Sept. 23, 2022

#159 | Democrats Move to California! It’s Beautiful! Fair taxes! Great Governor! And a Liberal Haven

#159 | Democrats Move to California! It’s Beautiful! Fair taxes! Great Governor! And a Liberal Haven
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California is a beautiful state to live in…if you’re a liberal. Teens who commit violent felonies go to diversionary programs which is like a camp but it’s paid for by the state. Criminals get a slap on the wrist. Homelessness is abundant. And taxes well…according to Governor Gavin Hair gel Newsum, who recently argued with Preet Barara, that taxes are lower in California than in Texas. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Yo, what's going on guys? Hope you having a fantastic day. Today's episode I'm bringing you to Cali bringing you back to Cali why? There's a lot of shit going on in California guys. A lot of shit going on in California and if it's if you don't know about it you should know about it, especially if you're considering moving there. And you know what, by the end of this episode some of you might want to know for real. Check this out. So on Tuesday, detectives with the Central Valley Internet Crimes Against Children. That's the I see AC. I didn't even know this place existed. The Central Valley Internet Crimes Against Children the ICAC Task Force. They arrested 55 year old Michael Martin of Fresno. What do you think he was doing? Well, it's the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Yes, about kids. He was booked into the Fresno County jail on felony charges of possession of child pornography. And possession of child pornography is a horrific thing. horrible thing. And you know, a lot of people have pornography and nothing happens. A lot of people have excuse me, child pornography, and nothing happens. Hashtag Hunter Biden's laptop. Nothing happens. Right? But anyway, this man, he didn't just have a little bit of child porn. This guy was like opening up his own store. So listen to this. He was booked into the Fresno County jail on felony charges of possession of child pornography. His bail set at $40,000 a very low bail. He has since posted bond and was released from custody. And I think this is an another frustrating case because Why would his bond be so low? And you think and you think you just have to relax? It's just child porn? Is that even a sentence? Can you even say that? On Tuesday, members of the ICAC Task Force performed follow up work on a tip related to possession of child pornography. Detectives contacted the suspect Michael Morin at his home located on the 2600 block of East Andrews Avenue in Fresno. They arrested him after executing a search warrant and finding more than a weight for it. 1000 DVDs containing videos of children being weighed at your bags ready to move. Let's go to Cali guys. That sounds like a fun place to live 1000s of videos of children being raped 1000 DVDs containing videos additionally, detectives seized electronic devices and books containing explicit photos and videos detectives consider this to be one of the largest collections of child pornography in they've ever come across in an investigation. Wow. Detectives have not developed any information of Martin having physical contact with children. You have any information please contact Brant Lieutenant Brenda Purcell at 559-600-8029 or the valley Crimestoppers at 559-498-7867. Yes, they are dedicated to protecting children online and investigating crimes committed against children which are fat facilitated by internet and computer usage. Let's recap what just took place. They arrested this man with 1000s of DVDs. More than 1000 DVDs containing videos of children being raped. Now a DVD can hold how many hours of footage how many hours a whole movie goes on a DVD, right? Two hour movie three hour movie. I don't even want to really get into how many kids can be on per DVD. But what upsets me about all of this was that his bail was just set at 40,000 How about you keep him interrogate him and really figure out where the hell did you get this footage from? Who are you selling this to? He was able to post bond How did we How was he able to fund a four to $40,000 bonds? I mean, you could argue them say that bails bondsman probably maybe doesn't say a bail bondsman jumped in but where are the kids on the video? They're being raped. I would have held him interrogated him until we found every single kid why are we releasing it? Why would give him the option he deserves to be among society. He deserves to be free walking free among the rest of us. There's this there's nothing here saying that he has to be a saw a child predator that he has to sign any kind of what is it called? When you go on a list? You know there's no he doesn't say that he's on a list. I think this is outrageous. I think it's just crazy. And I think it's completely fucked up. But you're gonna let someone not only have