knife and stabbed Jose elbow. Now who gets charged not the girlfriend. The employee, Jose all bug gets charged and not only that, the piece of shit. Da and I mean that sincerely. What's his name? Bragg. Alvin Bragg sends Jose Alba to Rikers Island, which infuriates me. This all took place on July 1. Eventually, Bragg backs down and the charges are dropped after numerous front page articles come out after numerous people are outraged and politicians are outraged about what took place. Finally, Jose Alba is released and unfortunately he has forced he says he has to move out of the city due to backlash to the people not understanding that he was just acting in self defense. Because clearly, da made him look guilty. So unfortunately, he's saying he's may have to move back home or I think believe it's the Dominican Republic. If I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. Now, the bodega which is it's like a convenience store is the name of a convenience store is Blue Moon convenience. And believe it or not, I did not notice this story. But apparently, they were a victim of another robbery or attempted robbery or robbery. Let's look into it. Right? Again, Blue Moon convenience. This all unfolded on August 19. Around 6:30pm While the owner and I'm gonna butcher this name, and I don't mean to, oh Sama, aldehyde biani Ile de biani 33 years old was working a 12 hour shift, man when you own a business, sometimes you got to do those 12 hour shifts, sometimes even longer because you live in a city as fucked up as New York is right now. You're gonna have a hard time finding people who want to risk their life and work. Unfortunately, this owner found that out when apparently 19 year old 19 year old decided to come into the store and not purchase anything. Why? Why would you purchase anything? It's a convenience store. There's a register there that's not used for purchases. But no. The guy comes into the store, quote, The guy came in the store and started scaring the customers. I'll be I'll deal behind he said the guy's name. What's his kid's name? Let me find it here to do. Anyway, what I forget his name, some kid. Ariel Hernandez. 19 years old Aaron Hernandez. Great person. Good guy. Just kidding. He grabbed two monster energy drinks and left. I thought it was the end of it. But then he comes back three minutes later, the owner says I'll be honest, he says that the man quote told me he has a real problem with me. Then came behind the counter and asked me for money and black and milds which is a brand of cigarette cigar cigar. Low cigarillos Excuse me. Cigarette was popular with weed smokers for making blunts. I don't know anything about that. I'm a good boy. That's what I'm saying. That's not me saying anyway, I told him to leave me alone because I didn't want any problems. I'll get behind. He said, quote he started tossing things behind the counter. And after I pushed him outside, we started fighting. I put him on the floor and held him there until the police came from a complaint filed against Hernandez alleges that he quote knocked out the behind knee to the ground and wrapped his arm around his neck, causing substantial pain to his head and back. At the suspects arraignment though the next day, Hernandez pleaded not guilty to a second degree robbery, third degree burglary and petty theft while petty larceny. The robbery rap was eligible for bail under the state's controversial 2019 bail reform law. But Bragg's office never sought it. Instead, prosecutors asked that Hernandez be released on his own recognizance, which Manhattan criminal court judge Melissa Lewis. Andre did an illicit criminal court judge Melissa Lewis Andre did, quote The facts uncovered thus far in this ongoing investigation, including that the defendant has no prior convictions do not justify seeking bail and potential detention on Rikers Island, as the least restrictive means to ensure his return to court. BRAC spokesman Doug Cohen told the New York Post on Thursday that the decision was in keeping with the controversial quote day one memo that Bragg issued after taking office on January 1. As I'm reading, understand that this is why we need to vote red. Because if this is the Democratic Party's way of saying everything is going to be okay with us in charge, does it sound like it's okay? Does it sound like it's going well? Maybe it's going well for them for their pockets and their wallets. But is it going well for you? I can bet you this owner is not doing so well. Ah, but yeah, that is insane. Right. So where were we? But that was not it. Keep in mind we have video and the video I will be showing you in two seconds. If you're watching the video, you'll see it. I'll post that very shortly on my twitter again at CJ Bronson show. But that decision again was keeping in the day one quote day one memo that Bragg issued after taking office on January 1. Among his various soft on crime directives. Brad says the prosecutors quote, must