Oct. 25, 2022

#168 | People are Annoying and 4 Bodies Found Chopped in Half!?

#168 | People are Annoying and 4 Bodies Found Chopped in Half!?
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They cut their bodies in half at the waist.' Devastated mother of one of four murdered friends found dismembered and dumped in Oklahoma river tells how they were shot 'multiple times' with one victim's arm 'chopped off' to 'send a message' --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-cj-bronson-show/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-cj-bronson-show/support


All right, what's up guys? What's going on? How's everybody? Good? All right, let's talk about a lot to discuss. You know, we have good midterms coming up, y'all. Herschel Walker, I'm rolling with Herschel Walker for Georgia. Guys. He needs to get back in there. Come on. Let's do it. Let's vote him back in Georgia. And you know, my girl Carrie like I'm behind her for Arizona. So definitely check her out. She's She has the experience. She's willing to debate how many people have you seen in front of the camera, willing to discuss anything? Any questions she'll answer any news agency, she'll go. Meanwhile, her opponent Katie Hobbs is running from reporters. Literally, there's undercover footage of her running. Then they finally had some makeshift make believe, interview with her. And she still couldn't answer the questions. And I'm pretty sure those questions were hands that to her, and she still could not get the shit done. And I apologize in advance. Guys. I do. I'm a little frustrated recently, recently, I'm more frustrated. The puppies can keep me awake. Every two hours. I'm trying to help take him out, you know, with my wife. And that's a little frustrating putting up the new job coming. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm looking forward to that. I'm doing the paperwork for that. You'd be surprised I haven't had new job in a while. There's a lot of paperwork that goes with that. But what's really frustrating is, and maybe you guys can you know, maybe you've experienced this. Maybe you can agree with me? How many freaking times and I'm trying not to curse but fucking how many fucking times? Do people have to jump in my conversation? You know what I mean? If I'm having a conversation, a and b conversation, see your ass out the fucking shit? Why are you here? Why are you here? If I'm talking about one topic, and we're talking about online, right, I'm online. We're in a thread, we're in a conversation going back and forth. Why are you coming out left field bringing some other shit. This shit has nothing to do with what we're talking about. But you just want to throw fuel on the fire and start some shit. And those people I want to say fuck you big fuck you to those people, those firestarters because you guys do nothing but bring toxic motherfucking energy to a conversation that should have ended within 15 minutes. Almost as if you did it on purpose. And I believe that you didn't do it on purpose. Because you want to keep the fucking momentum. Maybe you're born life. Maybe have nothing else to do. But start shit. And you thought it was amusing? Well, I don't think so. I think it's really fucked up, in my opinion. And yeah, if I ever see in the streets, I'll punch in the face. Hard. But anyway, I digress. What we're talking about again? Oh, yeah. People will jump in the conversation. I hate that shit. That should really fucking annoys me. And yeah, will you get blocked? No, I'm not gonna block you. I'm not gonna block shit. Go ahead and say what you want to say. I will debate you. And usually like what happened today, you end up locking me. Because if I'm going to take the effort to defend myself, then that means I have a leg to stand on. If I don't have a leg to stand on. I ain't gonna say shit. Because why would I say something? If I had nothing to back it up? I don't do that shit. Only losers do that shit. And you you know you are you fucking backed out you blocked and you left? Because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Jumped in the conversation where you did not belong. So it is what it is. But with that being said, sorry. Going through a lot. Let's talk about today's episode. Today's episode is about the story. We're bringing you over to Oklahoma shout out to Oklahoma have never visited want to go always heard good things. But yeah, never been, you know, I always wanted to do like travel the country and like, you know, go state to state do the typical thing, you know, rental RV, and you drive the state the state. I know it sounds corny, whatever. I thought it'd be pretty cool. And like keep track on the map like, oh, we went here on this date. And we went here take photos of all the, you know, the parks and this and that. I don't know. The country is fantastic. Why wouldn't they want to do that. But maybe in the future when gas prices settled down a little bit, when the correct President is in office, then I'll be able to do that plus when I get the new job and actually start which won't happen till mid November. Anyway, phase episode. It's a It's category. And I'm kind of excited to talk about it because no one's really talking about it when that and that means it's for me. So the bodies of Mark 32 years old, and Billy Chastain 30 years old Mike sparks 32 and Alex Stevens 29 were recently found, but in an unusual manner, horrible manner absolutely horrible. They were discovered in the deep Fork River in East Oklahoma. Five days later. After they were reported missing