these 90 free, but you let him free at 40 grand then you're not going to interrogate him and figure out where these people the kids are. This is like, end of story. If that doesn't make you want to move to Cali with your Kids. Let's jump into another story. Why not? Why not the fonts? Do you remember this story? Guys? I spoke about this before in the podcast. This woman, she's pushing a baby in a stroller, right? She's pushing a stroller. eight month old babies in the stroller when all of a sudden, a car comes down the ramp or comes down the road. And it's a wrong way the car is driving the wrong way. Allegedly, the teenage driver is intoxicated. And according to the video, and I have the video and I'll post it on rumble and on my website, CJ Bronson You will see the car swerve purposely and try to hit her and her baby. driver was a quarter on surveillance video veering into Rachel and her infant bolting them over and then trying to flee before a Good Samaritan and a pickup truck rammed him off the road. Now usually don't suggest being a vigilante. I don't want to get you guys hurt or get you guys in trouble in any which way. But me being who I am, and I'm in this last Kia. If I saw something like this happen, I would have rammed the hell out of this kid with the car. I would have done the same thing this guy did in the pickup truck the same exact thing. And I recommend that everyone does it myself. Again, it's up to you. You're you have that freedom to make that decision. independent decision that's up to you. telling you what I would do. Photos taken at the scene show the driver as a thin white male wearing clothes that appear too big and a Scooby Doo neck tattoo. His eyes would barely open as you spoke with police outside of the stolen car, the stolen car that he sold his car and use it as a battering ram. He was out on probation at the time for poisoning a high school girl. Keep in mind listen to what's happening stole the car. He's out on bail for boys thing a girl of high school, he tries to kill a woman and her eight month old California while the eight month old victim miraculously escaped serious injury photo showed a tire tread shaped bruise on the back of his scalp of the baby scalp. Rachel told Fox News digital she suffered severe cuts on her arms, hands and shoulder and slipped three discs in her back as a result of a hit, which sent her rolling over the hood of the car. It's all on footage. We have it all. In Los Angeles judge ready reached No decision Thursday after a teen who admitted to mowing down a mother and her eight month old and a stolen car asked for early release from a five to seven month sentence and juvenile probation camp. So he was sentenced to jail. Originally, he was not sentenced to jail. He was sentenced to what's called a juvenile probation camp in California. This juvenile probation camp is basically you just take off probation. It's basically a camp, a juvenile camp, you go you play basketball, all that stuff. Everything's that food shelter. It's like it's like a fun time. It's like a getaway. It's like rehab, except without the drugs rehab. It's like legit like oasis. Again, think about everything that he's done. And there's more. There's more. So the judge reached No decision Thursday, the kid asked to be released early. He admits to doing it. Yeah, I did it. But I want to be released early. Judge said instead of judge saying Go fuck yourself. The judge says I gotta wait. In the past few months, he's also been involved in ready 14 fights, according to authorities and has write ups for allegations of misconduct, disobedience, destructive language and defiance of authority. Although some probation reports praised his behavior, when he's not causing a fight, he's a good boy. That's probably when I'm making that up. I'm being facetious, obviously. But what can you say guy has 14 fights in the past few months. What is that a fight every two days. Reports from this, from his time in probation, show that he is not rehabilitated. And he shouldn't be released early che che che Sana, the deputy district attorney who argued against early release, the suspect who was not being identified because of his age, appeared in court with his mother. But the mother said he's a good boy because the mothers always say, Oh, he's such a good boy. He's just an angel. He's sweetheart as he runs over a mom and a baby. After a delay over whether the victim and members of the media could observe the proceedings. Things got underway. Why is there a delay? Why can't the victim be in the courtroom? We got Alex Jones right now fighting for his life with this Irenaeus judge who was literally trying to he's clearly not on any including on his side on the other side. And he's trying to milk him for every penny that he has, while the all the parents Have the kids are crying in the courtroom as if he killed the kids. He didn't kill the kids. He said he thinks this based on