Sept. 21, 2022

#158 | Venezuela Sends Violent Criminals to Border Says DHS Report & NYC Schools layoff Another 850!

#158 | Venezuela Sends Violent Criminals to Border Says DHS Report & NYC Schools layoff Another 850!
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Frustrating day. Illegals pouring in. Teachers getting fired. People are not getting charged for crimes they commit but we gotta send money to Ukraine!? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Hey, what's going on guys, I hope you're having a great day hope all as well listen, today's episode is going to be a multitude of articles. So I'm gonna jump right into it. I'm a little frustrated, I'm a little pissed off. And you know what, guys? I'm not I shouldn't even apologize for that I'm not, I'm just letting you know. So if I start cursing, I understand it's because it's from frustration. This country was in such such amazing shape, my stock portfolio was on believable, I had enough to put down on a good size, medium size home for a deposit. Now I have enough to put down on a good size, medium motorcycle deposit. And I didn't sell nothing. That's just the way the market is right. That's just happenstance. That's just the way it is. Has nothing to do with the Biden administration fucking shit up, which is what they're doing. Not you know, calm, you know, talk about the pot calling the kettle black with this whole migrant situation. And let's not I know I shouldn't even say the word migrants, let's say what they are illegals. You can say migrants, you can say refugees, you can say what you want, you are illegal. There's a difference between an illegal in a refugee and the refugee comes to this country seeking refuge. But they do that in a legal way mean you coming into this country legally saying I'm escaping my homeland, because of shit going down. And I don't want to be part of that shit. I don't want to get caught up in it. So I'm leaving to come to better pastures, greener pastures, which is here. Not putting on a backpack crossing 1000s of miles illegally. And then asking for a handout when you get here. And then complaining once you get the handout. I never been to Martha's Vineyard, I wish somebody would fly me to Martha's Vineyard. I would love that. And somebody with food and, and housing and money. And a cell phone or whatever else they're given out there. I'm just saying I heard it was nice. I heard a lot of people were grateful about I've seen a video from Fox where they interview people and they were very happy. Now all of a sudden they want to put a lawsuit. They want to say it was a lawsuit said they had no idea where they were going. They were just shuffled up into a bus into a plane and shuffled out the middle of nowhere New York, DC. Martha's Vineyard had no clue they were going there. But the governors, Ron DeSantis, and Greg Abbott, they have documentation. And this is where they fucked up the teams that are suing. First of all, it's amazing to me that the migrants are able to the illegals are able to get an attorney and Sue and say that they're violent. They're there Amendment rights have been violated. What Amendment rights, but you ain't even a citizen. Do you understand that? Like, that doesn't make any sense to me at all. That makes no sense to me at all? I don't know. But luckily, like I said, the governors they had them signed documents saying that a piece of paper in English and Spanish and I'll post it on my website at CJ Boston show on And on my twitter at CJ Boston show. And you'll see that it even says in English and in Spanish. Do you understand this is where you're going? Yes. Okay. What's your name? What's your date sign here? Here you go. They signed it. If all of them signed that paper, how are you going to sue? How are you going to sue? What are you going to say? What do you I don't know. And the whole and the White House and the whole Biden administration is turning around. They're saying, Oh, well, you know what? They're using this as a political pawn. What political pawn bitch. I have an article here from New York Post on October, October of 2021. They want the exact date. I got the frickin front page. October 19 2021. New York Post post puts on its printed paper, Biden's secret flights, unaccompanied migrant kids land in Westchester and dead of night surge due to dangerous illegal border crossings, because the border has been open since day one. And the Biden administration has been flying these illegals into states such as Florida, and you know, others places New Jersey from what I understand. And they're but they right now they're turning around and making it seem like Oh, for no reason. Florida and Texas are busing them to DC and New York for political reasons. What do you call your doing back on October 19 When they said according to this 21 flights to place since August 8 to October 19. And it said around 2000 underage migrants underage illegals have arrived at the airport. And we're not talking like midday. This was in the dead of night hidden. Unknown voluntary curfew was in effect, but doesn't matter. They still arrived in Florida at 213 in the morning, and 429 in the morning on August 20. That's kind of suspicious. Why so early in the morning. Why? Hmm, unless you have something to hide. A source familiar with the operation at the Westchester airport said the underage migrants typically arrive carrying backpacks and are by Still locations including the Bronx, Queens, Queens, upstate New borough, Bridgeport and Danbury, Connecticut. Now around 1230 In the morning, it stopped and sisolak Long Island and the campus of Mercy first, a nonprofit sponsored by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy that provides housing and services for children and adolescents, who are the victims of societal problems now, on Friday night, again, this is back in October of last year, one bus left a Westchester airport