reserve pretrial detention for very serious crimes, and that there's a presumption of pre trial non incarceration for every case, except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim. Meanwhile, all the behind me, a Qatari immigrant who bought the store eight months ago, said he fears becoming the next law abiding victim to be targeted by Manhattan's progressive da Yes. Good statement. Of the behind, he said brags office unexpectedly sent him a subpoena for the surveillance video of the involved in an incident involving Hernandez and all those case authorities visit the store to retrieve similar recordings the morning after Simon's slang, the August study subpoena demanded at the bodega turned over quote, any and all surveillance video from between 5pm and 7pm. On the date, he was robbed, and warned that failure to produce said items could result in a conviction for criminal content, and a vine of $1,000 and imprisonment for one year. So here you go. Here's a store owner who's already terrified of his business. He already had an incident of a worker being attacked and having to murder somebody and self defense literally. And he gets attacked himself. And instead of the police or the court system saying okay, we're going to help this dude out. No, we're demanding that you provide us the footage, otherwise, you might go to jail for a year and pay $1,000 Fine. Also keep in mind that 19 year old who, according to them had no prior record who probably did have a record, but because he was a minor it doesn't make it onto the record. He gets away scot free, no bail, no problem, no jail time, but you might serve a jail sentence of a year if you don't give that footage. That's the system. Great system Democrats but all the behind he said he can't comply because the bodegas camera system only stores recordings for 14 days. And all he has are the clips he shot on his cell phone, the longest of which is three minutes seven seconds now. Quote I'm scared of DA is retaliating because of Jose Alba. And that what happened with Jose will happen to me because I will be arrested like Jose was that's what the owner says the owner of a business quote I'm scared of being arrested because they are targeting me because they told us not to, to not share the Jose Alba video with anybody and we shared it. Well, yeah. I'm behind. He said he showed up at the DHS office September 6 as directed in the subpoena, and met with an official told him to expect another letter that has yet to arrive. Quote, I'm waiting for this letter and I want to see what's going on. I'm nervous and I'm scared he said. In a prepared statement and brag spokesman Doug Cohen said quote all New Yorkers deserve to feel safe in their workplaces. No one at Blue Moon is being investigated. Obtaining video evidence to a subpoena is a routine part of investigating a case. We take the defendants alleged conduct seriously and excuse me and are actively investigating You, brag spokesman Cohen said the Legal Aid Society which is representing Hernandez declined to comment. Alba, who's kept a low profile since the highly publicized ordeal told the Post Thursday night that he's fed up with the violence in New York City. And at the bodega where he used to work, quote, I don't feel good about these problems. It makes me sad that this keeps happening. I've lived in New York for a very long time. I don't want any more problems. He said. He also add that he hasn't been back to the bodega since in the night of the attack, and he's unsure if we'll ever if he'll be leaving the Big Apple for the Dr. As his pals previously told the posts he would also he doesn't know at this point. So he doesn't know doesn't know if they're gonna leave. This is New York. Can you imagine this poor kid he buys he buys the bodega thinking he's probably gonna do a lifetime getting to a convenience store in the city downtown. This is fantastic. What a price he must have got he bought eight months ago, right? Man he probably what did you pay for this? That he said what he didn't say what he paid? I kind of want to know what he paid. But I guess that's private information. But I'm just hoping to overpay you probably got a good deal because these people probably desperate to get out with this kind of crime going on here. 33 years old bought a convenience store 33 Good for you had the might have by convenience store again. Maybe it was good deal. Maybe got a good couple loans? Who knows? And I might be forced out. You might be forced out. I wonder what the plan is guys? Do you people in the city or you know when I say you people? I use that term loosely because I don't even believe your human beings at this point. The politicians who run these blue states or cities, do you believe that crime is okay? Do you believe that crime is the way is this all part of a way to like, like just destroy the city and the economy so that you can build back better? lack of a better words or by lack of better