his evidence that he's that he's heard or before he's read that it was a fake incident. He didn't say that it was a fake incident. And he didn't kill the kids. This guy attempted to run this woman Rachel and her eight month old over and kill them. What was she gonna What was he trying to do? Run? Run them over as a reward? No, he was trying to injure them probably murder them. So but they can't be in the courtroom. Why? Why? Cuz he's, um, you can't say his name because he's a minor. Yeah, clearly this guy identifies as a minor based upon all the shit that he's been doing. Bullshit. That's what this is after the leg over whether the victim and members of the media could observe the proceedings. Things got underway. That offense introduced a motion for earlier release. However, Santa raised issue against Santa is the Deputy District Attorney raised issue with many of its claims and the judge ultimately chose to continue the proceedings to September 28 When the people who wrote the probation report will be asked to testify under oath. Rachel, the woman who got hit by the car, the mom said she had not been given an opportunity to speak. Why would the victim not be allowed to speak? You would think you would be able to speak in regards to somebody's early release, who a few months ago tried to kill you and your baby. California, come on over beautiful sunshine. The team pleaded guilty to three felony charges two for assault and one for attempting to flee. Current and former prosecutors have said the suspect could have faced additional charges and stiffer penalties given the evidence, however, and I hate this da I hate Alvin Brog in New York almost as much as I hate this da This is Da Gus calm. Da gafcon and Bragg in New York. cascata Callie Bragg in New York. They're in my mind. They're dueling it out for the worst da in history. And honestly, I think I'm sorry I got on. I think Brock is winning. But you're close second buddy, you're close. You're very close to catching up with him. However, koskaan claimed his office had charged the team with the most serious offenses possible under the law. He wasn't charged with being intoxicated. He wasn't charged charged with attempted murder. No Keep in mind he was charged for two counts for assault and one for attempting to flee. And sorry three felony charges two for assault. Yes. And one attempting to flee. No attempted murder charge. If I see you walking with your baby and I speed my car and you see the video he turns the wheel purposely to smash them these are hit the brake and he's going down the wrong way on a one way road. He just hit the brake doesn't stop the car. He does not only as you run through them, runs them over. He doesn't even stop to see if they're okay he continues to flee unless until that pickup pickup truck Ramza where's the attempted murder charge? Rachel has described the hit and run as an attempted murder see far more serious than Gustin office makes it out to be dude when you watch this video you're gonna be like yeah, you there's no way you're not going to see this as attempted murder charge. But by a diversionary program for youthful defenders has been described by prosecutors as a stricter than summer camp, but less severe than military school. Do you think a kid who committed all these crimes fights tried to kill his girl and his girls high school tried to kill Rachel and a baby you think military school or summer camp or whatever the hell you want to call it is the way No. Put his ass and ash raping prison put this is what we need to do when we're that show when it was like scared straight was out. It's called sketchy it was it was like what the hell was that talk show host his name? Maury more he'd be like, bad kids would go to his show. And then they'd had the guy from prison show up. And it's like y'all you want to you think you're all tough come with me and they put him in prison. And they start yelling at him and doing all this stuff. Tell him to make a sandwich you know, do all RMI clothes, wash my clothes. That's what they need to start doing again. I don't know if it's going to work but I guarantee the summer camp slash Military School whatever they want to call it is not going to work. They want to they want to do adult shit. You should you should face adult time. So for Rachel, let's see what hurt her action is going to be. She says she's had enough she's selling her house and leaving Los Angeles. The closing date is already set quote. I cannot get out of here fast enough, she said. So if you're interested in moving to California, there's another house for sale. Sounds like a good state. Good job. Gavin Newsom Good job. Gavin Newsom in the news recently to he saying of course, you know, the rumor is he he might run for president if Joe Biden does not make it for the next election. Which I think would be number one hilarious based upon his wonderful record of being sarcastic in California. But let's