and bow down the Hutchinson River Parkway, which is off limits to commercial vehicles at speeds over 75 miles per hour. We have photos, we have videos, we have it all. We have evidence that this took place last year by the by the administration was Republican Party. Why didn't the Republican Party call them out on it? Why didn't they? Why am I the only one who's upset about this? But the Republican Party just seems to be like loose, loose wristed like just to, to to come calm? Why are we letting these people talk so much shit and so much trash about our country? Number one, our values number two, and then be cool with it when they when they when they attack us personally, saying that we're domestic terrorists. If you leave the border open, and you let criminals come into the country, and you're no, that's what you're doing? Wouldn't that make you a domestic terrorist? Because you're allowing it? Here we are. We're saying close the border that these people before you let them in. It was working before. And now it's not even a process. How does that make us a domestic terrorist? Maybe it's the schools. Maybe it's the school systems. That that makes us a domestic terrorist, the Republican Party, the Conservative Party? Let's see. Let's look at New York. Well, it looks like New York just fired another another 850 teachers, including teacher aides. Why? Well, it's because they fail to take the vaccine. By September 5, that deadline, bringing the total to 1950 terminated by the Department of Education. New York, as we all know, is a blue state mean it's run by the Democrats. So you're attacking the education system. You're attacking the entire country with letting illegals in, who are in turn will most likely attack people and children. The ones who were bad anyway, right? They're bad illegals. So if you let go of the teachers for not complying with this vaccine mandate, and you haven't you bring in kids into the city all illegals, which I just talked about. And apparently these illegals are getting the housing when the homeless crisis is increasing in the city. So they're giving the comb the homeless to housing, which are probably that's what you're probably US citizens, you bring them you bring illegals in to into the country, and you give them housing. who'd never worked a day for this country never served anything in this country. never did anything. First time in the country. Here's a bed, here's some clothes, here's a phone, here's some money, have a good day. Do you even vaccine? Check them? Do you even do you even mandate it for them? No. And now you're gonna fire and lay off all these teachers who's gonna who's going to teach all these students, all these new miners that you brought in these new illegal miners that are now needing an education, who's going to teach them you're gonna get some fresh out of college kids to teach them great. Get someone fresh out of college with no you got to play as their pronoun correctly, and you know, worship all their different color flags. That's why I'm upset because this country is literally being attacked at the border with the we're being attacked in our house. Because our our freedom is at risk at any moment, you can get attacked, and those criminals that attack you, especially in the city in New York, Illinois, and freaking California. If they attack Philadelphia, if they attack you, they get released. And you could possibly die. Now all you did was try to be a good citizen work, pay your bills, be happy and not hurt nobody. And now they're attacking you saying you're a terrorist pot calling the kettle black. Like I said, this is their, this is their MO this is what they're good at. This is what they know. And this seems to be working. It's like it's one of those things where it's either you with us or you're against us. And I think they believe that a lot of people will be like, well, since I can't beat them, I'll join them I enjoyed and shit. I don't know but you if you want to join that party because you think it's easier. That's your decision because you know what, at the end of the day, you have that freedom and I understand that's what you want to do. Me personally, I'm doing that shit. I'm gonna fight to the end. Because honestly, this country was amazing man. We had Trump in office, amazing gas prices, food prices, so Stock Market. Life in general, was last time you talked about taking a vacation. I say that word I get goosebumps just because I saw strep sweating again anxiety. Like, like a vacation for me was like this right now is a vacation because I technically I am working right now. This is the BIOS vacation as vacationing as it gets for me. And it's going to be like this for a while on thing unless things change. Schools are attacked. Now they're talking about the Fed makes an announcement saying guess what, because of inflation, and they're probably gonna blame Trump or Putin for this. We're gonna have to raise rates. Federal chair Jerome Powell admits today that achieving a soft landing will be a very challenging one. Federal Reserve says it's raising its policy rate, point seven, five points to 3.25%, which is the highest since 2008. US central bank. Also projected rates will hit 4.4% This year, and 4.6% in 2023, higher than they expected. This is their job and they are expecting it to be at a certain level and it's going to be higher than they expect it. Feds attempting to cool down the economy to battle the soaring inflation, which stands right now at 8.3%, which, according to Biden on 60 minutes isn't so bad. Higher rates mean costly borrowing, including mortgages and business loans, slowing growth. But by dampening down the economy, the Fed raises the risk of triggering job losses and layoffs. What are you gonna do? What's the plan? What's the plan? Are they going to how are you going to survive how they're going to survive the midterms? How they're going to make it