what's going on here? Let's let's let's look into the story Well, turns out to believe the men who were close friends were last seen leaving the house and leaving the house and Okmulgee on bicycles on October 9 before they vanished. Their official cause of death is still pending. But police say all four had gunshot wounds and their bodies had been dismembered. In an exclusive interview with daily mail.com Alex Stevens is Mother Teresa Stephen said quote, my son and his friends were first shot multiple times, chopped up in half at their waist, and then thrown into the deep Fork River to rot away at the waist, y'all trying to compose herself. Stevens added that Police hadn't told her the murderer had also chopped off one of their arms, what is going on? The grieving mother is having trouble coping with the horrific news obviously, saying she not only had she not only had to learn her son had been murdered, but then having to hear that his body was cut in to her had just been too much for her to handle. I mean, for anyone that what it's something you read about on the news about what they did to my son and his friends, she said, quote to chop a body is in half is what the drug cartels do to the dead. It's true. Whoever did this clearly wanted to send a message. Were they dealing drugs who knows what they're selling Stevens who works out of the same local health care facility where Alex was a dietary aide said she last saw him on Sunday, October 9, when he was going to visit friends. She reported her son missing around midnight the next day. Of course after he failed to show up for work. She continues on says my son never missed his work shift. And he had to work at 11pm that Sunday. He doesn't own a car so I take him to work when he rides his bike. When he didn't show up for me to take him to work on Sunday evening. I became worried. Well. A few hours later, I went to the Ocmulgee Police Department reported him missing. Stevens had said that Alex did not have his cell phone on him because he had ran out of minutes, but had his backpack and his wallet. So the grieving mother is still having trouble coping with the horrific news. Keep in mind, how could you get over something like this? This is not something that you're gonna get. Oh, your kid was cut in half. And his arm may be missing at this point. We're not really sure. What does that mean? Did you steal something? Were you selling on the side? We're cutting the product if it is drug cartel related. I mean, it's man. Oh, I hope he was dead first. I'm sorry to say it. I just hope he was dead before they started cuz I'm assuming you'd I mean, this isn't like Dexter shit right here man. ever watch the show Dexter fantastic show. If you have Showtime the Showtime app, check out Dexter. It you got it holds up. You gotta like get through the first season. First seasons kind of slow. But I'm telling you all. Dexter is fire. Great show. I think a lot of Dexter's out there. I think I think this is the first of many. And it makes you wonder if it's a drug cartel? Is it? You know? Is it the ones that we know about in the South? I don't want to mention their names on one problems. Just started a new job. Please let me just get my first paycheck in. And I'll stop. You know, let me just not even talk about let me not even mention the cartels. I'm not going to mention them. I'm not going to do it. It's not worth the risk. But could you imagine getting a phone call Hey, listen, we have your son. Does he have corduroy pants on? Oh, he does. Okay. Well, we only have that part. Where his other half? Well, you better come down here. Woof. Anyway, open which is a small town 40 miles south of Tulsa, the population of the only 11,000. It's a bedroom community of its northern neighbor. The town is rundown. There are a few national box stores and restaurants in town, but not much else. I like these kinds of towns. I like small towns like this Okmulgee has a Coca Cola Bottling plant and prides itself on being the capital of now Muscogee Creek Nation, Native American tribe since 1868. Maybe there's something to do with it. Of course neighborhoods of multi has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes. I don't have to start with a crime rate of 51 per 1000 residents damn there is a one in 20 chance of becoming a victim of either a violent crime or property crime. What are y'all doing? I'm drinking Coke. More than 96% of the communities in the whole state have a lower crime rate than up multiarch. On my road trip I'm not stopping here. The greater of multi area has an average of about two murders per year for the past several years. While so far, there have been no arrests in the quadruple homicide. Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentiss has named local scrapyard owner Joe Kennedy 67 as a person of interest this is like making a murderer on Netflix. Great show. Chief Prentice told Daily mail.com. Right now Joe Kennedy is a person of interest. We want to talk to him about the four men who were murdered. Kennedy is currently sitting in a Volusia County Jail in Florida after being arrested by Dayton Beach Shores police on October 16 for motor vehicle theft, huh. Plenty said from what we've put together so far is that the four men left Billy's house on Sixth Street on their bikes around 5:30pm On October 9, and went to an area near salvage yard on 20 street, about one mile away. Joe Kennedy is the owner of the salvage yard. Very similar to make him a murderer. He said one of the men cell phones pinged its location several times around