see if he takes sponsibility maybe, you know, because Democrats always take responsibility. Wink, wink, always. That was me again being sarcastic. No, Democrats are known to always blame someone else. It's always someone else. Who do you think Gavin Newsom will blame for the problems in California? I'll give you hints. I give you hints. He's the person that everyone loves to blame and is not booting. California Governor now. Gotta love California Governor Gavin Newsom, recently blamed, ready for it. mass exodus of people leaving the Golden State on. Well, can you blame it on climate? Do you blame it on the weather? Did you blame it on? No power? Money? Taxes? Nope. He blames President Trump's visa policies. That's the reason nobody wants to stay in my state because of former President Trump's visa policies. Aren't you the governor? Aren't you the governor? Shouldn't you make the state better? I don't know. Sounds kind of crazy. Seems like when Ron DeSantis became governor, he made Florida better. Maybe that's just not in, you know, his. His wheelhouse. Maybe that's just not his agenda. Maybe the whole idea for him is to make as much money as possible and fuck the country and screw the citizens in the city and the state that that he represents, arguably what the rest of the Democrats have been doing. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a guy with a podcast. California Governor Gavin Newsom. Right. That's his name. Democratic governor starts touting California's achievements, a very short list, which includes outperforming other states in terms of GDP growth and a more than $100 billion operating surplus really host Preet Bharara then asked the governor how He reconciled those statistics with the fact that 1000s of people have left California in recent years. Governor Newsom conceded that the state had lost around 182,000 people at 2020. He said Many factors contribute to this trend. But the number one factor was former President Trump's visa policy. It's just it's just so ridiculous. It's almost at that point. Like the reason why people left California is Putin. Putin's gas price case. The reason why the gas price hike the reason why people love California is we got to send more money to Ukraine. The reason why you could just make up shit at this point, and people are gonna be like, Oh, what's the reason I should vote blue? News. Quote, a formula for success is getting first round draft choices from around the world. I mean, we're as dumb as we want to be. Somebody says the this whole border debate is made up. Oh, with a border to bait is made up. What an interesting statement, huh? It's all made up. Because he's been there so many times. He's seen it firsthand. He's been there more than Comala highs which is a lie. This whole border debate is made up. At that's the that's the slogan right there. T shirts coming soon. picture of him saying this whole border. The bait is made up another t shirt coming soon, saying people are leaving California because of Trump. So now he's blaming the border. And now he's blaming Trump's visa policy? Well, let's see what else is going goes on to say right. The governor blames Congress for not passing comprehensive immigration reform. So what else? That'd be one else's fault. My mom, no state has more to lose and no state has more to gain than the state of California from Silicon Valley to Central Valley. What kind of state is that? What kind of sentence is that? That's a horrible statement. No state has more to lose. I mean, every state has more to lose. We are all losing. And no state has more to gain all every state in America is losing right now. Puerto Rico is hitting a hurricane hurricane. They're losing a lot. New York. People are dying left and right slashing the face on the train and off the train. Right. And homelessness is on the rise. All over the country though. Adelphia Chicago but that the people, illegals crossing the border are getting dropped off all over the place. No one has more to lose. Go to hell. Oh, he's already there. He's in California. He's there now. He then conceded that affordability does play a role in why some Californians have left. Oh, we own that. I'm not naive about our problems, homelessness. But then he argues that taxes were lower in California than in Texas. What? That makes sense, because everyone's leaving Texas to move to California because the taxes are so much higher in Texas. I gotta go move to California where it's cheaper, where it's affordable, where they understand because as we all know, no state has more to lose. And no state has more to gain than the state of California from Silicon Valley to Central Valley. This guy's given me like three or four t shirt ideas man. On believable, so I said let me look up the statistics. Let me pull up the rankings. And let's see, when the pandemic started. Is it true? How many people left the state of cow which state? Do you believe in America? People left the most during the pandemic. I'll give you a hint. The governor wears a lot of hair gel. Correct California. So a total amount from 2018 to 2021. Pandemic said 7554 People left California and moved directly to Texas. Number one, number two, they left California and moved to Washington. 