till November at this rate. If you don't know inflation from August 2021 to August this year, groceries are up 13.5% rent is up 6.7% gasoline 25.6% airline fares 33.4% new vehicles 10.1%. And I might even get into electricity. What's the plan? What is the plan? The average fixed mortgage rate topped 6% its highest point in four teen years, credit card bar and cost have reached their highest level since 1996. According to higher mortgage rates have already had a significant impact on the housing market, with home buying activity dropping off sharply sharply this summer. Why do you think that is? Are people leaving the country? Are people leaving blue states or people just holding on to their money? Because they have no idea what to do? They don't know what's coming? I have I have a theory. And I will tell you the theory in a second. Screw it. I'll tell you the theory. Now my theory is they are purposely they think that the blue party realize that they're not going to persuade anyone on the red side to turn blue. They realize that their their policies and their ideas are very radical. And only if somebody was mentally mentally mentally mental, the mental problems would would still back the blue at this point, in my opinion, again, my opinion is my opinion. And I have no problem with crazy people just you know, just leave me alone. And and it says they can't convince the majority of the red people on the red side, the people on the right side to turn blue. To turn left. They said let's just bring in people, and we'll give them the ability to vote. So in my my theory is these 2 million plus. And that's where we're at right now. This year, 2 million plus illegals who are here and it's probably more like four or 5 million to be realistically let's be real to me on what we can count. How about the ones that we don't know a crossing? Not counting one two, there's no like you know, counter. They're dropping help in the fence. They're going through cracks in the fence that go on underground. There's so many ways. And again, the Border Patrol are not getting the proper funding and the proper support that they need. So we don't really know we're estimating to I'm estimating four or 5 million illegals in this country. If they turn around and make all these legals, illegals legal and say here you're allowed to vote. They're probably banking on them voting for the blue, or they will just magically vote blue. Magically, through the art of magic, I guess I could say, I don't know. Somehow these illegals will be able to vote and vote blue. Maybe Same with the prisoners. Maybe the prisoners will be allowed to vote when they get out soon. Or vote in prison. Who knows? Imagine likely they'll vote blue, maybe, maybe maybe they'll be grateful. And they maybe that's the idea that they think that they will just that these people will just vote blue. I don't know. But what's interesting is that Venezuela, and have in Venezuela been with this country. This is the country that banned guns, and shit went wild. And the government lost control to the mob. So the criminals and the criminals had more guns than the people because the people had no guns, they banned guns. So the criminals ran Venezuela and they destroy the dollar. Venezuela currency is nothing which at this rate, I feel like the American currency may join them. But in this exclusive report from Breitbart, Venezuela empties their prisons sends violent criminals to the US border, according to a D H s report. That is the Department of Homeland Security. So if this is fake, I don't know. A recent Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Report received by the Border Patrol instructs agents to look for Venezuelan inmates released from entering the US. The report reviewed by Breitbart, Texas indicates the Venezuelan government under the leadership of Nicolas Maduro models is purposely freeing inmates, including some convicted of murder, rape and extortion. Wow, that's a good time, huh? This is reminiscent to the similar action taken by the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the Mariel Boatlift in the 1980s. Doesn't this report does not state whether the released prison inmates were traveling as a group, but it does state it was common knowledge, shared knowledge among migrants traveling to the US within a caravan in July, this past July, that many of the Venezuelan migrants in the group were convicts, and included hardened criminals. This is what I'm talking about. It's like they're purposely trying to destroy the what's left of American families and American people. Why? What is What do you guys think the reason is, I told you my thought process is, you know, you build remember, maybe the whole idea of the build back better. Maybe that's saying has a different meaning. You know, maybe they're trying to crumble the country so they could build it back better for themselves. For the for the powers that be can build it back to the country that they want it to be. Maybe it's maybe it's socialist, maybe it's communist. I don't know. I wish I had a crystal ball. Actually, at this point. I wish I didn't have I'm glad I don't have a crystal ball. Because if I did, I'd probably never be able to sleep. I probably have nightmares like forever if I kept seeing the future because right now the future is bleak, truly is. A report does not specify what the release of the convicts. Waits report does not specify that the release of the convicts, understanding they would head to the United States could be a purposeful geopolitical move. Of course, it's not gonna say that right to say that. The sources have the task of identifying Venezuelans who have criminal records in their home country is nearly impossible. One of the 1,000th of the 1000s of Venezuelan migrants surrending surrendering along the US Mexico border daily, most according to the source are being released into the United States without