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have made two conflicting statements regarding fracking in a two thousand eighteen interview you said quote i don't support fracking at all i never have but earlier this month you told an interviewer quote i support fracking i support the energy independence that we should have here in the united states of mister fetterman please explain your changing position sixty seconds stop this s*** you ever seen a mother f***** flip top on you and s*** like that in your face don't pray to be flipping and s*** i've always supported fracking i don't believe you and i always believe that independence with our energy is critical and we can't be held you know ransom to somebody like russia you know i've always believed that energy independence is critical and i've always believed that and i do support fracking i've never taken any money from their their their industry but i support how critical it is that we produce our own energy and create energy independence i must correct the record he just a second mr. oz i do want to clarify something you're saying tonight that you support fracking that you've always supported fracking but there is that two thousand eighteen interview that you said quote i don't support fracking at all so how do you square the two i do support fracking and i don't i don't i support fracking and i stand and i do support fracking okay thank you mr. fetterman on sorry lisa there's not just a statement you read there are multiples pictures of him we have to go we have to move on but we have to get the fundamentals of the truth out here john we have a lot of we have a lot of topics you will have a chance to have that in your one comment then the energy industry we want to move on dennis onto the next topic