5600 of them did California and then moved to Florida 4400. California, excuse me, California to Virginia 3800. New York to Florida 4001. So it's safe to say that nobody truly wants to live in California. So why am I telling you guys live in California? Well, I'm saying to you guys, and you guys I'm talking to are the ones who like Gavin Newsom. You like the Democrats so much you love the Liberal Party. You love CRT. You love this probationary bullshit military camp nonsense summer camp program for minors who commit felonies. You love all of that shit so much trend change, transgenderism, and all that woke shit. You love it so much. Pack up your shit. And move your fucking ass over to California. If that's too far of a commute. Carry your nasty ass to New York. I'll give you there's two options right there. Stop your bitching and whining and move to the states that make you happy. That's what I'm working on doing. But I accept the only difference between me and you guys is in my mind. I'm happy with the way things were. You guys are trying to change everything to your bullshit ass utopia. Oh, he's a minor so we shouldn't treat him like an adult. We should treat him like like a child. No, you there's a difference between a child who who like escapes, gets into a fistfight at school because he's being bullied and he defends himself. And then there's a difference between a person a chain aged kid who not only tries to kill a girl at school, but also tries to steal a car and then runs over a mom and her eight month old big difference. There's a difference between a guy watching porn online and a difference between a chi containing 1000s of over 1000 DVDs filled with child pornography, rape, child pornography. Monica, it's any difference? That's the same shit. child porn is rape. There's no consent there. It's a child. But in California, slap on the wrist of you're cool with child pornography. You're cool with open borders can bring in the rapists and drug dealers and always people. I mean, I have no problem with people coming in the border as long as they do it legally so we can vet them and make sure that not murderers are reported about this in the last episode, Venezuela empty their prisons and they're just turning them over here. We should vet every single person crossing the border. This is America, you want to come here. We should accept the best of the best. And by the best of the best. I'm not saying you gotta have a frickin master's degree or doctor's degree to come in here. I'm saying I don't know. Maybe don't kill somebody before you come here. I don't know. Maybe don't go on a shooting spree or rape spree and then try to cross the border or be part of some kind of drug gang. Is that so? Crazy to think? But if you think that's cool, and you think that we should we should we shouldn't be accepting to all these kinds of crazy people. No Jobs who think that they're this, this and think of that, that Oh, identify as a TV remote control. Identify as a fax machine. If you think like that, move your ads to California or move your ass to New York. And stop bitching complaining online and stop fucking you know, trying to make everyone conform to your mentality. All I'm trying to say is keep shit the way it was and y'all trying to change it. That's that's my rant. That's my episode for today. If you think I'm wrong with what I'm saying, feel free to comment below. Hit me up on Twitter at CJ Bronson show. I got the store cedar Bronson all the shirts, merch everything you need right there hoodies and hoodies for the winter. T shirts. Everything's on sale. Use a code Ultra Maga all caps for free shipping. Got the Tick Tock out to every episode an episode every day excuse me on Tiktok same handle at CJ Bronson show. Let me know am I crazy? Am I the one who's who's wrong and saying move your ads to California and New York if you're not happy with the way sheets running? Let me know. Are you voting for Gavin? Gavin Newsom runs are you really gonna vote for him? I'm just saying I don't know. So far. You guys picked some great winners here. Biden over here. doesn't remember what he said yesterday. And Kamala can't stop laughing they can't even invite her to her funeral because if he goes to a funeral she'll just die laughing Good job. Anyway. Have a have a good day be safe keep keep your head on a swivel. Because these maniacs are out here left and right ray to fucking hurt somebody for no reason. Literally no reason. And they'll do it because certain states like New York and California, they will get away with it. Release the same or next day. Be safe. Stay blessed. I love y'all. Bye