effective diplomatic relations with Venezuela. Because the source says access to criminal databases in that country does not exist. Do you understand? Oh, my God. So the Venezuelan Government releases the criminals. And I'd say go ahead, go to America. They go to America, America, they come to America, the Border Patrol has no way of vetting these people because they don't have access to the criminals database in Venezuela. And the criminals not going to admit to being the criminal. Oh my gosh, it's the sources is unknown. How many have already been released into the United States to pursue asylum between October 21 And July 22, more July 2020 to be torn between October 2021. In July 2022, more than 130,000 Venezuela, Venezuelan migrants have been encountered entering the US illegally, meaning over 130,000 illegals in all a fiscal year 2020 less than 5000 were apprehended less than 5000 of the 130,000. That's crazy do what the hell. This represents an increase of nearly 3000 been released into the interior of United States to pursue asylum. Wait, why the hell is going on here? In one Texas based Border Patrol sector single groups of hundreds of mostly Venezuelan migrants enter the United States daily does not does not talk about destination. Republican governors from Texas and Florida began transporting migrants mostly Venezuelan to Washington DC New York and Chicago last week for the governor DeSantis tried to fly 250 Venezuelan migrants to Martha's Vineyard Wow. Wow, guys. That's why I'm upset. I'm upset and then the Fed go has said, Listen, we got to keep we got to keep helping Ukraine, whatever, whatever what's happening in America? Who cares? We got to help Ukraine. Ukraine? I have not I've been in this country plus 30 plus years, right. I have not yet met a Ukrainian. Have you met Ukrainian? All Ukrainian I know, is Mila Kunis, who recently announced that she's Ukrainian. But yet we have to spend hundreds of millions, billions of dollars to help this country. In my opinion, at this point, why not just run Ukraine just take Ukraine as a state. Since we're giving Ukraine more money than we're giving our own states. We have so much money to print and the printing of the money is not helping the inflation. But this administration for whatever reason is, is I don't know if it if it's if it's stupidity, or if it's purposely designed to sink the dollar. Maybe that's the end game. Maybe the goal is to crash the dollar, make a digital currency and have ultimate control you know, build back better hopefully, I'm wrong. But you tell me what would what do you think this goal is? What do you think this is? This is crazy. This is crazy. Talk about a second chance on like I'm gonna be in Venezuela. And do all these horrible shit you get released. You come here and you get a brand new start. Meanwhile, people living on the streets serve the country can't get $1 can't get a roof over their head. Man that's that's that's why I'm pissed off. That's why I'm upset. And the kids in this country, these poor kids, little ones, some half of them don't know what's going on the other half are being subjected to all kinds of prosthetic, just one teacher in Canada with prosthetic breasts, another teacher to raping kids and other teacher doing this. Gender Studies and all this shit. And the other other half of the kids they're committing crimes too, because why the hell no. Who's gonna stop? No one's prosecuting shit. This is like a Mad Max escape from LA. Freakin freakin world that we're in right now. And it's terrifying. It's upsetting. And it's depressing, all at the same time. And my only my only suggestion to all of everyone, everyone listening, everyone watching is to vote. Midterms are coming up. Weirdly, look into the candidates really do your research and see, yeah, you might like Elizabeth Warren, because she claims to be Native American. And maybe you're the same point 1% Native American as her same tribe she claims to be from, and that's what makes you guys awesome. Or maybe you want to vote for for whoever because they're, you know, they have more females, if you want to vote for a female or female of color, or whatever the case may be right? Maybe put those ideas to the side and really look at what they've done for this country. Look at what they've done for the states that they represent and decide what they're what they're talking about doing. If that's something that you think is going to be beneficial in the future. If you didn't vote before, now is definitely the time to do it. Because look at this country that we are in right now. And this has nothing to do with race. Right Venezuelan Mexican, none of that shit matters. I'm talking about the country as a whole. If you look up online, you'll see videos of illegals, robbing people hurting people's thoughts to having people killing people, elderly people, young people, just randomly violence do you think is gonna get better or worse when another 2 million come in? Think about that. Think about your future down the road, think about you. You're gonna go to work or you're gonna go to the grocery store. You can get robbed, you can get shot. Or you can vote for the red, real for conservative and maybe hold on to what's left of this country and bring it back to the way it was, which is clearly much better than what the hell this shit is right now. And if you disagree with me, comment below and show me your facts. And don't sit there and tell me that Trump is racist and all this shit because Joe Biden says the N word more times than I've ever said it in my entire life. And he says it on film. Have a good day, guys. I'll definitely talk to you tomorrow. Check out the website CJ Bronson cj Bronfman store for the merch I got hats, shirts, hoodies. I love y'all. Don't forget to use code altra Maga all caps for free shipping, CJ Bronson show on Twitter CJ Bonton show on Tiktok Have a great Day. Bye Bye