the 20 Street solvation yard. The phone pinged at the location until approximately 755 than the phone pinged another location about six miles away at another salvage yard. That is all that is owned by Kennedy, a little after 8pm That same night. The phone ping for several minutes, then went silent. So either the phone bad battery died, or it was turned off, or the phone was destroyed. Prentice said from the GPS location ping near the 20th Street salvage yard. Police later discovered evidence of a violent crime, but he did not provide further details. No evidence of a crime was found at the other salvage yard location. Interestingly enough, he said police learned from a tipster that the Four men were going to hit a lick. Which means Rob something or someone on October 9, but authorities are not sure if the salvage yard was an intended target who robbed a motor on a bicycle. I salvage yard. What are you going to carry? Anyway? While Prentice Says Joe Kennedy is as of now only a person of interest. He says they haven't ruled anything else out. As of now, I can only say at least one person was involved in the murder of these four men. He said one person killed four men and cut their acid half how to fuck. After we conduct our investigation, we could find out there may be accomplices. We will go where the evidence takes us. Okay. All right. Prentice said they are yet to speak with Kennedy at the Florida jail where he is being held. We are working on that and working on bringing him back here to apology. It could take weeks or months to extradite him. The timeframe is going to depend on Joe Kennedy. All the way you just can't go down there and just interrogate him there. I don't know maybe the jurisdiction thing. We have been working nonstop since October 10. We are still gathering evidence. Quote, when we are finished and have enough to charge someone with this horrible crime, will submit it to the district attorney for charges. I don't know man, it's kind of seemed kind of suspicious. He declined to discuss the specifics about dismemberment of the victims, other than to say it was quote, horrific. The world gets more violent, the lengths people are willing to go. Because worse as times go by, he added. Meanwhile, Alex's mother, oh, man, I'll bring this up remains in disbelief again over the quadruple murders and can't believe her son is gone. Yeah, that's rough. Even if they were up there at the salvage yard up to no good, or even if drugs were involved, no one deserves to die. I agree. As far as she knew her son didn't personally know Joe Kennedy. But Stephen said, she's also not surprised that he's been named a person of interest. Why? Why is he What did he Hmm, well, I don't personally know him. I've heard about him around the town. And from what I've heard, he's a person of questionable character. Hell, I'm a person of questionable cat. She also said she believes there had to be more than one perpetrator. Because of the barbarity of the crime or grief. It's hard to cut people in half, I'm assuming for them, for one person to kill four grown men chop their bodies up and dump them in a river. I just can't see one person doing all of that. Whoever did this had to have help this woman is not to not to dump show what she's talking about. The medical examiner in Tulsa still has her son's remains. She said they're still conducting an autopsy. But she plans to have him cremated when they turn over his remains. Yeah, I'm assuming I mean, I don't even know what you would do in that situation. Right? Let's say you want to have a formal burial. And again, I'm not making a joke. I'm clearly just mean you talk to me and you are talking right now. Right? No one else is listening. Just mean you. And you know, she wants to have a formal burial. Obviously only paying for one casket, just to buy the book. It is what it is right. But she is insisting on an open casket. Okay. Do you tell the mortician or whatever to put the body like the halves like two together? Or like do you just like you put the pants on the belt and then the shirt and like you kind of like you're just like like like you just like right like put them like up against each other and is like like this I'm not trying to make a joke like I honestly I don't know that I want to be cremated so I don't even look into this. I just like just just told me in the fire I've been saying this for a while could be garbage fire barrel fire could just be a fire and this Kia Kia might catch on fire all these lights on here all the check engine lights, it might happen. But you know, yeah. What do you do? You know, what do you I feel like you're kind of forced to do it that way. To say it, man. That's such a you know, if you do have the open casket, because I tell you, I'm telling you right now, if that was my friend, and he had his body cut in half, and there was an open casket, I'm checking. I'm checking in whatever, I'm sliding my hand to see if if it's connected or not. I don't know. No homo. I'm just my mind. I have a curious mind. I'm a curious person by nature. And, you know, I'll, I've checked first and then ask you know, you put your hand to see if you hear like a squish. Or it just like goes like it just goes right between the waist and like the I guess the thigh? I don't know. And had there been like in my mind you cutting up for people and some of their arms. That must have been done in like a factory, right, like maybe a salvage yard that have a lot of equipment there. And then the bodies parts are brought to the woods because you ain't cutting