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All right, guys, our faithful president is back in the news again. That's why Joe Biden Joe Biden is back in the news and where do we have him? You think we wait? What do you think? He's buying ice cream. Come on without Ukraine. We got Russia going on we got issues right now with inflation over 8.2% according to the report that came out for September and we have gas prices are skyrocketing now all of a sudden so with midterms on the way and the country in disarray, we have our faithful president. buying Mexican food Yeah, yeah. All right, guys, the guys come on the man's gonna be 80 next month. He can't live off of sniffs and ice cream. He's got to eat some real food. So in the process of buying his food, I reported that says quote the inflation report is out. Have you seen gas prices around here in La it's seven bucks a gallon almost. That's why that's what the report says to Biden as he pays for his quesadillas and Joe Biden the president quick responses quote. Well that's always been the case here. You know, it's not what Nationwide they came down about a dollar 35 and they are still down over a dollar but we're gonna work on it housing is the big is the most important thing we have to do. In terms of that. Now some people on Twitter are upset by this because they're saying he does not understand that gas prices weren't always seven dollars a gallon in California. I mean that's you know, I don't know what this makeup about that. But what I do know is that the man's got to eat he's got to eat and it's important that he eats because he needs his nourishment. He needs his food. Like I said to you before I mean, he apparently he bought some tacos and some quesadillas not just one case idea and it makes sense. He's a big guy. Some would say that he's the big guy. It is what it is. So let him eat let him enjoy let him relax. Let him live a little bit. I mean come on look at him. He's he's trying to do that. He's trying to live his best life and he has, you know best interest in heart. I hope that for the country therefore a country. Hopefully it's ours but you know, I guess we'll see but let me know if you guys think in the comment section below some people on Twitter section says he went to the taco store looking for Republican representative Jackie. I don't know if that's the case. That is a possibility. I'm not sure. I mean he did buy a lot of food. Maybe he plans on sharing it with her and Jackie you here, where's Jackie? I don't think she was going to be here to help make them but that's neither here nor there. I guess that's to be determined if you guys have any more details. Let me know in the comment section. All right guys. Peace.