words? Like you know what I mean? Like is that what you're trying to do? Is this your idea of build back better you destroy it so you can build it back in a better way? Because I don't understand the process of this and how many people do you really think are you gonna replace all these people with illegals and let them vote for you? Is that the idea? I don't I just don't understand Who the hell's gonna want to own a convenience store or any kind of business in the city. If, you know, accidents are accidents, robberies and crimes keep happening. And you may saying yourself, well, this is just a small bodega. This is happening in big name stores. This is happening in restaurants. For example, the other day, we had a dude who was who was in McDonald's with an axe. Don't know that story. That was right in the city. Let me jump into that story because I got that for your ass to check this shit out. Because this is another and I'm a little float livid right now because there's people actually defending New York saying that they're doing a great job. I don't know what they're smoking. Keep it to yourself because I don't want any of that shit in my lungs. This Yeah, so if you don't know his name is Michael below Vallecitos polysius I don't know I'm not good with names. I know his name is Michael. Last Name. Maybe police CEOs. 31 years old allegedly grabbed an axe trashed the Delancey Street fast food joint. Early fraud. It wasn't McDonald's. I don't know why they're not saying it. We also have McDonald's. It was a lower Eastside McDonald's and if and I'll have the video and I'll show the video. Why not? It's been all over Twitter so I'll show you guys the video literally shows in my opinion. It shows what happens when you start shit and you know should escalate if you don't want it to escalate don't start shit and was it self defense according to a criminal complaint filed in the case but let's yells slam two tables and a plate glass partition during the early morning rampage. He told cops quote I have a pocket knife in my back in my bike. Okay, I wouldn't answer the wild caught on video incident said that he went off when a woman at the restaurant rejected him if you continually try to talk to her quote so basically he got into an argument with a girl and then the girl rejected him said an Uber Eats delivery man Reuben G quote she didn't What was it? The neither was it says she didn't do this. She didn't want to talk to him. He kept going at her going to the cell phone video of the incident that shows three men at the McDonald's who intervened and then began throwing punches at legit like punching them dude would like swaying us wouldn't he just stand there just eating the punches. He's in like a friggin happy with him and he's eaten in like the dollar menu like us free burger dad. I think it was free burger day. And he would just take it and he was remaining calm like this is all you got. And when you ever you worked the wise if you ever go get into a fight and you want to fight somebody If that person seems like, they don't even care, he had no hands up. He's like, just hit me. If you ever see that, know that there's gonna be repercussions for your actions. That's when you know, to just leave. That's the first step. The second step was when he reached the second warning, rather, when he reached in his bag, whatever somebody reaches in their bag 2022 and going on going forward, Ron, I don't care if he's coming out what you don't know. You want to wait and find out what he's gonna have. You're gonna find out before me because I'm gone. You can sit there and you can wait to see what he has for you. I'm not going to be there to witness that I'm out. I'm gone. I was gone for us. When I heard saw the argument. If I was there, I saw the argument had been gone. I don't want no part of this. I'm gonna get interviewed by nobody. Anyway. So after the after the melee of punches by like three dudes, right? The man backed off, then if you watch the video, you'll see it. And I'll show you the video. Like I said, Michael walks around guts and his backpack pulls out an x. The x in my opinion, it looked like it was covered. Like it had a case on the actual blade, but I'm not sure. So he starts smashing tables, the walls. Everyone's like, whoa, all the people that are all bad, bad and tough, big and tough. Three against one, all of a sudden they're like whoa, shattering walls, shattering tables, right. He's then seen getting on the bicycle and taking off, then police later arrest him and charge him in the incident. Remember that? Now, he's saying that he was not trying to hurt anyone. He was just trying to teach them a lesson. I don't know how to treat teeth, because he didn't really swing it at anyone. And in my mind, he had self defense. If three people are punching you I would take out my weapon as well and say anyone else have a problem. But he might you know him swinging tables swinging the walls. He didn't swing