up the body parts out the woods, right? You do that by hand? That's gonna take a long ass time. I don't care how sharp that saw it. That's gonna take a long time, son. So you probably had to almost you bought a generator, that's gonna be a lot of noise and attention. So I'm assuming you killed this person in close quarters of I said, possibly the salvage yard. I don't want to put no accusations out there. But we're just we're gonna go with this. You know, that could explain why my man stole the car and head to Florida. He's like, Yo, I'm out. I wasn't even y'all wasn't even in the town. I was in Florida. You may pull the tape, you got to stop the gas. Some point we're gonna, we're gonna see the tape where you were telling me left? They're gonna figure this out, man. They're gonna figure this out. And this guy supposedly at the mom says a shady character. I don't know. So let's let's think about what could have happened right for them the jump on their bikes, like their kids, but they're really late 20s, early 30s Kind of weird, whatever. And they say to ourselves, you know, the salvage yard is gonna have the answers to our problems. That's our solution. We're gonna go, we're on bicycles. And we're gonna put all the shit that we could steal in our baskets. And we're gonna ride our ass back home. And maybe, you know, they didn't count on. The person who runs a salvage or the person who, whatever the police are stealing again, we're going with the salvage yard. They didn't count on the person at the salvage yard, having a vehicle. And as they're pedaling away, like Stranger Things, kids, here comes the person with the car like what are you doing? Why are you riding away with my generator? He's got like a alternator. Looks like you got a car battery. You got all this stuff in your basket. What's going on? Well, I explained to do old man, young man, young man as a young man, are you connected to a 30 year old young man I don't know. On a bike or to drug deal, maybe was a drug deal? Maybe they were like, you know, maybe the salvage yard guy runs the drug operation in the city. Right? And he's like, yelled, your shit is short. You know? For some reason. Everyone's take here is short. Supposed to be 100,000 You only brought 50,000 It's short by exactly half well Oh, we have to make you know, an example. Your shit was short by half. We're gonna cut your ass in half. I mean, so motherfuckers will know, don't fuck with us and our money and our drugs. Maybe? That's what happened? I don't know. I'm not sure that's gonna be a tough one to prove. But I mean, well, not really. Because how? I mean, luckily, they're on bikes, right? So how many how far? Could they have gone on bikes, right? We have the ping cell phone, they could really triangulate this shit and figure this out. The problem is, is even though it took let's say it took place at the salvage yard, that doesn't necessarily mean the dude Kenny, whoever's name is, did it. It could just be like somebody was there and use the salvage yard to commit these crimes. And Kenny was like, Yeah, I was living my best life stealing cars and going to Florida. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe. Maybe that was his cover. Maybe he purposely got caught in Florida. So he could be like, Yo, I was arrested. It couldn't have been me, y'all. I was in jail. Remember, I sold the car got DUI, whatever hell it was. That was me. I couldn't have cut nobody in half. Maybe? Possibly. I don't know. Definitely look into this look. Definitely about what I'm definitely gonna follow up with the story. Look into it. Guys, let me know comment below. Have you ever heard the story something crazy like this? If you know anybody, personally, who has been cut in half and had their body buried? Let me know if it's attached or not attached? Let me know. I mean, I'm assuming if you do have a cremated you put it all in one urn, I'm assuming. Right? I'm just saying. I'm assuming I don't know. But it is what it is. Let me know if you guys think comment below again, website CJ CJ Bronson. show.com. My Twitter tag is at CJ Bronson show. Same with Tik Tok. Same was rumble. Same with you too. I kept it all the same. You know why? Because it's easy. It's simple to remember. The only thing that's different is CJ Bronson. store.com. You can get your merch son, get your clothes on. Be ready for the fall. Fall weather is here. You know what you should do? You should buy some merch right now. So you get it in time of midterms. So when you show up at the polls, nobody's gonna question Who the hell you vote for. They're gonna see the American flag or they're going to see the vet stuff when they want to see the Trump stuff and they're going to know that you're a patriot that you love this country and that you're going to vote red baby we talk a Herschel Walker. We're talking caribou Lake. You know I'm saying we talking about all that. No, we're not talking about we know we're not talking about we ain't talking about Bayto thought that motherfucker. Sorry, and fuck Fetterman. To that through how you look creepier and creepier as Halloween approaches? How was that possible? I think your body is morphing to fit the Halloween spirit further the evil that's within you has now come out and it shows its true form. Sorry, little bit of tangent, a little bit of rant but guys it's been a while so I got a lot in here. Anyway, have a good night guys. Love y'all be safe. Keep your head on a swivel motherfuckers are cutting motherfuckers in half around here. So Alright, peace. Love y'all. Bye