out people hit tables nearby them close to them, which could be intimidation. At the same time these three people assaulted him physically. Big difference. Let's see what happens. Right? What do you think happens? Let's see what happens. This is New York. Even the Keep in mind this is New York. Da Alden Brad. My intentions were not to hurt anyone. My intentions were not to put anyone in the hospital or dice anybody up. The reason why I pulled out the hatchet was okay, I'm going to get back at these guys. I'm going to make sure that they don't jump me again. Well, that's kind of well, I guess you get the way you take that it can be like a threat or it can be like a lesson. Right? Like, they'll never live to threaten me again. Or they're just, you know, whatever. Cellphone footage from the Rampage inside. The DeLand the McDonnells. Shortly before 230 In the morning, there's a lot of people there for 230 the morning on McDonald's, I'm telling you, apparently McDonald's 230 in the morning is the hangout spot on a Friday. I didn't think that would be the case. But whatever. Anyway, again, Uber driver says I waited for them to finish what they were doing, and I just did what I wanted to do. The most important thing is don't be afraid to defend yourself. That is Well, based upon what I say in every at the end of every episode. I agree. You cannot be afraid to defend yourself. Miko said that he carried the axe in his backpack because of his job as a messenger. Quote, a mole is out there on the road. So I'm always actually getting into it with drivers, which is what the tomahawk is for. It's not for people, it's for trees, you know, and vehicles. It's not it's not for people, it's for trees and you know, vehicles. Okay, after this Friday, if it's Friday morning tirade, Michael left the restaurant on his bike but was arrested by cops nearby on Ludlow Street. He was arraigned on charges of criminal mischief and weapons possession late Friday, and was released without bail. That prosecutor said neither of the charges against him was eligible for bail under the state's controversial bail reform laws. Michael was asked by ABC if you wanted the three McDonald's patrons who allegedly assaulted him to be charged and he said he didn't think it was necessary quote, you don't need to be in jail for a lesson he said. I hope the fear that they felt that night is enough to never assault someone again. Well, if you see the video, when you're watching the video, you could see he gets hit boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, takes the knife, takes the axe out, starts swinging at things. He is clearly not he was very threatening. But he clearly if you wanted to, he could have hit somebody. He clearly could have hit somebody. And honestly if he would have hit somebody, I still would have defended him because three of them had no reason to punch him like that. difference between saying enough is enough to leave. And this dude did not throw the first punch these guys so the first first punch and my from my opinion, they were all ganged up on, he looked like he was threat. So I believe it's self defense, even if he hit them with the axe had been self defense, but I'm not sure how I mean, I guess I'm not a judge or lawyer so I couldn't really say that for sure. But I agree with this guy do don't don't start, nothing will be nothing no, start no shit won't be no shit and at the same I mean I'm just saying. So let's see what Governor Cathy hotel does now. What do you guys think she's going to do you think she's going to be cool with this? Let's see we'll go to the Governor Kathy hotel today. Monday, September 19 says that, well. She's not happy with the service charges that were not brought. During an unrelated news conference at her Manhattan office. She said she wants to know why the alleged hatchet wielding madman Michael Palais chose was only charged with offenses that led him to be automatically sprung without bail. Now she has a problem with the bail issues. Now she has a problem with with the league court system. Now it's an issue. Why is that? The governor said that there were many players in the criminal justice system starting with the arresting officers who determine which charge to bring, as well as the DA who will decide whether or not to stay with that course or have an upcharge. From what is recommended. We're actually asking what the thought process was, and the decisions that were just made, because we have a question about it. Because they have the discretion to charge in a wet in a different way that would make them bail eligible. Quote, we're actually asking what the thought process was and the decisions that were just made, because we have a question about it. What kind of statement of that because they have the discretion to charge in a different way that would make them bail eligible. Okay. In January, she threatened to remove Manhattan DA Alvin Brog from office amid an outrage over the day one memo and in which he ordered Manhattan prosecutors to only seek bail and prison sentences in cases involving homicides and other serious crime. That is why he sent Jose all about the jail because he was in self defense and actually killed somebody but itself the fence, but also quickly walked back that morning and also rebuffed Mayor Eric Adams request for a special session of the state legislature legislature to consider rolling back bail reform. Alan Bragg answers. Quote, I believe that the Manhattan district attorney Alan Bragg should be fired. Oh, wait, I'm sorry. So that is a Republican rival in the upcoming election. US Representative Lee Zeldin says, I believe that the Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg should be fine. I agree. Alphabet should never have been hired. Do you know who this guy is? Oh, that's a whole nother podcast. Kathy also said quote, he just got there. Cut him some slack. He's doing his job. You're responsible people's freedom. You're responsible for other people's lives. Right? Because if you put the wrong person or let the wrong person free, they may go ahead and hurt more people. can we really afford to cut more slack here? I believe I feel like he's cutting enough slack for the criminals. Am I wrong? I mean, what do you guys think? Let me know I think I think maybe they both should be fine. Maybe Kathy Hojo and Alvin Brack should be gone. Speaking outside the fast restaurant, located at 114 Delaney, Blaine de Lancey street can't say the word, the lancy Street on the Lower East Side. Zeldin also repeated his call for an overhaul of cashless bail saying, quote, you could see the fear in the eyes of other people who are here at this McDonald's just a few days ago. The individual who ends up arrested is instantly released back out on the street, because the crimes he was charged with are not eligible, he said, seldom added this is exactly why judges should have discretion to waive dangerousness. Right now, there should be a special session in Albany. They should they could do this tomorrow. This is not a Republican versus Democrat issue. Meanwhile, holtsville goes she was shocked by the video. I said she was just shocked. The images are disturbing. Absolutely. She told reporters at her Manhattan office. I understand the concern of the people who are certainly in that location. Keep in mind police shows again was charged with criminal mischief and fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon both misdemeanors and release without bail because the offenses are covered by the state's controversial 2019 and bail reform law. Neither NYPD nor a spokesperson for Bragg who came under fire for his progressive soft on crime policies returned Requests for Comments of course why Would they say anything? Why would they were what? Oh my god. Okay, here's my thing. The only thing I think this axe wielding dude should have to do right now is pay for the damages. Right? He inflicted the damages on the wall. He inflicted damage on some tables and whatnot. Those free people who attacked him are lucky that they didn't get charged with anything as far as he not pressing any charges may started shit. As far as the people with them the girls that were with them. That's what happens when you get into a fight. Like, this is no different than being in a bar fight. And the girls are there and they're witnessing the bar fight. Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? No, this is what happens. This is considered a fight. They started shit. They shouldn't have been shit. Nobody got hurt, luckily. Big difference though, between this and the robber, the 19 year old robber of the bodega, who should literally be behind bars right now. He committed a crime 1,000,000% But he's not. So the whole system in New York does absolutely need to be reformed. What do you guys think? Should they both be free? Should the axe wielding God be behind bars? Should he be charged further? What do you think should happen? What do you think will happen? Comment below let me know comment. Hit me up at CJ Bronson show. Like Subscribe, follow all that good stuff. Share, please. And don't forget guys merch is on sale right now is TJ Bronson You can find my newest videos every day. On my website pseudo Bronson. also on Tiktok different stories. C J be in three is on Tiktok at CJ Bronson show. Anyway, guys be safe. Stay alert. I mean, I'm sorry to say the same thing I've always been saying but it's true. I mean, this guy actually had an axon keep something on you do this do things can happen. Maybe it was taken. It was two o'clock in the morning. Maybe he she he said something to the girl taken out of context. And things escalated. Shit can get real quick. Better to be safe than sorry. Is a truth statement. True statement when you're in these, any states really doesn't even matter what state you're in. It just got to be safe these days. 2020 To be safe, y'all. All right. Love y'all. Bye